Boston Bombing — 05 May 2013
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Boston Hoax: Proof of Foreknowledge and Much More

Demonstrating clear evidence of a plot to perpetrate the bombing and titled by the creator, “See Something Say Something: – Full Pop Goes The Weasel (Mirror)” this is worthy of any review, including by those unfamiliar with the secretive powers who perpetrate public terror acts.

An excellent, highly professional video by people who are shrewd enough not to be confused by the lies and disinformation.

One great point: that the people behind this aren’t some rogue part of government or mercenaries. It’s extra-government. We add to this video that the culprit is fully known. Zionists did Sandy Hook and they are also entirely responsible for the Boston false flag.

In contrast, it has never been stated, here, that Craft International planted any bombs. Now, it is believed, suggested, here, that the claim for pressure cooker bombs is also false.


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  1. IDF aka Mossad, you kill kids. Rachel, these these kids in Boston, the kids in Palestine, brave enough they throw rocks, you shoot in the eye with rubber bullets. I saw you get your asses kicked in Lebanon. Bring on your BS deception, no issue for me. Again, contributed nothing other than wars and usury.

  2. Not just rubber bullets…you were being kind. Zionists in America…wake the hell up!!! Zionist Christians that is…disgusting

  3. Alex Jones just launched a major dis info campaign on this story (in the middle of the night!) stating that CST is National Guard.

    That bastard and is Israelis agent. No doubt about it now.

  4. that video blew my mind. So glad there are some smart good people left in this world. Thanks, drkresearch.

  5. Thank, manny, for this notice about AJ’ s recent lies. When Fri., I watched Infowars News tv segment with Dan questioning what he said were residents in Boston, I was shocked to hear the one say he say D. run over Tamerlin with a hijacked SUV. Although Dan did make a point to ask him whether the SUV was that of the police, he did not go further, in the segment shown, to ask him how he knew his assertion was true. In fact, once the guy went that far in his tale about the alleged shootout between the police and the brothers, he sounded and acted rather shady and belligerent..

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