Kennedy Assassination — 18 November 2013
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The Bronfman Crime Syndicate and the JFK Assassination

Wretched Zionist Jew Louis Bloomfield was directly involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, which also, though, means the Bronfman cabal was involved. A vile individual by all means, Bloomfield was a murderous one, a plotter and a schemer – a Zionist mobster who committed himself to Israeli expansionism.

(The Men Who Killed Kennedy, N. Turner)

Left to Right: Louis Bloomfield, Bernard Bloomfield (brother), David Ben-Gurion. This picture was taken on May 4th, 1949, in the Zionist strip the Bloomfield brothers met Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion at a garden party celebrating the entity’s first birthday.

Now, we largely quote the premier work of  Salvador Astucia, in his series, Opium Lords: Israel, the Golden Triangle, and the Kennedy Assassination, with some subtractions and additions. It’s thorough work and impossible to dispute.

Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, the son of Harry Bloomfield, was born in Canada, about 1910. An arch-Zionist mole, Bloomfield was a particularly murderous individual, joining the inner circles of the British military, while operating eventually in Palestine as an espionage officer General Charles Orde Wingate. Bloomfield was a key agent in the training of the terrorist Jewish army, Haganah.

When in 1942 President Roosevelt established the Office of Strategic Services Bloomfield was recruited and given the rank of major. Later when the OSS evolved into the CIA Bloomfield continued contract work for the new entity. A truly hostile, murderous Zionist mole he was a regular visitor the Israeli entity.

A rabid Zionist element, though a successful lawyer, he was a major stockholder of the original international, while secretive, form of the Mossad, Permindex.

It was William Torbitt who in Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal originally named Bloomfield and the Permindex entity he ran as the key element in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that is that the hit was organized by Bloomfield and Permindex. However, a Bloomfield hit really means a Bronfman hit. For this reason no one should ever purchase any type of Bronfman liquor or anything produced by this brute.

Another entity fingered by Torbitt was DISC, which stands for Defense Industrial Security Command. Think about that name: it implies the perpetration of coups and assassinations to protect economic interest. J. Edgar Hoover and William Sullivan were DISC’s key controllers, while Bloomfield was even in control over them and, therefore, DISC. .

DISC agents included Clay Shaw, Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby, all of whom received reimbursement through the entity.

According to the author Permindex consisted of:

  •  Solidarists an Eastern European exile organization.
  •  American Council of Christian Churches led by Haroldson L. Hunt.
  • Free Cuba Committee headed by Carlos Prio.
  • The Syndicate headed by Clifford Jones, ex-lieutenant governor of Nevada. This group also included Bobby Baker, George Smathers, Roy Cohn, Fred Black and Lewis McWillie.
  • Security Division of NASA headed by Wernher von Braun

All these assets were leveraged by the rabid Zionist Bloomfield through his facilities in Montreal, of course, at the behest of the that exceedingly high-level Zionist agent, Edgar Bronfman. Even so, Torbitt calls the evidence against Bloomfield “Overwhelming” – that it was he who organized the assassination of President Kennedy, one Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, of Montreal, Canada. It is agreed here that it is overwhelming – PLUS.

Bloomfield, the filthy Zionist spy, disguising himself as a lawyer, all along was the plotter of Kennedy’s death, not the Cuban mafia and surely not Lee Harvey Oswald.

He wasn’t a mere lawyer and bloodthirsty Zionist, though. Bloomfield was among the most powerful agents of world Jewry known. Thus, he was in the midst of the highest circles of Zionist Jewry, including the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. At a lower level he was Bronfman’s front-man.

Essentially, Bloomfield has as his origins the Jewish mob, and this explains his penchant for bloodthirsty murder.

Through such early mob connections he and his brother became, along with the Bronfman cabal, Montreal’s power-houses. As described by Astucia in Tel Aviv they built an entire stadium after their name, the Bloomfield Stadium, which hosts Israeli and international soccer games even today. In Montreal they built Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital. Mortimer Davis is merely a Bloomfield using a more discrete name. To a degree all this was done through the blood and destruction of the American people and also people globally, particularly the people of Palestine. All this notoriety and promising could only occur through high-level authorization, and that would come from the owner and operator of the Zionist entity, the Rothschild cabal.

It would appear that Bloomfield is, in fact, the nephew of boot-legging king-pin, Sir Mortimer Barnett Davis. It was Davis who supplied whisky to Sam Bronfman during prohibition, while simultaneously making a fortune in the tobacco business. The inheritance of these criminal enterprises explains the Zionist’s vast  power-base from which he heaped upon the people of Canada and the United States his venom, particularly his hate campaign against the Kennedy men, which led to their assassination.

He was honored, vastly so, for his wicked achievement. “In 1971 Louis and Bernard Bloomfield built a student union building, named the Bloomfield Center, at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada,” Astucia notes. In addition, Louis and Bernard Bloomfield were principals in Israel’s labor union, Histadrut. In 1967, Louis Bloomfield was given a Histadrut award for “outstanding work in aid of pioneering Israel.” In what is no surprise Sam Bronfman was also awarded the Histadrut award. So was Eleanor Roosevelt, also a Jew.

Reference: Plout, Steven. 1996. The Histadrut Crime Family (article), December 31.

Notes Astucia:

In my research I found an article by a highly qualified and disinterested source, Dr. Steven Plout, a senior lecturer in economics and business at the University of Haifa. In his article, Plout asserted that Histadrut is nothing more than organized crime in Israel. Plout wrote the following:

The main body of organized crime in Israel is an institution called the Histadrut. It is often thought that the Histadrut is the Israeli version of the AFL-CIO in the US or the TUC in the UK, but it is in many ways more closely related to the Corleone crime family.. . .

His wife was a venomous Zionist, too, as was, in fact, his whole family.

In 1943, he married Neri Judith Loewy and they had two children, a son Harry, a Montreal lawyer, and a daughter, Evelyn.

Per Astucia’s work as found in the Globe and Mail, Toronto, Ontario; September 1, 1984:  “Mr. Bloomfield received numerous honorary degrees, the Queen Elizabeth Medal and was made Grand Commander of the Star of Africa. The Queen honored him with the Order of the Knight of Justice and the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.”

Even so, Bloomfield is a direct cohort of Bronfman, and Bronfman is a collaborator with the Rothschild and Rockefeller cabals. Back to Astucia:

It is significant that Phillips and Vineberg (Bloomfield’s law firm) opened a law firm in Paris in 1961. This is important because it gave Bloomfield a legal presence near Marseilles, France, the heart of worldwide heroin production by the French Corsican underworld. Marseilles was also the city where professional assassins were recruited to kill Kennedy.

Kennedy, in Bloomfield’s mind, was an impediment to Zionist machinations. The scholarly and liberal-minded President did not want to assist in fulfilling the Zionist dream of perpetual murderous wars in order to conquer the region for their own vile gains. Rather, he sought to establish a solid foundation for peace and to end all criminal wars and invasions, not jut in the Middle East but also in the rest of the world: in Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Algeria, and more.

Not so with this wretched one. As an arch-Zionist Jew Bloomfield was, in fact, one of the “principal founders” of the Zionist entity, in other words, an agent of bloodshed, debauchery, rapine, treachery, and more.

He sought to fulfill his father’s goal of in Palestine absolute Zionist control. In this regard Bloomfield went to Palestine to join the Zionists, working directly with British agents to attack and destroy the local population, both armed men and unarmed people, who were attacked and driven out through terrorist attacks, torture, murder, and brutalization.

Now, no doubt, Bloomfield is directly tied to the local murderous moles and other vile elements involved with the Kennedy assassination. This includes Clay Bertrand-Shaw, David Ferrie, Banister, and various elements of the so-called Corsican (really Jewish) mafia, including the following:

  • Antoine Guerini
  • Auguste Ricord (an alias, one of many: real name is Auguste José Gallese (his parents’ name)
  • Lucien Sarti
  • Francois Chiappe
  • Jean Paul Angeletti
  • Christian David (only indirectly involved; not an assassin)

Mobsters Bloomfield and Bronfman keep very odd company, for instance:


Finally — (1972) Auguste Joseph Ricord, alleged international narcotics trafficker, is escorted from a Pan American airliner after arriving in New York, Saturday, escorted by government agents, to face charges for smuggling and other related drug problems. The capture was made in Paraguay earlier Saturday, culminating a 18-month U.S. effort to extradite the 61-year-old French-born Argentine citizen, now living in Paraguay.


Lucien “the thug” Sarti on-site?

Was “Big Lips” Chiappe there, too?

Francois chiappe

Mafia chief. Nicknamed “thick lips” or “Marcel the Corsican” he begun his crime rampage in 1947 with a bank robbery. This was followed by drug trafficking, organized prostitution, racketeering, trading in weapons and smuggling operating from Marseilles to United States. In the late fifties he became a member of the terrorist Organization du Armée Secret, OAS, which fought against the independence of Algiers from France, and was accused of specializing in torturing prisoners.

Note: this is placed, here, because of the connection with the OAS. This is not to say that any definitive info ties him to the event.

Through the dummy law office, Bloomfield had the ideal facility for his mob-related activities, which likely including organizing the funding for the gangsters through laundered drug money. Says Astucia, “The relationships between Sarti, Chiappe, Angeletti, David, and Ricord were documented by Evert Clark and Nicholas Horrock in their 1973 book, Contrabandista.”

It has been repeatedly stated that the hit men, once they did their vile deed, were flown out of the country. Astucia, among others, establishes that this was to Montreal and from there to France. Other authors, for instance, disinfo architect Steve Rivele (possible alias – Revile and Lie?) attempt to disguise this to prevent the revelation of the nature of this Jewish crime:

David stated that the assassins were flown, after the assassination, from Dallas to Montreal and from Montreal to Marseilles.

Marseilles was the hit-man headquarters so systematically managed by Mahyudi monster Bloomfield.

That murderous one, then, is tied directly to the Bronfman crime syndicate:


Note the commentary, that Bronfman’s role means an Israeli role. The billionaire is the one to really investigate, which is Bronfman, the real power behind the plot, not merely the bagman Bloomfield.

Yet, there is even a bigger Zionist monster than Bloomfield and even Bronfman. It is none other than the chief filthy Zionist entity, the Rothschild cabal. All evidence points to this cabal for calling the hit on the President, as demonstrated by the close ties of Bloomfield, and also Bronfman, to that cabal. Moreover, a treasure trove now exists which proves the connection, which is known as the Bloomfield Papers.

There numerous Bloomfield documents proving the clear and categorical relationship of Louis M. Bloomfield as acting attorney for the Rothschild family, particularly for Baron Edmund de Rothschild.

According to the archives this relation with the Rothschilds was retroactive to WWII, when the Rothschild-connected Bloomfield client, Oscar Federer, the manager of the Vitkovice Mining and Iron Corporation of Czechoslovakia, was being assisted through his services. An industrial complex held by the Rothschilds, Vitkovice was Central Europe’s most important steel plant. War, of course, was good for the plant’s operations. 

The documents also prove that the Rothschild family and Bloomfield held joint investments. Therefore, the connection of the highly violent, immense hostile Rothschild cabal to the slaughter of a sitting US President, with the wounding of the then Texas governor, is confirmed.






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