Boston Bombing — 02 May 2013
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Boston Bombing Hoax by Photos: No One at Blast Site

This is a photo of the virtual immediate aftermath of the pyrotechnic bomb let loose at the Boston Marathon. Even if it were a fireworks bomb, such a device would cause a degree of damage, even potential dismemberment, not so much of large limbs but surely of hands, fingers, possibly more. There would be explosion-based scalds and burns: if real gunpowder were involved.

An M-80 can take off a person’s hands.

So, thus, with the degree of explosion seen and a fairly high though short-phased plume, the expectation would be of numerous injuries. Yet, that is now greatly in dispute. How could that be?

The answer is in the photos:

Same picture artificially changed in colors to reduce the smokiness:


It appears that there is not a single person in the area of the blast. Moreover, it is a big area that is devoid of obvious humans. It’s a total of 9 blue Marathon hangings at least. Assuming the length of these hangings at five feet each, that means there is 45 feet square of empty, unoccupied space, plenty of room to safely detonate a pyrotechnic bomb.

The runner down, not injured, this puts this photo at virtual fractions of seconds after the detonation. What can be seen, and what can’t be seen? What can be seen is that there is one runner down, two cops strolling casually, two women in yellow, one pointing towards the crowd, and a few people in the distance running towards the area. It can also be seen that:

  • the power of the bomb is minimal; it couldn’t even blow over the canvas or plastic barrier
  • none of the flimsy flags were brought own by the blast
  • the smoke is not extremely intense and is clearing quickly
  • little to no debris has blown into the street
  • importantly, there is a mass of humanity at some distance from the blast site
  • within the surrounds of the blast site there is no large crowd of any kind; in fact, in the center just behind the light pole no people of any kind can be seen
  • there are people to the right of the blast site, seemingly at a lower density as those to the left
  • no shrapnel of any kind can be seen in the street

Note: what can be said is that there is no one standing up at the blast site. Whether people were there or not lying down (not from the blast but simply lying on the ground before hand) cannot be determined.

More photos, close-ups
Boston Bombing Hoax by Photos: No One at Blast Site
Realizing the difficult from the obscuring smoke, still, a general assessment can be made, first the people left of screen. It would appear they are barricaded off, all in a line. None of them had access to that blast site. It can be seen that there is a kind of metal fencing in the way. After all, the Boston bomb unit said there would be a controlled detonation on that side of the street.  


There is a kind of impediment or obstruction, black in color, about in the middle of the fencing. Now, cut on each side and enlarged:


Now, lightened up as further proof:

scaffolding #2

Note the pink foam mat. That will be a marker for future photos and placement. Now, the other side of that black vertical component:


It can be seen that this is a barrier that no one can traverse, that is without hoping over it or dismantling it.

Now the other side:




These shots are relatively clear. It can be seen, clearly,  that there is a woman on a cell phone acting distressed. Zoomed in:


Here is another photo a few seconds later:


Now, lightened up to demonstrate the expected finding:


The line of people is well defined. The empty area is precisely the one in front of the LensCrafters building, the epicenter of the blast.

And one more example:

The people are clearly barricaded from entry to the blast site, possibly on the basis of the bomb squad drill. The area is simply empty.

Therefore, unless people were watching the Marathon on the ground by peeping underneath the blue canvas, unless there were tiny children left alone in the area, it would appear, none one was there. That means that no one could have been severely hurt by the bomb-blast. This means that all the injuries of people at this site were faked. It also means that the individuals portrayed as injured were brought into the scene and were not there originally, that is at the precise time of the blast: unless they were already lying on the ground in a pile.


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  1. I’ve seen some people with real or unreal injuries but I have not seen anyone lying on
    the ground appearing to be dead. Reporters don’t mind showing the dead in invaded
    sovereign countries.

  2. I think the little squared space with iron fencing around it is crucial. There is a video made by a guy that walks into the scene minutes after the blast. On that video you can see a guy kneeling in this square handing out stuff in a bag to helpers on the outside. I think they sealed off this part from civilians and allowed only actors in the area closest to the bomb. Remember this space was close to the VIP-stand next to the finishing line. A small almost harmless bomb with the blast directed upwards is easy to contage. I bet they had security personell in a line stopping people from walking into the scene from both sides. Not many gave that a second thought, after all, there was a VIP stand there.

  3. Certainly not 280 people…next week it will be 380 amazing started at 120, 120 is feasible divided by 2 which is 60 at each but I dont count even that many

  4. 100 percent proven photoshopping:

  5. Why weren’t the blue marathon signs shredded by nails and ball bearing shrapnel. Oh, yeah. I know. There is no shrapnel in a smoke bomb. Doh! That’s why Carlos Arrendondo had to knock down all the fencing near the “seriously injured” actors he then helped to “evacuate”.

    • Maybe that’s why they later had the lying doctors get away from the earlier promulgated talking point of nails and ball bearings and had them simply say that the only foreign material found was normal street debris, whatever the hell normal street debris is.

    • Has anyone seen the video of the fat woman in sweatshirt going into Marathon Sports after which another woman immediately ran after her, went inside, and they soon came back out with the thin woman pushing the fat one. I suspect they were having problems and needed the fat one back outside ASAP. This comment WP sucks.

  6. So why is it that none of the people held back behind the barriers have come forward and said they saw people/actors entering that area with fake injuries immediatley after the blast smoke had cleared? They were not there before the blast as you have said, they were not there during the blast as you have said, so they must have rushed in after the smoke cleared???

    • I know a lot of the opposition to the current government think it would be just as easy to really kill people. Why not? Aren’t they evil anyway? Don’t they kill people around the world? Yes, but somehow they aren’t sure they will always be in office or in power here, and under our laws, you can keep investigating a murder with no limits, no statute of limitations, and the relatives everyone has could keep that going and change the system, or anyway jeopardize power.

      I therefore must assert that this was totally manipulated and as phony as Wag the Dog (with which it shares countless features and the same attitude). Nobody died, not even the Tsarnaev now exhibited as a waxwork. I’ll take that one a bit farther – because he may have been a prisoner for years, ever since he was suspected of killing his friends in Waltham and after which he supposedly went to Russia. He could have even died in the same incident. He may be long gone. That marriage with Katharine Russell looks straight out of fiction. But anyway, he is used as an actor in all of this.

      My questions are two: 1) When were the real Marathon runners actually stopped. It looks like they were much farther away from the finish line, nowhere near Boylston Street, but back at a fork in Commonwealth Avenue. They were held back, I would submit to you, long before the blasts. The runners that you see going over the line were so many “Rosie Ruiz” characters, brought in at the last mile and completely in on the hoax.

      2) Why were there two blasts? I think this is something to ponder. The heir and the spare. The filmed and the largely unfilled. The second blast seemed to create a boundary, seemed confirmatory, like the second tower on 911 being hit by a visible plane (whereas the first was just a smoking hole). No, it couldn’t just be a gas explosion. It couldn’t have anything but an evil purpose. But also, it helped to keep people from beyond a government facility (the Boston Public Library across from the first blast), people standing in front of nearby hotels like the Lenox and the Mandarin, from getting close to the scene, because that was a less controllable environment. True, you couldn’t walk across the street with the runners coming through. You would not have been able to do that at those points, but you might have seen how little there was to see after the blast, and the later talk of all those wounded.

      There is of course lots more.

      One thing we have heard is that anti-Assad forces, the rebels in Syria who want to depose Assad (a friend of Russia) contain Chechen fighters, supported by countries like Israel. Well not any more. How could Israel continue to support them or how could the USA? Now a bombing campaign by Israel against Damascus will be seen as the only sensible way to go.

      Trust me, we are going to applaud that recent action, because you can’t get good help anymore. You can’t trust Chechen fighters. They’ve served their purpose of keeping the fight going, they were indirectly fighting Russia, and now their day is done. And of course, we suddenly find that they were alQaeda all the time. “Connect the dots, people.” The ancients connected the dots and that’s why we have constellations. But the dots came from the rulers who called the patterns gods. This is something that leaders have done since time immemorial. You are seeing it live, in the present day. Learn something. The dots are a figment of your imagination, and you have projected your beliefs onto them.

  7. Once again… there is our crisis director in his bright yellow/green Under Armor hat. This whole scene is so damn comical. The smoke only appears to be thick over the actors, about 25 feet from the official blackened blast site near the wall, to the right of the Lens Crafters windows, which happened to be sucked 20-25 feet OUT of their frames, in a thick and consistent pattern, unaffected by the supposed mass of human flesh that was alledgedly filling the area, all while leaving very little glass INSIDE the store, and practically no shrapnel damage to anything other than people who have an amazing ability to HOLD their blood inside their body when their legs fall off, and others whos pants exploded on impact, thankfully protecting their skin from any scratches, scrapes, or burns. We must get these magic pants for our service men and women, asap.

  8. I read that the brothers had VIP passes to the finish line. Can anyone verify this?

    • Since, I would submit, nobody on that side of the street was anything but a crisis actor, it is likely that whoever played the Tsarnaev brothers (wasn’t convinced of the look of either brother) was also an actor.

  9. After the blast there may be two types, colors of smoke. One from the blast, one from the smoke grenade or machine. I suspect most of the victims were already there and on the sidewalk at the time of the blast.

  10. And yet, Michael Rivero is holding firm to the government story that pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds, proving that he doesn’t know, “What Really Happened.”

    • That’s the problem with holding onto prejudices. You cannot see things afresh. He tends to support a lot of antisemitic cranks too. This will keep you back from thinking outside the box.

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