Boston Bombing — 30 April 2013
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Edited, corrected, additional pictures, May 01, 2013, 6:00 EST

Boston Hoax: Fake Blood, Fake Wounds, and More

Note: this post is being extensively disputed. For sake of continuity of information it will remain online, with corrections. If anyone can prove the findings in error, post this, and corrections will be considered.

By carefully  reviewing the images it appears that the entire Boston Marathon bombing , particularly the smoke bomb-like explosion in front of the Marathon sports center, was a set up. In other words, it was nothing other than a theatrical production, smoke and mirrors, where no one died or was seriously injured. If someone did die, then, the people who perpetrated this are exceedingly culpable, since there is plenty of proof that there was acting, manipulation, and the faking of injuries, right on the site of the explosion.

Regardless, it is reasonable to ask, is this blood pooled in different areas about the first explosion real blood or fabricated. If real, the claim for fatalities and amputations is confirmed. Questions, though, are inevitable. When a man on-site, such as Carlos Arrendondo, claims that at least 30 people lost limbs–and he is a key spokesman for the media–then, surely this entire event necessities thorough, independent assessment before accepted as given.

For instance, there is no way that there are 30 or more limbs (30 people who lost limbs) at this scene. In fact, in the hundreds of photos analyzed there is no way to confirm even a single dismembered limb, finger, or foot found anywhere.

In contrast, in regards to the second explosion, there appears to be the possibility of injuries occurring: possibly. The appearance of severe lacerations are noted on several victims of that bomb site, but this has yet to be analyzed to determine if these are real. Furthermore, a careful analysis demonstrates that there was little blast impact. Most likely, this, too, is a deception. Photos will be analyzed shortly: false flags are now proven to be perpetrated against the American people as well as people, globally. That’s why all the information provided by the controlled, contrived media will be analyzed and double-checked by those who seek the untarnished truth.

Regarding the use of props to create fake wounds see the video of what the fake wounds look like per one of our posters:

Strategic Operations Business Card L from Strategic Operations on Vimeo.

Somehow somewhere in this fake massacre plot fake/artificial blood was used. An effort is being made to accumulate evidence, that is hard evidence of such fakery.

One truly invaluable find is this view of the right leg of Krystle Campbell, which shows at least one of the legs to be fully intact. In other words, the claim that (correction) both her legs were blown off and she died immediately is a gross fabrication.

However, clearly, one leg is missing from the frame. In a real amputation, there would be a great pool of blood and without shutting of the flow the person would die in minutes. Let’s look at that close-up:

Caption: there is no evidence of a dismembered limb in this scene. In fact, the thigh extends downward, and at a 45 degree angle the leg extends; a small amount of flesh can be seen through the rip in the jeans.

A major question is being asked, here. While it appears to be a potentially fatal wound, why isn’t she being attended to immediately? Why instead of real EMTs are finely dressed women, the Cowboy Hat Man, and other by-standers, as well as photographers, the only ones addressing this? And why no arterial bleeding and spurting?

Where is that massive pool of dark red blood expected from the amputation? And why is the limb not cyanotic? Now, the apparent thigh wound enlarged:


That’s a mighty big wound to be on its own without pressure or care and not bleed, even spurt blood. No one is in attendance of this massive wound. Note the line of jeans about the tear: not a drop of blood evident. Regardless, all this proves that Campbell’s right leg was intact all along, which means the photos showing an apparent amputation are gross fabrications.

So, how was this achieved? Is this mere man-made; in other words, is the red simply color or pigment which the prop-meisters put into these wounds under cover and disguise?

How to Create a Quick Wound Prosthetic using Dragon Skin FX-Pro

The video explains precisely what is being seen, that is what appear to be large, gaping wounds with no blood dripping, oozing, or spurting: only red color inside the wound border. That’s because the gaping wounds aren’t real and are, instead, applied silicon fabrications. The red color is only the result of painting the inside of the would with red blood-like pigment mixed in a tightening base. The video proves how it is done.

It is not said that this is known for sure as being done, here. Yet, the question is raised as a result of the great discrepancies, fallacious reporting, out right lies, plus the institution of martial law against an entire city without even the slightest basis. This is sufficient reason to analyzed all that is presented before regarding it as accurate or true.


Another view, an important finding confirmed: silicon was likely used to create these wounds. A blob of such silicon has poured over the jeans. What is being viewed in this scene? It appears horrific, but the question how is this real without the expected, undeniable consequences which is the massive and uncontrolled flow of blood? Moreover, what is it that is being seen in that wound? Some might say it is fat tissue from the thigh, which is a reasonable claim. The problem is if this was a real wound there would be much blood staining on the pants and, more importantly, there would be active bleeding, as there is no attempt to stem the flow of blood. There is a bottle, there, which does not look like a water bottle, contents likely emptied in the area. it has not been yet confirmed what was in that bottle but the suspicion is fake blood. More on this, later.


A close up of that ‘gash’ from the original photo:

Look at the ‘gash’ in Campbell’s leg. That’s man-made. Yet, such fakery is equally evident is the findings on the leg of her friend:


Did the Cookie Monster take a bite out of it? Let’s see this, zoomed in:


What’s going on with this leg? If this is her whole leg, that conformation is impossible. It would mean that the wound is obviously fake. A gash wound of that scope, the one on the underside, would bleed profusely. No one is attending it; no pressure being applied, no tissue, rags, towels, or tourniquets. Therefore, without even the slightest attempt to stem the flow, there would be blood everywhere.

Now, the container, from the image turned upright (foot-up); some red is found just above the label.


More images, for purposes of inspection. It doesn’t appear to be water bottle-like label. Research should be done to see if this can be identified. If it was a bottle of fake blood, there should be a residue internally.Plenty of good color in Krystle Campbell’s arms and legs, indicating she hasn’t bled out yet. Lady in pink truly makes her way throughout the crowd, while real people not connected to the scam are running away in fright.

A vast array of prop-meiters furiously engaged: time is limited, the scam must be finalized quickly.

Moreover, while the prop-meisters and well-paid fraudulent actors stay fully in placed despite the smoke and presumed danger, the rest of the world runs away in fear. That’s what these Zionist moles do best: create panic and pandemonium, fear and angst: all for their own wicked, vile gains.

Watch the lady in pink closely: she is the chief on-site culprit of the fake Zionist plot. Is Eretz Israel that dominating of a scheme that Jewry would go to this length?

Rivers of fake blood flowing at their feet–fake rivers. There is Mr. Speilberg himself giving the high sign to the control room: mission accomplished.

What fake victim is lady in pink now attending to?

Now, the infamous fake wheelchair lady:

Another Zionist operative on the far right can be seen elsewhere looking shocked at the scenery for psychological effect against the people.

…with her cohort in the red jacket; plenty of fake blood on the ground but none yet oozing from their bodies. Where did the blood come from, the lady with the water bottle, or has the lady in pink already come and gone? The red fluid is draining or running right underneath them, but none of them have any wounds. To reiterate, blood but not actively bleeding or obviously seeping wounds.

One of the more infamous “final” pictures for public consumption:

She truly is blood-stained virtually all over. Some perfectly vertical long-style lacerations. Yet, rather than being concerned about those injuries, the possibility of broken bones, internal injuries, and more, she is allowed to just sit there. Regardless, how could she go from no blood to vast appearance of blood? Can anyone explain this other than the fake painting of blood?

What about her cohort in the red jacket. After the smoke bomb he is sitting up, seemingly fine. However, later, for the camera is down on the ground.


The no-blood image, enlarged just to be sure:


Who wouldn’t be suspicious, the way this was orchestrated?


Why is he down on that filthy ground, when he was fine, sitting up earlier? If this was a real bomb-blast, he would have been cleared out of there for suspicion of internal injuries. They are both sitting there, and people are merely talking to them instead of removing them for proper care and assessment. Why aren’t the police, firemen, and EMTs evacuating these people for fear of internal injuries? Who can explain this, unless it is fake?

Real or surreal?
For effect: fake blood plus silicon, painted and applied by Hollywood masters. The wheelchair lady is most classic; it can be directly seen where the red was painted on, smeared, and slopped. The long, dark areas were painted on aggressively to give the impression of a long laceration. Plus, those nodules: that’s only example of applied silicon fake wounds.


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  1. thanks for posting this information.

    everything is really mounting and theater, there is no blood no dead injuries

    • I pray that Dzhokhar will have a defense team that can prove this MALICE CREATED and expose what has been FABRICATED to the WORLD. I pray that the almighty GOD will prevail and be a part of his defense and show the true picture of this CORRUPTION and let them eat their words when they said “CAMERA’S DO NOT LIE” Please help D.T. By the way when this supposed bomb went off and they show the glass in the buildings replaced with boards why was there not a shred notta of any glass anywhere on ground?

    • You CANNOT be serious in posting this atrocity as a ‘hoax’!! Seriously??? What is it you are trying to perpetrate, or more importantly…WHY??? Gee, the people interviewed without limbs must have been great actors (???). Ridiculous that you would even start up THIS hoax. I can see why when I see who I am leaving a reply to, but know that it will not work, as people will see right through you and the evil you are unsuccessfully attempting to spread. Come on folks…look who you are replying to!!! There is something very wrong with you, as the number of witnesses who WERE THERE is beyond ‘acting’. With such suffering in the world, you are evil for your ‘treason’??

        • Thank you for the links. One pertinent extract, RE: Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev:

          Update 11: According to ABC News, the older of the two Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan, was planning to become a professional boxer. The youngest brother, Dzhokhar, was – according to his friends – “proud to be an American”. He thought “war is stupid” and “loved all kinds of people.” He even volunteered for charity. [19, Source: ABC News live feed]

      • What are you talking about… saying that you can see who you are replying to, and telling us to “Look who you are replying to”. I don’t understand what you are implying about who we are. And who would I be replying to? Explain.

      • It’s all laid out for you, and you still cannot see it? Really?

        • no but people here actually saw people injured and bleeding, so your “evidence” clearly is way behind in credibility. This “fake blood” theory is a joke, and insulting to those that got injured and killed here.

          • its absolutely a FALSE FLAG EVENT.

        • Please read some of my earlier responses. There were no prosthetics no make up fx. The wounds and gore you see are real. How do YOU not see that?

      • What a heinous suggestion this entire theory is! I personally know people who were on site and saw injuries with their own eyes. To suggest that this was all fake, and then go one step further and blame it on Zionists, is irresponsible. Get out of your Hollywood world and join the rest of us in reality!

        • This is obviously a concerted effort by shills. You all started coming on this site within a matter of a few days. you all the same things in slightly different ways. And you all know people who were injured. I just don’t believe that suddenly many people who know peple who were injured suddenly found this site all at once. I have not made up my mind if people were really injured at the second bomb site. But the first site is proven a fraud.

          Perhaps people do know people who were injured at the second site. But you didn’t all find this site at once. There is shillery going on here.

          • Yes its shillery. I conspired with my cats to come here. Simply amazing. I guess its a conspiracy if people that know what really went on come here and correct you.

        • So do I, right at the finish line where this all happened. People right by the ones I know were struck with nails and those bb things that the bomb had. These people find pictures online and attempt to read something into them that isnt there.

      • so all these people were in on it how did they know in advance the bombing was going to happen ???? & be in the right place where the bombs were going off ???? and all the doctors race officials & spectators in on it too ???? i cannot believe all this was faked !!!!!

        • There would clearly need to be a real element to make people believe. If this is a hoax, which the evidence for it is becoming insurmountable, then there would need to be some real victims aa well as the actors added to it for purpose of dramatic effect. If there is an agenda a faction of our government is pursuing through these acts, then I would not doubt they would be willing to sacrifice some real victims, or at least injure them.

          • Well, this headline says its been “proven”, prove one of the victims was a hoax. There are plenty of them around that many people know, some recovering still in the hospital. one idiot posted that one bomb was real, one wasnt, but there are real victims from both sites. This is so silly its beyond belief anyone can buy into this alleged hoax theory. None of the alleged “agents” that were “identified” in the photos turned out to be an agent. None of the “theories” put forth have been proven. And now that the victims have been proven real, and not “actors”, this trash continues.

      • Why is truth determined by only what one sees and not through asking questions? A false flag event doesn’t not mean the whole thing was an act, just the instigators. Any of you with the demeaning comments of “get a life” would likely not have such bravado in person.

      • I’m hoping that you’re kidding. A 3 year-old could see that these “victims” are actors using rather poorly made prosthetics but, apparently, not you. That says about all we need to know about the kind of delusional world you live in.

        • Incorrect. They are not “poorly made prosthetics” that is the real thing. Are you a prosthetic make-up artist? A doctor? an EMT, Paramedic? If not, you opinion carries no weight. I am a prosthetic make-up FX artist. The wounds the carnage are real.

          • The multiple dozens of EMT’s and ambulance personell all say these were real. So they are all in on this? How about friends of mine that saw this first hand, up close and personal? Close enough so shrapnel flew by them and hit other people. I think you live in another world.

          • You are still here saying the same thing? In your own words you have defined how it done. Did you not read the post? It has been proven, here, according to your own words that PVC tubing was used to spray blood.

            That brings up an important point, why are you protesting so much? Did you design these props or do you know someone who did?

          • LOL! You know I was afraid you would take my words and descriptions out of context and use them to support your claims. Let me be clear: what I described is what we do on a film set. A very controlled environment. Remember I said the tubing and tech have to be on the off camera side? Also how they may have to be digital led painted out? Those two CRITICAL elements are unavailable in a real life event! I still cannot believe LITERALLT CANNOT BELIEVE anyone thinks that these are photos of prosthetic appliances! You can’t see the difference from the behind the scenes videos you posted to the photos of the tragedy???? The coloring if the pieces, the way the blood unnaturally beads up on the skin in that first behind the scenes video?

          • Wow what a world of their own they live in where everything is a conspiracy. Imagine that? They are REAL?

      • This was a bomb drill…it was in all the local papers that morning. IF anybody really got hurt, it wasn’t by the Tsarnaevs, they were set up. Craft International did this. Again, this was a bomb drill, that was made into a false flag/hoax to pretend there was a terrorist attack. Nothing more. If you don’t find any proof of what i say, i can give you AMPLE amounts of it.

    • You’re wrong the injuries are real.
      I am a make up effects artist with 20 years experience. I know what it takes to create and execute prosthetic gags of this kind. What’s your credentials?

  2. The lady (pink and black) who applied the fake blood wasn’t wearing wasnt wearing gloves…ANY GLOVES…but then…when she left the scene…she was WITH BLACK GLOVES…why?? why?

    • very interesting. Did she have stains on her hands from the red dye that she needed to disguise?

  3. In the photo under the one where the people are running off the bleachers… look at the man that people say resembles Steven Spielberg. This man is standing there with his hand in his pocket casually, waving, and appears to be smiling! Right in the midst of horrific gore??? This is so wrong. So obviously a movie set. There are other pictures I’ve seen with the Pink Vest Lady standing in the midst of it all with her hands in her pockets, too. Her job was done, so she was just standing around casually, hands in pockets.

    • Obviously a movie set?????? How many movie sets have you actually set foot on????

  4. I enlarged it, and his hand may not be in his pocket, but still very relaxed body language, gestures.

  5. I wish more was known about the mystery 911 caller, calling herself Linda, who reported seeing Tamerlan’s murder. Aren’t the people in her neighborhood more curious about her identity and whether or not she is telling the truth?

    I heard an attorney on CNN yesterday say that he has been specializing in representing terrorists, and as much as going on to say that the accused men he represented in the past WERE guilty of terrorism, Whew!

  6. USA is a nation Hollywood, all is made for money, They buy your souls for money too ?

  7. Everyone of these people are guilty of TREASON! The same people, that killed “God in the flesh” 2,000 years ago, are still doing the dirty work for their worldly master.

    • Dave, You stated “..The same people, that killed “God in the flesh” 2,000 years ago, are still doing the dirty work for their worldly master..”

      So you label Jesus Christ, “God in the flesh”, a liar? Your anti-Jewish hatred is showing.

      “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. “No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.” (Jn 10:17-18)

  8. Looks like the guy in green in first picture is emptying a packet of fake blood , no?

  9. It’s MEISTER, not miester.

    • Correction noted.

  10. IN the 2nd photo..there are 4 guys wearing the same black lanyard. One you can see a badge. Guy in green, guy with kid, one wearing black and then off to the right , grey shirt says Ruck…all same lanyard.

  11. and what happened to the people who lost limbs? did they cut their legs of to make you think it was a real bombing? or did the goverment came and cut their limbs of? or they already had no legs and walked around with silicone legs all day? how did they apply so much fake blood and wounds in just seconds after the explosion? and whats with the people who died? did they killed themself?
    hahaha maybe you should get yourself another hobby like fishing but not researching with an IQ of 80 :D…

    • It’s apparent that you are in the equivalent of Kindergarten in learning how these things are done. You’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m frankly tired of instructing people. You have a computer and access to the internet, I presume. But I doubt you will even try to learn anything. Insulting others may be your little comfort zone, and how you go about life. But it’s not a contribution.

      • Its called Occams razor. Some bomb blows up –> people lose limbs. Simple and understandable. Unlike yours theory that

        – government hired cca 10 amputees, some of them even had to run marathon that day
        – fake bomb explodes
        – agents in undercover somehow manage to apply gallons of fake blood atd to the scene. All in few seconds, in broad daylight, in the middle of crowd and under surveiilance cameras.
        – actors prepare their “wounds” – few seconds, broad daylight, etc, etc, as point above.
        – “wounded” are taken to hospital, staff of ambulances and anyone helping them is part of the conspiracy.
        – also all hospital medical teams are paid to be silent or they dont notice – in spite of dozens of surgeries – that noone is actually hurt.
        – last but not least, government hires dozens of actors to act as families and friends of victims…

        No offense, but you believe THIS and have guts to lecture others? 😛

        There is even no motive – why wouldnt they use real bomb?

        • Occam’s Razor, or more correctly, the rule of simplicity (not the same, but similar) does not apply here. The “simplest explanation” being likely isn’t a fair rule when you are determining whether a lying government, know to stage false flag attacks upon itself, is or isn’t doing so in a given situation. The rule of simplicity cannot be applied except in scientific settings, it intended to guide the theory-making process in determining undetermined explanations of natural processes. Not for this sort of business. Nice try.

          • Hey Jeffrey Miller, please tell me everything you know about what it takes to create and execute a practical make-up effects gag like the one you think occurred in Boston. TRUST ME I have 20 years experience doing this….it’s not prosthetics and fake blood!

    • The man in the hoodie and sunglasses who helped “Bauman” put on the fake amputated legs has been identified. He works in the business of “Augmented Reality”… building props and altering reality’s appearance. Watch this vid about him:

  12. INBRED, GET A JOB, SKILLIS, BECOME A HUMAN, but I have notice ” IMBRED” is the favorite thing to call posters, Sandy Hook, Boston. I thought the international travelers were the race that married within there race. ‘ The marriage of first cousins and even of uncle and niece is quite legal and usual among Jews’. (

  13. For a moment you guys had me going…my initial thought was in regards to an explanation bomb 1 vs. bomb 2 unless doctored pics…then as I kept reading ‘Zionist’ this & ‘Zionist’ that…I realized you just hate Jewish folk. Not meaning ‘just” as in that is no big-deal…but in relief I can dismiss this as credible…

  14. Not convincing. There were two blasts so its very possible the Lady was wounded in the second one. There are many reasons a wound from an explosion would not bleed carterization from the heat from the blast among them. The supposed bottles of blood is ridiculous. You can’t actually identify the lable, if it was a bottle of fake blood you would expect to see red inside the clear plastic bottle, also it was a marathon, midst people would have had bottles of water and if they were indeed pouring anything on people it would make more sense to assume they were using water to either clean or get s better look at the wounds.

    • Right… cauterization from heat sealing the blood vessels but somehow not burning the skin of one person there, nor any of their clothing. that explanation has been completely debunked. We do now see that this picture does not show blood packets. It is indeed water. This may have been sent to us by a disinfo agent to discredit the site. We are looking into this. This picture is incorrect, but there are plenty of other videos and pictures that do clearly show the blood packets. All the same shape, size and color.

      So no, the heat from the bombs did not selectively go in and cauterize veins like a surgeon… leaving not a hair un-singed on anyone’s head.

  15. you still didnt explained what happened to the people who died? did they now went out of country and their familys are all actors?
    also look at all this destroyed glass and shrapnels that shows the explosion had power.
    not like in the vimeo video shown below where you could stand next to the explosion and nothing happened. also the vimeo video sadly doesnt show how they applied lost limbs. but i bet they cant add those lost limbs in a few seconds they need to wear special suits and are brought to the training ground with already prepared lost limbs. its not like they make an explosion and then suddenly someone loses his leg. no they send in an actor with already prepared lost leg and say he was hit by this explosion.

  16. I wonder where the amputee actors hid their real prosthetics.. because they had to have them to get out there and stand in the crowds. How did these amputees have the ability to not only take off their clean clothes, but to take off their prosthetics, hide them, put on their gore pieces and destroyed clothing or destroy their own clothing without tools, or did they hide all the scissors / tools too…. ? Shouldn’t they have all had to carry backpacks with all the supplies needed to do this within about 30 seconds? If they wore clothes over clothes.. where are the clean clothes? And how did amputees do this on their own that fast?

    Somehow, all these people, plus every person in all these dozens of photos; were able to create this entire scenario within the few seconds it takes for the bomb to explode and the smoke to clear. They were all able to get in position and apply their makeup and injuries that fast. It takes professional Hollywood hours and hours to apply false wound / injury makeup & amputee gore.. but somehow all these people did it themselves in about 30 seconds. In Hollywood it takes scene take upon scene take, movie set upon movie set to do a movie but somehow all these amateurs were able to pull this all off in under a minute…. the bomb was evidently strong enough to knock out a bunch of glass windows, put debris everywhere, dirty them all up, tear their clothes, bust fencing, bend street signs. but not strong enough to hurt anyone. .. and all this without stage hands, without takes, nothing. .. in under a minute..

    Do we have video showing them standing around at all in full makeup? No, we have a video showing the blast that hits a bunch of normal people, watching the smoke clear in a few seconds and then here come the massive injuries. Please tell me how all this “Hollywood” work is done in 30 seconds.. by amputees, no less.

    There are a handful amputees & many more injuries due to this explosion. But no one ever shows any of these photos.. they only focus on a few people, then try to claim everything is fake using small photos, blurry video & the power of suggestion.

    • Well, have you wondered why we are only seeing these few pictures? Where are all the photos taken by people’s cell phones of the crowd? They all ran from the noise and smoke. There is evidence that these few actors that we see actually came out of the buildings. There is also evidence mounting that there was a separate scene filmed on location. We have pics of blood in different places on the ground or no blood at all on the ground in spots where it existed in supposed prior moments.

      There are a lot of scenes of this little victim group (which as you said, is where most of our pictures have come from) that have anomalies which leads one to conclude that there are two sets of pictures being supplied – one from that day, one filmed beforehand. We have pictures of the cops in mid-step running toward the old man down. One picture shows a giant crease in the road and the painted lines in a different spot. The other pictures shows the cops and old man in the same position but the road has no crease and the lines are in a different area.

      There is rampant photoshopping going on in these events. They definitely have the technology to change anything they want for our photographic and even video consumption. They can now overlay false video and blend it with existing video. That would explain the extreme gore. It was likely filmed somewhere else and photoshopped into the Boston pictures.

      • You people are MORONS. Why would this be fake? Why the f#%* would the Government stage something like this, and let us just say they did for whatever crazy reason you lunatics will come up with, do you honestly think they wouldn’t have EVERY SINGLE DETAIL down pat so it isn’t so freaking obvious that it’s fake by simply zooming in on a photo? Come on people stop being brainwashed.


        • If they didn’t stage it, who did?

        • Sure you do… you’re supplying prosthetics to these people. Nice try, SHILL.

        • Every single detail down pat? Oh, yes, like they did with 911, Aurora, Sandy Hook, etc, etc.
          NO. they obviously never have “every single detail down pat”. And they are getting more and more sloppy, because they know how absolutely gullible and lazy most people have become.

      • her pants are ripped all the way from top to bottom and there is only two main lacerations on her legs, which on her right leg is at the bottom… but no visible injuries anywhere else on the leg, why would the pants be ripped so far up each leg? Was the blast able to clean cut her pants from top to bottom but not her legs? Also her bag seems perfectly untouched no visible dirt, blood or damage whatsover.

  17. These photos prove nothing and it is disgusting of you to provide embellished notations. There is no smoking gun. I as a skeptic would ONLY provide absolute evidence. Not made up or circumstantial evidence. If it won’t hold up in a court of law, don’t promote it. you do the rest of us an injustice and make us look like crazy nuts!!!

  18. When I saw the pictures of boston I only wondered why people who lost parts of their body or were badly injured were so calm in the wheelchairs…I mean,I cut my finger and my face is in agony coz of the pain , I cant even imagine how much pain causes an injury of that size.. But they were so calm on those photos…was it because the americans are super heroes and can support so much pain calmly,,or indeed it was all fake???

    • I have to agree with that.
      My observation was that not one of those people who are said to be injured is ‘nursing’ any of their ‘injuries’. When I have hurt my body in some way and there is pain, my immediate reaction was the grab a hold of the injured body part and apply pressure. When the injury was serious (cut my foot open with a lawn mower) and the first aid had been applied, I still wanted to hold the body part and apply pressure, i.e. nurse it. None of these people are doing that. In fact, the woman in the photo is more interested in holding her purse.
      I would also ask: Where are the temporary bandages; torn shirts to wrap around a cut; a handkerchief used as pressure bandage? Plus, if there were wheel chairs available from the on-site med-centre, why wouldn’t there be bandages and other “first-aid” (it’s called first-aid because it is the aid which is applied first – it includes stopping the bleeding and relieving the stress and pain of the injured person). Surely there would be signs of the use of first aid materials and wrappings. Yet, none of the ‘victims’ have had any first aid applied.
      Plus there seems to be no emergency medical personnel (again, if there were wheel chairs, there should be medical personnel in the same place the wheel chairs were kept in case of medical emergency)

      • Dude. It’s real wounds and gore. I am a professional make up fx artist…20 years doing this for a living. Trust me its real.

        • I’m not going to trust you because you you tell me to. Don’t you get it yet? Some of this was photographed at a different place in a different location. I’ve got pictures of this scene that show the cops in one position mid-step running dow the street, but the surrounding details are changing. Even the road is a different road under them – different lines in the road, etc.

          We see the same thing with the victim area pics. In some a blood puddle is there, in the next it’s gone, but the people have barely moved. One woman remains in the exact same position, even the strands of her hair blowing exactly the same, while the people around her change. Get it? Get it? What we are seeing has been heavily Photoshopped! And to boot, some pictures were taken at a different time in a different location, then added in. The road did not change magically and lose its lines in the center. This is just one example of their Photoshop/movie set mistakes.

          • You don’t have to trust me, but you’re still wrong. Please tell me your area of expertise? You havn’t answered a single one of my questions. In fact now you are saying it’s all photoshoped. Please stay on target…MY area of expertise: prosthetic make-up effects. That is really all I care to comment on, since I know what I am talking about in that particular regard. so please tell me: Did they lifecast any of the “actors”? Did they use silicone, transfer material, foam latex? What prosthetic glue did they use to apply to ensure the prostheitc didn;t fall off or lift at the wrong time? What do you think they sealed the prosthetics and limbs with ti ensure the paint didn’t rub or scrape off? What brand of blood do you think they used to keep it from beading up on the silicone? Please tell me…

          • Like I said, evidence is mounting that this WAS NOT ALL DONE THERE THAT DAY. Also the use of Photoshop is proven in these scenes from Boston. Does your mind comprehend the possibility of multiple technologies and methods? Why should I have to tell you how the makeup was applied? As you said you are an expert in the brands that would be used. I don’t know what you people use on movie sets. If some of these photographs were taken elsewhere, the I have no reason to figure out what brand of fake blood they purchased.

            This is the same shit people said when they didn’t believe that 911 was an inside job. The people who investigated all the obvious lies were screamed at: “Well then, you tell ME how it was done?!” Because we aren’t the ones who planned these things, we don’t know yet exactly what was done. I had never heard of Thermite until well after 911 and I’m not a chemist. So, since I could not explain how those buildings came down in the first few months… does that negate the findings on 911? Just because we can’t tell you their entire method does not negate the findings of fraud!

            The people who question and show that things aren’t right are not required to know exactly how they mastermind their events. That comes later with further investigation. You’ve got quite the agenda to try and stop people from investigating. Why are you so interested? If you claim to know what happened and you’re satisfied, bugger away and go along your merry way. this website is not on CNN, so not many people in the world are even seeing this. What are you so worried about? Go away with your beliefs and leave us to our research. Good bye.

          • YOU made the claims back them up with proof. If you were serious about your “research” you would interview someone like me. But because I don’t fit into your agenda you cut and run. I get what your saying that it was stage at an earlier time, Photoshop doctored photos were released later…but obviously some “prosthetics” HAD to be used on the day? Right? So consider that I am contributing to your research. Again, you avoid the questions bring up 9/11 then cut and run. You really can’t face the possibility that you are wrong in regards to your theory of the prosthetic wounds? I would think you would be able to argue a little more intellegently instead of retreating.
            Why wouldn’t you ask ME questions about the process of creating prosthetic effects? If you go to the movies or watch TV I guarentee youve seen my work. If you were truly looking for the truth and note “evidence” to support you feeble claims you would. I saw this website and I was sure to forwarded to my collegues. You made quite a little stir in the make-up FX community.
            Now to answer your question as to why am I so interested? Simple. I am FASCINATED by people who suffer from delusions, and I often wonder how such people would respond when presented with undeniable facts contrary to their precious beliefs. YOU have the unfortunate circumstance to present a case in an area that I am an expert and you displayed common behavior when faced with an argument you cant win. You retreat. I also have family and friends in Boston. Why dont you go to Boston to do some “boots on the ground” research?
            A final question for you: what does “shilling” mean?

          • I presented nothing. I am not the author of this site. I am a commenter. you have been addressing/attacking me as if I wrote the article. Again, I ask you if you are implying that only one kind of blood came out of those people? YOU avoid the question. I am not putting words in your mouth. I want to know why you are asking me about arterial and venous blood color. Are you going to answer about the subject matter that you brought up?

            I don’t need to tell you anything about how prosthetics are made. You already know. Waht I am looking at is WHEN this was done. How about is you tell us all why the blown off legs had NO BLOOD for quite some time. And no blood was spurting on the perfect white shirt of the black woman. And where she disappeared to while smoke was still on the ground. You can’t answer these questions. Just keep asking ME to tell you how a makeup artist does his work. It’s irrelevant. Watch this in case you haven’t done the research yet and seen Bauman’s white dry bloodless prosthetics:


          • Hard to tell for multiple reasons. First of all: Arterial blood is much brighter than venous blood. Venous blood tends to be darker in hue due to low oxygen content. However, my previous post regarding the nature of photography makes it almost impossible to to tell. I could guess it was arterial blood form the femoral artery. As for the blood, no blood, blah blah blah…Have you ever seen battlefield trauma photographs? Talked to Marines who have seen battle? EMT’s? Paramedics? That is their expertise. Mine is Make-up Effects. There are NO make-up effects in any of those series of photos you keep harping on. That is all I am saying at the heart of all of this. There were no artifical Make-up Effects, prosthetics, limbs, etc. at all 100% Not my opinion. FACT.

          • This guy in the hoodie and sunglasses has been looked into. He’s the one helping to put on Bauman’s prosthetics. The man works in “augmented reality”!


          • Maybe he works at “Augmetned Reality” he may be an art director or a prop guy, he may even be a Special Effects Artist! He is not a Make-up Effects Artist and Augmented Reality is not a Make-up Efefcts shop. If you bothered to do more than a cursory internet scan you would know the VAST difference in skill sets from A Special Effects Artsits, A Prop master, and a Make-up Efects Artist. That’s an awfully big job for just 2 guys don’t you think?
            The logisitcs of coordinating a gag like this are MASSIVE even if it was done earlier at another location and Photoshopped. It is a HUGE deal. But you dont care anout the reality of that.

          • No where did I state or even imply that he is a makeup artist. The man works in props and augmented reality as I said! You don’t see how his background would be useful for this? What he appears to have done is attach the prosthetics. The dry non-bloody prosthetics that we have pictures of.

          • Either you don’t read my responsed carefully or you are too concerned with your beliefs to accepts the facts. I will explain again: To do hyper-realistic prosthetcs and severed limbs requires people with a unique skill set. Prop guys do not have the skills to execute these types of effects you are describing. Ive worked with some of the best prop masters in the world, they cannot do what we do. It requires a Special MAke-up Effects Artist. I understand how you are trying to ocnnect the dots and probably got excited when you found this piece of information. Hate to break it to you but you are reaching and tyring to make a detail fit into your agenda. How many people would it take to execute this event? How would it be organized? A LOT more than 2 guys. Boston is not known to be a place where there are ANY make-up effects shops. Who would buildl the prosthetics? Where would they build them? There are a limited number of MAke-up FX suppliers who would suddenly have a disproportionate amoutn of materials being shipped to Boston. Try researching that fact. If you tell me Alcone, Inc, Burman Industries, Smoth-On, or Polyteck started having HUGE orders of raw material shipped to Boston 6 months prior to the bombings, you would then get MY attention.

          • You are thick as a brick. how many times do I have to tell you that I did not say the prop man did the makeup… and also that I am of the belief some of this was photographed in another place prior to the marathon? Do they have any makeup artists in Hollywood? I didn’t say this was done in Boston! Thick as a brick. Leave me alone. You are dense.

          • Your logic and arguments are sol flawed, that I am embarassed for you..
            You never said he was a Make-up artist, true. You did say: “The man works in props and augmented reality as I said! You don’t see how his background would be useful for this? What he appears to have done is attach the prosthetics.” And I am telling you you are wrong. a prop guys skills are not applicable for this tyoe of work. ESPECIALLY for “attaching proshtetiics” No prop guy would touch a silicone prosthetic with a ten foot pole. You need a very speical kine og Make-up effects artist. so again, in your feeble attempt to connect the dots you are mistaken.
            Now lets say the work was done elsewhere then Photoshoppedthen released. you would need to get the actors to a location that could double for a location in Bostson. We have back lots, sound stages, even some alleys in Los Angeles could double for Boston (if utilized and shot correctly) We would then have to get the actors, the make-up artists, and whatever other crew we would need to do this on the stage/location. We would need support trucks, tables, lights, garbage cans, chairs, etc. We would need to pull a filming permit and insurance. If we used a back lot we would have to rent the space from the studio. ALL of those things create paper trails and logistical nightmares. Also any photoshoped pictures can be foresically examined to determine if any digital manipulation has occurred. Has enyone with such credentials examined the photos you keep referring to?

          • And you now this guy personally? You think you know what kind of training a stranager has or has not had. Why don’t you tell me everything that I know, and while you’re at it… what everyone else in the world has or has not been trained in. Your hubris is astounding. You seem to think you are omniscient. I have no more interest in your spew. Not even reading any more of it.

          • So now, instead of tryong to counter your point you again present a ridiculously weak argument: “And you now this guy personally? You think you know what kind of training a stranager has or has not had. Why don’t you tell me everything that I know, and while you’re at it… what everyone else in the world has or has not been trained in” I don’t know the guy personally. I am taking the information YOU present and I am telling you what I know based on the information YOU presented. You argue like a child! I can tell you this guy is a concert pianist and show you a photo of the same guy doing brain surgery and you would accept it without question or investigartion? Are you that gullible? You cannot admit that there are massive holes in this presentation…you can’t even acknowledge that there is a possibility that I’m correct! You know NOTHING about what it takes to do this stuff on a professiional level.. I am trying to educate you and you refuse to listen! Regardless, 1 guy could not have pulled all this off. You would need a specialized team of artists and technicians. The logistics to set this up and execute it alone are prohibitive! How old are you?

        • Not to question your FX experience but surely you must be aware of the differences between an FX blood stain and a real blood stain when they are applied to skin… And, for the ill-informed the fake stuff leaves a red stain. Whereas, blood leaves a yellowish tinge. NOTE: The dried blood on the old woman’s legs stained them red.

          • Not at all. Remember we are looking at photos, type of camera, lighting, whether or not there was any color correction all have bearing on what you are looking at. The length of time the blood has had to dry…these details are less important that the big picture. How did make up artists apply the pieces? When were they removed and disposed if? Who built them…etc . I ask these questions and no can answer them. Instead I get: “in the fourth picture down you see a blue shoelace, in the 6th it clearly white…” I’m being fascicious now…must be the coke.

        • Youre clearly an agent and a lousy one at that.

          • An agent from what? This coming from someone called “Dragonfart”?

  19. You really need to learn what the meaning of the word ‘confirmed’ is. Confirmed isn’t seeing something being different than how you assume it would be and giving somewhat plausible answers to (in this case showing the fake skin wound video and the other combat simulation video) and saying that your belief is confirmed. Confirmed would be finding this Krystle woman alive and well. Confirmed would be finding images of Bauman the day of showing he had prosthetics. Confimed would be pictures or video showing these people running out of Lenscrafters after the blast all dressed in their ripped clothes because there are photos that show these people were in the crowd at one point before the bombs went off (I think 20-120 hours before) and clearly didn’t have ripped clothes then. Confirmed would be these alleged actors or people who were at the scene coming forward and saying it was all staged and providing evidence. Looking at still images and blowing up small sections showing wounds is not confirming anything.

    I wonder if you were shown proof that it was in fact real if you’d change your mind and say you were wrong. I get the feeling you would not.

    When it comes to this whole event, I am of the opinion it was a legit bomb (I didn’t think that days after it happened. I thought it looked staged) and these are legit injuries yet if someone can actually show me solid smoking gun evidence it was staged then I am all for changing my mind. I do and have always found the blood issues at this scene to be odd yet it is pretty silly to make some firm conclusion that it was all fake based on somewhat close up pictures that were snapped within a few seconds of each other and not even knowing exactly when the pictures took place in relation to the injuries. Also, there is no set result for one suffering a wound. Yes, one would think if a guy got the lower half of his legs blown off that it would be different than this but I read up on how the body can constrict muscles to shut off the flow of blood when a major injury occurs and in the case of Bauman, people need to quit acting like he had his entire legs blown off and his femoral arteries severed. His injuries were to the lower half of his legs and that cord looking thing hanging down seems to show his femoral artery wasn’t severed. Furthermore, I saw a video of some Iraq combat where a guy had the lower half of one leg blown off along with most of his face and he survived and wasn’t spurting blood everywhere as well. Seeing that video is what made me realize the oddity of Jeff’s injuries didn’t mean they were fake.

    Regarding the wheelchair lady and how you keep bringing her up and the blood. You can see in the over head from a distance “no blood” pics there is blood on the ground near her. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the blood on her is from the ground? Not hard to theorize that is how the blood got on her legs with no visible wounds and she got blood on her hand by having it on the ground and then she put her hand to her head and it transferred there. I am pretty sure if you were on the ground and dazed and there was blood near you that you’d get some on your limbs. The problem with her is the wheelchair pic assumes the blood is hers with no visible cuts when again, the photos show she could have easily just put her limbs into the blood around her.

    It’s funny you bring up non injured people staying around in the area and talk about the threat of danger. So you just can’t fathom that people seeing others injured would stick around and try and help? You just figure everyone is a coward and won’t help out their fellow man?

    I also find it funny you are another person I have seen who implies the second bomb was legit which is funny because based on images and video taken, the bomb seemed to do hardly any damage to the surrounding area. The patio furniture of the restaurant the bomb went off in front of didn’t seem damaged and only one single piece of glass to a starbucks two doors down was shattered and that could have been from something else like people in starbucks panicking and causing the glass to shatter when trying to leave the place.. Meanwhile the first bomb site has many broken windows and damage to other objects in the area, not to mention in the videos of it going off you can see the wood fence expand from the blast.

    Impressive then that the supposed smoke bomb does damage to the area (or I guess in your mind they set up other things to cause that damage) while the supposed real bomb did nothing. Couldn’t simply be that these two bombs were designed to be low damage or the people right by them took the brunt of the damage which is why more people didn’t die or have serious injuries.

    Oh and I also saw non injured people helping out the injured at the second site…going by your logic that non uninjured people wouldn’t stay in the area I suppose those injuries would also have had to have been fake too, no?

    I think you need to just give up all these “confirmed” posts and quit digging yourself a deeper hole with your strawman like type of “evidence” and losing credibility. I first found this site from Sandy Hoax research and for the most part I liked the posts I saw on that. Seeing all this bombing stuff makes me seriously question you/this site.

    As someone who would be considered a truther and who grasps events are often/usually false flags or flat out staged (like Sandy Hoax) I would appreciate if others like me would quit posting stuff that lacks solid credibility and always going on about the Zionists since all it does is make our cause worse going forward. Maybe though that is the point when people do this as their real agenda is to make legit truthers look crazy and have legit incidents passed off as being just kooky conspiracy talk. If that is the case here, maybe this site needs to be called instead of

  20. What a load of nonsense. This is nothing more than more of the anti-American militia groups who have falsely shown FEMA camp videos and Denver airport bunkers which are proven without any factual evidence. This is also what that boob Alex Jones harps on about, he loves this fear mongering. All these conspiracies are meant to drive fear toward web sites, publications and that other known radio show Coast to Coast AM. It’s all a money making scam put out by snake oil salesmen selling fear.

    Don’t buy into the hype.

  21. The little girl in blue and the mother in green are both smiling in the bleachers. Front row.

  22. Look at hpow the man in the red jumper was sitting up, look at all the blood under him. Why would anyone want to lie in blood when they could sit or move?

  23. HollyWood in Boston!!!

  24. Are you guys serious with this? I know people who were injured in the attacks, the kid who died was my fraternity brothers son. I know you’re having fun with your conspiracy theory, but you need to get back in touch with reality. This actually happened and it is actually horrible. Denying it through a computer screen does not make it less real.

  25. Nice job with this article! Yes, it is such a bad fake false flag like so many others. The one bad fake picture you didn’t put on here was the laughable one with the ‘amputee’ being ‘wheeled’ away with his leg blown off for the nice photo op with the actor cowboy hat guy, while others with no ‘fake’ blood were wheeled off in beds. What’s really nice is that you brought out all the sad, bored, brainwashed shills making minimum wage to continue the lie. Hey, guy who works at a prothetic company…name the company, name yourself and your BS position there, name the victims that you are ‘making’ the prosthetics for. All these stupid shills and all their ‘inside info’ never do give the actual details do they? (yawn). BTW, I can’t believe they still haven’t come up with a more real blood color yet, I mean this production clearly cost a fortune.
    That IS Spielberg in the background there is a better picture of him making a cameo in the Huffpost photos where he is wheeling out a fake actor in a bed. Oh and WHY some of you ask would your oh so honest government ever do this? Stop watching mainstream news lies and start researching, you’ll find out why. And why would these actors do this? Let’s see…….how much in terms of donations have poured in already from the masses of idiots that believe in this crap? ……26 Million, last count. In Hollywood land for crops of losers that can’t find work, divvy that up and it’s AlOT.

    • You’re wrong. Plain and simple. I am a professional make up fx artist. Photos are of real injuries. Since you seem to know so much about fake blood…what are your credentials exactly? Why didn’t the blood bead up on the silicone prosthetics and limbs? How were they applied to the “actors” exactly? Who designed them? Where were the made? How long was the prep?

    • Sloan, I just re read your post. Please clarify: you saw a guy who looks like Steven Spielberg or you think it IS Steven Spielberg coordinating this “event”?

      • Mr. Viniello:

        By chance do you work for or with Mr. Spielberg?

        • Not lately.

  26. Hi Eutawangel Shill- BTW , nice try with the age old Zionist Plan of calling the masses of people who know all the Zionist lies, murders and false flags like 9-11 that they instigated, ‘racists’ against Jews. Everybody knows you Zionists PIGS are not real Jews and no one is racists against real Jewish people that are good. It’s you Zionists murderers that everyone is on to, hiding behind good Jews to be able to call those in the know racists. Check out the Boston bombing pictures in Huffpost everybody. Right after the first bombing when all the flags were up, all the flags were hanging down and the only real discernable flag sticking straight out for the picture, taking responsibility for this hoax was the one with the STAR OF DAVID. Check it for yourselves. Nice.

  27. You’re all a bunch of pathetic morons who say this is fake. I am a Special Makeup Effects Artist that has worked on many High profile, as well as low budget films. It’s funny how people think that the real thing is supposed to look like it does in film. I don’t need to explain myself any more than that. There are plenty of site’s that you can go on to look at the real thing. Go ahead and indulge yourself, but i assure you that this is not staged, nor can you get a “One take wonder” on something like this. Not even the most professional directors can pull off a feat like this. This is as real as it gets folks. Open your eyes and shut your mouths!

  28. To the miss-informed, ignorant, #$%@ who posted this article:
    Please tell me:
    What type of silicone was used to create the prosthetics? Tine cure or platinum cure?
    What type of blood was used? (Fake blood tends to “beed” on silicone prosthetics)
    How much prep time did the FX technicians have?
    How many Fx technicians were on the crew to help execute?
    When did they apply the make-up or add the blood?
    How did they coordinate their timing? Did everyone have earwigs in?
    How did they make the fake blood turn brown? Fake blood stays red. Real blood begins to brown with age. There is no fake blood formula on the market that can do this.
    What happened to the prosthetic limbs? Were they articulated? What type of armature was cast in the molds?
    How much did the FX guys get paid to execute this gag?

    I have been a professional Make-up Effects artist for 20 years, and have worked on films such as: Lord of the Rings, The Passion of the Christ, Spiderman, Pirates of the Carribean, Starship Troopers, to name a few. ANYONE who believes this was staged is an absolute moron with no knowledge of what it takes to design, prep and execute these type of FX. This bombings were real. The injuries were real.

    • There’s a thing called Photoshop. Ever heard of it? There is also mounting evidence that some of these pictures were taken elsewhere on a set, and mixed with ones from the event. They would have all the time they needed to fake the wounds were they done on a set. But with Photoshop, they can enhance whatever they choose.

      • Yes I have heard of Photoshop. We use it quite extensively when designing characters or gags. So you are saying that there was a secure location to apply these prosthetics to the actors then get them to set. There was plenty if time???? Just out if curiosity: how long do you think it takes to apply a prosthetic? What tools do the artists need? How familiar are you with the design creation and execution of prosthetic make ups???? I’ve done prosthetic gags on amputees for jobs… I would like to hear how much is plenty of time and under what conditions YOU could do this work.

        • We don’t have video of these wounds close up. Only pictures. I said some of these pictures were taken at another place and time… not just before the explosion. Could have been last year! We do have video of Bauman being wheeled down. But as many have already shown, there are abundant pics of his totally dry bones sticking up in the air. No blood even dripping or spurting from them. Then they made them all “bloody”. He was the only injured person we have seen on video close enough to see wounds (which they did apply blood to – there wasn’t any coming out of him in the pics).

          And we all know that the black woman was taken before him on a stretcher. We know this from seeing the pictures. But I just saw another set where she is still lying there and Bauman is gone! And worse, there is hardly any blood where he was shown lying in front of her in the other set of pics. All there is where he was is a red cup! Two set of pictures being foisted on the unsuspecting public!!!

          • You have a habit of replying (if you are indeed replying to might not be..)but not anwering any questions I am posting? You are agressivly shifting your focus to doctored photos. Again, please try to convince me that there were prosthetic wounds, limbs and fake blood utilized here. You made the claim. Back it up…and I am still waiting too hear what makes you such an expert on Make-up Effects.

          • Bugger away. I’m done with your shilling.

        • yo Vnfx I got family member in the movie bussiness . . he builds special effects probs and rigs and mixes with all the departments in the industry . .he has well a over decade in the bussiness . . all of them big budget films . .his oppion is different to yours he’s seen all tricks when it comes to make up effects and all that jazz . . . .Im close to him and have got to meet lots of his work collegues ! . .this is how much I know about the movie bussiness friend !–> you work in the make up department so that means you sniff heaps of coke live in a fantasy world where people are only nice to your face but your mostly a shit kicker on set regaurded as retart when the cameras rolling ! . .ive been to wrap up parties after these fims are done Ive mangered to get my name on the list and drink speak shit ywith you guys manymany times . .whats my point –>having 20 years in the movie bussiness means your a high paid dumb ass clueless to the “Real World ” ! . .I havent made my final decsion on hoax or real . .I just showed a photographer with 15 years experience some portrait “pictures” the other day! . .he said they are great photos ! . .ha he got it worng they were actually life like pencil sketches !! . .he a “Photograper by trade who has travlled the world could not tell the difference between a ultra life like pencil sketch and real photo !! go figure !! . .WHOA !! what kind of pencils did he use ?? . .whoa . .hang on what kind of pencil was it 2B or 4B was it multiple pencils ?? . . .he must of used a tracing machine ?? . .bonus points for questioning it ! . .everyone just pray for the truth to come out !

          • What’s his name?

          • Guys, Girls, Children, your bubble has been burst. Real people were there and saw this.
            “hoax” theory is trash, go find a real conspiracy.

          • If you don’t want to publish your family members name on a public forum, I get it. Give me his initials, his specific dept. and all the films he’s worked on. Chances are our paths have crossed. I keep all the crew lists from my films. Are you in SoCal?

    • Your words:
      “How did they make the fake blood turn brown? Fake blood stays red. Real blood begins to brown with age.”

      And then you are disputing me, hunters, doctors, EMT’s that this is not real blood. It looks just like the red paint in preschool class (BTW, this pic has Bauman lying there, and another pic has the black woman lying there). In one pic he was taken first, but in another, she was taken first. This is a major screw-up. So you want to tell us how that is possible?

      • I guess you’re not done with my “shilling” after all (I looked up the definition)
        How much time has passed between photographs? Was it arterial or venous blood? you’re focusing on the wrong details…maybe it was potoshoped? There are so many different brands and types of commercially made fake blood available it would make your head spin. If you are in the UK (which I suspect you are or are from) check out “Kensington Gore” a very good blood sold in the Uk.
        I will not comment on questions that don’t pertain to Make-up Effects. I have not done the “research” you have. If you have technical questions about prosthetics, designing and executing make-up fx? Ask away.

        • The video showing the dry prosthetics won’t post. It’s called French Fries with Gravy – by Max Malone.

          • Yes, will work on getting that one up. It does show what appears to be prosthetic devices on the stump; moreover, they are dry; scoring ZERO for arterial spurting despite numerous views and images.

          • I looked up the video. PLEASE tell me you don’t take this guy seriously. Why wouldnt FX guys put blood on the wounds? He is making assumptions based on a series of stills. I would love to debate this tool on the reality of Make-up effects. Why wouldn’t “they” use blood? or Photoshop the blood? What you are saying makes no sense? It is REAL. Reality often looks fake to the untrainned eye.

          • Why would I have to “take this guy seriously”? I take what I see with my own eyes seriously. These pictures are available to anyone. The maker of the French Fries With Gravy video did not create thise pictures. and there are other Videos pointing out the same things. No blood on those stumps, no spurting anywhere – caught on camera before the blood was applied. He is describing what anyone who is not blind can clearly see. If you choose to keep blinders on because you think you know it all, and can’t even open your own eyes… there’s nothing more anyone here can do for you.

          • That guy is a clown who knows nothing about my craft. Second you yourself said there was some Photoshop manuipulation. If that’s true neither of us can trust our eyes. Right? I am trying to tell you that doing these types of effects are time-consuming, difficult and you would need an army of people to pull off successfully. We do it all the time for film and TV, BUT it is an extremely controlled environment…it is not real…I can’t impart to you strongly enough that this would be impossible to execute in Boston.Why are you so quick to disregrad what I am telling you? You acknowledged that I know how to do this stuff.

      • Here’s a question for you: What type of camera took the photos? What was the focal length? Was there a flash? Where was the sun in realation to the blood? ALL of these factors affect photographs. Start there. All of those factors would affect how the prosthetics photographed too..posting a how-to video from Smooth-On was a really weak way to back up your claims. Do you really think the wound on the How-to video looks like the real wounds? You seem to have an eye for detail, do you think they it looks comparable?

  29. this is nothing but bulshit… i am a special fx makeup artist and your wrong in every way… i work with silicone on a daily basis and there are no silicone products i know of taht are isold in a bottle that is made for juice.. .. as far as the so called silicone hanging over the pants ,, thats called fat tissue , as far as the blood .. ive made hundreds of gallons of it with many different materials.. this is not fake blood.. . i can tell the difference.. you should learn to aswell .. do some real research next time rather than just make shit up… your makeing yourself look stupid..

    • Plenty of people who hunt animals and plenty of medical people have posted comments all over the internet to say that the bright red puddle in front of Bauman with the blonde shoeless woman sitting in it….. is PAINT! Real blood is not bright red, especially after it has left the body and mixed with oxygen for several minutes. It turns a dark purplish color. There is far more testimony from people who know REAL blood who see that picture than anything you hope to prove with your statement.

      • Really??? Please tell me the color difference between arterial blood and venous blood? What is the difference in time that each darken when exposed to oxygen? Dude believe what you want about this conspiracy…BUT I can tell you there were no prosthetics and fake blood. I know my job.

        • I’m glad you know your job. People who grew up hunting know a thing or two about blood, too. And so do the doctors and EMT’s who have all said that blood is paint. Are you implying that only one kind of blood (arterial or venous) came out of these people?

          • Nope. I asked you a question. I implied no such thing. Please dont put words in my mouth. Please cite your sources. I know plenty of Paramedics, EMTs, PA;s medical consultants etc. who will agree wth me.

        • @ vin1fx who cares if you are a coke sniffing no it all useless make up artist on a movie set . .this aint a movie set with high paid celebrity actor fucktarts ! .. its a false flag conspiracy theroy they are two different things . .take your retarted useless skill braging else where and find out what fake blood they did use so your work will be just as good one day ! .. .get out over your fantasy industry and wake up to the fact that this would not be hard at all to do !! . .if it is a Hoax its not disrespectful in any way if I was one of victims Id be soo happy that people cared soo much and are questioning it …

          • Not hard to do? Well then please break it down for me? From who would contact the make up fx studio, all the way through the design and execution of the gags on the day?

          • Do you have any clue of how a false flag works? How the CIA operates? Somehow in your naive world, you think that make-up artists are above being paid off large sums or being forced to go along with an operation under death threat. You don’t know that such things have ever happened to citizens before? Make-up artists are a special breed that would rather die than be forced to participate? There are people raised in families that are deeply rooted in these operations. These make up artists may never have worked for the movies at all, so they aren’t in your social club. They could be specifically trained for these operations.

            And as I’ve stated before, your level of hubris is over the top, if you think that you are privy to all the technologies that the government has. Did you know that video can now be altered in real time? I saw a documentary on this. Think of the possibilities of manipulation of the news with this technology. I hate to break it to you, but you do not know it all.

            Christian Williams, the guy in the hoodie and sunglasses works in “Augmented Reality”. Have you even looked that up?

            Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

          • I never said make up artists are above being paid off. Again, please don’t put words in my mouth. So now you are implying that the CIA would threaten the team of artists with death or pay them off? It is easier to swallow that the CIA was behind the bombings! It would have been simpler and cheaper! You keep talking about augmented reality. Next time I’m in Boston I will go visit them. Did augmented reality receive an unusual amount if raw MUFX materials in the months prior to the bombings? I also told you in an earlier post about MUFX artists being involved in some clandestine operations, but nothing like this. If you live near Boston, visit the hospitals, I’m sure there are some victims still there recovering from their injuries. How would you explain that?

          • There are victims still in the hospital. Jeff Bauman was honored by the Boston Bruins at a game this last week. Some of the victims are thinking of starting a website to expose this ridiculous conspiracy crap. Its easy to sit someplace else in the US, with lots of time to waste, and go over pictures and attach imaginary hoaxes to them. But the fact is, this happened folks.

          • Let them do so. We welcome that.

          • Your reply makes no sense. Augmented reality is not a company. It is a technology! Sheesh! And if you’ve read any of my other comments, you would know that I am of the belief that the second bomb may have been real, hence real injuries.

          • The problem with your theory about one being fake, is that I personally know people that were at the finish line, where the bomb exploded and killed the little kid, took his sister’s leg, and injured his mom with schrapnel into her brain. How can you people sit there and say this when thousands of people witnessed this first hand?

          • Do you have pictures of this family in the finish line victims? I have not seen one member of this family in the small group of victims at the finish line. We see all the people on the ground. Where is the Richards family?

          • Go find it, you are the conspiracy theorist lol. I havent seen many of the finish line, more of the other site. I did see one of the family taken just before the blast, that shows the bomber putting the backpack down next to them. I dont think anyone with common sense is going to show the mutilated kid and family. Maybe that would make you happy, it wont most of the country.

          • Just read the posts on this site. You can see all the victims at the finish line. And no, they did not edit out one family. As for the picture of hi setting the bomb down near Martin, these crowd pictures have been proven fake. There are no legs for Dzhokhar in one, in another there is a leg floating that they forgot to remove. There’s no body attached to the leg. Dzhokhar was artificially installed into those pictures.

          • Thats odd, I got the picture Im talking about from someone there, posted on facebook from his smartphone. It was about a minute before the bomb exploded. Its just about the same as the one I saw posted elsewhere. He didnt fake or photoshop anything, had no idea it was going to even be significant. Im done with you folks, your hallucinations have gotten too far past reality.

          • If you’ve got proof from a personal picture, by all means share it. We only have what the msm has allowed to be seen. If you have a personal photo showing the Dzhokhar at the scene, please share.

          • So you are makiing claims and assumptions from only the photos released form MSN???? Dont you think (in this age of camera phones) that there are HUNDREDS of photos from different angles and at different times that you havent even looked at???? Dont you think that commenting with such “hubris” before you have all the information a little pre-mature?

          • Apparently you have not seen the pictures of the area right after the explosion. See the 4th picture in the following post. Do you see hundreds of gawkers standing around taking pictures? People ran for their lives, my best friend included.


          • Folks, people posted them on facebook live from the scene. Many were given to the FBI, and they released them as well. Folks, there were hundreds of EMT’s, victims, and emergency workers there, and people in our state know them. This whole conspiracy thing really seems stupid to those that know what happened first hand.

          • I saw a video with a man describing how his camera was confiscated by the FBI when he came forward with his pictures. He said he had hundreds of family pictures on the camera. they took it from him. Others are telling of similar occurrences. I do not see any regular medical people at the finish line scene. As I’ve stated, the other bomb may have been real, requiring real help.

            At Sandy Hook, when the local personnel showed up to help they were sent to the firehouse and told it was all under control. they were not allowed to enter the school. Articles have been written by the local first responders saying how they were kept away from the scene. the same may have gone on at the finish line. These local responders are not in the photos.

          • There was a medical tent just past the finish line. People working it ran over to the scene, including the “scissors mole” that is so eloquently labeled on here. Most were taken there for ambulances, some were unable to be.

          • Mr. Viniello:

            Have you worked sufficiently closely to Mr. Spielberg to know what he looks like? There are rumors about that need clarifying. Perhaps you could help.

          • Sure. Could I pick him out of a line-up with pretty good imposters? Maybe. I havent llaid eyes on him in years. !999/2000 was tha last time I worked directy with him.

          • It has seemingly been solved, with the post about a man named Dr. Martin Levine but do look. Meanwhile, your posts on the subject of PVC Tygon tubing will be included in an upcoming post on that subject.

          • Jeff Bauman, well known to many here in Massachusetts and accused of being an “actor”. He worked at Costco in Nashua, NH before the bombing, again known to many. here is an article on a real person.

          • Weather scissor mole did NOT run in to help from the first aid tent. I have HD pics of her lying on her back talking on her cell phone 10 feet from the blast in seconds after. I will do an extensive post tonight show precisely all of scissor moles involvement.

          • Good, then you can look at one of the victims you are claiming to be an “actor”, who lots of people out here know. Keep in mind you are accusing these “actors” of a crime, and they may not like it.

          • Is that a threat?

          • not from me, Im not one of them lol.

          • When you are done reading about Jeff, a real person, look at the Norden brothers, also real people hurt at the finish line. Many people know these people so its time for your “actor conspiracy” to melt and go away.

          • I have looked at the finish line photos with a fine tooth comb. Aerial pics included. How about showing us where these two men were seen in the pictures? Apparently you did not study Sandy Hook. Facebook pages were created by the operation to support the lie.

          • Clearly you need more photos or a new comb

          • I asked you to share with us where you see them in the pictures. It’s a simple way of proving they were actually there. Clearly you are not interested in proving your claims beyond a Facebook page.

          • we dont have to prove anything. We are here, in the area, and know what happened. You are challenging the “official” story (actually thousands of people’s story), with some “conspiracy theory”. And you have stated that these people that were seriously injured really were not, and are part of some kind of fraud, and are falsely reporting a terrorist act. So sorry, the burden is on you. You have the names of the victims, show us how they suddenly became “actors” and took part in this scheme you have dreamed up. These are real people, with plenty of history in the area. You are saying thousands of people and hundreds of agencies took part in this so called scheme you have fictionally created. Real people were severely injured. Sorry, but that is fact. These items you have posted as “proof” are laughable.

          • Well you can add more real people to this list.

            Its been stated these were professional actors. Well they arent. They are just people. There are pictures of all these people at the site, go do your research. Ohhh you mean you came out with these claims BEFORE you did it? When you are done with those, I know of dozens more you can research that were injured. Gee this conspiracy gets bigger by the minute. The mother of one of them did an interview the day after for CBS, friends of theirs started these facebook pages to get funds for their care, etc. Did it ever for one minute occur to you it MIGHT be real? These arent ghosts, they are people known out here.

  30. Heres a thought…
    If the pressure cookers had enough shrapnel and ball bearings to amputate limbs throughout the crowd, then why are all the flags absolutely untouched just on the other side of the fence from them? not a single tear and if you watch the HD vid of the moment it happens and the guy walks across videoing you can see theres not any damage to the flags as he pans across several times…
    With shrapnel and ball bearings flying around, you’d think there would wouldn’t you?
    oh and why is the glass on the outside of the window and not blasted inwards from the pressure of the explosion?

    • Testimony from some of the physicians (lying testimony) indicates that they tried to get away from the originally promoted talking point of ball bearings, shrapnel, nails, intentionally embedded by the horrible terrorists in their horrible bomb. Evidently they instructed their lying doctors to ease off on this and start saying the only forieign matter in wounds and causing wounds was what they called normal street debris, WTH that is. Maybe the good photos of all the flags and the blue banner with no damage made them create some more lies.

  31. thank you….the world needs voices and fists ready to strike not cowards who stay siilent and lie for there own gain in this life.

  32. The flags weren’t right beside the bombs… the people were. One question, what would be the purpose of planning an enormous hoax if there was a strong likelihood of survivors near where the bombs going off telling what really happened… and they did.

  33. Nice job, Dr. K. You must be onto something with all of the special effects experts that have come out of the woodwork to bash this.

    I have a question for the so-called experts. You’re basically telling us to believe you because what the victims look like doesn’t look like the type of work you do. Did you ever think that other special effects “experts” do things differently? I’m not buying what you’re selling. I get it that nobody goes to the crap movies that your industry puts out anymore and you probably have a lot of free-time on your hands, but maybe you should go back to your video games. This is grown up talk.

    • My my my….so hostile! To answer your grown-up question: Yes. All artists have different techniques and use different ,materials. I know what all those materials look like and ho they behave. I also know how to set up up and execute these types of gags as well as buils them. There were no prosthetic make-up effects in any of these photos or videos. Im also not “selling” anyting other than the truth and fact. Actually movie attendance is up so things are pretty busy now around town with films and please dont forget TV. TV shows keep us pretty busy too. What YOU are displaying now is another response when someone precious beliefs are challenged in an irregutable way. You have a condescending response and try to insult. If you knew how stupid your initial question was I doubt you would have asked it. Why do you think it’s fake prosthetics? What experience do you have? Are you a doctor? EMT? Make-up artist? Please tell me what makes you the “grown up”?

    • Ok Elizabeth. Lets say this work was done by some phenomial artists who invented new materials that haven’t hit the market yet. Fiine. How would you organize and execute these effects in Boston? AS I stated earlier, you would need a team of very specialized artsts and craftspeople. You would need a shop to do the build. You would need and army of prosthetic make-up artists to appy the wounds and stump prosthetics to the amputees. How would you coordinate all of those individuals to make sure that everything is applied to the “actors” correctly and on time? Then get everyone in position, then to call “Action” and makesure no edgeds lifted, no prosthetics fell off revealling the amputees un-damaged stump? Fool the EMTS, doctors, firefighters, paramedics, THEN get the Make-up fx artsits over to the hospital to remove the pieces and dispose of them. Cant be done. It is offensive to me and my collegues that people like yourself who know NOTHING about what it takes to do this type of work are so quick to accept a hypothesis full of holes because it lines up with your beliefs. Don’t want to believ me? Fine. There are plent of Make-up FX chat rooms and forums. Present you case there to other experts and see what they say. Find out who they are and what their credentals are.

  34. These victim scene pictures were taken at two different times and one set – with the gore done by makeup artists – likely in another location (movie set). Proof is starting to come out. Watch this video. In addition to all the differences the uploader points out, pay particular attention to the wood table you will see on the porch. In this set of photos they are perfectly intact. And in my next link, you will see they are smashed to smithereens.

    See tables at 10:36 intact:

    See tables at 1:26 broken up:

    • This video proves nothing other than how gullible you are if you believe it. Smoke travels outward from the explosion point. So depending upon time after explosion is taken, and wind currents the smoke would begin to dissipate. How did they get “actors” in position? After the explosion, they ran ( or hopped if they were amputee actors)in bloody with torn clothes and lie down? Or were they in position “clean” then after the explosion they fell down and triggered a device to execute the injuries and blood? Or was this not even the real site? Was it a clever set or location? ALL of these scenarios have so many holes I can’t even begin to address them all! Smoke directionality aside as I am not a pyro or special fx guy…how many gallons of blood were “dressed” at the site? If you had to guess?

      • I listened and watched that clip. The woman’s voice sounds unnatural. Did you notice Vin?

        • She sounds unnatural. Why, because her accent is different from yours? Don’t get out much, do you? She is a long time Youtube investigator who often notices things others don’t pick up. She doesn’t own a good microphone and people often ask her if she can make it louder. No one is paid to do this. some people don’t have state-of-the-art equipment. Gee…. I wonder what you say about the voices of people who speak foreign languages? What are they “unnatural”, too?

          • Just an innocent comment. I don’t think the poster meant any disrespect . Her video is rubbish and it does sound like she used some kind if electronic voice alteration. They are not expensive.

      • Your comments prove nothing except as previously stated how THICK AS A BRICK you are. You ask if this was not even the real site. It has been shown repeatedly that this site was used that day, but there was another filming site prior to this. There are differences in the pictures. These were combined for public consumption. the goriest wounds were done but makeup artists on another set. We only have pictures, not video. Photoshopping was applied to combine the two sets. But there are places where they messed up. We have tables broken to pieces in one pic and intact in the other, and that is just one of the differences. The only close-up video we have is of Bauman being wheeled down the street. It has already been shown that the pictures of his bones and blood are DIFFERENT than what we see that day in the wheelchair video.

        • Where was the other site? Who orchestrated it? Were there no prosthetics on “actors” at the real site? Have you ever been to Boston?
          There were no make-up fx or prosthetics used in any if the photos. None. It was real carnage. You zero in on what you think is evidence but you are so ignorant of photography and Photoshop you think you’ve found a clue! Like the guy who works at Augmented Reality… You found a clue! You are connecting the dots! Look. I can only comment with authority on the make up fx aspects if your claim. The photoshop differences, etc. is all Shill (as you would say) there were no make up fx artists involved nor was there any fake prosthetics or limbs. If you too half as much time to look at the two videos posted (especially the strategic operations video) you will see some passable silicone prosthetics. There is a shot where the blood beads up very unnaturally on the “skin” tell tale sign of artificial materials. Why don’t you use you keen investigative mind to examine THOSE details ?

          • Ceruleanlake why can’t you admit you are wrong? You’ve done nothing but call names, and present weak ass “evidence” to support your feeble claims. I have asked you repeatedly about the prosthetic make up claims you make and you evade the questions and refuse to answer. Take that aspect away and the rest if your theory falls apart. THERE WERE NO PROSTHETICS OR MAKE UP FX USED ANYWHERE IN THE PHOTOS OR VIDEO!

          • I’ve been posting on this site for months and never once did I call anyone a “name”. Telling you that I believe you are “dense” is not calling you a name. As another commenter said, just because you are well-trained in a certain level of make-up artistry, does not mean that you are privy to other technologies that may not be available to the public yet. Are you aware that our government has technologies for weapons, and surveillance, and manipulation of image that may be ahead of the current uses that we know of? Again, your hubris is astounding.

  35. The woman’s voice sounds computerized. I’m not an expert but that is what her voice sounds like. There are unnatural pauses , not much rise and fall of pitch,

    • Yes. She probably had a computer voice modifier like TM said

    • Your point being what??? I think she just has old equipment. Her voice is hardly “disguised”. And plenty of people who make YT videos use a computerized voice. When presenting controversial information in this climate, it is their decision if they want to disguise their voice, use a different name, etc. I guess you have not seen many YT videos on controversial subject matter. Disguising one’s voice is for personal protection. This has no bearing whatsoever on the credibility of what is being shown.

      • You are correct. Wheather she digitally altered her voice has no bearing on the validity of the video. The video does that just fine by itself. You stated earlier, you don’t trust me, yet you trust the person who posted this video ? Anyone who has taken a basic photography course will realize how inaccurate her observations are. But again I am no expert on photography. You still refuse to answer any question I posted about prosthetics, fake blood, application, removal and disposal of sed prosthetics. Why can’t you admit you know NOTHING about make up fx and as a result your whole conspiracy theory is “shill”?

        • If you watch the video and read the comments you will see a link to a video showing the same scene with the tables on the porch smashed to smithereens. So according to you photography is responsible for this? Well that’s true, but this is no light and shadow difference. This is evidence that there were two sets. As I said I also have pictures of the street with different markings and the cops and surrounding people being added in, but the street is different. These points are every bit as valid as your knowledge of make-up (which that knowledge is to a degree that is currently accessible to you). You don’t address my valid points either. I agree to disagree with you. The weather is beautiful and I am done with responding to you anymore. I know I have said that before. But I agree that we disagree. Talk to someone else.

          • I don’t go into details on some of your claims like the broken table, etc. because frankly I don’t understand how those observations support you claims. Maybe I am as thick as a brick when it comes to such minutiae. I am not a photography authority at all. But I do know make up effects which is a HUGE part of this claim. I am telling you. Again. There were no make up fx artists or prosthetics involved. Take that info a gospel truth and re-formulate whatever conspiracy theory you want. Do that and I won’t argue. If you knew me beyond the exchanges on this forum, you would know unless I am 100% positive I would not be commenting so aggressively.

      • I responded earlier to your claims of my “hubris” so I apologize if this is a repeat posting.
        You assume neither myself nor any if my colleagues have ever been contacted the a US government agency. Did you see the movie “Argo”? Did you ever read “Master of Disguise” or “Spy Dust” by Antinio Mendez? That is just 1 example of “The Government” (in this care the CIA) approaching one if the greatest make up fx artists who ever lived to help them with a case. There have been other examples and other artists. This tragedy in Boston is NOT an example of one of those cases. Come up with another theory. Because this one about special prosthetics being used us so far from the realm of plausibility I am embarrassed for you and anyone who subscribes to this theory. The fact that you can’t acknowledge that of all the conspiracies you’ve “researched” that this one you might be wrong speaks volumes about you and your “colleagues”
        The fatal flaw that you, Elizabeth and Dr. K are displaying is COMPLETE IGNORANCE OF OUR CRAFT! But the fact that you think you do and just dig in your heels is mind boggling! Granted you don’t know me, my name or anything I’ve ever worked on. But the same can be said for the YouTube posters and others commenting and agreeing with you! Yet you take their side without question! I challenge you to find 1 professional make up fx artist who will support your ridiculous claims. If you do, please let me know. I would love to hear from them!

  36. umm people, I live in Massachusetts. Yes, I know real people that had real injuries, and lost real blood. Your theory this was a fake is silly and riduculous. There are still people in the hospital out here, and people dead that really died. Get a life

    • i hope you’re sincere, because this would be a wonderful bullet in my “The Man Actually Didn’t Fake That One” argument

      • Jeff Bauman, the real guy that really had his legs blown off, (worked at costco in Nashua NH),
        was honored last night by the Boston Bruins. Yes, thats the guy the conspirators claim was some other military guy. Yes, he really had his legs blown off, he wasnt an actor. Neither was anyone else. I cant belive the crap people are posting.

  37. how can you say this is just some impartial fact based investigation, when you use phrases like this..”Watch the lady in pink closely: she is the chief on-site culprit of the fake Zionist plot. Is Eretz Israel that dominating of a scheme that Jewry would go to this length?” you are victim of your own anti Semitic theater production.

  38. Ok, so to get this conspiricy thoery clear, what you are saying is that within the space of a few seconds, a large area was covered in debris, barriers were bent and laid on top of people, wooden fencing broken into pieces, fake blood poured all over the place, fake injured people put in place, shop windows broken. And not only was this done within a few seconds, none of the people who were not in on the scam saw it happen.
    Wow, thats amazing.

    • Absolutely not. What the evidence is showing is that the pictures we were given by the msm were not all taken that day. There was also another set with the same actors. We have found several differences in the pictures that show this was not all filmed that day. So take your sarcasm where the sun doesn’t shine… and spend some time researching before you dish out your condescending comments.

      • Ok i’m getting the picture now. So they filmed an identical scenario on a film set prior to the hoax in front of the worlds media, using the same fake people, positions, injuries, medics, police, etc etc. Possible i guess.
        But i still have to ask respectfully, how did they reproduce the :- large area was covered in debris, barriers were bent and laid on top of people, wooden fencing broken into pieces, fake blood poured all over the place, fake injured people put in place, shop windows broken. without the non-actors seeing it happen, within the space of a few seconds ??

      • I did my research, I live in Massachusetts. You sit in your chair from who knows where dreaming up conspiracies that don’t exist, while people out here saw it up close, live, and personal. The blood wasnt fake, the injuries werent fake, and real people from this area got hurt for real. How that for research? You can look at pictures online and dream, we saw it.

  39. I am still waiting for ceruleanlake to respond to my simple question :- How did they reproduce a fake scene of complete carnage on the sidewalk of Boston without anyone seeing it take place??

    • Don’t hold your breath. Expect a response that focuses on minutae and disregards the logistics of the big picture. I challenge ANYONE on this board to explain to me IN DETAIL exactly how the prosthetic effects were designed, built and executed. The claim was made on this board, so back it up. PROVE IT.

    • As I said, it’s the same as with Thermite in bringing down the WTC. The fact that people who see the problems with the official story cannot as yet, tell you the exact technology used in a high government maneuver DOES NOT NEGATE THE EVIDENCE WE DO HAVE OF FRAUD. I did not know about Thermite until a year after 911. So when asked by peple to explain to them exactly HOW IT WAS DONE, I could not do this. I am not a chemist. Being able to explain how THEY did their deeds comes with further investigation. This just happened in Boston within a month! It takes time to uncover the technology. Your angle of dispute and criticism does not shame or deter me one bit. Good try, but sometimes it takes years, decades even, for full truths to be revealed.

      • Allow me to save you years of research. Ask me ANY question related to the make-up fx . Challenge me, ask me for references, cite sources, my credentials ANYTHING RELATED TO PROSTHETIC EFFECTS, and I will answer! You have a unique opportunity to ask someone who has spent 20 years working in this craft. Even Dr. K vouched for me.

        • Oh, I have seen all your credentials. And I’ve seen your face. Where exactly did Dr. K “vouch for you”? How about telling us why Krystle is pictured with her left leg completely severed in some pictures and lying on top of her leg with a shoe sticking out. And then we see her on a stretcher with both legs. What’s going on? How about an answer from you? Not only is her completely severed leg re-attached, but in the spot where the leg was severed (at the torso), her re-attached leg is white at the top of her thigh. No blood at all there. And why is there not a speck of blood on her white stomach? and why hardly any blood AT ALL underneath her where her leg is completely blown away? Have it, make-up expert!

          I don’t care what your expertise is, as all you do is continue to state your expertise and that all should trust it. However, you never answer to any of the anomalies that are discussed here. There are things we can see in these pictures with our own eyes, vs. your insistence that you know it all. Many doctors and EMS people have already stated all over the Boston videos and discussion forums, that the wounds at the finish line are not real. What do you know about the length of time for bleed out/death with an injury such as Bauman’s? Medical experts have gone into great detail on this point alone.

          Is this website your only arena of information/dispute of the Boston matter? If so, you should get familiar with Youtube and seek out forums with threads discussing this further. You need to encounter medical personnel in discussions of this event. Why are you spending so much time here? Got an agenda? I tend to believe medical people before make-up artists. Silly me.

          • Lets hear a name of ONE doctor that was THERE that says they were not real. I know of several the went to the hospitals out there to assist with the influx of injuries from that event. Lets have ONE, or since you say there were many a couple. What EMS people? There were dozens of ambulances there from different communities and companies. Did you manage to find an EMT that was hallucinating? You can find many pics of Bauman with a guy holding the artery shut in his right leg. That guy is a hero, and has been told so. So its Bauman now, not a mystery CIA agent with some other name they found the looks alittle like him? What do you know about shock? Look at Baumans face in the pics, and you will see what it looks like for real. Again, name people that were THERE and saw this first hand, not some “mystery guest” that subscribes to your insane theories. Bleeding with severe trauma is very very variable. Some severed arteries tend to “self seal” and don’t bleed much, others, especially if its not a clean cut, bleed a lot. Lots of tournaquets were applied there. People are still suffering from this event, and you people are a disgrace.

          • Right… bombs make nice clean cuts that don’t bleed much. That’s funny. What nice clean cuts we see on the amputee’s legs, don’t we? I guess you haven’t seen the pics with Carlos standing around by the fence. the black woman even disappears from the pics before he ever goes over to help “Bauman”. So his artery pinch took quite some time to begin.

            I happen to be of the belief that the second bomb was real, and there are real injured people.My best friend was standing less than a block from that one. She had no ear injury, incidentally. But she also tells me that she knows of people that were injured. She lives in Cambridge. My questioning of these events is not to disrespect anyone. It is the exact opposite. It is to find the truth. Those who died or were hurt in any false flag event deserve nothing less. I’m not a coward. I fight for them, not against them.

            But the finish line scene is fake. The photos are proving this site was not a “one take wonder”. You can call me a “disgrace” all you want. I heard that with 911, and many other things that later come to light. Anyone who doesn’t question the mainstream media since 911, that is who is a “disgrace”.

          • You have me at a loss. Youve seen my credential and seen my face, but I don’t know who you are. You disregard me because you know you cant argue with the facts. As for the discrepencies regarding Krystile’s leg, didn’t you say in an earlier post that some Photoshop fakery was involved? If that is the case then the I can’t comment on what was Photoshop and what wasn’t can I? What I can tell you in detail are the steps it takes to design and execute these types of proshtetics. As for Dr. K vouching for me In another thread he stated: “Vin1fx is a major player in the make-up, make-believe, gore, fabricated injuries, fake monster, and more business. Asked, here, if he works for Mr. Spielberg after retorting to a poster who mentioned Mr. Spielberg possibly being on the set, he posted, “not lately.” He has worked for Mr. Spielberg on some high-profile films” Very kind words, but I do not consider myself a “major player in Hollywood” You still focus on the minutae, colors of jackets, positions of objects in a series of photographs. Look at the big logistical problems associated with this type of production. The prep, the crew, the materials, the artists…THE OBVIOOUS. For example: What happened to the fake prosthetic wounds and limbs after the disaster? They had to be disposed of right? Who removed them and how did they get them off if they were glued and blended into the actor’s skin? Did they throw them out? How did they apply so many wounds and prosthetics to so many actors on the day? I know you claim some of the photos were taken on another day at another location, but (according to the theory you subscribe to) there HAD to be some make-up and fake blood on the day correct? Have you ever been to Boston? Or do you sit behind a computer and watch Youtube videos from questionable sources and play Scooby Doo connecting the dots to the “clues” you uncover? Please ask my a specifice question on how to do the types of FX you think were illustrated here. In addition I have reached out to consultants and collegues that I have access to in the Medical Profession and so far no one has said anything to the contrary that there were real injuries and gore. Why dont you turn your high powered perception to the videos posted on this site showing how slicone FX are created? Or the ther video that shows behind the scenes scenarios for trainning. Specifically examine the Prosthetic effects in those videos and compare them to the photos in Boston. What discrepencies do you see from the fake to the real?

          • Again… avoiding my questions and responding with a litany of sheit. Again… why is there barely any blood under her severed leg, bleeding out of her torso? Don’t tell me you’ve shown this particular picture to a doctor and they thought this looked real. Please.

            And yes, I live very close to Boston. What difference does that make to anything we are discussing?

          • Any trauma room doctor will tell you, it looks real, and we know it WAS. Bleeding is highly dependant on the individual injury.

          • I thought I answered your questiosn. Let me try again: YOUR QUESTION: why is there barely any blood under her severed leg, bleeding out of her torso? Don’t tell me you’ve shown this particular picture to a doctor and they thought this looked real. Please. MY ANSWER: My close friend a former Marine and Helicopter Paramedic. said and I quote: “I’ve always said that blood and guts never looked so real on TV until you’ve seen all over the street. However, I have seen it all over the street, and I can say it looks real to me. Sometimes when limbs are burned and twisted they look surreal if not unreal. Good thing they got all those hospitals to fake it too! Noobs!”
            As for living close to Boston, have you gone there and done some “boots on the ground research?” How does your best friend (who was a couple of blocks away) feel about your position on this incident?
            Why do you refuse to question me on actual techniques and logistics on how to execute these syle of FX? You focus on photographic “discrepencies” but you yoursel have stated that Photoshop has been involved! If that is the case the original photos need to be forensically examined!
            You say reasearch onto how these techniques were executed could take years if not decades to uncover. I offered to save you that time. But you have no interest in what I have to say. Why? You still have not asked me one specific question regarding the claims of Prosthetic make-up FX…just discrepenceis in a series of photographs, which to you own admission could be faked by Photoshop. As I have stated ad nauseum, I can only comment on the claims of Make-up fx and prosthetics and that is the one element of this claim, you refuse to address! I am telling you there were no prosthetic make-up FX anywhere in these series of photos! Did you compare the real carnage with the fake examples posted on this site? Start your research there if you don’t have any questions for me. We do disagree, I am telling you there were no prosthetic make-up fx used…that it was real gore, carnage and injuries. Youve seen my face, my resume my credentials. What are yours?

          • Why are you waiting for me to ask you questions? Go ahead and explain whatever you want here about your profession. You can type away. As long as Dr. K does not delete your posts… you’ve got a blank slate! You could even make a how-to video and be sure to list the brand names! You could go big and post it on Youtube along with your expert opinion on Boston. You would have lots of people to talk to then.

            Why are you so interested in me? I’m just some commenter on this site. There are countless others who share my perspective all over the internet. What do you care where I live, what my name is, and if I discuss this with my friend??? You are downright stalking me here. Talk about distracting from the subject matter!

            I only know who you are because I happen to communicate extensively with Dr. K and she stated your name. I looked you up just out of curiosity (to verify that you have the experience that you claimed). Other than that I have no interest in personal details about you. I am some commenter on, and my personal details have nothing whatsoever to do with solving what happened.

          • You don’t get it. You say you are interested in “solving what has happened.” I don’t think you are. You just want to find a way to make these events fit into your theory. I am not stalking you and I apologize if my comments made you think I was. Your comments about “having seen my face” put me off. I only offer my expertise to answer the questions you might have about the supposed make-up fx and keep you and others from wasting their time looking in the wrong direction for your answers, whcih is exactly what you and others are doing. I shouldn’t care. It’s your life and time to waste. I do, however take it as a personal insult to imply that any Make-up FX artists would have been involved in such a heinous act of fakery. For the last time. I am telling you: There were no Make-up FX used in the Boston Bombings. Take it or leave it.

          • I’m sick of wasting my time talking to you. We disagree. I’m not your teacher, and I don’t need your instruction either. Like I said, why don’t you diversify and get on some discussion threads regarding this event. You might learn some things, and heck, you might even convince others of your convictions. It’s not working with me. So please give it up.

    • I can’t address your entire inquiry, But I watched (on video)
      1 The smoke bomb exploding
      2 The area all around it undamaged ( no one standing there either )
      3 Several people running to the scene, into the smoke.
      4 One of the fat blonde women ripping the picket fence into pieces, then lying down.
      5 The smoke having mostly cleared , a few people ( including the blonde) lying down with red goo all over the ground, with apparent injuries.
      None of them were there when the bomb exploded. No one was.
      I think it was released on Russia Today, without the editing which most of us later saw.

      • Im not sure what you all are smoking, but sorry folks, this was real. Real people got hurt and still are, and people died that people out here know. You can pour over video and dream up fake scenarios all day, but it happened. The victims have been rather outspoken over the fact that people are dreaming up fake scenarios. Costco in Nashua, where Jeff worked, and all his coworkers, have made sure your fake dreams remain that.

  40. I am still waiting for ceruleanlake to respond to my simple question :- How did they reproduce a fake scene of complete carnage on the sidewalk of Boston without anyone seeing them do it??

    • Start by reading all of the posts and not just jumping in with your “simple question”. It is not a “simple” answer. But if your mind is that simple that you need your thinking to be done by others for you and fed to you on a spoon… here’s a start. Look at the 4th picture down in the following post. The street was largely cleared. Secondly, if you had read any of my other comments, you would see that I conclude that the some of goriest pictures we see were done in another place and time and Photoshopped with scenes from this location in Boston. They only needed to dump fake blood around and have “Bauman” and “Krystle” reasonably done for this scene. All the other injuries in this finish line scene were not very gory, not much make-up work, with virtually all the public gone as you can see in this picture. There’s evidence of these people emerging from the building as well during the smoke.
      4th picture, you will see how empty it was:

      That’s all the instruction I’m offering. You can ridicule all you want. I’m sure you believe Sandy Hook happened as you were told as well, an on and on.

    • And why have you been “waiting for ceruleanlake” to to tell you personally how this was done? I am one of thousands who have come to the same conclusions after weeks of studying the photos and further research. The author of this website has been laying it all out for you to gather your OWN information and draw your OWN conclusions. But instead, you target me and demand that I feed you my thoughts. If you disagree, that is your life. But the aggressive way that you target one commenter and demand to be satisfied with that commenter’s conclusions… I don’t resonate with the kind of person you are. So I don’t value your opinion nor do I take your ridicule any more seriously than a child’s.

      • Don’t get upset Ceruleanlake, I have not targeted you as you say, its just that you stand out as a very amusing charachter and i am just trying to usderstand the workings of your mind.
        So anyway, you say that “They only had to dump around fake blood and have Bauman and Krystle reasonably done for this scene” Do you honestly think they could dump large quantities of fake blood around, fix fake bones/legs to two people, damage the wooden fence and put a large metal fence on top of Krystle with no one seeing them do it?? I live in a world where I use logic to understand difficult issues, I think you live in a fantasy world where anything can happen, and if anyone questions your ideas you get upset and start throwing your toys around. Calm down and use some logic. Start with the simple questions first, like how could they set that scene up in seconds with no one seeing, rather than the difficult ones, like is there going to be a New World Order starting in Boston?

        • The “New World Order” started here in Massachusetts in 1620. There was a government conspiracy to take over Indians and blame it on Britain. The mayflower was really a false flag spy ship sent from Britain. See how easy it is to create these “conspiracies” ??

        • Not gonna happen. I’ve been trying to get her to see that for 2 days. Bottom line: “she (and the others here) WANT to believe. She’ll zero in on some minute discrepancies on a series of photographs or explain about thermite and 9/11, she’ll answer your question with a question, throw some thinly veiled insults then retreat.

          • You have answered NONE of the questions here. You’ve been asked to explain why the blood on the ground is bright red, why there is almost no blood under Krystle’s torn off left leg, why there is no blood trail going down the street behind Bauman. This is minutiae??? All righty then. I beg to differ. All you do is insult me to other commenters, and whine that I don’t tell you what brand of make-up was used. You haven’t even attempted to answer any of the important questions which are NOT minutiae.

            I don’t go around talking about you to other commenters, trying to gain buddies. You act like a middle school girl. Maybe that’s why you like make-up. I personally don’t wear any make-up. I’m a clean living, human being with natural beauty, and I don’t hide behind anything.

          • Q: Why is blood on the ground bright red?
            A: probably arterial blood spray. Time of day, lighting and type of canera can impact look if final photo. Also if the photo wasn’t color corrected.

            As for the other questions, as I’ve stated in not a doctor. I can reply with what I think, but I am not an authority,

            Now you imply that I’m GAY? Why would that matter?

          • Mr. Viniello:

            Busy on deadlines, but now can reply. What about what is seen in Boston isn’t fake blood? How isn’t it exceedingly easy to carry such blood and dump it or disperse it? If it was a Hollywood set, how could the blood be dispersed? Awaiting your reply.

          • On a film set any blood on walls, floors, basically anything not human is applied between takes by the Art Dept.
            For blood splatter happening on camera the Special Fx department handles those. Along with squibs, explosions etc.
            for blood leaking or squirting from a would, we design and build the prosthetic to incorporate an internal “blood rig” that is operated via an off canera technician. The blood rigs tubing is usually designed to run along the ” off canera side” if that is not possible due to camera angels or multiple cameras some post digital “paint out” of the tubes and/or technician may be required.

          • Tubes? Does that mean they place tubes, like under the clothes, so viewers of the movies can’t see the source, in other words, so a shot to the chest or amputation would look real? What kind of tubes do they use? How does blood come out of such tubes?

          • That is correct. If there is blood seeping under clothes the special fx dept will run tubbing (usually Tygon tubing you can purchase at a hardware store) under the wardrobe. Some times due to the nature if a thin prosthetic ( like a neck appliance). We will make custom low relief flat tubing (called a bladder) and run it under the prosthetic. Bit will then attach to regular Tygon, then the Tygon runs to the blood source. As for how much blood? Depends on the scene. We’ve used 120cc plastic syringes to Hudson Spayers to fire extinguishers. Also we have to be aware of the length if the tube and must use thinned down “pumping blood”

          • Mr. Viniello:

            OK, so there are tubes under the clothes, so it can be made realistic during filming, is that correct?

            How do they keep those tubes in place? Do they glue them against the skin or clothes? Moreover, when they are ready for the “gore” scene, how is the fake blood flow or spurt activated? Does someone press a button? Does the actor, or does someone else? And where do they keep the blood source? Does that vary?

          • Usually they are taped (athletic tape if skin, gaffer tape to under clothes) sometimes glued (the custom flat tubes are glued down first with the prosthetic glued over the top, carefully lined up and tested with water after glue down to ensure no blockages. For large amounts of blood the off camera blood tech pushes the plunger in the syringe or pulls the trigger on the Hdson or fire extinguisher on cue. There are a few other methods, the ones in describing her are the most common.

          • In real movies do prop people actually go about tearing up clothes with shears to make the fake bomb-blasts or trauma appear realistic? How else could the clothes be prepared for the bleed-out, since there aren’t real traumatic bombs in Hollywood that could actually take off or shred the clothes.

          • They can alter video in real time! We are learning the methods of how they could have done it, but the technology is far ahead of us. They can film a scene and change what it looks and sounds like AS IT IS BEING FILMED.


          • Watch starting at :50 he uses augmented reality to make a person in a painting appear to come to life!! Anyone with a functioning brain can see the implications and applications of this technology to nefarious acts.


          • Great video. I am only slightly aware of such technology, but I dont think it coompletely applies here. You would, (as you have said before have to pre-film the events at an earlier time iat another location. Then after the bombing, take the applicable images and actions and insert them in the real footage. That is a crap shoot at best, matching the lighting, the camera angles then focal length. It would make more sense to film the event first then re-create matching footage based on what was alread shot. Camera set ups, lighting, All of those elements have to be re-created EXACTLy to make it seamless. The person comming to life on the photo was amazing, but you saw the morph and it didn;t happen in real time. The CGI T-rex was fun too, but it looked like a video game. Hardly applicable to this theory.

          • The morph doesn’t have to happen in real time. They have not released any close-up video of the victims scene as far as I am aware. It’s photos.

            And as this website has been showing, the matching of two different film sites is far from seemless.

          • Good questions Dr. K.
            Depends upon what is required for a scene. Typically the wardroe dept has multiple copies of clean (hero) and stressed clothing (aftermath or battle damage) They are all identical. If a scene requires that the damage to the clothes happens on camera, (squib shot or actor ripping clothes) the wardrobe dept. will prepare pre scored clothing to rip and reset consititanly take after take. I have seen pre scored wardrobe up close and it is pretty impressive. After multiple takes they may have to replace the clothing with another set or pre scored clothes due stress wear and tear. However, the actor still has to be aware of his/her movements so as not to trigger the rip before the proper cue. For something like what happened in Boston, you would need prosthetics already glued and blended on the actor. Pre scored wardrobe, blood packes with enough blood…for the “amputees” they would have to have the prosthetic aftermath stump and a fake limb attached in a way that it will be be able to “unattach” on cue, AND get them into position withoug triggering any of this stuff before it’s time. For a war scene, with multiple wounds and fx happening all at once, each actor would need at least 3 handlers. Sometimes the rigs are so sensetive they have to be set on the day on the spot. In other words, for example the amputee would have to be postioned on the ground, hold still then the FX are triggered then act. Then the clean-up for take 2 or final removal at the end of the day.

          • Well, interesting. That could explain the big crease in the road in one of the pictures. It ran the entire width of the road toward where the victims were. And looked like it was under a tarp painted to look like the road. In other pictures this crease was Photoshopped out and the white lines in the road were different.

          • I did not imply that you were gay. I am a strong advocate for gay rights. What I said was “You are acting like a middle school girl”, meaning backstabbing and gossipy. Whenever someone else addresses me, you step in and say things about me to try and sway them to your buddy club. That is how middle school girls often behave. And they also like make up. I said nothing about you being gay. That would matter not at all.

  41. Ceruleanlake states that there is no blood on the ground from Krystle leg. Look at the 7th photo down in this link :-
    I can see blood coming from her injuries running underneath the metal barrier, so why can’t Ceruleanlake see it. Does she have a Blindspot brought on by her inability to see two sides of an argument?

    • Look at the eighth picture. This is the best one we have of her with no obstructions. Hardly any blood where her body has been ripped off. You are the one with a blind spot.

      • Krystle’s legs weren’t completely blown off…. They were extremely badly mangled, folded under her. There is a picture of her being carried to the medical tent. Her legs are there, but her jeans are all bloody and you can see the legs twisted unnaturally. She died in the medical tent shortly after. So, that is maybe why there isn’t enough blood on the ground under her for your taste.

  42. In the 7th picture she is laying on her right hand side with the pool of blood behind her, in the 8th picture she has laid down flat and the pool of blood is covered by her left thigh area and a torn blood soaked trowser leg. The blood can clearly be seenaround the soaked trowser leg. Are you saying that, because the blood is not as clear in the 8th picture, it does not exist in the 7th?
    Are you familiar with the expression “In denial” ?

  43. The biggest hole in this “It’s all fake” theory is that it is MUCH easier to just kill and maim people for real than to try to pull off fake injuries, involving hundreds of actors from the crowd, rescuers, hospital workers, fake families ect. It makes no sense to fake anything. If this was a false flag whoever was responsible would have no problem killing and maiming a few dozen people for realities sake. The risk of discovery involved in trying to fake the injuries and then trust hundreds of people to remain quiet and not spill the beans and then hope that hundreds more on scene would not to notice the trickery is just too high to make sense. Why fake injuries? Just blow up a few dozen for real and you don’t have the risk and cost of hiring actors, people are really terrified and you minimize the risk of being caught by not involving hundreds of additional people. Find me some witnesses that will testify in court that it was faked or some real evidence other than questionable images or shut up and go back to your paranoid little world.

    • Sorry but the evidence is right there to see. It’s not our job to figure out “why” right now but that will come later. Nobody died and nobody (or very few accidentally) got injured.

      • Wow how can anyone be so ignorant lol. The people are out there, well known to entire communities, and you can say that still? Talk about stuck to a fake theory. So tell me, the EMT’s, Police, the radio operators, they are all fake too? I cant wait to hear this one lol.

      • While you are at it you can explain the fake 8 year old that got killed’s entire class that knew him and are in mourning. The school and class are fake too? I think the evidence is there all right, but you sure won’t figure out a why with your fake theory.

  44. @ weather01089
    Too much time watching movies and playing video games, eventually, people of low inteligence find it difficult to distinguish betwen reality and make believe.
    I think the best thing to do, is leave them be in their little worlds.
    WE are much safer, having them all in their homes, glued to their PC’s, searching for conspiracies, than having them roaming the streets amongst normal sane people.
    “The lights are on, but nobodies at home” Lol.

  45. Oh really? People of low intelligence? I graduated summa cum laude with my Bachelor’s degree from a well-respected university. If you are unaware of what that means, I had a 3.9 out of 4.0 grade point average. I also have a Master’s degree in History. I have never played a video game in my life, despite raising two boys who enjoy them. And I rarely go to lamestream movies. So you can try to promote your stereotype of demented or stupid people, who study world events beyond what the msm feeds… but you are gravely mistaken.
    By the way, I own a home… so your common insult that we all live in our parents’ basements in “little worlds” is nothing but a statement of your own ignorance.

    • Shouldnt you be at work?

      • Little grammar and spelling lesson for you: It would be “Nobody’s at home” (as in, “Nobody is at home”), not as you wrote, “Nobodies at home” (as in “Many people are not at home”).

    • Sometimes even academics can think just a bit too far out of the box. Bottom line, we know what is real from the Boston Marathon, we are here, so this all seems a bit too weird to us to see people create this silly stuff. Would make a good movie, but its not what happened people, sorry to have to tell you that and burst your bubble and the credibility of all of this.

    • Its a fair cop, you are of course correct, i did spell “nobody’s” incorrectly. You have moved the discussion from whether Boston was real or fake to an exercise in spelling and grammar. Ok.

  46. As for Bauman, Adrianne Haslet, etc., I came across this on how they made Forest Gump appear to be an amputee. This was technology in place many years ago. It is way beyond this now, as we saw a picture come to life in the “Aumented Reality” video that I posted above. This is from Forest Gump technology:

    “He wore special socks that allowed his legs to be removed in editing. The creators of Forrest Gump hired Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) to digitally remove Gary Sinese’s legs using a method called Video Chroma Keying. It is essentially the “green screen” method as used in films like “The Matrix” and “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” but used much more specifically. ILM covered Sinese’s legs in socks of a specified green color. These colored pixels are then removed from the picture during post-production, allowing another picture to be inserted in their place; in this case, the background images of whatever was behind Sinese’s legs in each shot were inserted.”

    • I meant to say, “how they made Lt. Dan an amputee”, not Gump.

    • What you seem to be missing in your alternate universe, is that Bauman and the others are real people, that live in my area. As much as your actor theory goes, they are there, and carry their real injuries from the marathon explosion you so eloquently think was fake.

      • The Jeff Bauman injuries, and claiming they came during this event are a complete and utter fabrication. 100% Grade A USDA American Bullshi*. Please. How blind are you? The events as they are being presented are IMPOSSIBLE. Nobody would have stayed conscious and alert after having the bottom half of their bodies blown off. What world do you live in? How is it that ALL the amputees are so well adjusted to their injuries and their plight days after having their limbs blown off. This was some sort of false flag event. None of the explanations, or the stories being told to us by authorities make any logical sense. We are not getting the true story. The brothers were set up. If anyone brainwashed, or radicalized them, them,it was the FBI. This is all 100% PURE propaganda. Nothing about this “bombing” was real.

        • You are missing one thing here, there were hundreds of people injured not just them. And if you live in Massachusetts as do I, there is a good bet you know at least one of them if not more. That plus I know people who were there and saw it. Continue with your alternate universe. Its annoying but getting entertaining. But be aware, the real injured people arent taking it too lightly. Gee there were hundreds at Krystles funeral as well, and the 8 yr old that died. Its beyond amazing anyone can think this is fake if you see reality, which you clearly do not.

          • name one person who suffered even a single obviously bleeding cut or laceration: just one.

          • look at Jeff’s page, quite a few of the injured and their supporters have posted there. Some are still in the hospital. One still has one of the nails in his knee. Time to get real, most have dropped this farce.!/supportjeffandfamily?hc_location=stream

            Gee didnt Krystle and the others bleed enough to suit you?

          • Now, find us one wound which is bleeding out, not paint or red dye-tainted corn syrup but real blood and we might believe you.

          • clearly you arent giving up on this hallucination. Hate to disappoint you but it was real. Plenty of it for you to look at.

    • @ceruleanlake
      A little English lesson for you. You keep using the word “Commenter”, in fact you used it 8 times on this page alone. There is no such word. The word you are grasping for is “Commentator”.
      Your previously mentioned qualifications from a US institution, it would seem, are not worth the paper they are written on.
      Furthermore, an ability to pass exams is no indication of intelligence, it simply shows ones ability to remember facts.
      Touche. Its French, Google it.

      • Did you actually look up ‘commenter’ before calling out someones intelligence? Give it a try.

      • Com´ment`er
        n. 1. One who makes or writes comments; a commentator; an annotator.

  47. Krystle was my cousin. The bombing really happened. I was at her funeral, I talked to her parents, and her friend’s son. She really did die.
    You people really need to get a grip. Innoent people lost their lives.

    • Really? What does CP stand for?

      • Cousins don’t have the same last name all the time.

    • Krystle was your cousin? You were at her funeral and you “talked to her parents and her friend’s son”. Her parents would be your aunt and uncle. Kind of strange how so many people who had a cousin with a child who died in Sandy Hook and a cousin who was hit by the “bombs” in Boston – have found this website.

      • Yah imagine that, you are posting all this and expect none of the real people involved to notice? Did you ever consider the emotional stress you are creating for them? well you may very well be held responsible for it at some point. You can post whatever you like, but you become responsible for its accuracy. And I dont see a lot of accuracy on this site, just sensationalism to attract people to it.

  48. Wow, that is spooky.. I believe it.. way too fishy if you ask me.

  49. I consider this the smoking gun. Finally, someone did a video showing that Krystle’s completely severed leg – at the torso – was put back on for the stretcher ride. He demonstrates that the legs are rubber.

  50. Hi that ‘no blood’ – ‘blood’ lady in the wheelchair is one of the most compelling pieces to date in my opinion. However perhaps it could be argued that when sometimes someone receives a wound/cut it does not necessaryily swell/bleed out right away but can take a good few seconds (not sure how long).

    I know sometimes ive cut myself and have to look/wait to see if it bleeds or swells up and sometimes it will getting more obvious as the seconds tick by. So im not sure how long the no blood/blood pics were apart?

    Thats the only reasonable explanation I can think of, as the pictures are fairly clear unlike some that Ive seen. If we can prove without a shadow of doubt that one persons injuries were fake then I think that would be sufficient to prove a false flag. I feel those pictures of this lady comes really close but could countered by the arguement i set forth.

    Regarding Krystles severed leg, unless Im missing something (which is possible), the post does not show the leg completely severed, and so if it was still attached even by a few sinews etc, wouldnt it be logical that the attendees straighten the leg back out for the stretcher ride?

    Im not looking to counter anyones assertions, but I am looking for evidence that cannot be countered.

    • Good luck on that, since there isnt any, just suppositions, lousy enhancements of poor quality, and ridiculous made up crap. Many many people still recovering from this out here. Some people can make a conspiracy out of anything. Im definately not saying they all are all legit, but this one definately is, sorry.

  51. More people lost legs than ran the Marathon it seems.
    Where are all the pieces of legs that were severed?
    Does ANY of the blood have DNA in it?

    Those part of the claims for money, any evidence by pictures or video that they were there?
    How about for ALL pictures of this “bombing” do names come with identifying real people.
    Also, how many people can be linked to Zionist or to Israel, or are Jewish?
    Why are a lot of the “players” in this Jewish?

    Where is the canister bomb top that one guy on TV said he saw on top of one of the buildings, still smoking? Where is it? Oh by the way, was he Jewish?
    How was the canister bomb detonated? If by cell phone, where is the record of that by phone records?


    This was a Drill , It was announced on load speakers after the first bomb went off I am one of the crises actors , The Gov. wanted see how much civil liberties they could strip from their subjects .
    #1 we declared martial law # 2 we did search and seizures with out any warrants . #3 The Bombs were percussion flash bangs with smoke that were detonated from inside lens crafters that’s why the glass was blown out and not in. Smoke was used to cover the controllers while they applied blood and fake prosthetic s .

    Want your country back hahahaha good luck

    • Sure you were. Post your bosses names, your names, and some verifiable detals then, After that, learn how to spell. DId you forget to take your meds or something?

  53. To the poster of this article – keep up the good work in exposing the truth. Israel employs more than 30,000 pro Israel/Zionist online trolls whose PAID GOVERNMENT JOB is to pro blog in defence of anti Israeli evidence online.
    Don’t believe then read The Times of Israel here:

  54. I believe this post as it is no different from 911. Where all you saw/heard was the twin towers. What about the Pentagon – where was the plane? Where was the reckage? The most highly secure building on earth and no proper video footage of it? Complete BS fake crash!
    Deception is there to deceive hence one key component may be truthful in order to mask all the other lies and propaganda!!!

  55. Some 1,000 new immigrants and foreign-language-speaking Jews volunteer to army of bloggers set up by Absorption Ministry and Foreign Ministry with the stated objective of flooding blogs with pro-Israel opinions:,7340,L-3663679,00.html

    Lets wait for a pro Zionist paid muppet to reply to more of these comments with utter BS!!!!

  56. Third friend of accused Boston bomber indicted for misleading probe–spt.html

  57. the guys leg was blown off and jeans torn to shreds but there is no blood, not even a spatter on his shoe of the opposite leg? hmmm

  58. There are medications for what ails you, blog owner.

    • Certified DEFINITIVE troll.

    • Yes, as you say there are now medications widely available to gag ‘truthers’, and if they won’t take them they lock them up or crash them.
      What is the opposite of a ‘truther’ anyway? I’m just guessing from posts I’ve seen that it’s some kind of frantic, panic stricken troll!

  59. Just seen that the snow is coming heavy to Boston today, but coincidentally the ‘heroes’ of the marathon bomb are being whisked off to safety on a free cruise in south of france. It’s costing someone (the people left behind in USA perhaps?) half a million dollars to send them, but they’re out of there, escaping any possible danger.

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