Boston Bombing — 15 May 2013
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Boston Hoax Peach Mole Busted Smuggling in Fake Blood Bladder

Make no mistake about it the  Zionists are zealots with an insatiable thirst for blood and the sewing of corruption. In tis regard it was such arch-hostile ones who perpetrated 9-11, the Madrid Train Bombings, the London Tube Bombings, the Bali Disco Massacre, and, diabolically, the invasions of Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and more. The peach mole is one such zealot. While there is a separate post regarding this, http://nodisinfo.compeach-woman-caught-smuggling-computer-to-bombing-site/ , nevertheless the degree of the criminal acts committed by this woman, known as the peach woman, is worthy of emphasis. A deliberate Zionist mole, furiously, she is attempting to achieve this scam by not only cutting off people’s clothes with shears but also rubbing fake blood on the now exposed parts, mainly from the knees down.

Regardless, this is not the expected behavior of a person caught in a bomb-blast. Surely, no one in history has busied themselves rubbing fake blood on fake victims in a fake bombing, that is other than Zionist Jews.

Here she is in action after shearing off the woman’s lower jeans. It can be clearly seen that this is what she has done: she did cut up the jeans, the residue of which is seen to the left of her left shoulder. Fake blood has stained part of the pant leg; she is rubbing the woman’s legs with the fake liquid. That liquid emanates from the bladder hidden in the black pack. The black pack has a piece of PVC tubing arising from it. There seems to be a handle, possibly a pump, attached.

Her sweatshirt seems highly stretched out. Did the bladder do that?

The only way those jeans could look like that is through the action of cutting shears.

Where did the bladder come from? Hard to use cutting shears and scrub fake blood on the body in such a rush with that in the way. She is smuggling in something. Could it be the bladder? It is thick enough.


Spring loaded. Flat, safe edge on one side?

Some people wold have us believe these are glasses. They are wrong. There was cutting of clothes by the peach mole, and as would be expected there is evidence for this, which is spring-loaded shears. Even the springing action is evident in this image.

On the lookout and for good reason. This is a person; outline can be seen. Shaped like a head: means it was fitting over a head. Does an athletic pad have a chin and neck?
The getaway

bostonscissors lightenedpng

Is something missing, or was it merely stuffed in that big black bag?

Peach women comparison

Make no mistake about it the lady in peach truly is a blood, shears, and blood pump smuggler: and far more. BUSTED, COMPLETELY.

Not just mere fakery, but as a criminal accessory to a high crime in the land, murder and attempted murder.


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  1. Open this video at 00:38, pause it.

    Open this video at 00:57, pause it.

    Open this video at 02:50, pause it.

    Open this video at 05:00, pause it.

    Place these four videos next to each other on the screen. Turn off the volume. Press play on all four at the same time. Rewind, play with the videos, but always keep an eye on video no 4 around 05:00 mark.

    The nose, the eyebrows, the shape of the face, the gestures of the hands, the shape of the fingers, the nodding and shaking of the head…

    I find too many biometrical and behavioral similarities to just let it go. And one of them even has a history of pretending to be a muslim woman.

    Can someone with the right programs please run a face-, hand- and voiceanalysis on these two ladies? I do not have that technical knowledge. But my gut feeling screams that this is a positive match.

  2. I read your posts regularly. I wonder why you are always pointing the finger at the Zionists. Why are you letting the Jesuits off the hook? It seems to me that the Z’s and J’s are teaming up against the American people. Cheney and Rummy are both Jesuits and were a large part of 9/11. Am I wrong about the Jesuits?

    • Millions of people know that we are being lied to. Many of us have detailed knowledge about HOW the lying is done. Most of us agree on even the smallest details in these hoaxes, from 9-11 to Boston bombing and so on.

      But the questions WHO? and WHY? are always eluding us. And causes division, conflicts and weakens the truth movement.

      I think I know why. It is because these questions can not be answered using the blunt tools the elite has given us. We have been handed a saw and a hammer which we try to use to drill a hole. It is impossible.

      Trust me, most of these entities we call nations, ethnic groups and religions are nothing else than made up BS for the sheeple. At least for the powers that be.

      You can not measure time with a ruler. No matter how hard you try. But it is great fun watching a person trying to do that!

    • I agree with Hoyt. The way I see it, this is a world wide criminal organzation that has co-oted the planet. the divisions, for example the Z’s & J’s are just separate mobs in the organization. They’re working together now to get total control, after they do they’ll start fighting over territory and carving up the remains. Right now they have their front men in charge of many of the countries and they’re using the armies of theose countries to subdue the rest.

      • I think it is a dog-eat-dog world among the ledares in the elite. But there has to be something that unites them, something more than just power and control and destruction.

        I have this strong feeling that the highest leaders in these groups share something spiritual. I think there are spiritual teachings that we, the commoners, have no knowledge about. And I think this unknown religion not necessarily is evil in its core.

        Some people call them satanists, some call them luciferians. And that they are enemies of the good religions. But what if they are the ones behind all religions? And what if they have a knowledge from the creator that tears down the majority’s belief of a dualistic world where death and siffering is something bad? What if they play a game necessary for our spiritual growth?

        I think many of the evil-doers working for this conspiracy are just as fooled as the rest of us. And that the goal of all of this is to wake us up.

        Love is all there is. If we see evil, then it is a mirage.

    • Random factoid
      Anderson Cooper of C(IA)NN is a Rothschild heir (via his mother the kooky Gloria Vanderbilt). Inherited net worth well over $100M. Annual salary over $11M. These financial elite are born with more $$$ than they can ever spend, They personally can afford to have anything they want anytime they want it so short term profit is of no real significance to them. They are working to perpetuate and advance the family dynasty.They plan for the long term (i.e. – centuries). Research it yourself

  3. These pictures are amazing! More definitive proof of this staged hoax. In the first photo, you clearly see a white object attached to peach lady’s back, along with a white tube/hose extending outward and curving left. It is clear as can be. Even the black ring around the nozzle attaching the tube to the mechanism is visible. In the 2nd picture, you see a bulge concealing a white object ( presumably another bladder for fake blood or part of the same mechanism attached to her back–either way, it is being concealed, which can only mean it was intended for clandestine purposes.) Then, in the 3rd photo down, you SEE the fake blood spraying out of a white bladder! The white bladder is resting on a pair of denim-covered legs, and the fake blood is clearly seen spraying out from the small white nozzle attached to the larger white bladder. It’s on the left hand side of the photo. A red substance is plainly spraying forth from that white object. There is NO doubt about what that picture depicts. Excellent work, Dr. K!

  4. Michelle – do some proper research before eating up whatever you read in here! Try looking at high res photos and you can clearly see the tubing you talk about is the handle of a woman’s bag behind.

    I tell you what i wont provide you with the link this time, see if you can find it yourself.

    • I agree, NJ. Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with my eyes when trying to make out something from these grainy pictures.

      But I have no doubt whatsoever that it was a hoax. DrK does not need to invent the wheel over and over again.

      But you NJ, are you a Greenberg? Or just doing your job at NCS? Is the pay ok? Do they ever let you in on the big plans? Take care, remember that we are all one! Love.

      • Dr K wouldn’t know what a wheel was if someone showed him a pixelated picture of a wheel and drew a great big red arrow in Microsoft paint for him with the explanation ‘this is a wheel’

        He’d probably post an article on how this is proof in the non existence of wheels and how it’s all a big hoax by the jews. You would prob be the first to comment – ‘oh drk excellent research’

    • Hi nj
      What do you think of the us federal reserve system?

      • I think he loves it. Like an infant that loves its mother’s breasts. Or a parasite that feeds on its host.

        • It’s like you know that feeling when you read an article that makes so little sense you actually laugh out loud… that you read the comments of people actually buying into that crap…

          oh maybe not…

          • I will fight hard for your and your friends right to a fair trial. You have my word on it.

          • what a guy!

          • I agree that a lot of the pics in the posts are hard to decipher whats going on. In my opinion the clearest example of deceit is with the pics of the old lady wearing the red shirt and black jacket. You can clearly see her in pics immediately after the blast with absolutely no blood. Then later she somehow has blood all over her face legs and hands. When injury occurs, blood flows immediately so there is no excuse to this example.

            Try reading or if you have not yet awaken to whats happening in this country.

  5. LOL! A handle of a bag. Yes, a foot and a half long handle that extends and curves beyond any actual object even near the starting point of the origin of the “handle.” Riiiight. Nice try, but your claim is laughable. Normally I would ignore your drivel, but this time you actually made me laugh out loud.

  6. Yeh thought you wouldn’t be able to work it out BUT here we are michelle, just for you -

    • Those are very nice clear images, NJ, but unfortunately, not the same images from the photo in question. Nice try, though. You sure are working hard at this. One would almost think you had a personal stake in trying to squash and “debunk” the evidence that illustrates the blatant fraud that took place. Were you part of the drill? If so, I feel sorry for you.

      • No not part of anything Michelle just choose not to buy into everything i read.

        Still don’t get it – Ok how about this one then Michelle?

        Feel silly now?

        • Silly? On the contrary. That picture just further confirms my assertion. Bladders of faux blood were concealed within purses, bags, and packs. They were also hidden under clothing. This picture shows a tube or hose attached to a bag. You can call it a “handle” all you want, but that won’t make it so. I suppose you also look at Bauman’s laughably absurd, wooden dining room table leg and see a perfectly realistic tibia, right? The only thing silly is the transparency of your motives.

          • concealed as in hidden as in you cant see them, as in your making assumptions? Anyone could say someone is concealed anywhere, its doesn’t make it fact. I could say you have the whole universe concealed in your ass, doesn’t make it true.

            give it up michelle, do some research or you just make yourself look stupid. If you cant see thats a bag handle i’m afraid you are as thick as pig shit. Bit harsh but it’s the truth.

  7. Concealed and later to be revealed, as evidenced in numerous photos. Not taking the bait, sorry. Try again another time. I see you’re on here all hours of the night and day, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. The only one making themselves look stupid is you. I’m embarrassed for you.
    That is all. Not wasting any more time on you, just wanted to make it clear to you that you’re fooling nobody, effecting nobody with your lame little “insults” and most assuredly, you are not swaying anybody or causing any of us to “give up” anything. Again, you’re embarrassing yourself. Your bosses should look for a new employee. You suck at your job.

    • Where are these numerous photographs then? oh right later to be revealed? When is that exactly?

      Thats all you got ‘oh oh you’re shill’ who’s paying you.. blah blah blah… Just because you don’t like what you see. Take a leaf out of others here, when they are wrong they admit it, it shows character and that they are in search of THE TRUTH!

      Just admit you’re wrong on this one michelle and we can both move on together.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA. So really? You think all those camera angles, that caught the bombers, COULDNT CATCH A SHRED of real false flag evidence… lol. I cant laugh in your face enough. We are all fucking sheeple, you idiots.

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