Boston Bombing — 06 May 2013
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Boston Hoax Confirmed – Fake Blood Tube Found in Amputee’s Pants

The source of the fake blood in the Boston Hoax can now be confirmed as well as one of the main means, highly clandestine, of administering it.

Numerous efforts have been made to determine the source for the fake blood spread about the Boston fake bombing movie set. Some evidence has surfaced of fake blood packs and various strewn residues of such packets. Evidence of the actual administration of such blood is observed. Yet, regarding the precise mechanism for the disbursement of the blood has been somewhat elusive. This is no longer the case. The exact mechanism is now confirmed. They used a hose, a kind of PVC pipe, to disperse the blood under pressure.

A pressurized device of some sort must be used to overcome gravity. It is all explained in these videos:

Regardless, if it can be determined that one of the so-called fatalities or amputations is fake, then, this would surely incline towards the belief that they are all fakes, all major injuries, amputations, and deaths–none of them occurred.  Regardless, this is a fake stump with a fake exposed tibia which was simply applied to create a shock effect among the people and to substantiate the claim of a real massacre.


Have a close look at the color and form of the red material, above. It truly is fake blood, mere red paint, as many people have speculated. It really is nothing more than synthetic blood. Here is what a real bleed-out looks like:  Note the variegation of color, venous and arterial. Note the rivers from the cardiac pump causing a kind of uniform flow.

Conclusive finding, PVC fake blood pipe discovered

The following is hard proof of the plot. People have put endless time into exposing and uncovering this scam. Now, there can be no doubt that the whole claim of a bombing is a fake, and the amputations themselves, as well as any truly serious cuts and other bleeding injuries,were faked. No blunt injury, no bruising, no burns, just the explosion of tissue, as claims the arch-lying physician, Martin Levine?

This incriminating finding is just as it appears. It’s Tygon PVC tubing placed clandestinely under the clothing, threaded down from the man’s backside to the strategic site. The scissors mole sheared off the pants, opening the full capacity of the flow,while possibly even cutting the vinyl tubing. The fake blood pattern on the buttocks and lateral thigh confirms this, as does, incredibly, the clearly obvious plug of blood remaining inside.


Tubing plus the shredding off of the pant material, along with the pattern of splatter for the red liquid proves that the investigators here are right in calling this a diabolical scam.

Here’s how it is done by the pros:



tygontubesyringe  tygontubing3

In this case the put a knife to the throat in the fake silicon throat, slicing holes in the Tygon tubing, result in the flow of the blood under pressure:



He also shows compression devices, such as a chemical-like pump  for spraying lawns (which no one should ever do, regardless) as well as the use even of a fire canister (the pressurized ones using baking soda, it is believed).

Were such canisters in place in the Boston Hoax to administer fake blood?

Arrows point to both what appears to be a pressurized cannister and also tubing. An enlargement can be made:


Moreover, here is the likely target of the canister toting individual: it is a woman whose jeans are thoroughly shredded. Attempts will be made to gain better clarity and resolution to confirm:


Is a false flag attack of this magnitude truly impossible? Cannot Hollywood achieve this in a matter of minutes? In fact, the staging of this scam went on for several minutes to such a degree that no exact time, that is from beginning to end, is entirely known. People were chased from the site. Camera’s were confiscated. Police, fireman, and government agents were on full alert to disallow any unauthorized person from coming anywhere near the fake massacre site. That alone is proof that the entire claim for an isolated bombing by ‘vengeful Muslims’ is a scam of proportions beyond belief.

One poster attempted to attack and refute the findings on the site, under the premise of the impossibility of achieving the fake aspects so quickly. The person, Mark Viniello, is an expert in the field of special effects, make-up, and more and has worked on numerous major movies. His posts and the counter-posts of are shown, as follows:

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 8:49 am | In reply to Vin1fx.

Mr. Viniello: Busy on deadlines, but now can reply. What about what is seen in Boston isn’t fake blood? How isn’t it exceedingly easy to carry such blood and dump it or disperse it? If it was a Hollywood set, how could the blood be dispersed? Awaiting your reply.

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 8:54 am | In reply to drkresearch.

On a film set any blood on walls, floors, basically anything not human is applied between takes by the Art Dept. For blood splatter happening on camera the Special Fx department handles those. Along with squibs, explosions etc. for blood leaking or squirting from a would, we design and build the prosthetic to incorporate an internal “blood rig” that is operated via an off camera technician. The blood rigs tubing is usually designed to run along the ” off camera side” if that is not possible due to camera angles or multiple cameras some post digital “paint out” of the tubes and/or technician may be required.

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 9:01 am | In reply to Vin1fx.

Tubes? Does that mean they place tubes, like under the clothes, so viewers of the movies can’t see the source, in other words, so a shot to the chest or amputation would look real? What kind of tubes do they use? How does blood come out of such tubes?

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 9:09 am | In reply to drkresearch.

That is correct. If there is blood seeping under clothes the special fx dept will run tubbing (usually Tygon tubing you can purchase at a hardware store) under the wardrobe. Some times due to the nature if a thin prosthetic ( like a neck appliance). We will make custom low relief flat tubing (called a bladder) and run it under the prosthetic. Bit will then attach to regular Tygon, then the Tygon runs to the blood source. As for how much blood? Depends on the scene. We’ve used 120cc plastic syringes to Hudson Spayers to fire extinguishers. Also we have to be aware of the length if the tube and must use thinned down “pumping blood”

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 9:15 am | In reply to Vin1fx.

Mr. Viniello:

OK, so there are tubes under the clothes, so it can be made realistic during filming, is that correct? How do they keep those tubes in place? Do they glue them against the skin or clothes? Moreover, when they are ready for the “gore” scene, how is the fake blood flow or spurt activated? Does someone press a button? Does the actor, or does someone else? And where do they keep the blood source? Does that vary?

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 9:23 am | In reply to drkresearch.

Usually they are taped (athletic tape if skin, gaffer tape to under clothes) sometimes glued (the custom flat tubes are glued down first with the prosthetic glued over the top, carefully lined up and tested with water after glue down to ensure no blockages. For large amounts of blood the off camera blood tech pushes the plunger in the syringe or pulls the trigger on the Hudson or fire extinguisher on cue. There are a few other methods, the ones in describing her are the most common.

Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 9:59 am | In reply to drkresearch.

Good questions Dr. K. Depends upon what is required for a scene. Typically the wardrobe dept has multiple copies of clean (hero) and stressed clothing (aftermath or battle damage) They are all identical. If a scene requires that the damage to the clothes happens on camera, (squib shot or actor ripping clothes) the wardrobe dept. will prepare pre-scored clothing to rip and reset consistently take after take. I have seen pre-scored wardrobe up close and it is pretty impressive. After multiple takes they may have to replace the clothing with another set or pre-scored clothes due stress wear and tear. However, the actor still has to be aware of his/her movements so as not to trigger the rip before the proper cue. For something like what happened in Boston, you would need prosthetics already glued and blended on the actor. Pre-scored wardrobe, blood packets with enough blood…for the “amputees” they would have to have the prosthetic aftermath stump and a fake limb attached in a way that it will be able to “unattach” on cue, AND get them into position without triggering any of this stuff before it’s time. For a war scene, with multiple wounds and fx happening all at once, each actor would need at least 3 handlers. Sometimes the rigs are so sensitive they have to be set on the day on the spot. In other words, for example the amputee would have to be positioned on the ground, hold still then the FX are triggered then act. Then the clean-up for take 2 or final removal at the end of the day.

Adding Realism:

  • Glue the pipe piece inside the mouth of the bottle using the epoxy glue. Stick just enough of the pipe through the mouth to reach the area of the bottle where it starts to widen.
  • 5
    Fit the PVC adaptor over the other end of the pipe and glue in place. Screw the release valve onto the other end of the adapter.
  • 6
    Plug one side of the hose with a hose plug. Cut a small hole in the end of the hose about 3 inches away from the plug with a utility knife. Cover the hole with a small piece of tape. Fill the hose with fake blood. Fit one adaptor into the other end of the hose.
  • 7
    Open the release valve on the bottle. Place the third PVC adaptor over the end of the valve. Pump the bottle full of air. Close the valve and unscrew the adapter. Screw the hose adaptor onto the release valve.
  • 8
    Hide the tubing under the person’s clothing who will get “shot.” Store the bottle full of air pressure nearby, such as in a bag that the person is carrying. Unscrew the release valve just as the other person pulls the trigger on the gun. This will cause the blood to squirt out over the first person’s clothing.

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  1. That sure looks like a tube.

    Also see this wardrobe malfunction on Carlos:

  2. We all have learned so much about fakery from this website, for which I am very grateful. But as far as I have concluded, there are too many conflicting stories about the Tschnaevs; according to the latest issue of American Free Press, Pat Shannon reports that the coroner stated that Tamerlan’s corpse had no signs of being run over by a vehicle, yet others have reported that a SUV operated by his brother ran over him/ a police-operated vehicle ran over him.

    Then we have the shady uncle denouncing Tamerlan on Talmudvision as being too God-centered, or such, and of being guilty of the Boston Bombing, and the parents saying otherwise, but then by their silence (seemingly) allowing the uncle (I guess the father’s brother} to claim the body. And as of today, we have not heard from any impartial witness, about the status of the ‘captured’ younger brother. So I think that the fakery also includes the official and other stories about the Tsarnaevs. I have even found Dr. K and RickWeberUncensored spinning about them. And so it goes.

    • The uncle’s behavior is admittedly bizarre. However, there has yet to be produced, here, any hard proof that these men are CIA assets. Bin Laden has been described as a CIA-asset which he profusely denied. AFP we do not find reliable. Anything that is sent here that can be confirmed or reasonably assessed will be looked at.

      There is the one interview by a Swat Team member that appears to be possibly non-spinned of him suffering a neck laceration. There is the photo of him exiting the boat. It appears that the boat was riddled with bullets. We know some people who know the younger one and find his working for the CIA laughable, but remain open to any info.

      The commentary of Dzhokhar’s friends doesn’t hold with the claim of his being a CIA worker/asset, but we are open to an proof anyone can produce.

  3. corr: last sentence “over him/ and from another that a police-operated vehicle ran over him.”

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