Boston Bombing — 29 April 2013
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Absolute Proof Boston Bombing Was a Staged Hoax

All the proof that is needed that the Boston bombing didn’t occur as portrayed and that instead it is a hoax and that no people died is right here, the famous video evidence accumulated by EMT, Steve Apple. Many have already since his work. Here is an excellent summary of these findings by a YouTube researcher (based on Apple’s work by Max Malone?):

There is no need for further proof. The lack of blood emanating from the supposed double amputee whose legs were supposedly blown off in the incident is sufficient evidence that this is a Hollywood scam and that no one died, no one severely injured.

The man in the hood is a prop pro, who, through his hook, makes every attempt to hide under disguise:


Prosthetic stumps on. No blood. Hooded man is a Hollywood special effects master.

Still no fake blood on the left stump; none on the fake bone, either. Blood would be gushing out from the unprotected, non-compressed, cut arteries. However, is that the beginnigs of artificial blood being applied on the right stump?

There appears to be blood in place, now, clearly visible on the fake bone and also possibly on the right stump:

Prop-man, now finished with the fake double amputee, does double duty and himself begins playing the role of the injured. See him on the ground below, acting as one of the injured:


Note the cast of characters, Carlos “the patriot” Arrendondo, the prop-meister in pink, the woman in the red jacket acting as the blocking agent, and the other prop-master in the black jacket, grey sweatshirt.

Now see this finding. This is surely the same man who handled the fake double amputee, now playing the role for the cameras as a wounded spectator. It can now be seen that this sort of light-colored blood-stained clothing seen on, for instance, this prop man and also the clothes of hero Arrendondo, is always the same hue and it is fake blood, not real.


The finale after the prop-pros finished their work. All the people in yellow in these scenes are actors, just like the fake wounded. Moreover, they all were allowed onto the scene because of being pre-cleared as paid operatives for the Zionist-orchestrated DHS.

Actress on the bottom does a fair job of faking death, while still retaining good color on the skin, including the skin of the abdomen. She has the facial appearance of a corpse but not the expected ashen-grey skin color. Not much blood on her right leg for someone who was supposed to have her leg blown off.


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  1. You Tube has already blocked the “smoking gun! Boston bomb hoax-amputee actor exposed”
    video.You can’t download the video now. Too bad I ‘d have like to share that very interesting video.

    • Video is back up and being re-posted by others. This is just laughably-bad acting and absurd special effects.

    • the photos are really funny…. They all look like they are waiting to be PAID…

    • I guess everything in the world is hoax according to this retarded website. Maybe some of you should stop playing video games and take a ride with emergency medical personnel or a cop. Instead of talking to each other go meet one of the victims in person. Go get the facts before you make them up based on some stupid YouTube or web page you read while you we’re high in your trailer.

      • Are you one of the “victims”?

        • Haha no he must be a paid government troll.

          • you guys are fucked up. people got hurt show some fucking compassion. you wouldn’t be talking shit if someone in your family got hurt like these people

    • Just look at the color of the blood. Everybody’s blood isn’t exactly the same color. On top of all the blood being the same color, blood isn’t that bright to begin with. Blood is a dark crimson red color, not some bright maraschino cherry red color. They didn’t even get details right, like using realistic blood. They should have used pig blood if they wanted to pass it off as real. It looks like acrylic paint. Also note that when blood dries it turns reddish brown, the blood at the Boston Bombing site never changed color at all.

      • Those are very good points. The whole event was a terminal fake, fraud upon fraud: involving all levels of the US government apparatus. It’s incredible when you think about it.

      • Blood from the vein is a dark colour but blood from the artery can be bright red though.
        I dont no why the government do so many hoaxes like Sandy Hook as well its disgusting.

  2. I think there is a real possibility that there were actors there, and that they even used actors that were already missing limbs, but it is a big assumption to say that the whole thing was staged. We don’t know from these pictures that all was staged. Be mindful, that one of the bombs could have been real and people could have gotten hurt. You don’t want to lose the audience over mis information.

    • I agree, it is possible, however, is the point not the dastardly lies and misinfo. If you go to abel danger com and listen to Davis Hawkins, they have such a scenario, where drills are hijacked mid stream. They have a lot of evidence on this.

    • Well that’s a nice fairy tale. In a staged controlled event, somebody might have actually gotten hurt. But sadly makes zero sense whatsoever.

  3. I’ve certainly been given enough proof to see that the bombing was a hoax, thanks to the best and the brightest doing this work of exposing the demons in charge, thanks NoDisinfo and our other friends of truth and justice.

    And how about the Talmudvision playing booming sounds off while the police et al were shooting at the boat for several minutes, brother #2’s said hiding place, and the narrator saying that that was caused by the government forces also then exploding more bombs that it had found there in Watertown. I wonder how much money their mother has raised for an attorney by now, which reportedly she is doing.

  4. “The real terror is the law; now you can be executed for merely being a suspect”, the title of John Kaminski’s latest article posted at, is probably what the narrator of the above youtube video realizes. Nevertheless, I urge all to read Kamkinski’s pleadings.

  5. Look at the picture above where Carlos is looking over the fence. The woman in the red sleeves directly below him does not change position. Her image is EXACTLY the same in the next picture which was taken after the black woman was removed on a stretcher. They used the same photo image of her and placed in in both of these pictures.

    I have a whole series of pictures where she does not move at all, yet everyone on the right of the frames is in constant motion. This image of her leaning on one elbow was simply photoshopped in to these scenes. There is only one picture of this woman in a slightly different position, with a blood smear on her cheek. But in every other picture her image is frozen like a wax figure! It’s just a photo image of her!

  6. Please look at these pictures. Scroll down to the 14th one. Start looking at the next five pictures (15 – 20). The black woman and her group of three (her, amputee, and sweatshirt guy) stays exactly the same. But the people on the right of the pics are moving! They forgot to make the group of three on the right move when they did the photoshopping.

  7. The last frame shows 2 girls with something on their legs. I do not see a tear or scream from either. I think we are suppose to look at the wheelchair guy and the other guy at the hospital (my opinion 2 different people). My question, why would they use 2 different amputees.
    I know I have became shaded since Sandy Hook and now this Boston thing. But, then I listened to police scanner during the West Texas explosion that killed 12 first responders. This was a real loss of life that we hear very little about.

  8. Bottom photo: The lady in the blue top is supposed to be dead. Her skin color is supposed to be white if she’s dead. She looks very much alive for someone who supposedly has just lost the lower half of her body..

    • She was still alive at that moment. Do some better research and show respect you heartless idiots.

  9. Hoodie sunglasses guy is named Christian Williams, here is a link to his fundraising page

    and here are some other links to his stuff

  10. The UK Daily Mail has run an article about this ‘event’ every day
    since it occurred, with photos of hospitalized ‘victims,’ etc.
    I believe the whole thing is a staged hoax, but how are the perps
    managing to set it all up? Also, there was suppossedly an 8 yr. old
    killed wqhile waiting for his dad to finish the race, last name of Richards, I think. Any info on that?

    • I found it interesting that the story (before it went wrong and they had to change tack – I believe) had the 8 year old killed whilst returning from welcoming his dad at the finish line, who was a runner. The picture with the alleged bomber shows him and his dad behind the railings before the ‘bombs’.

  11. Can you please explain something to me – where’s Waldo? ……with all of the pictures out there / with “Bauman” gleefully advising the world that he identified the “bombers” to the fbi; “standing right next to me – he was just an odd guy” etc / please show me one, just one picture of the two of them in the same scene? I sure can’t find one in all of the ‘tracking’ shots published. Where is Waldo at all? Lots of post blast pics and we seem to be able to find brown sweatsuit girl (and others) over & over again, but no Waldo – and none with the guys. Odd?

    • Right ‘O, that’s because there isn’t one. But be careful, if we scream loud enough, then, they might invent one.

  12. There’s also footage of a woman in blue who rolls off her back to her right, and as she scoots on all fours to her assigned spot, swabs blood on her face with a cloth, that then goes into her left pocket. You finally see her lying mostly on her left side, next to a railing.

  13. A case of “Wag The Dog”?

  14. There were a few seconds between the blasts and the first helpers/viewers arriving. Is the assertion that during that space of time sfx people were brought in and applied make up, fake limbs, fake blood and damaged property (buckled rilains, shattered windows etc.? If not, how was it done? It’s interesting that conspiracy theorists so rarely have a theory.

    Do people honestly think that it is possible to create a blast of this magnitude without causing injury? That’s just ridiculous.

  15. You are a sick B^%#$^% for thinking this is a hoax, what type of mind thinks this because someones’ body doesn’t look right. THe girl may still have the color in her skin because SHE RECENTLY DIED. You are a f%^%^ ass whole.

    • Clean up your language or go away. Read the requirements of posting on this site.


  17. I hope this is a sick joke. I was there when the bombings happened. They were not staged.

    • Nobody says the explosions were staged. You just never got up close to the mayhem, so you don’t know more than the average tv viewer. Everything critical about it, you have second-hand. If you saw a plane go down in flames, you still didn’t see the crash sight probably because if you were close enough, you’d probably be dead or injured. Even by your terms, with a real bombing as you believe, you cannot have been close enough to see whether it was real or fake. By your terms, if you did, you’d be in the hospital.

    • Yes, and you are the government shill (disinfo agent) and you also know that shill is illegal.

      • The moon landing never happened, chemtrails, reptoids, you guys are SO smarty smart.

  18. Check out Carlos the Cowboy wearing an official Boston Marathon ID neckstrap with a Red Cross ID attached, and him holding it up and saying (in response to “Are youa medic?”) “I’m a member of the red Cross.”
    The neckstrap and ID (partially hidden under his shirt during the “assistance” phase) were issued to him so he could have rapid access to “Bomb Scene 1″.
    Why would a member of the public, seated in the paid spectator area be wearing a Red Cross ID and official BM neckstrap? (01:43)

  19. Why is everything about this case very convenient?

    —An amateur photographer from Taunton provided the FBI with several clear, high-quality images Thursdasy showing bombing suspects Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon crowd.

    “I have a friend with family members in Homeland Security, and the family members immediately passed the first email to the undersecretary,” hobby photographer Bob Leonard said. “Within 20 minutes, the undersecretary said, ‘Great, we’ve got them,’ and passed it on to the Joint Terrorist Taskforce.”—

    The suspects just happened to stop and linger outside Whiskey’s Steakhouse (for who knows how long, Bob didn’t say when they stopped appearing in his numerous shots), and Bob Leonard, with a friend whose family members work for HS, just happened to be pointing his camera directly at them each time he took a photo of the runners (for whatever reason he would be doing that anyway).

    • Who’s his friend, Michael Chertoff?

  20. Love this video and the commentary – have you seen the boston-amputee-dancing-instructor story? Please tell me your opinion about this…

  21. In this age of special fx when NO ONE knows what they’ve really seen unless they were actually there, up close, why do we not have an independent, bipartisan watch dog organization thoroughly vetting all these “events” when they are clearly being used to shape public policy? When you have public officials calling it “the new normal” and saying “we may have to change the constitution” shame on us if every detail of every domestic attack is not investigated with every expert forensic tool we have at our disposal. Especially when local officials are directing us NOT to question the official narrative! I say set up an organization TODAY. Call it the Center for Incident Validation or something like that. It is to our great peril if we allow this to continue.

  22. Hi while I believe the bombings were a false flag op, i would also question the terms used in this post. ‘Absolute proof’ or actors ‘faking death’ are statements made with certainty, whilst what ‘proof’ I see here seems more like ‘probable’ or indeed speculative.

    To be honest I think ive read/viewed most of whats posted on this site, and whilst compelling I have yet to see any one ‘Absolute proof’. For every evidence shown there is always a counter arguement (however unlikely) that could be made. I would like an ‘absolute proof’ where no counter arguement is possible. Not so much to convince myself, but so I can show others without that niggling doubt or ability to counter the assertions.

    For example in my opinion Bauman should have bled everywhere and the two people next to him should be covered in his blood. However, as not many medical/trauma experts have come forward to give expert opinion on this, there is always a lingering doubt (however unlikely I feel it is) that this may be possible. For example if it was just so blatantly obvious that Jeffs injuries were fake then wouldnt more medics have come forward seeing as this footage is quite wide spread? SO to me it weighs very heavily on the side of his injuries being fake but so far is not ‘absolute proof’.

    Regarding what others are doing around him appearing highly unusual (eg, putting sunglasses on) does not again equate to ‘absolute proof’. Again personally I do not disagree with (most) of the conclusions made, I do however feel that so far most of the conclusions are probable and sometimes speculative rather than absolute. The colour of a supposed victims skin is a little too speculative and subjective to be making what i feel are overly bold statements such as the ‘Actress on the bottom does a fair job of faking death’.

    Whilst I know it is a little unfair for someone like me (an observer/commentator of posts) to overly critisise the obvious hard work of posters, I and probably others would appreciate it if a post would say a little more clearly therein whether statements made were ‘fact’ or ‘opinion’.

    Having said that, thank you for all your hard work in trying to find the truth.

  23. hope everyone can check all my Boston videos on my youtube channel “peekay22″

    • Dude get on youtube and unblock me. Unnecessary.

  24. is there an “official” source for this original video anywhere by the way to validate the one with all the frames separately split out in this video – would love to see a media distributed version in real time so I can believe what I’m seeing above, i.e. the questions you’ve raised in this frame by frame analysis

  25. or officially sourced still photos will do :)
    otherwise surely we could doubt the authenticity of your video images
    would welcome sensible replies please

    • At this time the staff, here, is stretched. The call through your post is now out to our readers to assist in finding those definitive sources. They can and will be found.

  26. The man with the hoodie, sunglasses and bright green shoe laces that is helping double amputee crisis actor Jeff Bauman insert his stumps into fake rubber injured leg movie props is allegedly Lewis Cohen a Canadian film producer from Galafilms of Montreal. Please go to my website: for more photos…

  27. how do we know that this video wasn’t a stage to make us think it happened in Boston? Kind of sad when we question everything that happens, have we become that cynical? If thats the case..what else has been staged..or what are people going to say was staged?

    • You’re probably a Debunker, Meme Patrol, Disinfo Agent, but you have a good point. Yes, how can we be sure the videos were not staged? Just wanna know just in case.


  29. You people are total assholes. Wake up and learn some anatomy. A severe blast could cauterize and stop massive bleeding. Were all those people in the hospitals and shown in the newspapers for months afterwards actors? I know how much you want to sound like an expert and have people hang onto your every word. It feeds your self-esteem. But you’re just sick and paranoid. Seek some professional help.

    • Most trolls use precisely your language, especially the last sentence. Are you a troll?

      • No he’s just not an idiot. But one day all of you people will die and you’re idiot theories will die with you, and the world will keep on turning.

  30. Ridiculous. You cannot possibly make such assumptions from still photos, a split second in time.

  31. you guys are all f..king ridiculous. commit suicide, please. holy f..k.

    • “Jonathan Evans” – if you, paid disinfo agents, all committed suicide instead of accepting the job positions of a disinfo agent, the earth and the humanity would breathe so much easier without you, traitors and low life scumbags.

      • I’m not being paid, I’ll gladly call you an asshole for free. Kill yourself.

  32. Boston Marathon is a Zionist generated hoax.

    Let us all support the truthtellers instead of insulting them.

    “On June 6, 2013 “Operation Urban Shield Boston” published videos via its YouTube Channel highlighting the so-named 2011 and 2012 law enforcement and emergency response drills that bore a remarkable resemblance to the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing allegedly carried out by Tamarlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev.

    Two days after the videos were distributed the Boston Globe reported that the entire April 15 Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath indeed played out almost in identical fashion to the Department of Homeland Security-sponsored terrorist drill scheduled for June of 2013.”

    Here is the full article:

  33. Actually sad that people really believe in this shit. You’re fucked for making such a ridiculous accusation.. As if all those “actors” would all keep there mouth shut. If it was all about the money then I’m sure if this was even a remote possibility that they wouldn’t leak an interview about it to the news for more money. It blows my mind that somebody could post something like this before getting ‘real’ evidence. How bout try going to Boston and meeting the 100’s of people injured and interviewing them. All you show us is random horrible resolution pictures with some made up propaganda to go with them. i could tell a whole new story from those pictures alone and make it a comedy. I’ve lost faith in man kind for people like you trying to ‘expose the truth’. Get a grip

    • those actors are even smiling, i’ve seen real accidents and scenarios(crashes, fights, etc)and saw no one smiling but cryng and in big pain this was all a hoax

  34. this isn’t the only person involved in two instances. there was another lady at all three events- the sandy hook thing, the boston marathon and the aurora shooting and I looked, yea, it’s the same woman. forget this lady, which is also the same woman or person. there are more.

    as in there are more doubles, this is a theme obviously

    so we got adam lanza, whom is also ryan. same guy. we got the lawyer who is also a sandy hook parent, and we got another lady, don’t know who she is but she shows up at all events so far. saw the footage, it’s the same woman. they seem to like double identities. for whatever reason/agenda they have. must be deep or have meaning for them. Or their circle is a lot smaller than I think it is.

    I suppose they are all acting. why I don’t know. what’s weird is that no one really cares or notices or even if they do some just don’t acknowledge it, I guess it’s more comfortable to be ignorant. And then you got a million people online who know it’s fake. but you only have a couple ‘prominent’ people coming out about it. strange. they must all be involved in it huh?

    tell me to take my meds I don’t give a crap, I know from the bottom of my heart this is 100 percent bullsht. and my opinion is that theyre all involved, republican, democrat, etc etc. cause it’s so obviously fake it only makes sense if no one speaks out about it.

  35. Honestly I kind of feel bad for you thinking this would be some kind of hoax, was sandy hook a hoax, Aurora, the navy yard shootings, Washington D.C. Car chase. If you believe that everything the government or the news tells you is a hoax, then I honestly cannot wait for the day that you personally experience an even like that, whether you are injured( Hopefully not) or extremely close to the event. What will happen then, will you consider that even a hoax even though you stood at that ground. OR will you actually acknowledge the event happened and will start to realize that maybe JUST MAYBE all you thought was a lie is actually reality. :) think about that for a bit. IF not I wish you luck with your life, and maybe in the future you might equally contribute to society as well

    • xyz, yet another shill posting…

  36. It is very discouraging, but not very surprising, how many people actually believe if not defend this madness. Is it a true belief that this was an actual event or is it an issue of pride at being deceived initially like most? Is it anger that someone else was bright enough to see the truth in things that you were blind to? A person who speaks the truth does so in an educated and to the point manner, not like one speaking from a stance of ignorance and attacks on the intellect of others. An educated and mentally stable person does not attack others in the defense of foolishness. This becomes very clear reading through the comments on this page and any other where the truth comes to light. Each to his own path I guess, I am a lover of the truth in life.

  37. People are sick this wasn’t a hoax so many people were hurt least limbs or died the only people that would try and convince you its a hoax are obviously supporters of terrorism and should be put in prison with the terrorists

    • Are you an expert about what happened at the Boston bombing smoke bombing?

  38. Is it me or does this seem to fake to fake? Like the blood looks so fake that surely the government who have enough money and power to do this kind of stunt, would actually test it all before to make sure it doesn’t look so fake? I don’t know if I’m missing the point.

  39. Pingback: Smoking Gun. Boston Bomb Hoax – Amputee Actor Exposed | EcoJustice.TV

  40. My god, you people are stupid, especially the crazy man that made this video. These frames were taken from a video camera, not a single shot camera. Do you understand how many frames there are per second? By the time frame 20 happens, where we CAN see blood on the people, only a few seconds of real time at most has passed since the first frame shown. Look, I don’t trust the government either, but there is ZERO motive for this attack from our government, and the ‘evidence’ provided here, although not completely retarded, still leaves all of the most important questions unanswered. If the supposed motive behind Sandy Hook was to put the government one step closer to taking our guns, what purpose does this serve when there are no guns involved? Nevertheless, I’m observing a general atmosphere of people jumping to conclusions based on assumption without actually piecing together a valid theory. Lastly, I’d like to point out something most people fail to ask themselves. I used to keep up on all sorts of different conspiracy theories until I realized something: what’s the fucking point? Are we more powerful than the government? Hell no! If they can orchestrate something of this magnitude without fearing any backlash beyond a small community of internet bloggers with zero credibility pointing out minute and inconclusive details, then aren’t we all just wasting our time and energy with this conspiracy bullshit? Wouldn’t a better solution be to LEAVE THE COUNTRY? That’s what I’m doing, and I suggest you put some thought into it as well. Oh, one more thing: the guy who made this video truly is mentally ill. The part of him repeating ‘no blood’ 4 times then asking how many times he has to repeat it to NOBODY portrays a man deeply entrenched in a world of delusion.

  41. The only way I would believe this is a hoax is if you produced a picture of the double amputee before the Boston Marathon as an amputee. If he is an actor then there would be photos or videos of him prior to this event as an amputee. Also please prove to me that the dead actress is alive. All these “actors” would have been amputees prior so just provide one photo showing that and I will be convinced.

    • Exactly They would have records of each persons loss of limbs

  42. 20 frames of video is only 2/3 of a second.

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