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Hard Proof Paul Walker’s Death is a Fake

This post proves that Paul Walker faked his own death in a Hollywood stunt involving dozens, possibly, hundreds of people. There is no wiggle-room, no options. The fake is now proven. Led regarding the findings here largely because of one of our posters, with extensive experience in race cars, it is now confirmed that was rather than an accidental explosion a man-made fire. Much thanks to him.

The fire is a fake, mere pyrotechnics and accelerants.


This is a Hollywood-style ignition of magnesium or other hot-burning salts, not a petrol-based fire. Not possible. This alone, this initial ignition, proves the hoax. Everyone, once again, this is pyrotechnic dust, which is monumental proof that this is a set-up.


Let us not even begin to speak of what happens to this moulage mole during the set-up phase, when she apparently splatters fake blood into her face:


Why doesn’t one of these Hollywood-meisters deny that this is what happened?

Roasted alive, burnt beyond recognition, no way to identify: really?


This is what real flesh looks like when it’s burnt, not fleshy pink with all sorts of fresh red paint-like material: never. Instead, it is as expected, like roasted flesh, like a chicken roasted in an oven.


Furthermore, what of the clothes? They are always burnt into the tissues, no exceptions. So, why were Rodas and Walker exceptions? Do they do their ritual deaths in the nude?



The lack of clothes, therefore, is yet another component of hard proof that this is a fake, not real. Even so, continuously it was claimed that the bodies were “burnt beyond recognition.” An ideal claim for the plotters, and, regardless, clearly, they are not burnt beyond recognition or even burnt at all.

OK, there is something going on regarding the silicone face of the dapper cadaver. Burnt? It is mere charcoal applied by the moulage moles who may well have been operating under the tarp.

When the moulage moles finished their dastardly deed, they opened up the flood-gates. Dozens of camera switch clicks can be heard suddenly, along with, incredibly, the voices of children in the background.

Such images, regardless, of a celebrity would not likely be allowed out for public consumption. Recall that the entire area was guard- and gate-controlled. No one other than the authorized could gain access to the site.

Even so, it has already been proven here, repeatedly, that despite any interviews by the father, Tyrese Gibson, Vin Diesel, or others that this is a fraud and a hoax, a demonstrated by the smirks and smiles of the various Hollywood-meisters and moles found on-site, including the fraudulent Coroner mole, the brunette woman in white seen here:


No wonder she was smirking. This was no actual corpse. Rather, this was a mere dapper cadaver, a fake: a Hollywood stunt.

Even so, can the fraud be confirmed definitively by any actions on the ground? What about this finding at the Fast & Furious car studios?

Lykan Hypersport in Fast and Furious 7

What is seen, here? It is none other that a fire suit for pyrotechnic-based stunts, the wearer being known as a pyrotechnician. Even so, pretty sloppy work to have it lying around in the open.

Here it is up close:


The box most likely contains the fire-proof gloves.

The infamous tarp also used by Mr. Walker’s team to fake his death is also found in the studio:

Lykan Hypersport in Fast and Furious 7

In Hollywood faking it is a routine:

zelhands-01.jpg (10993 bytes)

Touchstone Pictures

Suits are needed to protect the stuntmen, often worn inside other clothing for stunt purposes. If no stunt necessary, the suits are worn outside with no other clothes on top:


Clearly, therefore, that is a Kevlar fireproof suit which is seen on that race car back area.

Aluminium Foil Fabric Fireproof SuitKevlar and Aluminum Foil Fire Resistant Suit

Special Effects Pyrotechnician


The initial evidence of a fake or pyrotechnic fire versus a real one from the unlikely event of an exploding gas tank or from a leaking fuel tank (possible but rare in a Porsche) came from this photo found in the DailyMail:

According to TMZ, the family say that experts have told them the bumps may have caused the car to hydroplane and the driver to lose control

Looking at the center of the frame the image has what appears to be a human setting up the fire, a pyrotechnician, in all likelihood wearing a Kevlar fireproof suit:



For those who would hold this as an optical illusion in live cell phone footage men in what appears to be white or silvery gear are seen moving about next to and even inside the car.

However, that relatively clear image of what appears to be a pyrotechnician in a Kevlar suit is not distinctly seen in this other image of the same fire at some point earlier or later:

Paul Walker's family have claimed that experts have said that road markers called Bott's Dots (circled) may have been the cause of the crash that killed him

No fire-proof Mario, but here is what is seen, zoomed in:


Even so, there may well be heads in background behind the pyrotechnic flash (or reflections thereof).

The ultimate nature of the fraud can be clearly seen, here, through systematic capture of screenshots:


Without the arrows. The white area is believed to be the left arm of the pyrotecnician in his suit.


As soon as the hoax-supporting car drives up “he died” and ‘he’s dead’ the pyrotechnician moves out of sight.



Man in Kevlar suit no longer visible. However, heads of two men talking to each other is visible, far left screen:


At this time two of the cohort moles can seemingly be seen even more clearly on the far left screen, where they turn to face each other:


It seems that there were two men there all along. Are these the same two that end up left screen?


paulwalkerpyrotechnics-121 paulwalkerfakesdeathpyrotechfire

While, perhaps, nothing can be definitively said about exactly what is going on here one issue is certain: there is motion involving individuals in white suits or clothing of some  kind. That movement is both right next to and within the car as well as in highly close proximity to the fire.

When the set-up blue car arrives, a pile of people show up out of nowhere. Count them. That’s at least five people.


Possible images, above, of man bending over in Kevlar fireproof suit, one lower leg obstructed from vision.

Therefore, Paul Walker did absolutely fake his death, as did Roger Rodas. Both men are still alive. Theoretically, that would be good news for their fans.


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  1. Compare the number plates in this video and picture. Number plates are same both are 7CCY590. But if u ll check the number plate in this video u ll see under the number it is not written always evolving while in other pictures of car it is clearly seen. Here the link s and

    • Btw : (icence plates)
      But yeah, I don’t see any “always evolving” or a “0” next to the “9”…
      So, that’s weird.
      But we could explain that…like, I dunno, the fire make that disappear?
      Anyway, how by the hell is it possible that there is a licence plate at this PLACE??????
      It seems like a setup?? O_o under the hood, seriously? Was it the shock?

      • people are using photo shop in these pics take no notice !

      The guy in white shirt protects his eyes from the rays of the sun.

  2. I couldn’t paste the link of video above correctly. And I watched it again. Absolutely there is difference.

  3. What exactly is the point (or motive) of the HOAX???

    Publicity for the Fast and Furious franchise?
    Donations like Sandy Hook?
    Insurance fraud?
    All of the above?

  4. A video from charity event just before crash now pause the video and check licence plate carefully. Above the numbers I think written california and below is written always evolving. And this video is also from the charity event so in both cars numbers are same on licence plates. But always evolving is not written in second one. So it looks like there were 2 cars in the same event. Is there any other explanation?

  5. I tried to find on the internet a picture taken at Roger Rodas funeral (even from far distance) you know ….family, friend …..I couldn’t find any ,not even one, so nobody was interested in recording “the sad event” . corect me if I’m wrong.

    • Yes that is right. There is no any news about roger rodas. And no family member of rodas was present in paul walker’s funeral.

      • These are great points which act to confirm the degree of this hoax. Links, please on Roger Rodas, who was a stock broker, not a race driver, as such.

        • drkresearch did u watch those videos which I posted previously. What could you see? Is there really difference or not?

          • The videos on the cars? Will study it shortly. Yes, it is logical that a more junky or less valuable car was used for the pyrotechnic burning display. Will get on it.

          • OK: you and the other poster (initial p), you two have just broken this case, big-time, exceptional job. Will be publishing, God willing, shortly.


  7. is this a hoax or no ?

    • Yes it is a hoax. It is not possible to have two individuals in that kind of a fire, a gasoline burn, and look like that. Those are dapper dummy cadavers, not humans.

      Also, it is not possible to have two corpses rotting in the sun like that for hours and hours. The whole thing is a fake.

  8. I read on Yahoo recently about “speed and speed only was the reason for the cras.” But there was a statement from Ca CHP saying one of the tires at the scene was from 2004. Wait! So,you mean to tell me there was an original tire on the vehicle belonging to two millionaires that own a high end auto shop? Hard. To believe. Even if they rarely drove that car – 9 1/2 year old tire on a 450k car?! Those tires and rims look immaculate in the photos. It looks like the guys of AE pieced together a prop GT full of old parts and had pyrotechs stage fire around the prop.

    Oh, does Anyone find it odd that Paul passes away weeks before he is announced #6 on the Forbes list as a top earner? So is The Rock and Vin Diesel? Oh, and Tyrese gets Grammy nominated for his album 3T days after Paul’s “death”?

    It seems as though everyone cooperating with this hoax is being rewarded and will continue to be treated with priority in the entertainment industry.

    Sounds like tax evasion and insurance scam and there is no better person to go out with a bang with than your …. Financial advisor. Haha. Not to mention the influx of donations to ROWW in the wake of this incident.


    • Well-said. Could you by chance write an OP-ED on the bizarre coincidences of this hoax?

  9. I want to believe this… I really do.. but something just doesn’t add up. I mean both ways. If he did die, the accident doesn’t make since for many reasons that have already been stated by people above my comment.. but if he did fake his death, why? He was finally happy with his career.. He said he was happier than ever before.. He was also a very honest and sweet guy, I believe MAYBE he would fake his death for these reasons
    1. To show/teach people a lesson on how valuable life is
    2. To make a big unforgettable surprise in one of the fast and furious movies.
    ^^ those are the rumors that I have heard.

    I truly don’t think he would put his fans through so much heartbreak thinking he died… none the less burning to death. I didn’t mention his family hurting because well… if he faked his death he wouldn’t leave his family behind. Just his fans and other regular people wouldn’t know he was still alive.

    • I think nobody can have an exact idea why he faked his death except himself. And I do believe that he faked his death due to many contradictories in his accident. And if it is staged most probably family and few people are already aware of everything. If this is just a hoax must be exposed and spread on social media with solid proofs.

  10. So, there is this video:
    You can see like there is soemone..maybe paul with the special suit you’re talking about in this thread?
    And you should examine this one too:

  11. A carrera GT has different color for each side
    That’s what I think. On the video, red and blue.

    • Thanks: am correcting the post. All info. is a work in progress.

    • Listn people didnt u pay attention in school? If a car that is driving 80mphr it hits a pole, that kind off crash impact can kill you because of the airbags. Airbags blow up times ur own weight, airbags are only save when u drive normal maximale speed is 45m thats when their save. Second in this crash. The gastank was in front of the porsche this means by the impact off the crash( they hit a pole and tree) thegastank started leakibg and somehow reached the motor whi is in the bak off the car this explains the fire. Again if a car drives 100 km ph and hits a pole u are dead only by the airbags that open up. Because our body is not built to catch up that smash u get. Paul died unfortunatly. Its sad because he wasnt driving

      • Sad thing is.. even though there’s a few things that don’t make since about his death. The coroner said Paul Walker survived the crash.. but died after the fire started. There’s two different statements from the coroner.. He says ” Paul walker died nanoseconds within the impact” Then a different statement is said ” Paul walker died a few seconds after the fire have started” How is that possible? he couldn’t have died nanoseconds from the crash and have died from the fire also. The fire didn’t start til a full minute maybe more after impact. It would make since if he died from the impact dying less than a seconds afterwards but how do you die from something that starts a minute after the impact when you supposedly died less than a second after hitting the tree? That doesn’t make since. I’m not saying he’s a live… because I honestly don’t know what to believe. I met this man three times and he was so amazingly sweet.. I don’t want to believe he’s dead but I do want to keep searching til I get the right answers.

      • Why do you answer me? I just post what I found.
        I read the facts, I’m an expert.

        • *not.

  12. Why would he want to fake his death though

  13. This happened in my country Mexico and i think Paul Walker crash is a dummy look at the bodies are so different…

    • Excellent, though dire, example of a petrol-based fire, God rest their souls. What a real horror versus the fakes of this hoax.

  14. whats the truth on this ?

  15. PW is really died in the accident that’s what happened, why pretend thinking its a hoax?

    • Because there are so many things that don’t add up from his accident. Plus, why did Jim Torp lie bout what happened three times? First time he was interviewed, he says he saw Paul walker’s daughter there, later on. We all learned that she was NOT there at the scene. Then Jim says he didn’t hear anything, he found out Paul was dead by phone. When in an interview at the scene, he said he heard a crash and then arrived minutes later. Not mentioning a phone call. Plus, why would Paul and his partner have a 2004 tire on their sports car? I’m not much into theories, but no one can deny that this does not make sense..

    • It funny how there are 4 different tupes of the same car that was involved in the crash and it’s the same tag #

  16. Why would they be speeding in a built up area full of trees & lamposts when they both had kids & knew the car was very sensative to the slightest bumps eg botts dots ! now thats the big question ???? Those body pics are fake Jim Torp is a mixed up bloke & coronors report, why publish death certificates in internet not very sensative is it ? I did think that was someone moving around in the car the minute I saw it. Hoax death ???? he did want to be with his daughter more ! He would be seen though with his daughter girlfriend family someine would trip up somewhere along the way. I wish it was a hoax cos that was a horrific way to go. Roger could’nt have been thinking straight to drive so fast in that type if road in that type of car. He maywell have fainted or had a stroke or heart attack. We may never know what really happened. R.I.P x

    • You know what else I don’t get? The driver was a professional racer who drove cars that went way faster and still had a pretty tight track. One would think that going the speeds he was going he would be able to control the car and not crash. In the races he is in, the track has sharper turns and they go way faster. It just doesn’t add up.

  17. I bet y’all feel like complete assholes now don’t you! Frieking inconsiderate morons! Why did all you pics get removed??? Oh bc they’re fake!

    • They didn’t get removed. When the site was updated, a slash was lost in all the previous posts. So, now, manually, the slash has to be re-installed. Go troll elsewhere.

  18. You are fucking crazy.
    Seriously. You need therapy.
    Instead if wasting your time on useless shit like this, Google search therapists in your area and seek treatment.

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