Boston Bombing — 26 April 2013
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More Evidence Against Carlos the Fraudster Arrendondo, Enemy of the Human Race

Note: it will be proven, here, that Carlos Arrendondo is telling great lies in the media. These great lies have been spread all over the world, while helping to maintain the hoax of the official story. That means that this individual is a collaborator in this false flag attack.

Make no mistake about it Carlos Arrendondo is rather than a hero a categorical fraud. It will be proven, here, that this man is not who he claims to be, which is a good Samaritan and first responder. He is nothing more than a huckster and liar, who would deceive the world for mere paltry gains.

Much of the evidence is found in the following video. Here, first, is the preamble:


For emphasis it can be seen what is the real purpose of Arrendondo’s dog and pony show:


Arrendondo: No, blood, Blood on the floor, blood, blood everywhere on the floor. People piled on the floor. And then all you see was people without limbs. I mean ripped off limbs everywhere, everywhere.

Editor’s note: Note all the tags, pictures, and IDs, the only way you could have a presence on the street in the aftermath so no Internet sleuths could scope out the crime scene and make a real determination.

Back to the interview:

You see what happened the device, the IED, it went down from the ground up.

(An early attempt to tie the bombing to so-called Islamic militants; does he also work for the ADL?)

The gentlemen that I helped and I personally working on him by a couple pieces of tissue on the legs.

Note: should brought to task for ‘malpractice’ or interfering with proper medical care, since this was the rightful domain of all the dozens of EMTs and physicians on-site.


He had a big fire going on on his shirt (where he repeatedly twists his fingers on the upper chest area of the left side, indicating that this is the site of the fire!).



Editor’s note: his claim for a big fire is taken at its word.



No residue of the “Big Fire” anywhere to be found. He said it, revealing himself. Big fire means big fire. There is no fire damage to that shirt. Look, and look, again. Nor are there any fire-related injuries to anyone at the event. Another grandiose lie by this arch-fraudster. Regardless, shouldn’t they all be drenched in blood?

Arrendondo: So, was IED, was to make as much damage (as possible). They accomplished that. The second bomb, it happened, I didn’t witness anything. , because so much was happening at that particular site, and I just treating that young man. Tying him up, legs. Talk to him. He was conscious. I let him know the ambulance was on the way. That he’s OK. Nothing happened to him. He’s OK. You’re OK. Stay with me, stay with me.


And, then, I managed to take him all the way to the ambulance.

Editor’s comment: Note the rolled-up flag used as a prop, plus the two buttons, purportedly of his son. All of this is an act: the man isn’t real.

Arrendondo: Ya, I escorted him and (starts fake shaking and shivering), because was so many people…begging me for help: begging me for help. But I only can help one at a time. So, I just helped that young man. He told me his name. I forgot the name. He was unconscious.

Editor’s note: Now, that’s interesting. He was conscious but unconscious, speaking while catatonic. Having a Gene Rosen fit?

Arrendondo: I was with a couple of young ladies was totally gone, totally gone. They was right in the front row.

Editor’s note: Now, this is interesting. Arrendondo accounts for two of the three purported deaths, right in his presence. These would be presumably Kristle Campbell and Lu Lingz. He also accounts for some 30 amputees. Arrendondo has more information about what happened to the spectators than the entire Boston police department, fire department, nurses, EMTs, and hospital system combined. Could that happen for anyone other than a deliberate DHS mole?

Back to the interview:


Arrendondo: They put in (the bomb) right there to do damage to the insides, because when this went off, here, it blow all the windows behind you, all those windows were blown out.

Interviewer: Was it right at the finish line?

Arrendondo: You know, the flags, you ever see the flags (makes all sorts of gyrations): all the flags was gone. You ever see the flags, how they put those flags?

Interviewer: The big flags, yea.

Then, Arrendondo bends down towards the pavement:


Arrendondo: This is the end, right? So, from the end to here, all the way to the next block, all has some kind of flag. All the flags was gone–all gone.

Editor’s note: Really, all the flags? What’s the matter with you, Arrendondo, have you watched too many Gene Rosen skits? You are right there, after all. Can’t you see? You are right there looking in the direction of those “some kind of” flags. If this is a lie, what about you could possibly be real?


Thank God his costume included that hat, so he could be easily recognized. Our researchers aren’t even there, and we count four or five wimpy flag poles down and only two flags in the street. Note also the infamous woman in brown: seems to be taking cell phone photos of the ‘victims’: and people say we are lacking in tact and compassion. Again, three to five flags or, perhaps, 10 flags, not all the flags from the Finish Line to the next block.

Interviewer: Where are you going, now?

Arrendondo: I gotta go home.

Where’s home: Rosendale, a suburb of Boston


In one of his other interviews:

“This device looks like it was on the ground, because it really took a lot of limbs off. A lot of people without limbs. A lot of people without limbs. A lot of people lost limbs right in the impact, and all the people were totally unconscious. And I seen, pretty much, 30 bodies. It’s very sad, very sad.”



Looking for those thirty limbs (or would that be 60) at the epicenter; having a hard time finding them. Lots of people milling around. Mr. M & M is still intact.

Here is Arrendondo himself; seems to be moving debris out of the way. Count the claim of the 30 macerated limbs as another one of his lies.


Any doubt that he is an actor?

Here is what one YouTube poster wisely posted after watching  the interview:

.32- limbless guy had big fire on his shirt. Anyone seen a pic of that?

1.06- limbless guy was concious and told hero his name and then he helped him to the ambulance?

1.40-hero says the guy was unconsious? Confused

2.30- hero says theres gonna be big flags at the finish line and later on he said they were all gone? Anyone seen a pic of that?

Here are some screenshots from another of his interviews:



Who is the man in the dark glasses having a ball with the lies, urging him on?

Arrendondo, the EMT?

Moreover, what happened to the medical professionals? Where they merely standing around, watching, as the fake scenes evolved? Or, were they nowhere to be found, being replaced by additional actors?
Who needs emergency medical services when a fraudster like Carlos Arrendondo is on the scene?


Moroever, who needs Arrendodo preaching to the world when he not only can’t keep his story strait, while also telling outright lies, even though he routinely rails against liars:

Carlos Arredondo, Melida’s husband and father to Lcpl. Alexander Scott Arredondo, USMC, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, leaves on Tuesday morning to join Sheehan in a march and tour that starts in Crawford, TX, heads to DC and then New York City. “Our sons died in a war that the president admitted is based on falsehoods. I am a US citizen who believes in upholding the constitution. It is my duty as an American to join Cindy. My son can’t be here to see victory in Iraq. I can work for peace in his place.” states Arredondo.

When his son died, this was what Arrendondo did:

Arredondo went to his garage and came out carrying a propane tank, a gallon of gasoline and a welder’s torch, police spokesman Tony Rode said.

The Marines tried to calm him, Rode said, but Arredondo smashed the window of their van, got inside and doused it with the gasoline.

Then he set it on fire.

“Unfortunately, the man was caught in the fire,” a police statement said.

Video showed the van engulfed in flames.

The three Marines pulled the father from the burning van and had him “drop and roll,” police said.

Arredondo was taken to a hospital and then to a burn center in Miami, Florida, with serious burns over much of his body.

“A bad situation turned ugly is what happened,” Rode said.

“He’s actually inside and, at one point, comes out of the vehicle pretty much on fire,” Rode said. “He was burning on his arms, legs and hands.”

Not the most stable person around, yet he’s the original source of the reports on injuries and fatalities?

Regardless, why is this man lying about what happened?

An insight into his motives and role is found here. It will be seen that he is a big fan of Barack Obama:

Carlos Arredondo from Trust Tour on Vimeo.


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  1. you know what i struggle with..the 7 police officers who were standing around the old man that first went down..the runner, I just thought it very strange how they all took off in different directions when the film crew came towards them….all dark glasses…

    keep up the good work.

    • Yes, that image is very strange and appears to be for effect: they, too, could have been paid actors.

  2. This video shows the cowboy guy handing over a flag to somebody (0:33) and then taking something out of his pocket and moving his arm up and down along his upper leg… quite strange, maybe to put fake blood on his right sleeve?
    The woman clad in a brownish sweater (0:19, left of the tree) is directing the scene, and a guy in a sweater with similar colour (0:17) is taking photographs in a very relaxed stance – guess for the family album.
    There is way more in this video then pointed out above.

    • Amendment: Look at 1:13 how they do CPR, either they are complete morons or the casualty is an actor who actually wouldn’t appreciate to get real CPR as this would get him in real danger.
      This video really underlines the hoax.

    • Another one, sorry I’m to quick on the enter button today.
      At 0:37 police officers obstructing the view, elderly guy with blue cap and black jacket is giving instructions (he has given instructions as well to cowboy at 0:27)
      0:12 turquoise lady walks arround like window shopping

  3. And nearly mmediately after the explosion, about six men in yellow vests rushed to the “scene” and pulled down about six flags. Thanks NoDisinfo.

    We should continue spreading the truth, and at the very least, question authority. I hope Cindy Sheehan, who refuses to admit that Mossad did 9/11, or criticize the Jews (many of which inform and manage her) does get informed about Arredondo.

  4. ..all enemies, foreign and domestic..

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