Sandy Hook — 09 January 2013
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           Who Purposely Spread this Picture Around? What Role Did the People

                                   who Disseminated this Picture Play in This Crime?


This is the Adam Lanza that so many people saw initially, when he was accused of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The problem is it is not Adam Lanza. It is a fake meant to create mind-control so people would hold him culpable. It was so they would say, “Yes, he must have done it. Look at that monster. He’s horrible.” Yes, obviously, the whole world hates him as a deviant. Besides the old dictum, “judge not,” which so few of us remember to apply, there is also the question, “Is it true? Did he really do this?”

Quickly, Lanza was blamed, even before the police named him.  When seeing this picture, people were convinced it was him. Few people took note of the vast discrepancies in the reporting. Busy and without thinking, all that could be done was glance through the news, and, of course, look at the pictures. The presumption of guilt was based as much on the picture as even the story lines.

What is seen, above, is a fabrication. Contrary to the standard claims it is not the real Adam Lanza. It is an artifact, a fake. The purpose is to make Adam Lanza appear as a ghoulish killer.

The photo has been extensively analyzed by experts in Photoshop. A key has been created of the specific alterations, as follows:

(1) the eyebrows have been elongated, darkened, and moved down toward the eyes, creating a menacing look; it can be clearly seen as a kind of brush stroke of ‘paint’

(2) his eye socket has been pulled down and rounded which produces a white area beneath the pupil,
again creating a menacing, bug-eyed look

(3) notice the unnatural appearance of this eye socket (left eye) in which the eye socket was pulled down, leaving
a small bump at the corner of the socket
(4) in a poor attempt to make the eye appear menacing the pupils were enlarged and left with ragged edges. There was also left a grayish spike shooting off the top of his left eye pupil. Even more importantly, the pupils were photoshopped as a dark brown, almost black, when, in fact, Adam’s eyes are blue in his younger-aged pictures; note also that there are artifacts all around his irises due to the photoshopper’s brush
(5)  notice the bulge on his jaw which has been exaggerated.
(6) this shows an attempt at recreating Adam’s hair which is just painted on color; those are just strokes of a paintbrush rather than bangs.
(7) a very poor attempt to recreate Adam’s ear which is extended unnaturally to the right
(9) in attempt to elongate Adam’s face, his chin has an unnatural notch, as pointed out by the tip of the arrow

The likely source for this artificial photo is the black and white one shown below, which is a yearbook picture from highschool, possibly when he was 16.

A comparison of the photoshopped picture is made with real pictures which have not been altered. These real pictures were more rarely used in the media and reveal an entirely different Adam Lanza than is evidenced by the altered one. For instance, in none of these pictures are the whites of the eyes showing. In fact, the irises in these pictures nearly always fall down all the way past the lower eyelid, a sign of kindness and empathy. Look at these pictures carefully. Can anyone see any of the defects so evident in the photoshopped version? In fact, such defects are nonexistent.


Look at all three of the above contrasting pictures. Is it not categorically clear that there is no resemblance to the real Adam Lanza? That was the objective of these deviants. They knew they could get the most traction for the fraud by inducing people into a mind-control stupor. Adam looked capable in that fake picture. However, he did not look like a plausible mass murderer in the others.

The following is the picture most likely used in the fabrication. Relying on a less grainy, more original version the perpetrators first scanned it in and then started working on it. Removing the hat they created the entire hair pattern. They also falsified the ears. To make him pop out more, they put in place a blue background and added a black shirt. There is no original, because this is studio-made.



The perpetrators who fabricated this must be uncovered. They are responsible for high crimes: slander, deception, and fraud. Thus, they must be brought to justice for their wicked acts. The purpose is to convince people who Adam Lanza is wicked and that he was capable of committing this vile act. The fraud is through the demonization of a man and his family. It is by created the false perception among people of a monster, a madman. That enhances the government-sponsored version of the events, while creating fear, even anger, in hearts. It was all done with malice.

Regardless, if this person was so evil, wouldn’t that stand on its own? What was the purpose of creating a demon or monster?  It makes the entire “standard story,” appear suspect, even the claim that Adam Lanza is responsible for this crime. Rather, it would give suspicion that Lanza was set-up,  murdered and left at the scene.

He has no characteristics of a killer either in his behavior or appearance. That appearance was created, which implies a sinister plot. To cover this plot the Zionist-controlled press resorts to further demonization, inventing every manner of fabrication and senseless lies. Each time their crimes are revealed they spread more venom, in this case against Adam Lanza.

The perpetrators responsible for this vile act must be uncovered. Suspicion is the people behind AP news as well as NBC, who claim responsibility for the image. Also, this was the image extensively used in the UK, where the AP, through Reuters and more, remains all-powerful. At a minimum the scandalous press must admit their sinister act and remove this photo from existence, at least within any published articles which maliciously demonize this man.

Adam Lanza is the primary victim of this horrifying crime. He is equally a victim, perhaps more so, than all others. Any evidence against him must be brought into extreme doubt considering this revelation. It is the revelation that the Zionist-controlled media has viciously slandered him, bullying him, even in his death. That vile bullying is precisely what his counselors attempted to protect him against. Said Richard Novia, responsible for school security and a close friend of the Lanzas, his concern was not what Adam might do to others but what others might do to him. Without carefully watching him, he made clear, he could be readily bullied. His mother knew the same. That’s why she was always responsive to his needs, because she knew if she didn’t take special care of him, he could be abused and tormented.

Novia’s words have come true. Now that no one is left to defend him, he is being bullied by the Zionist-controlled media, right into his grave. These vile ones surely didn’t want people to look at this rationally. Instead, they wanted them to react emotionally, creating a witch-hunt mentality. Shame on these Zionists. Shame on them for their vile concoctions, tailor-made to manipulate minds. That manipulation is all so necessary to achieve their wicked agenda, which is the disarming of America and the stripping of the people of their inalienable rights. It is a plot, let there be no doubt about it, and Sandy Hook is an essential component of tha plot.


See also, regarding photoshopping eye color:

Links below use this falsified picture. All such media conglomerates must desist immediately from perpetrating this fabrication:</a></a>



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  1. Im sorry but the number of times you mentioned “zionist” controlled media makes me doubt whether you had this photo examined by professionals in photoshop. Why the emphasis on zionism? Do you really believe that jews control the United States government and corporations or are you some skin head racist that drank too much of Hitlers piss?

    • Protip: If you’re looking for a plausible theory, repeated mentions of “zionist Jews controlling the media” are a clear sign to pack up your bags and looks somewhere else. That right there should immediately tip you off that the guy’s a nutjob with antisemitic insecurities that he projects onto anything he deems sinister.

  2. Jews do in fact control the media.
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

  3. If you want to know who controls what in America
    Mass Media
    Social Engineering
    “New World Order”
    Google “Who Controls America”

    It’s international
    Google “hate speech laws immigration”

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