Boston Bombing — 08 May 2013
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Title change, corrections

Boston Hoax: Backpack Devices and/or Bladders Used to Pump Fake Blood?

Note: the images are low resolution yet the best job possible is done with such resolution. If any of the readers have higher resolution photos, please supply them. Without question, fake blood was being used. Now, it is a matter of proving it systematically. If errors are made, here, and are documented, they will be corrected.

The following post, screenshots derived from the AnonPyrates video, demonstrates a vast amount of Boston Hoax fakery and fabrication, including the following:

  • the use of clandestine pumps and bladders stored in backpacks and sling-packs
  • the use of pump- or air-activated bladders to move the fake blood against gravity
  • the possible use of compressed air to drive the fake blood through tubing
  • multiple examples of the use of PVC tubing
  • the faking of blast trauma to clothes by shredding such clothes with powerful shears or other devices
  • a clear attempt to disguise these actions through body position and body blockade
  • the possible use of a large pump of some sort to pump larger amounts of fake blood or, more likely, red paint on the pavement, particularly near the bodies of Krystle Campbell and Karen Rand (this item is still not confirmed by appears to be likely)
  • fake acting of grief by using facial expressions of shock and agony
  • the transportation of devices and instruments for committing the fake acts clandestinely under clothes and in backpacks

With the revelation of the fake gore mask all that represents that false flag attack known as the Boston Bombing Hoax must be regarded as fraudulent until proven otherwise. The blood is now deemed fraudulent. The question is how did it get there, and how was it administered? In the countless thousands of pictures reviewed of this hoax the actual acting of a person physically pouring blood on a fake victim or on the ground is rarely seen.

The operatives were more clandestine than that, more deceptive, more sneaky than just doing it out in the open. Instead, they used various artifices, including backpacks, to disguise pumping devices for spreading fake blood. The backpack devices contained bladders full of either red paint or some other imitation substance that mimics blood.

The main purpose of such devices was control: that is to be able to precisely apply blood to the fake gore and real body parts to make the fake massacre appear realistic. Two devices can be seen below. One of these devices arises from the black backpack just above the woman in peach and the other, the blue backpack-like bag on right screen.

Note: other devices still being assessed

Here, it can be seen that the woman in peach, who had been busy earlier shearing off clothes, is now busying herself with what appears to be the outpouring of fake blood. She had already stripped off the clothes, leaving the blue jeans above the knees. The brownish-red material under her hands is likely the fake blood, possibly coursing through a tube and now pouring out.


People might doubt it, but as these posts progress the evidence will become clear. It can’t be merely a coincidence; there is the pack, tubing, and now dark red color. The dark red, though, does no appear to be pouring out yet, otherwise she would be stained. Is she holding a clear bladder filled with fake blood? Also, notice how heavily laden is the right pocket of that ever-present operative, the woman in the light-green jacket. Are those fake blood packet for refills?

peachladyyywo women on the right are still manipulating their bladder. Any flow of liquid is obscured in that frame. For those who still refuse to consider it here is a more incriminating image:

Here is more evidence of a variety of fakery:


What is being seen? Top left is the orange fake blood bladder operated by the double amputee. Second arrow defines a possible tube (not certain from that angle but likely). The “P”s define photographers. The arrow in the right corner shows the woman with the blue backpack controlling the spraying of blood over her shoulder. Addition: we have not been able to whether or not the two women in the right screen corner are spraying blood. Note that the woman in peach is a key operative and TV producer, while that bit of purple that is seen is the woman known as the “scissors mole.” The man with the tattered clothes, grey with some green, had just unloaded what appears to be a pumping device, seen on various analysis on the net.

That makes sense when viewing the next frame. There is blood spilling everywhere, especially towards left screen. Peach director is working hard on the ground to cut clothes and also spread fake blood. The pumping devices were activated, slits were made along the PVC tubing, and now the blood is spilling out.


The woman in green seems to be working hard with both hands, holding a device that crisscrossed. Is that a kind of snipping shears?

Fake blood is pouring out for the woman’s pants as she falsifies pain and fright. Look carefully all about her; there are strings of blood pouring out in several directions gravity drawing it down in various directions. Possible cuts made in the jeans to slice PVC piping, photographers on-board for maximum gore effect to show a person bleeding out. Such photos apparently were not published. Appearance also of blood coming from the mouth.

They’re all waiting their turn, after all. The Wheelchair Woman has yet to get hers. The fact that there is tubing directly above the woman-in-peach director, along with, then, blood-colored matter clearly visible under her hand: this cannot be a coincidence. The above gives another view of  the fake bleeding leg, this time showing the slits through the denim clothing, right were the fake fluid is pouring out.

Crystal Campbell is in the back and seems to be doing well. Why is she hanging on to the fence? Surely, they wouldn’t let her bleed to death while they were play-acting.


Need more assessment regarding the woman with the blue bag to determine if she is spraying blood.

This view shows the man who could well be operating the device. Under her hand does appear to be fake blood, not certain precisely its nature, but since it is not staining her hands it is likely inside something.

Yet, there is a finding of even a more telling, rather, diabolical nature. It appears that the source of the vast amount of red paint that saturated the pavement has been found. This is the source of that red tempura paint that man people have recognized. It is coming out of a pipe, flowing at a considerable rate. Since it can’t be an amputated leg, there is only one possibility: a Hollywood-like fake.


This would appear to be the major source of the bright red paint-like material that could be found on the pavement and bricks. Moreover, though the image is vague it does appear that a large amount of it is flowing right over the pinkish-appearing pavement, that is the bricks.

It can be seen that with fluid dynamics it is flowing into a pool. Therefore, was this the source of the paint found on the pavement, as seen, here?

There thus must be a considerable amount of volume pouring out. Lady in the pink vest looks on. Could this be the device, the one that this man in grey and green had hidden under his clothes, be responsible?


He does seem to have a large Ziploc-type bag in his back pocket, most likely fake blood.

There is also what appears to be a pressure gauge there (too poor in resolution to determine with certainty); however, there is a suspicious device in his pocket that could hold pressure, which would be needed to force the fluid out of the bladders. Impossible to tell for sure; let those who know more about this offer info in the posts, but most likely, it is a device for forcing blood through the tubes.

Yet, let’s not forget about the double amputee. He is in charge of a bladder device, apparently pictured in orange. Moreover, just as the device was put on look what happens: jack out of the box, the camera women pops up from her former role as an on-the-ground mole to take a quick photo.


Note, too, that at this precise time, in this frame, there is no blood or water on the ground. Nothing sticky. It’s all dry. Importantly, camera woman takes a direct shot at the action by the double amputee. Karen Rand, supposedly mortally wounded, looks on as if nothing has happened.

The above frame is added to point out a crucial issue. This is the fact that Krystle Campbell is alive and well. Rather than being attended to by any health professionals her agent of record is none other than the impeccably dressed lady in pink. What is she doing to Ms. Campbell? She appears to be shearing her clothes off:


The blue tank top can be dimly seen underneath. What is the purpose of shredding her top jacket when she could just take it off. It’s not an EMT issue. Lady in pink can handle clothes shears but no medical issues. Surely, then, she set about shearing her pants or had already done so.

Pointing out the key operatives. Lady in pink vest shearing what appears to be, incredibly, the clothes of Krystle Campbell. Second smaller red arrow points out the woman in green, who is also using what appears to be large shears to strip clothing. On the far right unmarked is one of the main Hollywood moles, the man in the baseball cap. Third arrow, middle screen, is the scissors mole, hunkered down to do her dirty deeds. Lady in peach seems to be holding something gripped between her teeth, and is furiously shearing clothes off the lady’s leg, the one with the flourescent-green socks. Blue bag people get into position to spread the fake blood, as does the person with the black backpack behind the woman in peach.


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  1. DC (Dave) Martin also posted a great expose of the Boston Bombing at his website, and in his concluding remarks, wrote that if Americans accept this fakery, soon they will find tanks rolling down their streets, and planes hovering overhead. It is good to know too much. Thanks for this NoDisinfo great education.

    • Can you please post a link to the DC Martin article? I don’t see anything about Boston on his Home page. Thank you.

      • I originally got this cite from a commenter here, and on 5/7:

        “Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down.” Thanks for all your previous comments, ceruleanlake, invaluable are they.

  2. The girl you have marked out in 3 photos as holding some sort of tube is actually holding the string on her blue backpack. This can be see in high res – Here

    • Thanks for the high res. Will review the information immediately.

    • Hi nj
      You and I agree on this one. Not everything in Boston is phony. Just most of it.

  3. There is no blood in the major group of victims after the blast for at least 20 – 30 seconds. Also, what is the metal object that the man with the green shirt is holding in the middle of the photo?

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