Boston Bombing — 12 May 2013
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Updated, additional photos, 5-12-13, 8:00 EST; updated again with new, incriminating photos of fake blood packets

Hooded Man Caught Spraying Fake Blood at Bombing Site

Note: this case is essential closed. There is sufficient evidence to begin prosecuting these criminals.

Note: because of the vague nature of the images there is some dispute on whether or not this is what is seen. Regardless, it is a curious finding, especially in respect to the seeming interaction with the policeman and various operatives.

Key revelations:

  • the blood is all fake
  • no one died
  • the bomb had no real power
  • there were no major lacerations
  • there were no major injuries or amputations
  • the entire claim for a massacre is a set-up
  • the operatives used the smoke bomb and smoke machines (to be demonstrated, later) to disguise their acts
  • the operatives attempted to disguise their acts from legitimate law enforcement and thus participated in a cover-up of the crime scene
  • special machine was brought in clandestinely to achieve the plot, including a kind of spraying device and a power source (apparent but not yet proven); the machine is real but what it is is still under evaluation
  • fake blood WAS effectively applied in the first few seconds

In what borders on the macabre if not categorically evil in the Boston Hoax Bombing Zionist operatives have been caught red-handed in great diabolical acts, in this case, the spraying of fake blood through pressurized machinery. To accelerated the unfathomable wickedness of this act they attempted to do so under the utmost disguise: secretly and clandestinely. Despite the availability of what is a low resolution of distant photographs there can be no doubt regarding what is seen. The basic outline of the machinery plus the exact flow of the violet-colored blood-like fluid can be definitively seen. It was all captured on HD-quality video, seen below, about five seconds after the initial bomb-blast and just before the second one. The time stamp on the video regarding when this was first seen is 1:58. The purpose of the second bomb-blast was to disguise such efforts through creating great pandemonium and shock:

The macabre and diabolical
Moreover, here it is, the epitome of evil, the hooded operative. See him do his dirty deeds with a spray gun under pressure.

Note the hooded man with what is probably slits for eyes. He is wearing a dark-colored overcoat plus a lighter-colored under ‘sweatshirt’. Standing up, he is operating a pressurized spraying device with a large spraying nozzle, possibly like a flat shower-head. It would appear, too, that he is attempting to disguise the device with a kind of covering.

The image was derived from this screenshot, below. Note that there are by this time numerous puddles of fake blood already established. This would indicate that they were able to dump or spray such blood in a mere five to seven seconds. These arch-enemies of the human race are working quickly, the same vile ones who told great lies to create international wars in the past. Regardless, the before and after pictures of the lack of fake blood at this spots disproves the debunking argument, so commonly used, that “How could they do all this in seconds or minutes?” Debunked, entirely.

The area where the fake blood is flowing cannot be seen well from this frame, but that was an area where much of it later was seen.

There is other fake blood being applied, dripping, and pouring in this scene; however, here, the focus will be on the man with the obvious spray gun.

However, wait, in those fractions of seconds something unexpected happens, which seems to be known to the hoax director in front of the blown-out window. She raises her hand high as a warning. That’s because a potentially real policeman gives notice to what he is doing. He stares directly in the hooded operative’s direction:

Uh, oh, now what do I do; I’ve been caught in the act. Notice that fellow moles are now looking in the direction of the sprayer mole.


Policeman takes a more direct look. Sprayer mole begins to take defensive action.
Arm motion noted on the left arm, the sheet-like disguise is brought back (blood packet still exposed), and now he puts the large fake blood packet behind his back. At this point, too, he seems to have dropped his towel/cloth:


It will be noticed that there was a big maroon object in front of his right side but, then, suddenly, it is gone. In isolation and enlarged, it simply isn’t there:

Caption: hooded man, hands behind his back hiding the purple-colored item he was previously holding. If this wasn’t a clandestine effort, why is he hiding the fake blood from the officer’s line of vision?

The officer reaches into his back pocket. Is he attempting to report suspicious activity? Then, who will he report it to, the DHS and the Mossad?

Note that at this time female operative against the LensCrafter facade bends over toward man in the green ball cap. Who is next to them, sitting on the ground? It is none other than Christian Williams (far right in the grey hoodie) and Jeff Bauman. This is an enormously important finding and will the subject of a separate post shortly.

Like any criminal, it can be clearly seen that when he is in the view of law enforcement, he is hiding something. Outline of the tubular-metalic spraying device can still be seen. It can also be seen that it has its own stand, like a tripod.

These criminal Zionists and their cohorts are attempting to create the guise for additional wars and bloodshed, but first they must conquer America. This is a heinous attack against the American people and their country. The ultimate perpetrators are now confirmed as hostile Zionist Jews, who in their venom will go to the most extreme measures to achieve their wicked aims.

The spreading of fake blood was achieved by such corrupt elements through every conceivable artifice–every possible scheme and deception. This is the ultimate proof of a premeditated plot to undermine the rights and potential of the people. This is far more than a modestly serious crime of perpetrating a hoax: it involves the capital crime of murder. It also involves the wicked act of the solicitation of funds based on falsification of injury and death. Furthermore, in involves the institution of a fabricated martial law attack, which caused great stress among the people as well as financial loss and potential injury.

This DHS-orchestrated Zionist attack is dire omen for Boston or Bostonians. Do not forget: these people are zealots. They drug the American people into brutal wars, destroying both Americans themselves and people all over the world, especially in the Middle East. Two million corpses and countless millions of others whose lives have been ruined is no minor issue.

The Boston hoax bombings are merely another example of such filthy corruption. Paid for by the American people through the extorsion-like functions of the  vile, corrupted IRS, this is the epitome of the example of the imposition of great tyranny from high places. These pictures are categorical proof of the perpetration by powerful Zionist elements of a hoax and scam. There is nothing real about the Boston bombings except fakery. All the serious injuries are a fraud, including the purported deaths of Krystle Campbell, Richard Martin, and Lingz Lu. Regarding the amputations, they, too, are all fabricated. If there are people today claiming to be Boston Marathon bombing amputees, they are lying. Their amputations, if real, occurred previously. It’s all fake and make-believe, and this clear and present revelation proves it.

The flow pattern also proves the degree of the fakery. Top pattern (top arrow) believed to be the site of the mole’s location.


Then, who is this hooded man? Could it be this individual?

Note the following: Possible blood packets; some sort of mechanical device; unscrewing something from the unit; possible conical sprayer attachment in right hand.

Combination dark (outer sweatshirt) plus light (green shirt)? Conical head for a sprayer? What appears to be Ziploc bags attached to the device? Metal tubing? Looking in the direction of any legitimate law enforcement or others who might spot him in the act?

Blood packets, not a wallet, as the trolls have opined:
A knife or scissors or more likely a knife surely to burst open packets and/or cut up clothes. The man is loaded down with such fake blood packets. It has to be admitted that when the entire world runs away what this man is doing is exceedingly suspicious.

Here is a potentially similar device. Notice the two metal components acting as placement rods:


A power source?

Tubing, blood packets, apparent conical device in right hand, metal tubing, canisters, furtive, secretive glance: looks like we’ve got our man.


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  1. This man is standing about 20 yards from the blast scene!!!!!!

    • NJ: that’s a start. At least you admit he exists. Who knows? Maybe he’s standing on a hill for the flow effect. By the way, this is a labor of love for all of us here, no renumeration involved. How good is the pay?

  2. I used to debunk these for pure satisfaction alone but now i gain no satisfaction as they debunk themselves. It’s sad to see what you have lowered yourself too. The only image that i found remotely challenging was in the floating leg article.

    You know exactly what you are doing here and it’s sad to see people on this site falling for this.

    You’re taken advantage – i’m unsure of your real motives yet but it certainly isn’t in search of the truth!

    • Have you been more successful with one or the other XStart methods that were demonstrated in N-7015A.DOC?

    • You’re a joke. Why don’t you go look at porn and try to discriminate genitalia photoshop or something. We have serious work to do here.

      • Can you at least find out before he goes away how much Madame Rothschild has paid him to shill this site?

      • Haha serious work! Good one Stevo you clown

  3. Another fake victim Dr K … Michelle L’Heureux

  4. Chapter 2 of the conspiracy theorists handbook – ‘When faced with questions you can’t answer – accuse the challenger of being a shill AKA a plant of a stooge’

    • Hi nj
      If we are all so crazy our stupidity will become obvious to everyone with time. We will only embarrass ourselves. Why are you so worried about what we are doing. Let us play with our little theories and you go do something useful. Did you read my post on who has the explaining to do. I wrote it for you.

      • I’m not out to embarrass you LEO or call you stupid, i think this information is mis-leading and i will continue to point that out.

        Calling me a shill will not make me give up.

    • No. You’re just a douche.

  5. PC Geek – what did you use to resample the pixelation upwards?

  6. One of the first things that caught my eye when I first viewed some of the photos near the finish line was that the “blood” on the ground appeared to have been sprayed on. I see now why that was the case. Thank you for another informative post! The deck of cards is collapsing for these frauds, and they probably have no idea.

  7. @NJ: I notice you spend a lot of time on here doing nothing more than complaining about how stupid everyone is, etc. etc. I wonder why it is that you would spend so much of your time and effort coming back to a forum only to repeat the same things. If we are so silly and so off the mark, why on earth would you care about trying to “debunk” us? And please don’t reply with the obvious ” it’s fun to prove you wrong” or some such canned remark. If you sincerely thought the information and being shown on this forum was baseless, you would simply refrain from taking part. The frequency with with you continue to post here is showing your desperation, quite frankly, and one has to wonder why you’d be so desperate to refute what, according to you, is such obvious BS.

  8. *Sorry for the typos above–typing too fast.

  9. @Michelle

    For your info, i’m a keen marathon runner that also has extensive photoshop experience. I bumped into this site and I was immediately taken aback with the amount of false info used pointing to the use of photoshopping images. Because of my experience i know what is photoshop or not and what can or cant be done.

    So… What do you think i should do, try and point this out and provide evidence (of which i have) or should i shut up? Bear in mind this site is called

    I think most people on here would rather me not point out the mis-information posted because it gets in the way of their beliefs.

    For the record i think you’re mixing me up with other posters, i haven’t called anyone stupid.

    • Not nice to lie, NJ on Mothers Day. You attacked me on several occasions yesterday.

      Also, is this doctor providing misinformation:

      Grandpa Liberty”, Dr. Stan Monteith, a 50-year veteran researcher of alternative information suppressed by the mass media, a radio broadcaster since 1993, and a 35-year orthopedic surgeon who has performed many leg amputations said (starting at 1:06) concerning the Boston Marathon bombings on the May 8, 2013 episode of Radio Liberty (emphasis mine and pause words removed):

      “I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.

      And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied.

      The tourniquet was just sort of underneath the leg, holding it up, it wasn’t stopping any flow of blood because there wasn’t hardly flow of blood on that side. It looked like there was some blood on the right leg which was taken off above the knee. But why would they take somebody who had just had both legs blown off and put him into a wheelchair? He would’ve been in profound shock. And why weren’t the tourniquets on both legs, certainly clamping off the blood supply? And when I saw that, I knew something was wrong.

      And then of course as you know, I was a trauma surgeon for many years, I was an orthopedic surgeon. And basically, I looked at that below knee amputation on the left side, and it was a well-healed below knee amputation stump, and certainly, the kind that I would’ve done. I did many, many times, so people could wear prostheses. And there was no tear in the skin, no blood, no nothing at all — just a bloody tibia sticking out of the end — and it looked like it had been attached to this stump. Why would they do something like that?

      And then of course, we’re told, this fellow’s name was Jeff Bauman. Some people said he was actually a lieutenant who had lost both legs in Afghanistan. He had a different name, but that gentleman had two above knee amputations, not below knee amputations, and this was definitely a below knee amputation, and I puzzled over this for some time.

      Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?

      It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.

      And you can see pictures of him — he’s waving a flag, and he has two above knee amputations. Above knee amputations. Now wait a minute, the Jeff Bauman we saw initially had a below knee amputation and this is an above knee amputation.

      I puzzled over that. How could that be, until I talked to a gentleman named Jim Fetzer who will be a guest in our programs and we said he was wearing a prosthesis, they put a prosthesis on him. There are even pictures where the prosthesis accidentally fell off, so they put the prosthesis on to give you the idea that it was a fresh amputation — it wasn’t, it was all contrived.

      Look at the pictures, ladies and gentlemen — ask yourself, how could he have possibly have had a BK amputation in the initial pictures and now he has two AK amputations? We’re being lied to at every turn.”

      Then, at 34:44:

      “Of course I’ve tried to call the Spaulding Rehab Center on three occasions, and of course, I’ve tried to talk to the fellow there in charge of the press, and he always says if you’re from the media, and you certainly have a deadline, give us a call. We keep calling and leaving a number and we never get a call back. And the only reason I can think that that is because the last thing they want is for the media to know that this whole picture, this picture that was implanted in our minds, and there was articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal about Jeff Bauman who lost both legs there, this is all fraudulent. And if that is fraudulent, then what else is fraudulent?

      And quite frankly, we don’t know, ladies and gentlemen, if they had this whole thing contrived. And I believe that this young man was an actor.“

      • @Kenneth Man up!

        Also the article you just posted, was it taken from a conspiracy site by any chance? Or was it a completely independent source??

        • You mean the people who pulled off this conspiracy have a web site? That makes it so easy when conspiracists come right out and divulge that they are part of one. Please give us the link.

          • Ha yeh if someone came out and admitted this was a hoax, you would prob argue against that. Of course providing lots of blurred pixelated pics to back up your story, as is your nature.

      • Well done, Kenneth. The problem is just asked NJ a simple question, which is “How good is the pay” and he won’t answer. Can you ask him?

        • Pay for what exactly?????

  10. oh i also find it interesting!

    Some of the early articles were a challenge to dis-prove, some are getting silly now.

    • Ok. Bye Bye. If you hang around any more it can only be for shilling. At least you haven’t changed your sign in to seem like someone new I give you credit for that.

  11. I’m not going anyway LEO loving breaking holes in these articles for fun. You can choose to read my comments or not.

    Btw so if i disagree with your comments i’m a shill, is that true?

    • Absolutely not. But if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it’s most likely a……….?

      • Ahhh assumptions don’t you just love them. No evidence so let’s just assume. If you have enough assumptions you may be able to write an article, like this one per say.

        Try the domain name:

        • Lies, assumptions, common sense, truth…all just points on the same spectrum.

  12. This report gives such a great clear enumerated summary of the key revelations of drkresearch posted so far, with a precise conclusion, all of which I am in agreement. Have a beautiful day all, who come here seeking to combat government corruption. (This episode including the militarized lock-down has cost the taxpayer at least half a billion dollars, so far.)

    Am now listening to Deanna and Michael Walsh, author of THE TRIUMPH OF REASON, on the Spingola Speaks RNB audio from Fri., discuss similar ultra-gross vicious attacks on humanity and other living things. Thank high goodness that we still have the internet for seeking the truth and discovering valor.

    • Welcome. I have spent the last week or so (started posting May 5) as the self appointed legal expert (and shill wrangler). I know no one here but the site seems to have integrity.
      I do have to do some work in the real world (trials coming up). If you have time I would request you to look over my posts and see if I have misstated or missed anything. If you don’t have time I understand. I take it at face value that you are legitimate, but you never know these days. It would be nice to have some more legal types here. Thanks for being here.

  13. Kenneth–what an excellent find! It’s encouraging to see experienced doctors speaking out on the blatant and comically obvious fraud that was perpetrated by Bauman and his handlers. He must be really convinced of the fraud since it motivated him to take action ( calling the rehab center.) This is so refreshing to see, and it only motivates me to continue to fight to expose the truth.

    • Stan Montieth is a good soul and an old warrior. He sees right through the fraud.

  14. @nj–this will be my last post directed at you as I don’t wish to waste time arguing back and forth with you, as I’m sure you also don’t want to waste your time arguing with me either, so I will just say that if you choose to spend your time trying to “poke holes” in something you say you find so “silly,” then that is on you. Personally, I would never choose to spend valuable time and energy trying to dismiss claims that I found outrageous or “silly.” The very fact that you are doing so only demonstrates that you do NOT find these claims to be silly or outrageous, but instead, threatening and in need of “debunking.” It doesn’t take much to figure out exactly why this is so important to you. I won’t address you again, but just realize that everyone here realizes exactly what you are up to and why, no matter what you claim, and you won’t dissuade anyone from continuing to uncover the truth.

  15. Michelle i dont care what you think to be honest.

    I do care that innocent people died. People not alive to defend themselves including an 8 year old boy. If you can live with that fine, personally i find it distressing and sad.

    • Hi nj
      I will debate with you as time permits. I enjoy it. I think we are getting close. Plus, adversity makes me stronger.

      • NJ is a shill through and through … And NJ i will absolutely guarantee i could knock you either through a kick or punch so stop telling people to ‘man-up’ cause you have the attention span of a retarded fucking mosquito … Goof !!! Yes i did swear and yes i think you are like a goof .. As in jail goof if you know what that means… Goof …

        There is too much evidence proving this fraud and you my friend are doing nothing to debunk shit. You are actually motivating myself to release an new project each day …. And maybe i’ll start posting links on ALL the MSM comment sections. You are a joke NJ … Goof lol

        • PC Geek,

          its nice that you have taken time out from your busy live of crystal meth addiction and paranoia to respond to me. Reading between the lines i assume you are either very young or unbalanced, but certainly very angry.

          ‘i will absolutely guarantee i could knock you either through a kick or punch’

          Did you miss a word out there? knock me… out, knock me… up? If the latter i’m sorry to tell you i will have to turn down your very obvious homosexual advance.

          Anyway I certainly don’t take offence and REALLY look forward to your next article.

          Best Regards


          • Take your pick NJ …. Roundhouse or I ‘ll pound ya from behind lol …. Now get off that computer it’s time to catch your schoolbus.

          • Ooo PC Geek, i bet you would you saucy bugger!

            All my love


          • Hi nj
            I must admit I’m getting nervous. You are supposed to fight with me not the hard working people doing the real work. If you don’t attack me I feel left out and get sad.

  16. possibly another video after bomb starting at 1:02

  17. They sure were in a hurry to remove those flags. Odd. Remember how adamant Carlos the Cowboy was about letting us now how all the flags were “gone…all gone,” by the time he “vaulted the fence’ and immediately rushed to Jeff’s side? Guess he was just confused just like he was confused about Jeff Bauman apparently being on fire when he first came across him.

    • Hi Michelle
      Good point. As I have said multiple times there is far more wrong with this incident than just photoshopping Of course the photos are important and interesting but photos aside the totality of the circumstance cries out loudly FRAUD.

  18. P C Geek, great job!

    Dr Stan Montieth has been exposing fraud for a long time just like the researcher Dr K here.

    Thanks to them both and thanks to the tireless truthseekers: Kenneth, Leo, Michelle, Bartan Law, Bill S who are posting intelligent comments and helpful material here.

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