Boston Bombing — 04 May 2013
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Boston Crime Scene Enhancement – the Busted Bench?

It would seem that the area in front of the Lens Crafters store and  the Marathon Sports Center were never crime scenes. Anyone could just go in and alter the scene. Police were indifferent to what was going on, that is unless an unauthorized person came into the area. Then, they would get active, yelling at them and chasing them out.

Hollywoodpastels and others, including many people posting, here, have pointed out that there is an issue with the benches. After the smoke-pyrotechnic bomb blast, the benches were in a specific conformation, one upright and the other leaning against the railing. They were free of all damage, no breaks or splinters.

It doe seem untenable that a bomb-blast of the proposed proportions, one capable of blowing off feet and legs, splintering and splitting bone, would do essentially no damage to the blast site: no chairs overturned, no tables upended, no scorch marks on the buildings, no damage to infrastructure or trees. Yes, windows were broken and street debris blasted about. Yet, this is the only damage that can be fully seen.

It is patently illegal to commit any alteration of a crime scene, which this purportedly was, as fatalities were reported, as were dire injuries, although the only known on-site reporter of fatalities, giving details and essentially method of death, was the spy Carlos Arrendondo.

Regardless, all law enforcement know it is not only wrong but also criminal to manipulate the crime scene structures or evidence with malicious intent. That appears to be precisely what occurred at the Boston Marathon event.

Here is relatively early photo; there is still smoke or dust in the air. No one is attending to the wounded, the benches in the background, some slight damage, apparently, to the Marathon entryway roof; no glass damage at this store, though; the railings, apparently made of wood, are fully intact.


A side view. There is no damage of any kind to these benches. Nor are they splattered with blood or considerable debris. Note the coordinator pointing to one of the operatives. The paper hanging sign has damage; could easily have been torn. No one in this frame, by the way, as a drop of blood on them, which seems untenable considering the reported nature of the bomb, that is shrapnel, nails, and ball bearings (or BBs).


A close-up view proving its intact nature mere seconds after the bombing.

Caption: an important, clear picture, which will prove alteration of the crime scene

Not any longer. By the time the scene was taken over by crime scene investigators the bench had been smashed. It’s splintered parts can be seen clearly; it was crushed with considerable power, the parts spread out nearly to the entrance:


Another view:


Note that the other bench was knocked over. Looking carefully at the bench it can be seen that it was specifically smashed for effect, that is to enhance the claim of a legitimate, powerful blast. The eyes do not lie, though they can be deceived. This is irrefutable evidence of the manipulation of a crime scene, a criminal offense.

Then, in the minds of the perpetrators is it really a crime, when it is all a play–a fake, a fabrication of the most grand scale conceivable?



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  1. Also watch this alteration of the crime scene minutes after the blast! At 3:16 in the vid, they just start tearing down the set where the bleachers are, on the left, like roadies after a rock concert! I thought there were gravely injured people across the street!

    I was under the impression this whole area was a crime scene!!! They pay no attention to the mortally wounded across the street, and just rip down the movie set. So trolls, how about explaining what is going on here, instead of continuing to comment on this site saying “Trust me”.

    • Please post the link to the video in your post!!

  2. Just click Youtube at the bottom right of the vid and it brings you to the Youtube page with link.

  3. Great video for many reasons but the first I have seen that shows hoaxers, in this case the big sweatshirt woman and a thin woman chasing after her, going into Marathon Sports. Implicating Marathon as being, used if not he base, of the event.

    1:41-1:43 she is down the sidewalk coming this way

    1:53 Boom! There she is in all her glory right there, turning, going inside

    1:56 here comes the woman chasing after her, in a hurry

    2:03 here they come back out with the thin one pushing the fat one

    Article by NY Daily News on Marathon Sports and owner Colin Peddie

    “Blast destroyed shop’”

    “And none of his workers were injured — although one was sent flying while standing on a bench that disappeared with the force of the blast”.

    What “bench” could this be other than the one outside destroyed not by a bomb but by humans who knows when long after the blast? Does Colin Peddie have some ‘splaining to do?

    • It is now posted. Yes, the owner of LensCrafters and the Marathon shop have some explaining to do. They are full of foreknowledge and were duly apprised. Nail on the head: the sports shop was al (the) Qaeda (base). There are other videos/shots showing a variety of DHS-badge-toting individuals moving in and out of the facility. Great job by Pike Aero; great post.

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