Boston Bombing — 09 May 2013
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Boston Hoax: All the Blood is Fake

Correction: it cannot be said, definitively, if this part of the image is a spray gun at this time. Awaiting clearer images. The rest of the content still holds that this is not real blood, and it was added to the scene by various methods, some yet to be proven. There could have been an error in our assessment. What was pointed out as a spray gun cannot be confirmed. However, the other methods of dissemination of fake blood would appear to be indisputable.

Updated with new photos, 5-10-13, including overhead evidence

Exclusive to a new revelation has been now made about the method of fake blood dissemination in the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax. The revelation makes it clear that whether the first site or the second one, both are fakes which were set up by Hollywood-style experts in fake gore and injuries.

It will therefore be proved, here, indisputably: all the blood seen in the Boston false flag hoax is fake. Through a variety of methods fake blood was disseminated throughout the crime scenes. Everything was a drill: there were no real life bombs, no amputations, no severely wounded, no deaths.

Alert investigators and Internet sleuths have determined the fake blood being distributed, spread, and applied through a variety of methods, chief of which was the infamous Ziploc bag, which can be easily disguised, or so it would seem:



This is on-site, right after the fake smoke bomb. This alone is categorical proof that the entire claim of this massacre, with people wounded and killed, is false. Spent Ziploc bags, a number of them, were strewn about. Residual food dye-colored fake blood remains. It is inside the bag, no doubt about it.


Moles in operation:

Victims are helped at the scene of the first explosion.
No one is paying any attention to any bomber. Here, it is all about person again regardless of the consequences. The fingered mole is not merely an actor but is, rather, a government operative, either Craft of DHS–or both. Look closely: Mr. Ziploc Blood Pac is wearing a bullet-proof vest.

The backpack was a ruse after all, a mere distraction:


No one, here, interested in crime scene prevention: just pumping the personal accounts full of money. Thus, it was DHS operatives, like this man, who key perpetrators of the plot.

White paint-balls with red paint: yes these were used. One of these missed the mark at the tip of the mole’s left shoe. Various other means of administration:

In case anyone is still confused:



The big guns?

Was compressed air used to spread fake blood? Ziploc bags and paint balls alone would seem wholly inadequate for the ultimate needs of the plot. It was necessary to represent rivers of fake blood for maximum shock value. These arch-perpetrators knew this was essential, so they made special preparations for virtual pools of fake blood to be disseminated. For this they brought in the heavier equipment: portable compressors, portable batteries, and spray guns:


This is no minor issue. Close-up views demonstrate that this device has canisters (compressed air), spigot, tubing, in fact, tubing filled with purplish liquid matter, that is fake blood. It cannot be confirmed just what is this man’s device, the one without the slightest injury or element of bleeding. He is perfectly fine despite being subjected to a purported bomb-blast.

Examples of portable, light-weight compressors.

Note what appear to be bladders of fake blood and what appears to be PVC tubing filled with such fakery.
Not exact, yet, suspicion is exceedingly high that this device is some sort of air compressor.

It might require a power source:

Courtesy: Anonpyrates video

Plot in action
Quickly, the Zionist moles and their collaborators went into action with full intention of deceiving the whole world. They brought to bear an entire litany of individuals, all fully prepared and schooled to commit their diabolical deeds. However, the people are too smart for this now. It didn’t work.

Yet, wouldn’t the blood and gore carry the day? Wouldn’t it solicit the people’s sensibilities and allow them to self destruct in an emotional swoon? That was the intended result from their filthy scheme. Again, it largely failed.

Incriminating evidence
Note: the reference to identifying the actual gun has been removed. The focus remains on what can be confirmed, which are the Ziploc bags and paint balls. Further research is needed to confirm other sources/methods.

In this frame the entire debacle of the Boston Marathon event is proven, that is as a terminal, vile fraud. In this frame what is seen? Is the filthy corruption, the deception and deceit, is finally exposed?


Caption: further analysis shows these are a pair of feet with sandals.

Note: the presumption that this is a gun is in error. Instead, the source appears to be Ziploc bags, which were exploded. The deeply dark area could be the source.


spray gun lightened

At first glance it appears to be a spray gun spewing fake blood under-pressure. Now, it is believed that this isn’t a gun but is rather two feet together: apologies.

What is clear is that something is causing the splattering of red material, and it doesn’t appear to be coming out of anyone’s body. It surely isn’t arising from the man on the left, as seen below. It is closest to him. Yet, it is not coming from him in the least. It’s purpose: to rapidly spread large volumes of this fake blood systematically.

There were surely other targets besides the brick and pavement. The paint spraying mole also targeted several fo the key crisis actor fakes. Now it is known what is the source of all that paint on the man with the heavily painted face and legs, plus the lady who was ultimately enhanced with fake gore:

These are operatives. None of them are injured. Close up views show no open wounds which could account for such blood flow. The woman in the grey overshirt and black pants is crucial. Photos show her legs broken and dismembered, chunks missing. Yet, it can be seen, here, that her legs are functional (at least her left leg). Photoshopping is now confirmed, which will be posted shortly.

Exclusively spray blood from the compressed air device with attache fake blood bladders.


It may not be a gun, though. See the area analyzed up close early in the spreading of the red fluid:


Here is another look at the area subjected to the spraying, courtesy of the ever-fabricating journalistic rag, New York Daily News:

Now, an overhead view:

The spray pattern residues are seen throughout. Now, an isolated view:

Directional pattern noted once again, with spray gun activity arising from right of screen flowing to the left. DHS operative stands right in the middle of the paint ‘puddle’ – although unlike real blood it really isn’t a puddle. This gore has been maliciously imposed upon the people, all of it fraudulent.

Fake gore was added for shock effect: blood wasn’t enough (gore not real, purely synthetic).



It’s all fake. Now, when seeing these images, the heart can rest to a degree. It’s just paint and fake gore. No one died, and no one was injured. Now, the crime scene is proven definitively: the claim of injury, fatality, and amputation is a grotesque lie. The line-up of the criminals is now the new realm of this investigation.








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  1. Excellent article. Your last sentence captured my thoughts exactly: “The line-up of the criminals is now the new realm of this investigation.” We can start with the people we have names for… the liars in the hospital interviews. And who are the Richards family? My friend in Cambridge tells me they are a well-known family. There’s no way they can stay and live there now. The daughter is said to have lost a leg and Martin is said to be dead. Surely they will have to go into a witness protection program. I will do all I can to find out what they do next. No way they can return to their lives in Cambridge.

    What is our evidence of fakery at the second bomb? I do not believe that Heather Abbott and Adrianne Haslet were ever there. But do we have pics of fake blood at that scene? With all the people claiming to know people who were injured, I’m still not 100% sure about the second site. However, I lean toward it all being faked. There are only a handful of people seen on the ground at both sites. So all these claims of knowing someone injured just don’t seem true.

    • Just viewed an interview with a purported victim, who they claim lost a leg. Something is suspect about the interview. May be some Photoshopped photos to look at. Will report, soon.

    • There is what appears to be a swirling of fake blood near the supposed amputated leg. Look closely. More, later.

  2. Using just the color PHOTOS (no actual physical sample of “blood” is necessary!), a spectral analysis should be possible to compare with the known spectral analysis of a PHOTO of real blood . If the spectra in the two photos do NOT match , conclusive evidence that the Bstn Bmg “blood” is fake and therefore grandjury indictments . Should be some labs (anaytical chemists) who could examine the color spectrum in these photos and compare to that of photos of real blood (taken at less than 5 minutes, for example , since that is the alleged “age” of the exposed-to-air “blood” in Bstn event)–and hopefully not too expensively , IMHO)

    • Great idea. Let’s do it. Someone look into it. Our posters can raise the funds.

  3. I would also like to know more about the second scene. Can’t we learn more about the “dead” boy and his sister that lost part of her leg. Today they have been making a point of saying she has had 11 surgeries in 23 days. Is that even possible? Especially for a 7 year old. Doesn’t healing have to take place in between surgeries? 11 is a very significant and favorite number for the PTB, are they signing their work by using this number?
    Is this a real family?
    The smoke cloud on the 2nd site looked very different than the first.

    • The older son, Henry, who is 12 years old was not injured. the little girl is the one who is having surgeries, we are told. Is the official story that Martin died at the finish line? I have seen conflicting reports. Does anyone know? They are certainly not in any of the finish photos that have been studied very closely. and I have not seen them at the second either. Heather Abbott and Adrianne Haslet are not seen in those pictures either.

      Here is what we know about the Richards family. This site has a post about the Photoshopping of the family picture. So this article gives info such as where the mother worked, etc. We need to find out everything we can about them:

  4. What? …6 comments and no SHILLS yet?… I’m waiting. I want some entertainment.

  5. Heather Abbott lost her leg in a car accident! They used another amputees name for her, but they are in the same acting company! This is the research that needs to be done now…. who are these people?

    • Notice at 1:48, the very first thing she mentions that she likes to do is is “run”. Then see her bio. Jamie is a runner who competes in races.

    • Hi c-lake
      Right on brother!

    • Lets try to identify them all!, not just the “vicsims” (I like that term – can’t take credit for it); but, all the “responders” too.

  6. You have nailed her, Ceruleanlake. This is her. The teeth, the nose profile, the shape of eyes and cheekbone structure. I am sure that if one overlaid both images they would match perfectly.

    Thanks for research.

    • I can’t take credit. That goes to the maker of the vid. I’m doing my best to share the information. Paste it everywhere you can!

  7. I meant “pulled off by Lens Crafters”, their sly signature.

  8. Notice at 1:48, the very first thing she mentions that she likes to do is is “run”. Then see her bio. Jamie is a runner who competes in races.

  9. LEO – Here we are just for you… I’m not a shill (but thats what a shill would prob say anyway wouldn’t they?) I think people have stopped commenting due to the ridiculous postings now. First these articles started off quite challenging (ish) to debunk. Now they are based on hugely pixelated unclear images – THIS IS NOT EVIDENCE.

    Also Is everyone who disagree’s with you a shill?

    Anyway back to my point – If martin Richards was a crisis actor just like all the other people involved in the bomb, what about all the people visiting his home, people who knew him leaving flowers, friends of the family etc. As in the article posted above.

    Are they all in on it too? Are these actors, what about the friends of these friends are they actors too? Where exactly does it stop?

    Interested in your thoughts here?

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