Boston Bombing — 16 June 2013
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Boston Hoax Bauman Pit Stop Revisted

Zauras Snape

Here, it will be shown what is the real cause of the Bauman Boston smaoke bombing hoax wheelchair pit stop, which is the entanglement of the fake bandages into the wheel assembly, causing concern of ripping the whole mechanism apart. Evidence is provided demonstrating digital manipulation of isolated Bauman photos through Photoshop. Clearly, the useless bandages got caught in the mechanism, and the arch-fraudster Arrendondo was too busy performing his espionage role to pay notice, the dilemma apparently being recognized by the fake actor EMT.


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  1. People with these disabilities fail to realize, should those they are helping to achieve absolute power actually achieve it, then anybody with such injuries will be considered a “social burden” and may be liquidated; any money they were paid can be recovered after their death.

    If they doubt this they should consider German soldiers wounded on the Eastern Front. Instead of returning as wounded heroes many were liquidated on the train home.

    • Hey mick, do you have a link on the wounded German soldiers being liquidated? I’ve studying WWII for many years and I never heard of that.

  2. this has become my first go to site, before rense, makow, jimstone, educate-yourself, aangirfan.

  3. If you click on the first shot at the top of this article, you will notice looking at the upper right corner, and all other corners of the photo, that this shot is a fabricated lie and an impossibility. The photographer who is credited and edited it together, should be detained immediately and TREASONOUSLY hung without a trial! This is an edited shot, mixing a wide angle fisheye lens (upper right corner) with another 50 mm lens. Also, if you go to this Y-T movie below you will see the EMT is Tom Cruise, his second treasonous, false flag after appearing in the Aurora Shooting hoax as Dr. Bob Snyder. Terrible ZIONIST treason actor! Please indict him along with Barton! Also beyond a reasonable doubt senator JOE MANKIN is uncovered as Zionist mole Joe Theisman and MELBA MARQUEZ GREENE is…. (COMMING SOON) ” If you see one movie this summer, you committed Treason!” Stay away for tei tube and their Zionist box offices!
    Peace through prosecution!

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