Boston Bombing — 23 May 2013
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ABC Busted for Adding Fake Blood Imagery to the Boston Hoax Site

As clearly demonstrated by this video regarding the Boston Marathon bombing hoax ABC was not happy with the color of the tempera paint and/or the Red Dye #5-tainted corn syrup. The entity wanted real gore: bright red blood-like color. So, since it wasn’t there, it added it.

This is the staging of the older man, who ends up being put into a soft cast; the staging actor in the red hat a suspicious-appearing blue sling bag is handling that aspect, grabbing the cast in her right hand.

It can be seen that all the fake blood is the same basic burnt orange color: no bright red. Note the fully intact bench, which will be smashed apart later,  at this late stage in the scam.

The bright red color now becomes visible and seems to move in a wave-like motion.

No one is pouring new fake blood in the area; in fact, there is no one in precisely this region.


Yet, suddenly, as seen on the video the area greatly expands: exceedingly bright orangish-red color: glaringly so.

Is there anything else to be seen, here?

It’s a packet of fake blood, just like the others, which he is attempting to hide from the camera.



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  1. I just read a recent article that the ceo of cbs is the brother of one of the the people high up in the obama administration. cbs is one of the most, if not the most, worthless media companies in the world.

    Also, yep, that’s a blood packet for sure.

    • Hi Ron- I saw that too. Is this the article you reference? This was done by ABC/Disney how appropriate. Nothing to see here, lol.

      Definitely fake blood packets. How is this hoax standing up? When I speak to people and mention that the marathon bombing was staged, people are shocked. I then ask if they have seen the pics and most people say no. I tell them to go look at the pics, and once they realize that the pics are fake they don’t seem to be as grotesque.

      Yesterday, when the site was having issues I showed all of this to my mom. She is appalled and with all of the issues with our current administration, she now wouldn’t put it past them.

      Great work DrK and all! Keep on exposing!

      • Yeah, that’s the one.

  2. DrK- You must check this out. The “Lady in Green” from Joggers Card (Illuminati card game, 1995) hidden in plain sight!
    May 7, 2013 – Uploaded by TheLowestRoom

    Well, watch him fall. He is falling down the direction AWAY from blast, his right side. He then in mid air, lunges out left arm to catch what the woman threw. There is no explanation on this planet to ignore what is self evident. He KNEW he had to catch something, and did it when a bomb blew up. The last place in the world anyone would look or consider, AND EVERYONE SAW IT but didn’t know what they were seeing. He then places the device on the ground, the police officer kicked it aside so it would not be in the photo op of the most famous photo of this dastardly event.

    • Go to approx to 2:40 in this video to see the fallin man and the lady in green interviewed together, I can’t seem to find the origional interview. Straight up in your face stuff here!

      • Here is interview with green jogger woman and Bill….

        I watched the thing being thrown last night and thought it was so fucking weird I was laughing. I looked a bit closer and I dont think he actually catches it. Can anyone see if she actually had anything in her hand because her arm doesn’t seem to move like she throws something, to me anyway.
        Does this shit get added in to purposefully confuse?

        • I added it for considation, not to “confuse” as you say. However, on my screen I see the green lady turning quickly just after bomb blast, throws something, toss may be more appropriate, to falling man, and he then places or drops on ground. There is definitely a white-ish object being thrown to the falling man. The falling man made a great catch too! Then, what are the chances that these two are interviewed together. I have not see you link yet, but thank you very much.

        • NRMIS- here are some pics depicting the trajectory of the object she threw to falling man, even in the link you gave it is clear to see. Thanks!

          • Thanks Matrixxx. Just to be clear, I was suggesting that the media may add this stuff to confuse (not you), its a thread about media fakery after all ;-)

            I went and found this video which I think shows the 2 people in question from a different angle right before the bomb. I dont see anything in her hand though I’m not certain….
            From 1.36

            What do you guys think?

  3. DrK- one more, is this the lady in Brown at Boston?


    Go to 3:39 in this video. Not sure about the rest of the “cast”, but worth checking out.

    • oops, here is the link for the vid, go to 3:39.

  4. I very much appreciate the work done, but i am not convinced about the ABC CGI FX video. I believe I have seen it a month ago being used to debunk another video where it appeared the blood was suddenly quickly disapearing.
    To me it appears to be a flag or some piece of cloth being dragged out of screen. People were probably pulling stuff around to make way.
    Hope you are not going to find any wacko stuff like anonpyrates did.. they recently became infiltrated/bought/bm/hacked I guess.

  5. Incontestable Proof of Footage Tampering by Boston Globe
    Watch it, you decide!
    Anatomy 6. Boston Bombing: Media Complicity (2) “Footage Tampering”Busted!
    Anatomy 6. Boston Bombing: Media Complicity (2) “Footage Tampering”Busted!

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