Boston Bombing — 25 May 2013
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Boston Hoax’s Peter Fagenholz, M.D.: Another Bizarre Interview

Preliminary post: more later

Regarding the Boston Marathon bombing hoax what a shame for Peter Fagenholz, M.D. Not an actual mere actor, in fact, a real doctor, what was he thinking when he accepted this position, that is the role of fabricating a massacre?

His role in life is purportedly to stem or treat trauma, not to create the guise for addition trauma, like the murder of Tamerlan Tsaraev and Ibragim Todashev. The lies told by Fagenholz are not to be taken lightly. They have a dire effect on the safety and longevity of the people, with at least two corpses known to be in existence, two people senselessly killed because of the actions of Fagenholz and his ilk.

All that he said on these two videos are categorical lies. Is he merely willing to risk his entire career for serving the cause of the devil? Is Eretz Israel worth the telling of such vile lies to the whole world? Nothing he says in these videos has even the most remote element of truth, which is clearly evident from his body language. Visit this post, again. Transcription and screenshots will follow.

He’s reportedly a physician. How can he tell such lies, inventing trauma that didnt’ even happen. Let him prove otherwise.
Turns his head repeatedly to the side? Nonchalant about it all? What’s the difference with a few diabolical lies? It’s part of the plan for Zionist hegemony.

Speaking from the corner of the mouth AND pressing down of the eyes.

Constantly, he turns his head away: he knows what he is doing, especially considering his profession, is wrong.

The woman is directly associated with the fake commentary. PR agent? She really gets involved, and presses the eyes shut tight during the more dramatic lies.


Anything for Zionist adventurism, even the telling of wicked lies.

Partial transcription of the first video:

Fagenholz: Well, there are some very serious wounds and obviously it is upsetting to see so many people come in so quickly with bad injuries like that.

Reporter: We’ve been told 8 are in critical condition, including some in very critical condition.

Fagenholz: That’s correct. They’re been, uh, 29 patients seen near total. Eight are in critical condition, and many of those are very seriously ill.

Reporter: What kind of injuries are we talking about?

Fagenholz: Um, there are a variety of injuries, probably the most commonly seen injuries are combined lower extremity injuries, combined meaning bone injuries, soft tissue injuries, and various injuries to the lower extremities.

Reporter pipes in: Can you please speak up? Are you seeing shrapnel type injuries

Fagenholz (answering immediately): Yep

Reporter: Could you describe what you (when Fagenholz jerks his head)

Fagenholz: So, uh, we’re seeing a lot of shrapnel-type–a lot of shrapnel wounds (this commentary seemed to be provoked on cue from what appear to be PR agents), predominately the lower extremities but, uh, shrapnel injuries can affect the entire body, so we’re seeing (swings head suddenly)..

Reporter: Doctor, please describe the scene when people were coming in, people were coming in; can you describe that?

Fagenholz: Um, well, the first patient who came in was probably the most severe. We had three of the most critically ill patients come in in about the first 15 minutes at that point we didn’t know it, it was the tip of the iceberg–if that was going to be the tip of the iceberg…








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  1. I would love to be able to administer a lie detector test to the docto Fagenholz. Thanks for teaching so much about face reading, DrKresearch.

  2. Whoever wrote this ridiculous nonsense is a douchebag. Dr. Fagenholz and his team saved my life. I was not involved in the Boston Marathon Patriot’s Day events. Dr. Fagenholz and his team operated on me for a problem much later. I am no less thankful for his surgical and medical expertise. As to his politics, I didn’t care when I got on the operating table. Have you ever been awake and in pain when they transfer you from a gurney to the operating table? You are in so much pain you don’t care what faith or culture, creed or sexuality the doctor is who is going to save your life. I did not care then and I still don’t care whether Dr. Fagenholz is a Jew, Gentile, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Baptist, straight, bent, married,faithful or a cheating sposue; I don’t care if he has a bookie or a gambling problem; not my business. As long as he is licensed, credentialed and willing to put in the hours to perfect his surgical craft then I am happy to be his patient.

    Conspiracy theorists need therapy, lots of therapy and jobs.

  3. this is autistic

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