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2009 Ft. Hood Hoax Liar and Cheat Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford Exposed – Used Silicon Gore to Fake Wounds

One of the most wretched of the criminal minds behind the original Ft. Hood shooting hoax, the one where Maj. Nidal Hasan was wrongly blamed, is none other than terminal liar and arch-fraudster retired Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford. In fact, Lunsford is largely the key agent, or so-called witness, responsible for the torment heaped upon the major.

Without any doubt this man is a liar and a cheat for pay, great pay, along with the wrongful collection of charitable contribution. An extremist and likely Christian Zionist Lunsford freely and maliciously spreads great lies about the innocent Hasan, seeking to by proxy blame Islaam for the false flag event.

Lunsford is filled with hate. Yet, it is a false hate, one that he uses and manipulates to reap vast personal benefits.

The man is a fake, who sold his soul to the devil and more for mere monetary gain. He willingly supported the Zionist lie for vast personal gain. Surely, for the considerable role he played and continues to play he was paid thousands.

“He was shot seven times.” How many times is this said? The “seven” is part of the psyops campaign. Being shot seven times by a pistol or long rifle is exceptionally severe trauma. How did he survive? He would have been riddled with wounds.

So, what kind of wounds did he claim? Do they make sense as compared to any photography and/or any of Lunsford’s claims?

Yet, first, let us look at what he claims regarding the initiation of the acclaimed shooting. It was Lunsford who largely spread the lie regarding Mr. Hasan suddenly shouting “Allahu Akbar” and then opening fire. Here are some of the standard story-lines stated by Lunsford in the media:

At one point Lunsford said he ran for the door, while Hasan was firing shots at the soldiers. When he turned around he saw that Hasan’s laser sight was pointed directly at him. Lunsford was then shot in the head, following which he momentarily played dead. He then decided to flee because, “dead men don’t sweat.” He made another attempt to reach the door but was shot six more times before being pulled to safety.

Now Alonzo Lunsford is blind in his left eye, half of his intestines have been surgically removed, he has difficulty walking and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in addition to sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Facial reconstruction is among the six surgical procedures Lunsford, a married father of five, has undergone. One bullet is still lodged in his back. The 22-year Army veteran retired because of his injuries.


Therefore, here are the claims. He was:

  • shot directly in the head
  • shot, apparently, in the abdomen (half the intestines removed)
  • was rendered blind in the left eye

Yet, originally, he claimed that he had more of an interaction than as now advertised: ” “I looked him right in the eyes, and he looked at me. There was nothing there,”Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, 41, told his girlfriend from his hospital bed.

The NYDN then shows a picture of that girlfriend, Gherri Westin, feigning grief:

His wife, Gherri Lunsford, emotionally recounts her husband's face-to-face encounter with the gunman who killed 13.

“I felt sick. I just kept thinking that I can’t lose my husband. I just can’t.”


Yet, the same article describes her as his girlfriend. The entire case is riddled with lies.

As reported in the DailyMail Lunsford offered a different version of the time of the original acclaimed shot, the one that struck him in the head:

He testified that he crouched behind a check-in counter at the processing centre and watched as a civilian physician assistant tried to knock Hasan down with a chair. He said that man was shot.

The DailyMail version is decidedly different from the one quoted above.


Look at the small forehead and crown of the head. This is the same fraudster playing out the role, date stamped, Nov. 2009, as crisis actor, in this case the local Ft. Hood emergency police response unit. That is the ultimate proof on its own. There could be no two people with the same shape/girth, along with the same, exact size and shape of the head; also the glasses are the same. Are there two black men on-site at Ft. Hood who have this identical appearance, one committing a fake emergency response and the other faking his wounds?

Yet, he is a fairly good crisis actor – and he is persistent. Somehow, he was able to produce fake tears.

Tears or not, once again, how could this white-collar terrorist and likely Masonic adherent be the victim of a shooting when he is seen well after the announcement of any such shooting toting a pistol?

Moreover, he claims to be blind in the left eye. How is that possible when he has an obviously normal left eye? It is only possible in people’s confused interpretations of his lies.

Does anyone recall a shooting victim offering such a picture before the whole world? There surely are scars. His head, shoulders, and arms are free of all such scarring as would be expected from being shot seven times.
He did have at one point abdominal surgery. Was he incapacitated to a degree and did he have medical debt? These could be motivations for joining the fraud.
Yes, he has abdominal scars. Yet, what about the wounds from the other six or so bullets? Where are the injury residues/scars from them? Even so, a mere abdominal scar is no evidence that he was shot in the belly. Abdominal surgeries are common, especially in people of such girth.
Lunsford offered pictures as proof that such a scar is a residue of being shot by Hasan. As it turns out the pictures proof the opposite, which is that he is a liar and fabricator of the most extreme degree and that he is faking his wounds for mere monetary gain and far more:
What is seen here is hard proof that his injuries were faked. The dressings are new without the slightest tinge of blood or serous fluid, which is incredible considering the degree of the visible ‘trauma.’ Despite this having he appearance of an open wound there is not one drop of fluid anywhere to be seen, not inside the fake lesion and not on the abdomen or dressings.  Plus, the scar below this is old. There is no induration about it: nothing new going on there. Furthermore, where is his drain? Instead, he has fresh patches of useless gauze covered with paper tape. He is purposely covering up something with the towel.
Note the complete lack of the expected oozing serious fluid or, for that matter, blood. This is applied fake gore and has the same appearance and color of silicone fakes available at many outlets.
What about the shot to the head and/or the eye, which blew out his left eye, rendering him blind?
He fabricated it. There was no such laser-guided bullet strike, which have, surely, represented massive trauma. That trauma would be evident as actual damage to the flesh, supported by the appropriate medical treatment/dressings. Yet, the left eye is essentially the same in appearance as the right. There is no dressing, and no wound in that area or anywhere in the head that would account for the claim of receiving a bullet direct to that region.
He would have had brain damage. He suffered no such brain damage and, rather, quickly used his rotten brain matter to spew lies on the national circuit.
The thieving liar, who falsely and maliciously incriminated Major Hasan for the 2009 false flag attack, was rolled out in a major way after this second false flag event for purposes of public consumption:

In this regard he asks for money where ever he goes, purportedly for his charity, Mercury One.

Does he look like he is blind and crippled, here, now an active coach, suffering from all sorts of post-traumatic stress? He’s laughing his way all the way to the bank after selling out, wholesale, his fellow citizens. The world must know about this fraudster and cheat – the entire world – and not another dime must be stuffed into his coffers.

Here is the Christian Zionist in action, laughing it up while his primary victim, Nidal Hasan languishes in prison.


He gets around (to DC, presumably) pretty good for a man crippled up and who has lost an eye, hanging around with other known cheats and liars.





Therefore, Lunsford is a vile liar who faked his injuries for purposes of framing Major Hasan and by implication the faith of Islaam for a false flag attack. In doing so he has profited handsomely and continues to do so through his charities. His injuries are an ‘elaborate’ fake, but not so elaborate, mere silicone gore. It was not well done, as the claim for the other six bullet strikes can in no way be substantiated photographically. Clearly, he was not shot in the head or the eye, as demonstrated in the assessment here.


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  1. Anti-Christ Zionist or Anti-Christian zionist would better suit that lying pig! Black Americans need to see Tony Martin’s research on the slave trade.

  2. What in the world would be the purpose of Surgeons leaving some massive gaping wound? lol Only would it be for theater!

    • Good point, not to speak of the fact that there are no medical people anywhere in attendance and, of course, there is no serious drainage of bloody element to the wound.

  3. I would imagine the author and followers of this inane article are also 911 “Truthers.” These outsider-misfits continue to attempt to bolster their warped perception of our common truth.

  4. The writer of this article is a scumbag and anyone who believes it is a brain damaged moron.

  5. CZSmith right you are. I was thinking the same thing as I read this fiction than it dawned on me. The writer can’t believe this or any of her other “hoax” BS. She’s doing schtick, looking for attention, etc.

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