Boston Bombing — 09 May 2013
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Blast Dust Thrown on Crisis Actors, 2nd Bombing Site

This is an excellent, clear video showing at the Forum Restaurant “bombing” site the clapping together of two flat packets, not towels, the contents of which was then thrown on the fake victims/crisis actors to create the appearance of bomb-like damage.

Editor’s note: the YouTuber did a great job of slowing this down to show that, clearly, this is dust and the claim for towels is disinformation. People are clearly shrinking down and turning away from dust, that is except for the fake wounded who got presumably a full coating. This is a kind of definitive proof that no one was seriously injured at this second (dust) bombing site.

See also the article:



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  1. There’s a discussion of this powder on the MemoryHole blog. Some of us are wondering if it could be coagulant powder (e.g. Celox), though apparently incorrectly applied. It needs to be applied directly to the wound, then pack the wound and apply pressure.

    From this and other postings about the first site, it is starting to seem as though this wasn’t even a real drill – people at the site weren’t following correct medical procedures. Did anyone see any proper tourniquets (not makeshift ones), for example? Which (if any) emergency responders can be seen demonstrating real medical skills? I wouldn’t know, not being trained.

    [Note - in an earlier post I noted that there is a Celox office in Boston. This was misleading, since it turns out that this is an entirely different business (they make telecom megaswitches).]

    • No; no one has shown any evidence of any kind of proper emergency care. Virtually only care by actors, runners, and lay-people.

  2. Great video. I was unsure myself whether those were towels or not, but this video clearly shows that it is not. Keep up the good work!

  3. Last night on the Talmudvision, Deborah Norville asked a woman who claims to be T. Tsarnaev’s former girlfriend, why he was so angry with America. The young woman never said he was, but did state that Tamerlin told her that the Jews own America. So true.

    • Be very very cautious when interpreting anything from Talmudvision. Everything you are shown has an agenda. And please consider that the two brothers, and their family, most likely are part of the spectacle. The modus operandi of the criminal elite in these hoaxes is to fake everything. Even the perps. Is it not obvious why they air this stuff about Tamerlan saying jews own America? They are conditioning the public like they always do. And preparing them for “the war on the antisemites”, i.e. the coming war on all american patriots questioning the zionist bankster’s power over the federal government.

  4. So, it seems the speculation over the two young is too speculative. They just appear to be men minding their own business.

  5. I can see a man’s arm right through the powder. People are posting this video below as a supposed debunking of the dust. They say this clearly show towels. All this does is show the powder even more clearly! It issues forth from two towels or bags. If people can’t tell the difference between solid material and fluid dust moving through the air, how can we expect them to see anything we are showing? They are blind because they want to be. Here is the so-called debunking video. It’s the best one yet to show the powder.

    • I have shown this video to several people who know next to nothing about the bombing. I only showed them the part with no captions (to avoid bias). I said nothing except what do you think of this? EVERY ONE replied “why is that guy throwing flour on those people?”!

  6. Poor quality video recording, which this is, produce fast moving images with a ghost effect. See the guy to the left of the video with white object in his hand at 1:47, and also the hi viz of the policeman entering shot from the right at 1:50.
    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  7. I want to believe this was totally staged, but when I look at the video at the bottom of this page , it really looks like a real bomb went off that could cause injuries. Look at the way the banner on street gets push out.

    Is there a way to make an explosion like that and not injure people.

  8. Not only were the banners blown out, but also the wooden picket style fence was blown to bits. The people on here would have you believe that whilst chucking blood around, fixing on false legs/bones, running around with scissors to cut clothing etc etc, there was also someone chopping up wooden fencing. In the space of approx 1 minute. LOL.

    • There is a lot of video evidence that several people were kicking the wood fence with their feet. Yes, there was a blast but it was only a flash-bang with smoke effect. There was no shrapnel.

      • Post the link to any one of the videos showing several people kicking the wood fence. If you would be so kind.

        • It is helpful for an objective person to understand and avoid CONFIRMATION BIAS.

          • If I translate your comment correctly, what you are saying is, you would prefer it if people can make posts without any evidence for them? Don’t you end up with Fiction rather than Facts?

          • That comment was for non shills. The Govt/MSM already gave us the fiction. We are slowly getting the facts. FYI – participating in the cover up of a felony is itself a felony (accessory after the fact)…look it up yourself. So…be careful. Share with the other shills. Again…be careful. Investigations will eventually take place. Names will be remembered.

        • Take the tin foil hat off, player. All the facts are on the table. Stop asking everyone to live in your official story dream world. You can live there, but don’t ask everyone else to join you.

          • Im not in YOUR fantasy world chum. I live in this state, and plenty of people known to plenty of other people not only saw this live, but were injured and even killed. So go to your alternate universe with this conspiracy crap, it happened in our state, in front of us.

        • Just follow the feet of “cowboy hat” he was stomping down the completely intact NOT ONE SLAT BROKEN fence when he was supposed to be saving “jeff”. Shill-off.

          • Hi weather
            This happened in your state…and YOUR fellow citizens cheered, waved flags, and sang “God Bless America” after being locked under martial law. WOW. What happened to our country? Boston Strong?!? BOSTON SCARED more like. Please wake up. We are all in this together.

      • Sorry Doug, know people that were there. One guy had bb type objects and nails fly right by him, and injure people next toh im. This whole conspiracy theory gag is just to get attention.

        • @weather01089
          I am giving up on these fruitcakes, you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. Luckily i live in the UK where they are few and far between.

        • I know people who were right there also…think it was staged.

        • Name them, then.

        • Wow!! one guy saw and specifically identified ” bb type objects and nails fly right by him, and injure people next toh im” He must have the most amazing vision in the universe. High speed and X-ray all at once! Even the doctors dispute that claim.
          You sir, have been de-bunked. But you are welcome to play again. The more silly justifications we debunk now the less we will have to deal with in court. Thank you.

    • The flags and blue canopy were undamaged by the first blast. Nails and ball bearings would have destroyed those with thousands of holes. If there were real bombs, there would have been many more killed with so much blood and gore on the ground, they would have needed to drive ambulances to the people, not wheel them around! The fences were undamaged after the blasts. If you watch enough videos and photos, you will see that police and runners tore away the fencings:

  9. Nice catch! Towels do not flow like that with so much nimble agility. That man is definitely throwing flour or dust onto the victims.

  10. @it’sallaconspiracy: Would you like to tell us again about how the wooden fence was “blown to bits?”

  11. This has been debunked but to go over it all again.

    The guy has towels in his hand at the start .. everyone agree?

    1. He throws them and they magically turn into dust?
    2. He throws them and because of the frame rate of the camera used and the speed he throws them, there is a motion blur effect.

    Now ask yourself, which one sounds more plausible? Go out and test this yourself with a standard phone camera and 2 towels.

    • If they are towels why does he yell something before throwing them causing the one guy to turn his head and then why does the towel thrower turn and beat it out of there in a hurry and why is he throwing towels in the first place?

  12. Towels are usually handed out at every marathon and there is an abundance of them (at a massage tent). Towels can be used as tourniquets, bandages, dressing wounds and also to stem the blood loss.

    You do the ‘maf’ :)

    • Thanks for the towel use lesson but the guy’s actions are not consistant with your explanation.

  13. This is good stuff. When I saw this video a week ago what I was seeing in the Tango series (explosion #1) suddenly seemed to have an explanation. I am surprised that I haven’t seen anyone commenting on this before. My guess is that people are looking at pictures one at a time instead of sequentially and examining the flow of action. In tango_025114, take a look at the woman in black shaking something. In tango_025118 take a look at the guy in the beige shirt shaking/dumping something. In each case there is a puff of smoke which obscures what is happening. I think the woman and the man are shaking out something like a pile of talcum powder which not only makes things dusty but also obscures what is going on the area where Jeff Bauman is supposed to by lying for a few seconds.

    • Further to my last comment, in tango_025118 where the guy in the beige shirt appears to be dumping a pile of dust, take a look at the woman in the purple shirt just behind the policeman roughly in the center of the picture, she seems to be turning her face away from the dust shaken by the beige shirt guy. IMHO this technique was used at both sites.

  14. @PJ Oh sill me I forget the unwritten rule that when throwing towels to the wounded you never yell and move away after :) especially at a bomb site that would be completely inconsistent.

  15. Boy you people are stupid…clearly towels. Go crawl back in your holes bozo’s.

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