**Breaking News** — 14 November 2015
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Bombing and Shooting at French Rock Concert is a Grandiose Arch Zionist Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters.

It truly is a Zionist-controlled world demonstrated by the fact that so many people could participate in a fake, that is the fake death and injury of hundreds of people, and yet the world is led to believe it. This is the most ludicrous arch-fake of all, make no mistake about it. Nothing in regard to the claims of this fake is real.

What a terminally corrupt hoax it is, all occurring at a ‘death metal’ concert. No one can find it plausible. The French should leave such arch-fabrications to the Israelis. At least they make the fake blood appear more realistic. With that much bleeding going on, why isn’t this man rendered supine?

There are no open wounds to be seen anywhere. There is no legitimate source for the red matter. This is a hoax to the extreme. Who can prove otherwise?


That red matter was painted and dabbed on by an arch-fabricating moulage mole. And what a poor job of realism that mole performed. Furthermore, the cell phone is a key prop in this arch-phony, as it was in Sandy Hoax and a litany of other ridiculous fakes. So are various falsifying good Samaritans, who are performing heroic acts which are fully staged.


What in the world is this supposed to represent? How is this supposed to be an example of a truly injured person? Why in the world is he nearly fully naked?


Only the man right before the camera is ducking. Notice, too, the man in red faking a ‘run for it’ scene. It’s so phony it is nearly laughable. Yet, it all occurs while the others await their instructions.


‘It’s your turn now. Come on, we only have so much time to stage this.’ Even so, here is a new technique introduced by the French hoaxers. It’s the grit the teeth routine when carrying away the fake wounded.

There is, furthermore, clearly more staging, here:

This area is clearly the staging facility for this terminally corrupt fake. How many crisis actors are needed to fool the goy? One or two should be sufficient. One or two fake huggers should do the job. Surely, most people won’t even bother to look, that is to scrutinize. They will simply hold it all as true, especially if Islamic people are blamed.


It was terror all over France, so it is claimed. Yet, this is nothing other than a most ludicrous arch-Zionist grand distraction.

It is Zionist criminal minds who are behind these large scale fabrications. Who else would find it fit to represent such falsifications before the entire world? It is these treacherous minds who were behind the school shooting hoaxes in the United States, including the terminally ludicrous Sandy Hook fake.







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  1. I have seen in a CNN-video (link below) at time 1:11: in the left picture an alleged terrorist wearing off / stripping off his mask in front of a camera. But why would a real terrorist do such a thing?


    And I have found strong indications that the gunman-firing in San Francisco could be possibly a theater-play / exercise (see my google+site).

    • Exhibit 5) France Simultaneous PsyOp Terror by Zionist Created To It’s ISIS Mossadlims
      Eagles of Death Metal are Satanic Zionist Jew Israeliophiles and these ZioTrash Scumbags are in on this Zio PsyOp Terror Against France Completely!
      They hate Pink Floyd’s Courageous Roger Waters for Defending Palestine Against It’s Continued Genocidal Mass Murder Extermination by Israhell. The ziotrash clown also claims to have went to a Kiss & Ted Nugent concert as a child & did not care anything about Ted Nugent.. Unlikely a young Hard Rock-heavy metal fan in the seventies would see Ted Nugent at his height as one of the best hard rock guitarist of all time and not be impressed but yet totally impressed with much tamer pop metal makeup band Kiss with no guitar player approaching Ted’s talent, and speed & unbelieveable solos. Any metal fan should be amazed with seeing Ted Nugent in the 1970’s live. See my next post where he dismisses Nugent. Ofcourse he is doing this to be zioPC over Ted’s Gun Rights Advocacy for Americans & anti Illegal immigration invasion stand. A zio Scripted lie in other words for his masters. Now these bastards live in Super Ultra Rich Palm Desert, CA and have since before 2008. How did a new unknown metal band get that kind of money sometime before 2008 for the whole band to live there??? Obviously their parents were Hollywood Elite Zio Jews- who had homes in there in the richest town in America!!!


      • It seems strange Roger Waters would even send such a letter to the frontman of the group, asking them to reconsider playing in Tel Aviv. Telling Waters to “F-OFF” as a response was both childish and disingenuous. Unless, of course, that part of the article was fabricated. He may have dissed Waters at the concert (I don’t know, I surely wasn’t there), but who knows if Waters actually sent the letter.

        • Yes Roger Waters sent a letter asking him to join the Boycott in defense of Palestine & not play in Israel. Rogers Waters has become a courageous & outspoken Anti-Zionist! And he sends letters to any popular foreign bands scheduled to play there & to inform them of Israel’s continuing evil Genocide of Palestine. & God bless Roger Waters. This Satanic fake Heavy Metal Band is run by a couple of hardcore zionist Jews & the whole group likely is too. They are extreme Israeliophiles & zionist freaks and apparently the two leaders are gay biker bar style macho homosexuals. See all my posts on them & the vids. They are extremely Satanic also. And their music is sort of stolen old Rock songs, beats and guitar riffs & rhythems with new words & sold as death heavy metal. But they are not really are not Heavy Metal songs at all just sorta Rock songs with pop lyrics & a band dressed like gay biker bar members slightly passable as looking heavy metal like a prettyboy/ gayboy version of Iron Maiden. lol But not sounding like them or metal ofcourse lol. They amazingly, arrogantly admit stealing all their songs from other artists’ best songs in their mutual/self interview …homoerotic interview.. I posted on this thread. I kid you not!

          • Yes, I am very familiar with the position Waters has taken against the Israeli stance against the Palestinians, however I was not aware of his activism in writing to other bands.

            I remember during a concert I saw in New York’s Madison Square Garden where Waters delivered a speech during the set before a song where he told a story of how he was taken in and given shelter by a very nice family in Lebanon when he was a young aspiring artist.

            The song is called “Leaving Beirut” and the lyrics are posted in the link below. It was a great song and quite moving, however the NY audience was not so nice, and BOOED him after the song was over!

            The sheep don’t want to hear anything that destroys their view of Arabs/Muslims being anything other than heartless terrorists.

            The ZIONIST MEDIA has done a great job of brainwashing, and this latest event will spur more anti-Arab, anti-Muslim sentiment. If the sheep only knew how badly they are being duped!

            And putting Eagles for Death Metal in the same sentence as Iron Maiden is a capital offense, lol! UP THE IRONS! 🙂

            Here is the song, you can also find Waters playing it live on YouTube:


        • Ted Nugent murders innocent animals and calls it love, so no need to defend him whatsoever.

      • Ted Nugent is not heavy metal. Do you know anything about american music you anti semite?

    • 1th, 4th and 5th picture: The alleged victims are naked. Did the alleged bomb blow their clothing off but did NOT CAUSE ANY SCRATCH on their skin? How is this possible?

      2th and 3th picture: Although there is so much (alleged) blood on his t-shirt, he can still phone with a CALM POKER FACE / WITHOUT FEELING/ SHOWING ANY PAIN (allegedly). His facial expression looks quite normal in spite of his alleged wounds. How is this possible?

      • Carsten Leimert on November 14, 2015 at 9:38 am
        “1th, 4th and 5th picture: The alleged victims are naked. Did the alleged bomb blow their clothing off but did NOT CAUSE ANY SCRATCH on their skin? How is this possible?”
        Carsten, It must have been a zio mossad magic Naked Bomb!

        • LOL “naked bomb” is a funny/brilliant idea / joke

          IF they are really racist, then they dont know their god. Because their god is the god of all humans and not a racist.. And the devil is on the same side at least since the 3.8.2015.

          Last picture: Why is she LAUGHING?

      • Just because there’s blood on his shirt doesn’t mean it’s his blood. It could be from another person that he was helping. They removed thier clothes to assess any injuries. It didn’t blow off. You guys just grasp at strings. There’s no common sense used at all. How does not one person consider that it is possibly someone else’s blood.

        • So you can tell in that pic that he’s going to an ambulance? It’s just a pic of a cop leading someone away from the scene. How is everyone a Zionist? You can’t tell what someone is based on a pic. 99% of you guys suffer from a delusional disorder. I guarentee half of you are on some kid of psych med.

        • Tell me this…do they show any actual dead people? It may be the news but until I see at least one actual body I can’t find myself believing that, well, anyone actually died.

          • New invention called google search–photos. Of course those are just staged bloody corpses right? Put down the crack pipe.

      • For the Zionists this is mocking with Christ. The vicsim must represent Jezus Christ same
        like Conchita conchito? Wurst!!!

        So they spit us European French Christians right in their face.

        Also on 911 some firemen were bearing a chair with a reverend of the church nearby (dont know his name )

      • Bomb “blew” also shoes off, but shoe likes like new (!) MH….see pics at Reuters. 2 Pics of shoes …

    • Exhibit 6) France Mossadlim Terror Simultaneus PsyOp for Hate & War by The Zionist Psychopaths.. ..Including the
      …Eagles of Death Metal Satanic Zionist Jew Band From Palm Desert, CA The Wealthiest Town In USA!
      He claims as a six yr old he was unimpressed by Ted Nugent one of the greatest Hard Rock guitarist ever at his best in his height of genius incredible performances in the 70’s & yet a concert the same venue he was enamoured by the much tamer Kiss Makeup Metal Pop Band… This is ofcourse a zioScripted attack-putdown based on Ted Nugent’s advocacy of Gun Rights & stand against the illegal immigration invasion against America orchestrated by his fellow zionist Jews. Then he admits that Gene Simmons of Kiss atleast loves his mother like a good jew even though he is a women hating pig..but he still loves him & hates the Stereotype of Jews just loving to make a pile of money as presented by Gene Simmons & Kiss but still loves him because he is a fellow jew & zio..Lol And in fairness ofcourse Gene was not attacking money grubbing Jews really he just was a self admitted Money grubbing jew and still is admittedly both a fellow jew & zionist and that us all that really matters to this extreme zionist & Babylonian Talmud following Jewish Supremist of this Satanic Eagles of Death Metal Band and thus why he is happily involved in this zionist Israeli PsyOp Psychological Terror PsyOp Event Leveled Against The French People & the world as well as an attack against Islam, Muslims, Christianity indirectly, and all of Humanity.

      “I love that question. Well, I saw KISS with my Dad when I was six and Ted Nugent was opening, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to see KISS. My dad bought Destroyer for me, and that was the thing that really blew my mind.
      So I fucking loved KISS, but now Gene Simmons makes me sad man, he makes me sad. I read his book, and he talks about his mother a lot in it in a way that I really appreciate it. But the other stuff, his attitudes to women are just not acceptable, ever in any way. Like that Terry Gross interview he did on NPR, did you ever hear that? It’s like being raped. [ We know ]. It’s horrible. But that whole sleazy attitude, it’s just bad, man. And also the whole stereotype of the Jewish guy wanting to make a pile of money. I mean, that’s not how it is, man!”
      Ahh..Eagles of Death Metal idiot zioPuppet.. for Gene Simmons & Kiss & zionist Jews & Hollywood Jews & Talmudic Jews & Satanic Jews like him and yourself it is indeed about making a pile if money & serving & helping only fellow Jews & the Psychopath State of Israel!!..as it is correctly called by Norman Finkelstein a Jew!
      And it is also about doing it at the expense of all others & towards the destruction & genocidal via war, starvation, occupation & subjugation of all others.


    • Exhibit 7) France PsyOp Terror By Zionists & Israel Under Their ISIS PsyOp Creation by zio media, Mossad, sayanim & Ziopuppets within France commiting Treason & Acts of War & Psychogical Warfare Terrorism against the French people & the world with Genocidal Intent especially against Muslims & Arabs & Africans & all of the hated goyim!

      A year of terror for France: Timeline of attacks


      For Israel & the Zionist Psychopath Unified force including Freemasons:
      Indeed this has been a Satanically wicked year of zioFrance PsyOps, especially successful several the last several months of 2015, for the zionist Psychopaths against the targeted French people for hatemongering & warmongering them & the targeted Muslims, Arabs & Africans all targeted for war & genocide by these PsyOp acts of deception aka War of Deception motto of Israel & Mossad! Wicked motto, wicked stolen nation, by mass murder & genocide.
      No greater threat to mankind, peace and decency & love & kindness than modern Israel & the zionists & the Zionist Illuminati Banksters has ever existed as now does! Never have they had a greater chance of acheiving their Satanic New World Order Totalitarian World Empire Run by the Self Chosen so called Jewish master race than today. Only by lies & deception, wars & genocide can they win.
      Only by courage & truth & exposing their lies & deceptions can the rest of humanity win & have peace & freedom. If you can not even muster the courage to name them than we will lose. Fear no supposed chosen race of people, reguardless of their power & hate, scorn & ridicule heaped upon you for doing so. Remember: You must have the courage to name the guilty enemy!

    • Hi , there is no way all of this could have been staged . Way too many things going on at once for this to happen .

      • Cyndi:

        The reason you would make such a comment is either because:

        1. You have not studied 9/11
        2. You believe everything the TV tells you
        3. A combination of 1. and 2.

        Research how the media stages events. If you are not ready to accept the facts of 9/11, then start by researching the Sandy Hook Hoax, which is a much easier hoax to decipher, and eventually you will free your mind.

        Or, remain in denial of how the mainstream media really operates. It’s up to you.

    • And here is Mr. Julien Pearce again!

      He first tells Wolf Blitzer that he went OUTSIDE and saw “20 to 25 dead bodies and injured” but then later on when Wolf mentions the dead bodies and seeks to confirm where Julien saw them, Julien states that he saw the dead bodies INSIDE THE THEATRE on the FLOOR.

      So which is it Julien? Did you see the dead bodies and injured INSIDE the Bataclan theatre, or OUTSIDE after you escaped through the stage exit?

      The media threw in some “hero script” by portraying Julien as a savior. Notice the part where he claims to find a bleeding woman, and then “runs with her about 200 meters” (600 feet), finds a cab, and puts her in the cab while telling the driver to take her to the hospital.

      In this clip Julien clearly says he only saw TWO gunmen, not three, and now the “10 to 15 minutes of shooting” has been changed to “at least six minutes” of shooting.

      My guess is Julien will have about five or six versions of his story, depending on which channel you hear him spew his propaganda. Perhaps he may qualify to win the “Gene Rosen Award” of this current Paris hoax/drill/scam/fraud.


    • Poland did nothing in & of itself as or atleast it’s people (& the German Ethnics within it) as it was a controlled and a Genocided victim of the Zionist Psychopath Jews Running the Insane Genocidal Soviet Union of ZioJewry Babylonian Talmud derived Psychopathy. Poland has been one of the most genocidal victims of zionist Jews’ psychopath machinations of evil, invasions, wars, selllouts, usary, occupations, Jewish tax-farming tyranny “inside the Pale”, foreign immigration. Even long before modern zionism was formulated, between 1848 & 1898, the ancient zionist Jewish Babylonian & Khazarian evil was repeatedly abusing Poland especially Christians within it, & in Lithuiania and Ukraine all sometimes one country, as well as who ever else they could usurp & create a de facto slave/master like power over, via controlling the tax collection & thus the money & the government. You must read all of “Russia & Zionism” to understand these monsters! Just read a few chapters a day. And reread them to grasp it all. It is hard to grasp the level of their evil. But the reveal nearly it all themselves by reporting it all a piece at a time, often bragging about the most evil greedy, murderous deprivity of themselves against the goyim, gleefully in their own books as people like Ted Pike & the Russian writer/speaker of Russia & Zionism have found! And I am not even referring to the genocidal Talmud books mostly, but other Jewish, communist & zionists books written over the centuries especially in the 20th Century. The “Acheivements” are unmatched! They do seem chosen by someone but it sure as hell ain’t God!
      …Dana Carvey’s Church lady asks ..and who could it be??? ….Hmm Could it be…

    • Vielen dank fur ihren kommentar (in my “limp” German)

    • Thatss good stuff. I could have gotten to about 40 or so. Some of these I did not know about. Good work!

    • Christinne,

      I was going to post this video but you beat me to it, lol!

      If one pays close attention, then it’s very easy to figure out the scam.

      Notice how convenient it was for CNN to have a REPORTER as a “WITNESS” to the event. Julien Pierce says the following:

      1. He says two (or three) unmasked gunman with AK-47’s began firing
      2. They fired for 10 to 15 minutes, randomly shooting people
      3. Everyone went down on the floor
      4. It was a “bloodbath”
      5. The reloaded “multiple times” and the reporter escaped

      First, we must remember that ANYTHING one hears on the television is considered “hearsay” and is NOT admissible in court. This was well established in the Wolfgang Halbig FOIA hearings in Newtown, where the judge REPEATEDLY warned Halbig’s attorney that she could NOT cite what was said on television, because IT IS HEARSAY.

      Ok, so Juien’s statements are hearsay. Next, let’s examine the “evidence” that CNN supposedly has to make conclusive statements on television.

      First it was “dozens dead” which then changed to “at least 40 dead” which then became “120 dead” which then became “140 dead”. Really? Who pronounced everyone dead so fast?

      Where are the dead bodies? How does CNN know the body count so quickly? How did the supposed terrorists walk into a concert hall with AK-47’s past security? Remember, Julien admits the place holds “about 1,500 people” and there was “no room” because it was “basically sold out.”

      What was the motivation for the supposed terrorists? Why the Bacalan venue? Why during this particular death metal concert?

      How about THIS scenario:

      It’s a staged event, taking place in a CONFINED environment that is easily cordoned off to the public so that only the participants of the drill are on site, as well as law enforcement.

      What you see on TV are news anchors repeatedly telling you their official Zionist propaganda script of “shots fired” and “terrorist attack” with lots of ambulances and police cars, but there’s no evidence of anything but a STAGED DRILL.

      The sheep who don’t question their TV don’t bother asking simple basic questions, and that is why the Zionist media keeps running their scams.

      • Here’s a good example – “witness” Ben Grant
        Eyewitness Ben Grant said he was in a bar with his wife when the gunshots were fired and he had seen six or seven bodies on the ground.
        He told the BBC: “I was told people in cars had opened fire on the bar.
        “There are lots of dead people. It’s pretty horrific to be honest.
        “I was at the back of the bar. I couldn’t see anything.
        “I heard gunshots. People dropped to the ground. We put a table over our heads to protect us.
        “We were held up in the bar because there was a pile of bodies in front of us.”

        He’s in “a bar” he’s an eye-witness who can’t see anything!

        htt p:/ /www .bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34813570

        What did the Mirror report?
        He was in the Theatre!
        Eyewitness Ben Grant said he was in live music venue Bataclan with his wife when the gunshots were fired around 9pm and said he had seen six or seven bodies on the ground.

        I reckon it’s single [BBC] sourced and the Mirror gets the story mixed up.

        • Yes, they are using scripted “witness statements” to put into their news articles to make the story more believable. It’s just another ornament to the pyramid of lies. The foundation lie is key: “gunman storm into a concert hall with AK-47’s and randomly open fire, killing hundreds while also taking hostages.”

          Another foundation lie: “shots fired outside a Paris bar, bodies piled up outside, all dead.”

          Ben claimed he “didn’t see anything” yet he also “saw the pile of bodies.” What nonsense.

          From the article you cited, here is another line from the reporter/journalist Julien Pierce:

          “It was extremely violent and there was a wave of panic. The attackers had to recharge three times. The attackers were not masked. They were very young.”

          BUT WAIT A MINUTE! He originally told CNN that he could not tell if there were two or three gunmen. He also said that everyone “went down on the floor” which means they obviously wouldn’t have the line of sight to see the gunman, let alone tell if they were “very young.”

          But Julien supposedly saw it all, and had the mindset to count the number of times they had to reload in order to continue their deadly firing spree. This of course is baloney, people would have been screaming and heading for the exits in droves upon hearing and seeing shots being fired.

          The media is already making mistakes in their OWN witness testimony, lol. It’s ok though, the statements are rendered meaningless, since it’s just HEARSAY.

      • Likewise, anything regurgitated by conspiracy websites must be considered as speculation and biased opinion.

        • How about this: THINK FOR YOURSELF and use LOGIC to decide if what you are being told by the controlled Zionist media is more realistic than what you read on a “conspiracy” site.

          • The perverted logic of this conspiracy website has no credibility in the real world, only to the (thankfully) few number of insects who scurry beneath their rock feasting upon human misery and excreting their hate.
            Shame on you.

          • What “perverted conspiracy?”

            Where is YOUR logical argument to support the media’s version of events?

            If you blindly accept what the TV tells you, then that is YOUR choice, but it does not reflect the opinion of those who are able to see the subtle truth.

            Stop using labeling as deflection, and create some valid points to defend the media’s version and refute the arguments that have been made on this site. Either you can or you can’t.

        • It must be very annoying when you read a site where critical thinkers openly discuss their ideas and opinions about the media version of events.

          Yes, it must be quite shocking for you, and quite difficult to accept how the media plays tricks on your mind.

  2. Why the attacker (terrorist) had his passport with him ??? ( as always) !!!

    • Ha, good question! He played hide and seek with the police….

    • Most people who travel in other countries keep thier passport on them to use as a form of ID since they wouldn’t have a local drivers license or I’d. Every time I’ve traveled to another country I had my passport on me. Same with all my friends. We needed it in order to get into bars (as a form of ID ). So it’s nothing sinister or odd that he had it on him. Once again grasping at strings and not using common sense.

      • To Beck Lang zioTroll or de facto dumb brainwashed dumb goy moron!

        A terrorist is not most people ziotroll idiot! lol Are you a terrorist? A terrorist would not keep his real passport or identity with him when doing acts of terror. Any ID with him would be fake or an alias (provided by someone like Mossad!) So..What a ridiculous Liar you are! To bad most zioMedia programmed brain dead dumb goyim people have lost most all common sense ability & critical thinking skills to fall for the lies of even such an idiotic liar as you spinning the typical ziomedia & zioHollywood Scripted BS!

        • Cowboy,

          That IS the main problem, the sheep don’t know how to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Even if one DID carry their passport with them in a foreign country (I never do, it’s always back at the hotel in the safe), but let’s just for argument’s sake use this troll’s theory of tourists carrying their passports for “ID at a bar” in a foreign country.

          Even if a tourist DID carry their passport, It is RIDICULOUS for a terrorist to carry his passport! The argument is laughable.

      • In action, no warrior have any identification other than a number of unit. You go for a bombing or shooting and you keep your credit card to pay the taxi back to safety? Are you an idiot, a troll or an inocent citizen? That was not a stage, I believe, no one is clever enough to stage such a big thing, but clearly an inside job.

      • To prove your age to enter the bar. you people are brain dead retards. Get a fucking life.

    • Because he is (was) an arab foreigner who if stopped and not able to present any kind of ID would be detained in most scenarios. Think THINK THINK!

  3. Exhibit1) Paris, France Zionist ISIS Mossadlim Mass Terror PsyOp Theater

    Over 100 Dead After Paris Concert Terrorist Attack
    Hostage situation ends after police storm venue where Eagles of Death Metal were playing
    Rolling Stone Hoax Rock N Roll Mag In On the PsyOp,..
    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/eagles-of-death-metal-paris-explosion-20151113#ixzz3rRcGZEAx
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

  4. A video which describes aptly a typical discovery of this revolting website by sane, rational people.


    • This is a perfect example of psychological warfare! Remember the movie called “Inception” starring DiCaprio. You simply plant an IDEA, a SEED in the mind, hence the term “inception.” Once the mind is convinced by the inception, then the mind will act AS IF the planted idea is REAL and AUTHENTIC.

      Here, the masses sing a song to portray themselves as being patriotic in a time of uncertainty. It keeps them banned together, like being part of a tribe. People find it confusing, and perhaps dangerous to wander outside the tribe, and thus will predictably take the path of least resistance, which is to stay WITHIN the confines of the tribe.

      Shortly after 9/11, I attended a concert. During the break between bands, the entire arena began chanting “U S A”, “U S A” “U S A” for about five minutes. So I fully understand how these people who are exiting the soccer stadium are acting.

      They are just asleep, and have no idea whatsoever that their government and media are playing them for fools.

  5. The Zionist-occupied countries will use this “event” as an excuse to invade Syria, in an attempt to kill Assad, its elected president, pretending to go after ISIS, which in truth they own. Russia might fight back.

    • Correct Nodisinfoallowed & yes “might fight back” & “might not” have the courage to fight back. Just hitting their ISIS & Al Queda bases & Air & artillery & missile support in Defacto Israel’s Golan Heights & in Turkey would allow Hezbollah & Syrian Forces to defeat the seemingly unbeatable unified force of Israel’s Al Queda & Israel’s ISIS & all the Turk & SFA other ziopuppet & USA PAID terrorist mercenaries in short order. Notice these monsters work for Israel 100% (yet get funding primarily by USA TAX PAYER Slaves via the Illegal Income tax of 1913 passed while most US Senator were in Christmas recess- same as the Federal Reserve act of 1913 & both were not ratified by enough states become amendments to the USA Constitution to put Americans under Neverending debt to a Privately Owned Bank by Zionist Jew Illuminati Families foremost owner being Rothschild) & Saudi, UK, Turkey & other zioPuppet ruled counties which are supposedly Muslim countries like Quatar & are Muslim indeed as far as their populations, but not their rulers who are Freemasons & Crypto Jews & Wahabist acting as Muslims to maintain their power or selling out & caving to Israeli Extortion & giving money to finance Zio Wars to maintain their power & to not be attacked by the zio media & zioPsyOps themselves & then bombed by Israel’s Giant ZioPuppet USA & UK & the rest.

      • Thanks for this summation, Cowboy. You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar, and your mother and father should be proud of you.

  6. 127 killed on the 13 on November? 1 + 2 + 7 = 10 and +13th of November = 33 !!!!

    • Except it was 129 dumbass

  7. Fuck off and die you pathetic cunts!

    • Go fuck yourself in the arse with a rusty chainsaw. There is more English (note the capital E) in that sentence than in the entirety of the drivel that you spout daily. And as I guest, I’ll type what I want.

  8. What’s up with this guy behind the bike at 0.49 in the video here?
    Is he ticking the “no publicity” box?

  9. The established media, such as Reuters and AP, show only a few images of the so-called eye-witnesses of the False Flag attack in France.
    Crisis-actors are used for False Flag operations. Your news is mostly fake. Fake events are staged with actors. Plays are presented to you as reality. This is done with the help of so-called crisis actors: people who get paid to do as if a ‘disaster ‘ has happened and then they are interviewed by the accomplice and corrupt mainstream media.

    See here a crisis actor who tells that his cell phone saved his life. ” Look at the mobile who saved my life (..then something about his shoe or something, don’t know exactly). Then he suggests he’s a little wounded by showing a red stain on his t-shirt (why doesn’t he show the wound itself?) and then he shows his jacket pocket where his mobile was in and where the bullet hit him.

    Well now, a bullit hole in your shirt but NOT in your jacket?! This is a good example of these so called eye whitnesses who appear again and again in the lying media with their fake storys that never end up! A mobile phone that resists a bullet, no hole in your jacket BUT in your t-shirt!


    • Good find. Another “witness” with statements that can be disregarded as hearsay. Who is interviewing him, a news reporter? Where? Why isn’t this man at a police station providing a signed statement of facts under penalty of perjury that would help in the prosecution of a terrorist case? Instead, he is on the TELEVISION, providing a story to facilitate the scam.

      It is reasonable to assume that he is indeed a crisis actor. Perhaps they gave him a new iPhone as payment.

  10. http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/11/14/9-reasons-to-question-the-paris-terror-attacks/

    9 reasons to question the Paris attacks (was Charlie Hebdo a trial run, much like the Moncton drill preceded the Canadian Parliament shooting fake?).

    Portion of article – The recent Paris attacks were similar to the Charlie Hebdo massacre that occurred earlier this year. The Charlie Hebdo attacks, however, were largely revealed as a false flag operation. Evidence for which can be seen in my article “15 Signs the Charlie Hebdo Attack Was a False Flag.” Thus, there exists a clear precedent for such attacks in France, albeit on a much larger scale.

    • Charlie Hebdo was not a “false flag” attack but rather a DRILL which the media pawned off as a live event.

      The standard definition of a “false flag” is as follows:

      “False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities.”

      If the author if the article wants to claim that the recent Paris shooting is a “false flag” then he must provide a logical argument to show how the public was deceived into believing ISIS is behind the attack when it fact it was actually conducted by “governments, corporations or other other organizations.” The media is blaming ISIS as the terrorist group responsible.

      In a “false flag” the event is real, where people die and get hurt. The difference is the BLAME is placed on a third party in order to deceive the public. For example, the Mossad hires an Irgun assassination team to storm the Bataclan theatre and kill people randomly. The actual killings take place, and the French government (through the Zionist controlled media) blames it on ISIS.

      In a DRILL/HOAX/SCAM/FRAUD, you do NOT require the actual killing of innocents. You DO require a setting where a planned event is carried out, however it’s only “play action” where law enforcement engage in a staging/drill. The “hostages” and “witnesses” are only role playing for the television audience. It is a lot cheaper and more effective to run THIS type of operation vs. a “false flag” event with assassins, dead bodies, etc.

      The media has the power of suggestion, and controls the minds of the sheep. If you can fake the event via a drill, then it’s a more plausible explanation, especially when the media cannot keep its story straight, and “solves” the case within a few hours by relaying information touted as “fact” when it would take weeks, if not months, to solve a crime scene of this magnitude.

  11. Ex 8-A)
    Breaking: France Zio PsyOp Insane Ridiculous Script Busted/Exposed all to hell!
    You just can ‘t make this $hit Up!! ….
    But ZioHollywood script writers can & Did!! Busted! So damn busted! Completely.

    Exhibit 8-A) France Zio PsyOp Mossadlim Terror Simultaneous Attacks Busted!
    The Hoax Metal Band, zioJews, admitted Israeliophiles from the Richest Town in America: Palm Desert, California born of rich Hollywood Talmudic & Zionist Jews, the Satanic:

    “Eagles of Death Metal” Band’s own video with crossdressing Satanist Jew Jack Black is straight where the naked bomb, naked terror, script came from in their Star Acting Role portion of this massive zionist PsyOps series of Mossadlims ISIS CrisiS Actors Attacks Against France! It’s a giant glaring joke on France it’s People, the genocide targeted/blamed/framed Muslims & Arabs the World & also a twisted Kabbala- Babylonian Talmud Hex/ Magic Curse these insane & evil freaks consider they are using against us by revealing the truth– atleast to those few unblinded by zioMedia & zioHollywood brainwashing who are able to find & seek & see the truth when it is in front of them. Notice the band member flirts with a woman but the naked bomb of his guitar undresses men & trannies not woman, revealing their fake macho, yet actually homo, gay biker personas, where they mostly dress as tough guy men but undress men & tranny men. Like at any gay biker bar many will flirt with woman who think they can sedice them, but they take only men & trannies home. (Unless offered enough money some will sleep with a woman who buys them for the night. But such call boys will charge the woman more than they would a man, sjnce they will not likely enjoy it.)
    Now Jack Black likes to go to Techno & Metal Concert & Punk concerts get hold of the mike for as long as he can speaking and try to get young people to swear their allegiance & souls to Satan & evil. I am not kidding. Sometimes bands or DJ’s will have to take the Mike from Jack Black so they can perform since he will keep insany trying every technic he can to get them to repeat his weirdo Satan worshipping words.
    Anyway the point is now you see where the naked people script came from, unrefuteably: their own Video. Ziotrolls may try but no one with any common sense, even of a 5 year old, reading this & seeing the video will fall for their lies and denials!


    • LOL, good find and analysis of the video.

      I had to watch the video a few times, and it’s clear that the “guitar bomb” ONLY undresses men (plus the tranny). It does not work on the woman.

      You can also freeze the video and see Jack Black showing the illuminati hand jesture.

      This is all a sick joke to the Zionists running these scams.

    • Exhibit 8-B)
      France Simultaneous Psyop Mossadlim Terror Attacks By the Zionist
      Watch stars of the French PsyOp Terror Crisis Actor Stars of the Zionist Extremist Jewish & Israeliophile Gay Biker Macho Style Pop Metal/Hoax Metal Band “Eagles of Death Metal” Self Interview between Josh with HomoErotic crypto embeded phrases, allusions, analogies, overtunes the two bandmembers of Eagles of Death Metal.
      Also especially note their scripted homoerotic talk where they get excited mentioning John Holmes a white goyim/gentle porn Star known for an “enormous tool” who supposedly died of Aids perhaps murdered so the extremely rare hung Jew, extremely perverted Zio Jew Ron Jeremy could become biggest male star in the completely Jewish run porn industry centered in Northridge California. Jeremy was considered the freakish hedgehog pig of porn before Holmes untimely death but became the biggest male porn star after his death despite his repulsive looks even fully clothed and built his own porn empire after that.
      Anyway there are many Babylonian Talmud scriptures that basically say to murder someone to gain power is good especially a goyim. And one is to be rewarded for doing so or even for hiring it done. So others of this Satanic occult Talmud Judaic system will reward you for doing so even if they received no benefit from such a murder themself, they still believe it will give them more occult power & wealth & success for rewarding you for your evil..and like a pyramid scheme (that does not crash) it will indeed since others will reward them for helping a murderer and his assistants & false alibi witness & a his rewarders & so on.
      Anyway also notice how he says “I love you” to his bandmember as one would say to a girlfriend in a very barely veiled homosexual way…not at all how a straight male would say I love you brother…like Hulk Hogan would do…or I love you man..just a really faggy way…quite bit above a subliminal level.
      But even (perhaps their biggest song I guess??)
      the title is HomoErotic Titled:
      I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News) just like the video in a Crypto Macho Gay Biker Fashion. Act & Dress mostly as a masculine, straight male straight but throw in little messages in your attire like a flashy hankerchef hanging from your pocket, and throw allusions, etc. to homosexual lusts and firt with woman pursue other homos and straight naive males and trannies semi discretely.
      Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes are their names.
      The Homme name is likely even a scripted/invented Hollywood picked name & Crypto allusion to Homo Erotica, subliminal to most. And perhaps to his homo sexual obsession lust of John Holmes who are both lusting for. They may think of Goyim as animals generally but they are still attracted to goyim sexually. Perhaps his twisted zioConnected Palm Beach & likely Hollywood father took him to watch John Holmes make a few porn films in North Ridge or North Hollywood.


  12. As a former contributor here (Dr K can confirm : French Correspondant, as he used to give me credit on few articles here). I personally know more than 15 persons who were there. This isn’t a hoax but really happened. Now who did this ins’t why I am posting this comment. My friends were shot, saw some of them at the hospital today, one friend was killed with her mother. Still waiting for news from others…

    • Extraordinary, just another “truther”! Fantastic how such ppl find this site and claim hoaxes are true because they were there, knew smb who was there and so on….. FC, u may be who u say u are but sorry, dude, this is a HOAX. H.O.A.X. End of story.

      • LMAO!! Christinne we must have started our replies at the same time. I really hope he gives us some names…to research!! lol
        That like a good cop/ bad cop accidental combo! lol

        Chances/probability are:

        99.9999 % Total Hoax PsyOp

        00.0001% chance Mostly Hoax PsyOps with some False Flag PsyOps real deaths at an isolated location.

    • As for who did it: the Zionists did it. As it only benefits their agendas, reguardles if it was completely a series of Hoax PsyOps or a series of False Flag Real Mass Murder PsyOps or a combination of both types of PsyOps.
      But since many hoaxes in this PsyOps are obvious & occultically coded & scripted, we can 100% exclude this being entirely a False Flag PsyOp Real mass murder event. And since I have seen no obvious evidence of any real deaths & injuries, which should be abundant especially in video footage in such mass events with most people having smart phone cameras at such events.. I very strongly doubt any such real terror deaths perpetrated by the zionists occured or any by ISIS Crisis Actor BOOGEYMEN.

      (((((((So tell us the names)))))))))))
      of the people who you claim to know & who you claim were murdered or injured as we might attempt to varify such claims.
      Despite my very strong doubts that any real injuries or deaths occured in this PsyOp, I am 100% convinced the zionists are capable and willing to mass murder people and love to mass murder people & in fact do it often. Therefore I open to any proof that they killed people if shown the proof and if am able to determine it real as we all should do if shown actual proof.

      • Cowboy, Zios – and the rest of the scums – equally love to murder ppl and create hoaxes, dont forget.

    • FC says:

      “My friends were shot, saw some of them at the hospital today, one friend was killed with her mother. Still waiting for news from others…”

      Ah, you had “multiple” friends who were shot, “some” who are at the hospital?

      1. Name the hospital with the phone/room # so anyone can verify if they were indeed admitted.

      2. Your “friend” was killed? Who pronounced your friend dead? Name the coroner or attending physician who pronounced your friend dead? When was the next of kin informed? Who was the next of kin? When did the friend’s mother die? What was the time of each death? Who pronounced the mother dead? Who notified the next of kin for the mother?

      3. You “personally” know more than 15 persons who where there? Where? What location? At the bar, or at the concert? Do you have a copy of any of the following:

      a) their ticket stub/payment receipt for the concert proving they were in attendance
      b) text messages they sent/received after the supposed shooting
      c) declarations made under penalty of perjury on a police report regarding what they saw
      d) copy of a drink tab receipt paid by credit card to verify they were actually at the bar during the supposed shooting

      You see, if you make such claims, then your “15 friends” obviously have documentation to prove in court of what they witnessed. Perhaps you can get some of these friends to post copies of their documents on various “conspiracy” web sites and post videos on YouTube with screen shots of their mobile phones. Nobody needs to know their names, they can post anonymously.

      They are material witnesses to a MASS TERRORIST ATTACK, and thus the French police and secret service would require declarations from them.

      Otherwise, you are just a shill trying to deceive the public in making them believe this was a “false flag” event that really happened where real people actually died and got hurt, when in actuality it is most likely a STAGED EVENT as in a DRILL.

      • Go on Facebook ans search for Boris Rosenthal; he posted that he’s missing his friend VALENTIN RIBET; later in the comments he says, that VALENTIN RIBET died

        • You’re going to accept a comment on Facebook as a statement of fact in a court case, laughable! For the prior post to be accurate, if it was a REAL event, then you MUST have proof of the time of death, coroner certification (or attending physician at the hospital), a death certificate, notification of next of kin, etc.

          The above poster claims he knows “15 persons” who were there, but provides no supporting statements to back up the claim. If his friend (and the mother) both died, then the names would match the media’s names when the list of the “victims” appear on television.

          As Cowboy suggested, the names would be released anyway, so he can easily provide the names of BOTH his friend and the mother in order to make his statements credible, plus the names and room # of those still in the hospital so anyone can call and check.

          However, his statements are NOT credible, since NOBODY DIED, and NOBODY GOT HURT.

          Today the news claims that all the “terrorists” are dead, lol! They either blew themselves up or shot themselves. Once article claims that a terrorist was trying to escape in the stairwell of the Bataclan theatre, but he saw police coming up the stairs, so he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. Really? This guy supposedly just killed dozens of people, yet he won’t fire at police? Another report says a Syrian passport was found among one of the dead terrorists, which is PURE propaganda.

          THE NEWS IS LYING. It’s a phony fake show, a DRILL, a SCAM, a FRAUD, etc.

          Go and research the Sandy Hook scam. View the YouTube clips of the FOIA hearings (Freedom Of Information Act) against the representatives on Newtown, CT. In those LEGAL PROCEEDINGS the judge clearly and repeatedly warned Halbig’s attorney that ANYTHING you hear on the TELEVISION IS CONSIDERED HEARSAY, it is NOT admissible in court.

          Names of the deceased can easily be fabricated. Claiming “my friend died” in a Facebook post is NOT proof of the media version of events. It is pure hearsay, just as Julien Pearce’s witness statements on CNN.

          • Well, how in the name of god could I get the fucking time of his death, the coroner or something? Shoul I call them and ask them this shit? Are you that stupid man?

          • https://www.facebook.com/eaglesofdeathmetal/

            Why in the name of fuck would they lie? Why? Why?Just tell me why the FUCK would the lie?

          • Apparently you have an issue with reading comprehension, perhaps due to the lack of critical thinking skills.

            A Facebook post is NOT EVIDENCE, it is HEARSAY, and thus considered IRRELEVANT.

            Therefore, you cannot make a conclusive statement of fact claiming his death.

            What you CAN do, if you bothered to actually READ the posts and WATCH the media clips, is to use LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING by asking the following questions:

            1. How does CNN get the list of deceased in 24 hours in a mass terrorism attack that spanned five separate locations?

            2. How does CNN have the profiles of the “victims” all queued up in the TV station ready to be aired for worldwide consumption within 24 hours in a mass terrorism attack that spanned five separate locations?

            3. How did CNN receive the continuous updated # of deceased in REAL TIME while a mass terrorism attack is taking place in five separate locations?

            4. Why does witness testimony that gets aired on CNN magically come from REPORTERS who are affiliated with news agencies who just magically happened to be in the “right place, right time” to “witness” the attack?

            5. How does the police solve a crime scene of a mass terrorism attack within 24 hours, where ALL the known deceased are identified, ALL of the next of kin are notified, and ALL suspects just coincidentally either blow themselves up or shoot themselves immediately after the supposed attack?

            When you watch these events unfold on TELEVISION, the question is this:

            “What is the PROBABILITY of it being a STAGED event, as in a DRILL, as in a “mass casualty EXERCISE” vs. an actual REAL event?”

  13. I didn’t “find” this website, I actually wrote 2 articles here, one about Merah and one about La Defense Stabbing. Exchanged many mails with Dr K. I’m actually using the same email address to post my comments here.
    Dr K can verify and confirm this.
    I’m not posting any names here, but will do so privately with Dr K as I know he is a man of pragmatism and logic.
    Some people here really need to calm down, this really did happen. Aionist have no issue with mass killing, I agree with this. Call it false flag, but it is not a hoax.

    • Good for u, still it doesnt make this heavily staged event true. U have eyes? Use them. U have brain? Use it. So a fictional bad guy aka Jihadi John gets “killed” a day almost 2 days ago and now ISIS (MOSSAD + CIA) “avenged” him. And lets not forget Jew Hollande wanted “boots on the ground” in Syria for a long time. Now hes rite on the money. Yep, it makes so much sense it hurts!

    • We need & you need no logic or pragmatism. We need no series of debates. This is about proof mostly. And common sense and research and critical thinking based on facts & evidence.
      If you have actual names for your friends you claim were just murdered just name them here & now. Defend their honor if they are murder victims. Name them. No gatekeeping or private mails necessary. Just do it. You are a grown man or woman, you make a bold claim. And your claim is you have the proof of their names & deaths & murders. Their names will be released anyway so name them so we may determine their reality & their innocence & their murderous deaths. Dr K does not even reply to 99% of what is posted here & apparently not even his emails often either according to Christinne’s comments which I believe are true.
      So post your friends names & cities and approximate ages so we may research & verify there deaths. If you cannot or will post their names than I see no legitimate reasons for your ever posting such bold proofless claims. And if you refuse we can only know you must be a typical lying troll.

      • You need no logic, Cowboy?
        That’s obvious…

  14. IF the shootings were real (which they’re not)– then the message I would get is that they don’t like EODM, soccer or that particular restaurant and just decided, one day, to get back at those things they don’t like– then take themselves out. I would not automatically think terrorism had anything to do with. Sometimes, people just get really pissed off at some things they don’t like AND they want to take themselves out. Agreed?

    • People DO commit acts of violence. The streets of Chicago are riddled with bullets during gang activity. People DO get hurt, and some DO die. There are those suffering from mental illness that commit homicide/suicide, where they kill their own family, and then kill themselves.

      However, there is no evidence by CNN to suggest a motive for this supposed shooting. There are MOVIES, as in HOLLYWOOD MOVIES, that depict random acts of terror. Usually there’s a motive. A disgruntled former NSA employee who decides to take matters into his own hands and blow up the white house as in “Die Hard 4, Live Free Or Die Hard”, starring Bruce Willis, (2007).

      How about “Rampage: Capital Punishment, (2014), where a gunman takes over a TV news station and kills people randomly while holding hostages, because he is anti-government.

      You’re right, “terrorism” has nothing to do with it…but HOLLYWOOD MOVIES may explain it!

      • rickpotvin,

        By the way, I was just citing examples, I actually agree with your statement that the shooting isn’t real. However, for someone to simply waltz into a concert hall with a few buddies with AK-47’s and start blasting the place requires SOME motive. Getting “pissed off” is one thing, but transferring that to INTENTIONALLY harm innocents by killing them just because you didn’t like a soccer team, or a restaurant, or a concert venue, is quite a stretch.

      • Wake the Sheep I appreciate you reading others comments & such. Please read my on this thread & watch the videos of Satanic Zionist Jew Band “Eagles of Death Metal” I posted in light of my comments concerniing them & their involvement in these PsyOp Psychological Terror Attacks against thr French people & France by the zionist psychopaths. It’s pretty amazing yet only the tip of the Iceberg on this series of simutaneously orchestrated PsyOps!

        • Carsten, I am reposting your entire comment so I remember to watch & research this further. (So much zio deception & war & genocide happening right now. They feel the power & are drunk off of it & we must make them pay by catching them overplaying their hand! & expose them for all to see. They feel their stranglehold will prevail.) Also I think they were using a dummy in the quick sniper footage & we need to research that mightily along with the entire now overshadowed PsyOp in San Francisco.

          Carsten Leimert on November 14, 2015 at 8:23 am
          I have seen in a CNN-video (link below) at time 1:11: in the left picture an alleged terrorist wearing off / stripping off his mask in front of a camera. But why would a real terrorist do such a thing?


          And I have found strong indications that the gunman-firing in San Francisco could be possibly a theater-play / exercise (see my google+site).

        • I saw the videos you posted. I actually had never heard of this particular band until the news appeared on CNN. The only example I find that makes a connection between the music video and the France “shooting” is the scene where the clothes get blown off in the video. This just magically happens to coincide with supposed victims where the TV shows them with limited clothing.

          Regarding the other video where the two band members are interviewing each other, all I can say is this: weird.

    • Excellent video. As expected, RedSilverJ comes through again, with a clear and concise analysis of the Paris fake event.

  15. Part 2














    • Incredible video. The last 30 seconds of what Russianvids says is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

      If a sheep watches this and STILL refuses to accept they are being duped by media theatrics, then the media can stage an alien invasion and the sheep would gobble it up in droves.

    • BUT WAIT A MINUTE! This witness claims that the shooters WERE shouting as they were firing. AND he says the shots rang out “about half an our into the concert.”

      THIS CONTRADICTS the statements made by our “Gene Rosen of Paris”, Mr. Julien Pearce, who told Wolf Blitzer and other Zionist puppets that the terrorists DID NOT SAY A WORD, and that the shots rang out towards the END of the set, about an hour later than this witness above. What a joke.

      The media just keeps making more and more mistakes, however, only those who pay attention to the details will figure it out.

      The rest will blindly buy into the lies and accept them as fact.

      NEITHER witness is credible, it’s all hearsay and thus rendered moot.

    • I was just onto that one, Christinne – looks an elaborate hoax.

    • Christinne Pussy Cat & Felix the Tom Cat, Well they have been quite busy at hoax Train Wrecks Hoaxes in USA THIS YEAR ALONE!! We must have 30 since last year! Mostly commuter & AMTRAK even though most trains in USA are frieght trains with zero passengers! Yet the frieght trains never or barely ever wreck though they most travel 1000 times more miles! lol
      So the zios are well practiced in USA. Well drilled & seasoned in Trainwrecksology & TrainPsyopology!

  16. Member of Israel’s Knesset Calls for the Internment of Palestinians in Concentration Camps


  17. OMG……the Paris police found a Syrian Passport near a dead blown up body. I MUST know what Passports are made of. They’re the strongest material on the planet. I want to build my house out of Passports. Please, please….will someone tell me right away….I have to know!!!
    Is the vault at Fort Knox made of Passports??? It probably is.

    • Today on NPR (National Public Radio) a caller disputed the media’s version of events by questioning the authenticity of the Syrian passport. The host had to acknowledge that the claim of a passport being found on a body of a terrorist wasn’t credible.

      Their stories are getting SO DAMN PHONY that even mainstream media sometimes has no choice but to show a bit of common sense.

      And yes, it must be the strongest passport ever made, Muhammad Atta would be proud, lol!

  18. Exhibit 9) ZioFrance Terror PsyOp BS About Syrian Passports to Frame Syria In French Minds &the Dumb Goyim Worldwide.
    & So ZioPuppet Govt’s of USA, UK & France Can Begin Genocidal Bombings Against Syrian Army, Militia & Hezbollah…So Israel’s ISIS Can Defeat & Decimate Syria & Create Greater Israel Empire Upon the Blood & Dead Bodies of Courageous Syrians & Lebanese Patriots. Along with already controlled Egypt and Stolen Palestine. But these zionist Psychopath beasts still underestimate Hezbollah & the will of the Syrian People & Hamas & The Lebanese people. The government of Lebanon is cowardly & weak & corrupt, but Hezbollah is not and the Lebanese people are not– they are strong & brave and defiant like Hamas. And the Lebanese & army members will join Hezbollah and fight reguardless of what the cowardly govt says or does. Even the Christians!! Even the Christians in Lebanon no longer are tricked by the ZioJews & Israhell–due the integrity & courage & fairness & lack of religious hatred of Hezbollah even Christian now greatly respect them. No Civil war. Lebanon will never be tricked into a Civil War again for atleast a Generation, because the people & army are too proud of Hezbollah and their courage and Patriotism to Lebanon — not to the worthless government but to their people & culture & families & history. They will fight Israel’s triad of Ziopuppet Turk Merc’s and Al Queda & ISIS & any other savage beasts/terrorists that Satanic Israel throws at them & keep fighting these monstrous Synagogue of Satan employed barbaric hordes of brainwashed savages…who are disgracefully financed by US, UK & Saudk others by zio bought, blackmailed, and corrupted politicians & done so only for the interests of Israel & Zionists & for the profits of the zionists & ZioBanksters! And the genocide and evil of Israel & the zionist NWO will only escalate if Syria, then Lebanon are defeated. Your truth & my truths & others’ truths & the zionists lies & deceptions & evil exposed can stop them if spread it boldly enough to enough of the masses. It can stop them. We must. We risk now nothing so fight with words, in peace for peace as we now still can. The Syrians bravely fight for their owns, Hezbollah fights even yet more courageously in defense innocent people’s lives in the country next door!!! God bless them! Who has such courage in this world? So few. No other such army does. Only a woman like Rachel Corrie who traveled thousands of miles to defend the Palestinian people with her life by standing infront of an Israeli Bulldozer & died a martyr, murdered by the Evil Zionists Psychopaths!


    • So in LESS than one day after the supposed carnage, Yahoo runs a story that claims the following as being factual.

      Case closed, onto the next hoax!


    • Look for articles to appear shortly regarding the “vicsims” of the Paris hoax. The “bloodbath” is now over, the supposed terrorists are all dead. Candles have been lighted, signs of solidarity are worldwide. Those who DARE question the official story will be viewed as “conspiracy nuts” by the trolls on social media.


      Hitler’s propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, supposedly said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.


      Mark Twain — ‘It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’

      • (((((Breaking Busted France Simultaneous Drill Gone Live With Simultaneous Attacks!!!)))))

        Exhibit 10) France Mossadlim Terror Simultaneous PsyOps Series of Attacks Was Done Under the Cover of A Massive Nuclear Attack Drill Like the Zionists’ previous 911 & Sandy Hook & 77 London Underground Attacks!!! Also Top CIA & MI-6, Mossad, DHS French Inteligence heads all met days before this massive multiheaded, simultaneous series of Psychological Terror Attacks Against The people of France to anger & hatemonger & warmonger them into any Arabs, Muslims, Africans or others the ZioMedia & other Zionist Psychopaths point the finger at already being directed at Syrians..Zio Psychos #1 target for genocidal mass murder and complete destruction!..and also Israel will step up it’s current mass murder/genocide operations & PsyOps against Palestinians in Israel & Jerusalem & West Bank. & Israel will try their through this murder murdering of Palestinians their evil very best to provoke a rocket response from Gaza & Hamas so these Psychopath maniac Israelis can missile attack innocent people’s homes in Gaza also.

        Good work Matty D. Now please start specifically naming the enemy too!


        • Exhibit 10-B) France Zionist Simultaneous PsyOp & Simultaneous Drills Same Day! Busted Evil Zionist Traitors & all your despicable zioPuppets & ZioMedia from within & outside France!

          Get the Guillotine Out Time in France??? Imagine all the headless zioPsychos & freemasons & Crisis Actor$ you’d have running around in France! lol


        • So once again there is an ADMISSION of a “live drill” which magically happens to be at the exact same time, at the exact same location, with the exact same scenario as the terrorists.

          If it looks like a drill, if it walks like a drill, and if it acts like a drill…THEN IT’S A DRILL!

  19. You Got! Wake the Sheep! Wake All the Braindead ZioMedia & ZioHollywood Brainwashed Goyim!
    This Song is & The French Guillotine & It’s Current Needed Useage & Dedicated to the Zionist Who Did This Massive Series Of PsyOps Psychological Warfare Terror in Treason Against the French people who never wanted these Evil Zionist Wars & Occupations So they are thusly so evily & Heavily Targeted by the ZioScumbag Filth & Abomination!

    Some Zio Heads Are Gonna Roll!

    Guillotine Time in France!


  20. Exhibit 10-C) Zionist Orchestrated Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks Against Against France where Done Under Disguise of Simultaneous Terror Drills Same Day! Again 1 Billion percent PsyOp Hoax! Unless some can show any proof they Also Actually Killed any real people in this PsyOp Terror. So total PsyOps & all evidence says 100% Complete Hoax whereas no one died & no one killed!


    Despicable Zionists Criminals also orchestrated the announcement of release of Scumbag Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Spy Jonathan Pollard to Coincide with all these PsyOp Hoax Terror Event!

  21. Thank u, Rudy, and all the rest, its too much information for me here, to quote Duran Duran 🙂 And they “got” Jihadi John when elections in the US of A are around the corner, mind u…..

  22. There is no more persuasive evidence of a hoax than the fact of a drill or training exercise taking place in the same area and time period. That is the case here along with the lack of any proof to back the narrative. Add in all the familiar elements of previous hoaxes as well and I’d say we’ve got ourselves another fake here folks, no deaths, no injuries, but mountains of bullshit.

    • HOLLANDE ! How come he is the biggest traitor in Europe, even worse than (F)erkel and Cameron ?? He was on the forefront of at least 3 false flags – Charlie, Germanwings and now this… French ppl. must be even more ashamed of him than Germans of Murksel :(((

      • CNN is now profiling the supposed victims. So now we have to make the assumption that relatives are able and willing to share stories of their loved ones who JUST GOT GUNNED DOWN less than 24 hours ago, and provide those profiles to CNN, all within a day?



        • Just a smattering, mind, nicely covering the globe. About 100 people don’t have a nationality attached yet! Relying on photos helpfully uploaded to twitter or facebook for the media to “find” and the uploaders to co-operate willingly in their wider distribution. Standard hoax fare.

      • LOL ! – the CNN reporter was “brought to tears” by a staged drill photo [0.53 in the video, Clark Winter]

        and on another video, Christian Malrd, CNN diplomatic correspondent in Paris, says “at least 18 people would have already died” [screen says at least 18 killed] That’s what the script “would have” called for at that point. Well done, Christian.

        • LOL, nice catch on Mallard’s comment.

          Why would ANYONE make a statement such as “at least 18 people WOULD HAVE DIED…”

          He could not know this while speaking to the reporter. Also, he tells the reporter how he “just heard” of “another explosion.” Really? Who did he hear it from, his Mossad handler, lol!

          Once again, all part of a script, all staged, ALL A RUSE TO DUPE THE SHEEP.

      • http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/11/15/paris-attacks-tic-toc-robertson-pkg.cnn/video/playlists/paris-shootings/
        @2.35 – the reporter Nic Robinson goes up to “blood and pieces of flesh” against the wall – I ask you! This is no crime scene, just a drill scene.
        And in another video, the CNN diplomatic correspondent in Paris says that at that stage ther “18 people would have already died”. Yes, according to the script, I’mthere would be 18 [screen said “at least 18 killed”] Well done Christian.

      • At 3.10 here – Christian Malard, CNN witness, on Sept 11 2001

      • And when your 12 year old son is into Death Metal, you’ve just gotta take him along
        [another pair of star CNN witnesses to regurgitate the narrative]

  23. shock people who are stained with blood, may have been stained by others, not necessarily the blood is theirs. I can not believe everything that happens take it as fake . This page opened my eyes to the Boston bombings and attacks on schools, but here we madness wrong. I’m sure this is part of the agenda of the global elite . sure it is something planned and desired to happen for them, but thinking they are actors is stupid. is letting enter people to Europe knowing the risk that entails, West can destroy the terrorists, and yet give them money. So logically the blame for this lies with our leaders, but not the attack is false, just elite let it happen… sorry my english .la elite quiere dejar a occidente en shock , como ya lo hicieron con el 11-s

  24. I did not understand anything you said, I’m sorry I guess the fault of the translator, but I’m just saying, this was a real, and it’s sickening to think otherwise. moreover, the West is this what you want, that lone wolf attacks do occasionally to create a regime of fear and madness = eeuu


    Jim Stone’s take on this:

    And a few questions:

    1. Why is there no crowd reaction AT ALL?

    2. If the drummer got shot and fell down, as some are saying, why was he interviewed later with no gunshot wounds?

    1. There was no crowd reaction because the sound of the gunshots was dubbed in afterward. There were no gunshots at the concert, as proven by no crowd reaction, and NO, A SPEAKER CANNOT OUT PERFORM THE SOUND OF AN AK-47, NO MATTER HOW LOUD ONE IS, THEY JUST DO NOT GO THAT LOUD. So EVERYONE in the audience should have jumped out of their shoes if a real gun got fired. Let me explain this –

    More on site.

    • If you attend any major live concert these days, then you will find HUNDREDS OF MOBILE PHONE CAMERA FOOTAGE of the band playing live, and then those live performances will post on YouTube.

      In THIS particular concert, where over 1,500 people were in attendance, you have ZERO mobile phone footage of gunman entering, shooting, and fans “lying on the floor” as Juien Pearce described in his statements to Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

      It is both unrealistic and undeniable for an event where people are using camera phones to not have captured LIVE footage of the shooters.

      In other words, people WOULD have captured footage, even it was just a few seconds.

      They ran a DRILL, just as they did in Aurora (Batman shooting), just as they did it Newtown (Sandy Hoax), just as they did in Boston (smoke bomb).

    • I must admit that the Zionists and their affiliated agents did well with this particular staged event. Comments on Yahoo are blatantly calling for bombings in Syria and some are labeling ALL Muslims as evil terrorists that we “should get rid of.”

      Labeling Muslims was quite apparent in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

      This IS “France’s 9/11” however the media is lying, and the lies are obvious if one simply takes the time to look.

      • Agreed, Yahoo is controlled, just like the rest of MSM.

        The trolls are out in full force on this one, I think the Zionists want to generate a lot of support for military action against Syria.

    • Jim Stone is using LOGIC, here are a few excerpts:

      “My conclusion: They needed to produce a fake video of this concert getting shot up “WHEN THE SHOOTING HAPPENED” because people were asking for it. So they went over whatever video of the concert there was, waited for a part of the show where they could say, yeah, this part of the show looks like people might believe something happened, and then they dubbed the gunshot audio in. But all aspects were not there, the lack of crowd reaction in any form at all proves this is not video of a real shooting.

      3. The shooters missed the band, and only killed members of the crew, BECAUSE THE BAND HAS TO DO MORE SHOWS IN THE FUTURE, AND NO FANS ANYWHERE KNOW ANYONE WHO IS PART OF THE CREW, those people can be vanished and no one will be the wiser. If a band member was actually shot, the show could not go on. Therefore that was not part of the script.

      There is a chance the band was totally in on this from the beginning and acted on cue as well, and that all parts of the sound track other than the gunshots were real. But one thing is certain, there were no gunshots AT ALL, the lack of crowd reaction proves it.

      • ATTENTION all braindead sheep, trolls, Zionists agents and those who have difficulty in using LOGIC to make fact based assessments on whether or not an event has elements of staging.

        I’ve cut and pasted Jim Stone’s comments here again for relevancy.


        The answer to “Where are they” is simple: THERE IS NO FOOTAGE OF SHOOTERS KILLING ANYONE, because there was NO real shooting in the Bataclan.

  26. Was the Paris event predicted on the Economist cover?


    Portion of article – more on site – The two numbered arrows from the controversial ‘The World in 2015’ Economist Magazine cover (January 2015) unscramble into 11.13.15. The portrait-painting near the arrows is DaVinci’s ‘La Belle Ferronnière’ — housed in the Louve in Paris. Behind little Alice in Wonderland is what could be an abandoned soccer ball (football) — which may symbolize the internationally televised France-Germany soccer match that was interrupted by the attacks.

  27. Can anyone offer a theory how blood would form a pattern like on that guys T-shirt? Its hard to call this event anything but a hoax. Not even a false flag makes the grade with this one.

  28. Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
    France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
    Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any if the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
    Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind!
    Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
    against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.


    • Exhibit 20) Zionist France PsyOp Terror Attacks Against French People To Trick Them into Deadly Wars against innocent Syria & Muslims Countries for the Zionist Genocide Bloodthirst & to Set Up Emerging Greater Israel.

      Here you see the DHS Style Crisis Actors & the Makeup Artists Going to work CREATING SIMULATED Victims & the “view blockers” huddling around them like they did in the Boston Marathon Hoax Bombings. Same modes operandi done here in France. No real Deaths, all fraud, all PsyOp theater, yet a real zionist agenda of Treason is being perpetrated against the French people & their country by these hire actor ziopuppets to lead the nation into deadly, hatred & real murderous wars against (psychopath country Israel’s) innocent targets of extermination! Pure wicked zionist evil of War by Deception!


      This is a RussianVids Video reloaded. His own version however was blocked to stop it from going viral by zionist jew run youtube. If you have a youtube channel repost the important truth videos you find so when the originals are blocked, in zionist hatred of free speech, others can atleast perhaps find your mirrored version. Truth is the enemy of liars. Truth is the greatest enemy of the zionist psychopaths and all their evil wars & deception!
      Pray for courageous Hezbollah & Syrian Patriots fighting against all odds against The Synagogue of Satan’s Armies- B’aal aka Israel’s hired terrorists mercenries, ISIS, Al Queda, Turk Mercenaries & SFA mostly foreign mercenaries and the mass bombings and artillery and air & missile support these terrorist beasts receive from Israel & Turkey! And France will be bombing Syrians & Hezbollah as well while pretending to bomb ISIS. But France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda. ISIS is a creation & servant of Israel just like Al Queda…You thought Al Queda was run by CIA…??? LOL..CIA is run by zionists completely now & serves the Zionists, & thus Israel! The servant’s slave serves the same master. CIA serves Israel first, not USA just like DHS & NSA. NSA’s software is called Prism & is Israeli created & operated software. Israel has all raw data spying collected on USA citizens & the world live time! Israel has all NSA -USA Intelligence this means & all of its own!

  29. To suggest this was an act is laughable. The fact the author can’t even get the type of music being played correct highlights just how blinkered they really are.

  30. kurwa you are all lunatics, go get some sleep

  31. Exhibit # 47) Zionist France MultiTerror Psychological Warfare Attacks Against French People To Trick Them Into Genocidal War & Extermination of Syria To Set Up Greater Israel in Destroyed Syria!

    ZioPuppet Obama Admits Training Israel’s ISIL aka ISIS Terrorists Murderers!

    & The Acronym – ISIS is The Official Name of Israel’s Mossad.

    ISIS Stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.


  32. Aurora CO BATMAN shootings…

    Sandy Hook mentioned inside The Dark Knight Rises film:


    Boston Bombings by a man named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (pronounced Joe-kar Sar-NIGH-EVV…”Joker is our knife”.)

    now a “Bat-a-clan” terrorist attack?

    It’s subtle, predictive mind control. All the low bass you hear in all the movies now and television ads, that’s where they hide the subliminals. Research ELF. Electronic Low Frequencies.

    We are all creating this reality with our emotions and what we perceive as truth and the more people they can get to believe something…the more it becomes real. The idea Virus. The boogeyman of terrorism.

    If you really want to shut these assholes down. Stop buying gasoline and oil based products.

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