Boston Bombing — 29 May 2013
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Anatomy of a Fake: Zauras Snape, Videos #4 & 5

Demonstrating the Boston hoax scoundrels in action Zauras Snape, once again, gives lucid evidence of fraud, deception, and the malicious perpetration of a cover-up:

#6: Great summary of the staging and embedded types of media individuals plus more

Memorable screenshots, video #5:

That National Guardsman was called in, shows Snape, for a specific purpose, which was the removal of the evidence, a mere hefty sign which proves that there was no major damage, no flying shrapnel:

Here is where muscles puts his hands on it to move it off: DHS operative with clip-board observing.

Fuzzy, but she does have a fake blood packet in hand:


It seems to get bigger on the scene: is she just, now, dumping it?
Two prominent moles, a director who had just finished the grief scene with the woman by the black temporary fence and the pink-vested blood drizzler operative.

Here is Mr. Fake Griever in control after the removal of the fence with FEMA head, Richard Serino:



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  1. Awesome videos. If the guy in military garb is really in the armed forces, he is radically breaking his oath to defend the constitution. I had noticed the unshredded flags shortly after the event. Gives new meaning to “our flag was still there”. The media sickens me with their complicity. They are willing to forfeit their kids and grandkids future and freedoms for trinkets.

    • The fact that the media, police, hospitals, doctors and EMTs are all in on these scams and hoaxes is truly disgusting. These traitors have copied a page directly from the German National Socialist playbook of the 1930-40s.

      • Doug,

        Would you please be so kind as to provide the specific page number from the German National Socialist playbook of the 1930-40s to which you refer?

        • Joessef Goebels (sp) was a Jew. Nazi is a derivative of Ashkenazi. More later.

          • Doug might be an Alex Jonestard, Jones must get a bonu$ every time he blames Hitler for something he didn’t do like enslave the German people. here’s proof that Jones works for Mossad:

    • That ‘soldier’ has the campest run I’ve ever seen.
      Has it been confirmed that he IS a soldier?

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