Egypt and Syria Other Hoaxes — 02 September 2013
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Aug. 21 Syria Gas Attack Videos are Fake

Chief Zionist mole and agent of mass murder, John Kerry-Cohen has a real issue. He was launch his murderous war in the face of the fact that even his claim of terror attack by the enemy he has targeted, Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian armed forces, is a lie. That lie is the claim of an actual poison gas attack against the Syrian population on August 21, 2013.

The problem for the thieving liar Kerry is that the gas attacks are largely fake. This is proven by the fact that the videos demonstrating those attacks have been fabricated through the use of crisis actors, those actors coming from the various terrorist groups themselves.

No doubt, there have been and continue to be gas attacks in Syria. However, the only such attacks that have been documented thus far have been aimed primarily at the Syrian military, although there has been collateral damage against civilians. Even so, an actual gas attack directed exclusively at the civilian population, leading to hundreds or thousands of deaths – leading to the deaths of individuals directly on site, dying virtually in place, as is the standard consequence of such attacks – has in no way been proven to have occurred in Syria.

Therefore, Kerry-Cohen’s claim of a murderous slaughter through poison gas against the Syrian population is a wretched lie, just like the Kuwaiti incubator, Niger yellow cake, and Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction lies. Just like the filthy lie of the so-called, non-existent Gulf of Tonkin attack and every other wretched fabrication concocted by that terrorist entity – the greatest terrorist of all: the US White House.

“Satan,” Kerry should be asked, “is this your tact every time, to murder the people of this planet in  monstrous numbers, all based on filthy, sniveling lies?” The answer is obvious. Yet, let it be said, here, that Kerry-Cohen and his fellow Zionist blood-consumers in that wretched realm known as the Obama White House: let it be known that all of them are Satanic ones, who will draw endless human blood – and the blood of the animals and all others that are in the path of their hideous plot – let it be known that they are all Satans to the most extreme degree.

Too, what if Kerry-Cohen and his other wicked ones do attack with their endless array of missiles, bombs, noxious, destructive agents, such as the chemical weapon depleted uranium? Then, all those murders of the innocents and all the future destruction: all of it will be on Kerry’s murderous, lying, thieving hands.

He will do it for world Jewry, let there be no doubt. He is their servant, this devilish one who defies the entire civilized world to serve the Greatest Satan of all – the murderous Zionist-controlled White House.

Two videos are shown. The first is fake, which is obvious, deemed by Steven Johnson, forensic expert and leading researcher on the effects of hazardous materials, including chemical or gas attacks, as “hyperrealistic (his words, actually, hyper-real)” compared with the second video, which shows the expected consequences, people intoxicated, with poor respiratory function, who are pale, with some facial lesions and certainly pallor who are being prepared for possible intubation or other drastic measures.

Respiratory collapse and death are consequences of sarin gas exposure, usually happening in minutes. So is coma. So is great irritation of the eyes, also redness. So are frothy secretions, blood-stained. Yet, these are never seen in the terrorist-uploaded videos depicting a purported Aug. 21 attack.

In the real gas attack in Aleppo, one known to be perpetrated by the terrorists, the people pictured show none of the suspect behavior: the hyper-real actions, the dramatics before the camera. Nor is there anyone hovering above or next to them shooting cell phone or video-cam footage. Nor are all the standard platitudes being spoken or yelled, the “Yaa Allah’s” and the “Allahu Akbar’s” and more. When anyone listens to this verbiage and reactionism carefully, there is something wrong. There is no real emotion or caring. It is all as if being staged: ever so fake.

Nor are  any real victims lying on tile floors in a place unknown, with people walking around with pop bottles being filmed dumping water or acting like they are dumping water on them.

None of this seems realistic to any degree.

Regardless, it is the terrorists who are uploading these videos, the same ones who have been proven to have in their possession vast quantities of chemical weapons and their precursors. Then, these murderous ones, these individuals who have no hesitation to poison innocent people with nerve gas: these are the ones whose anonymous accounts on YouTube are to be trusted? Here, at all their video uploads must be held suspect until proven otherwise and are largely readily proven as fraudulent.

Assad forces claim discovery of Syrian rebel’s chemical weapons…/assad-forces-claim-discovery-of-syrian-rebel-s-ch…

Jul 10, 2013 –  Damascus, Russia said it had forensic evidence of rebels using sarin gas 68 barrels of diethanolamine, and 42 barrels of triethanolamine, 

Syrian Army? Al-Assad? Really? How, just how, when all the barrels, gas masks, protective gloves, protective suits, and photographic evidence leads directly back to the terrorists?

These hydrocarbons are used as precursors to the production of nerve gas.
Picture 91
Picture 93
Recall the words of Steven Johnson? This is the kind of “hyper-real” actions/reactions of which he is describing. Moreover, it always occurs on the ground, usually on a tile floor – often in an ill-defined area which is not a true medical facility.
Why aren’t these people in a hospital is that ever-present question, where they could be properly prepared for the expected consequences, which is respiratory collapse and coma or also choking to death on one’s secretions or cardiovascular collapse, since a great reduction in heart rate is a common consequence of this toxin.
Instead, all that is seen are these apparent actors, giving much drama, all before the cameras. See the individual in white, below, with video camera. He will also double as the anointing person, where he dabs water on the man’s forehead from a bucket.
Picture 85
The man keeps pumping his legs back-and-forth in a fashion similar to riding a bicycle or pumping the legs on a stepping exercise machine. This is not the kind of fasciculations are involuntary motions that is expected from nerve agent poisoning.
Picture 82
Why doesn’t anybody die in these films? Surely, if these victims represented a real sarin gas attack, this, too, would be caught on film, that is the death of the victim from cardiac or, particularly, respiratory collapse. There is not one death depicted in the videos. Bodies are shown. However, no one knows from where – or how they died. Thus, is the entire event a hoax?
Here again, there is medical care on a floor, this time a young boy. That same prop, the air insufflation device, is shown. Yet, again, with all this filming why aren’t deaths being captured? Sarin kills people relatively quickly – or even the movement towards fatality? Not one, nowhere, anywhere?
Picture 88
These two children could just as easily be fraudsters put up to this by their parents as real victims. This is despite the kind of hick-up seen in the boy. Once again, the source of the upload is the terrorists, the same ones ruthless enough to use poison gas, the same ones who are taking pay to commit these crimes. It is again on the tile floor with not a single medical person available.
Picture 89
If these children were truly poison gas victims, no one would do this. No one would simply lay them on the cold, filthy floor and administer amateur first aid while their lives remained at such great risk. All normal people would transport them to medical facilities immediately. Therefore, it is believed that these two children are fakers.
In contrast, it is suspected that this woman, presumably from Aleppo, is a real victim of a gas attack, where the Obama-supplied terrorists fired their home-spun canisters in attempt to fight the Syrian Army:
Picture 95
Picture 98
The woman is definitely being prepared in a medical facility for automated respiratory support and likely is a victim of nerve gas poisoning. No Allahu Akbars heard in the background (using God’s name in vain, that is for a hoax and a lie – as well as to harm others: not a good thing to do).
Here is a man who is also hospitalized, purportedly another victim of a gas attack by the terrorists in Aleppo. Note the lack of dramatics, although he does raise his hands to his face, but none of the hyper-realistic behavior seen in the terrorist uploads:
Picture 96
Picture 97
There is great reason to suspect the fake. See these individuals. All are fakes, mere crisis actors, already proven, here, fabricating as if they are victims and loved ones of, incredibly, napalm bombing victims (jellied gasoline; really? Where are the massive burns?)
These fraudsters are all a part of the terrorist network and are working together with the Israelis to fake these events and massacres. Note the use of a kind of moulage material on the face. Also note the total lack of evidence for any kind of flaming gasoline or napalm burn.
Picture 59
Picture 90
The Russians know it is a scam. Yet, what can or would they do about it if the Great Satan starts to draw further blood, bombing, firing missiles, shooting from drones, committing sabotage? What can anyone do about it other than pray for the people to prevail, pray for the butchers to be finally hunted down, caught, and destroyed?
Like Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, and more American will be defeated. The question is how much innocent blood will it draw before it is drug down before the world in abject defeat, an embarrassment to its very existence? How many people will it murder to satisfy the rabid blood-lust of terminally corrupt Zionist Jews, precisely those Jews who, once again, pushed American into war?




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