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Dead People in France Concert Theater are Dummies, Not Real Humans

Imagery in part thanks to one of our posters

It truly is a Zionist world where these hideous ones, these rogue elements on this planet earth, can wantonly murder people while then faking the deaths of others: all for their own greedy, malicious gains. While the Zionists murder countless innocent, defenseless people in bombing attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and more, doing so in broad daylight – while they do this in the dark of the night these criminal minds faked a Paris-based terror attack.

There was no Nov. 2015 that is Friday the 13th, terrorist attack in France. It was all fake, proven, here.

Yet, why was it faked? It was done in order to perpetuate further arch-Zionist crimes, particularly the criminal enterprise known as Apartheid Greater Israel.


It seems real enough. It does look like actual human elements, dead bodies or, perhaps, people about to die from bleeding wounds. Yet, in many ways it doesn’t look real, for instance, the glaringly obvious anomaly of the smearing about of the red matter, which people presume to be blood, with what was obviously some sort of mop or broom. In real crime scenes that is never done.

Regarding the red matter, which is obviously of uniform color, here is what one of our posters has made evidence, a man who is in the midst of real blood as an ambulance driver:

I work as an Ambulance driver. When we arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of the victims has usually begun deoxygenating und turning dark. Hemoglobin holds onto oxygen to carry it around your body. Hemoglobin takes on a different shape when oxygenated and appears more “red” when fully oxygenated. When the oxygen molecules leave the hemoglobin, the substance changes shape and appears to be very dark. When blood leaves your body, your red blood cells die and the hemoglobin eventually becomes deoxygenated. Blood that has recently left a body has a much brighter red color due to the fact it is oxygenated by the air. The eventual death of the red blood cells releases the oxygen, turning the hemoglobin dark red and even appearingly black. So, when was this picture taken if it took the police two hours to get in the building?

The blood in the picture is bright red, It should be almost black.


So, in fact, it isn’t realistic after all and, rather, raises suspicions even on an initial glance.

It becomes even more unrealistic when zooming in on the imagery. Murderous death is taboo; most people would never give associated images thorough scrutiny. The shock element alone prevents the vast majority of people from inspecting any murder- or death-associated imagery. Upon such careful inspection the narrative for the purported concert attack by ISIS fanatics breaks down: completely. That’s because the entities seen on the theater floor aren’t humans of any kind. Rather, they are cadaver dummies, also known as Dapper Cadavers. The entities are also known as stunt dummies. Here, they are called staging dummies. A variety of these entities can be seen here:


Notice the pelvis. No human has such anatomy. Furthermore, the legs are in an anatomically  impossible position. The entity is supposed to be dead. Really, she’s dead? They why is her right thigh and lower not flaccidly fallen to the ground?


How about these components? How can they be real people? See the bizarre nature of the neck and face of the entity in red. Notice also the exceedingly large feet. There is no way that these are real people. Yet, the shock overwhelms all and thus the majority of people are completely bamboozled.


What does that pool of red matter relate to? Why is the coat and shirt pulled up? How in the world has feet which are that large? Regardless, who are these people? They bear no resemblance to any of the supposed dead. Moreover, none of them have a resemblance to any human. Their faces are indistinct; none of them have real eyes, mouths, noses, or other normal features.


This (fake) woman seems to be propping herself up despite being ‘dead.’ How is that possible?

Staging dummies are reticulated. That’s so they can be put into a multiplicity of poses, just as they were in the LAX shooting hoax:


All these criminal minds have to do is dress up any such stunt dummy, paint it with a bit of fake blood, and the whole world will consume it as true.

Regarding the use of mops and brooms for spreading tempura paint there is a forerunner – the Israelis do this in the Zionist strip:


The reticulated nature of the dummies of the France theater shooting hoax can be clearly seen here:


There is no difference between the two. They are both reticulated dummies, mere stage props.


Regarding the reticulated dummy of the France theater shooting hoax he, like the other, has his hands and arms in the hair, which would be impossible for a dead person. The corpse, a real one, suffers from decorticate status, which means that there can be no muscle tone. Thus, unless supported, all the limbs must collapse downward.

Dummies can appear realistic. This is what is fooling most people.

The other dummies used in this arch-fake shooting hoax are as follows:



Notice the compressed nature of the fake legs. It’s just like is seen in the dummies of the Dapper Cadaver website.

Image 1franceconcerthoax-44

This is absolutely a supreme, grandiose fake. No one can prove otherwise. The fake is done in order to support an extremist agenda of rabid Zionist agents, including the arch-pro-Zionist Rothschild clique. The purpose is to create the sense of support for further murderous, destructive actions by high-level Zionist Jews, including the powerful, wealthy Jews of Europe, England, Australia, and the United States. The purpose is to invade Syria at any cost, also to conquer the Hezbollah: all in order to sustain and advance Zionist machinations.



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  1. There was a graphic used on TV in the wake of the bogus shootings. It was a black peace sign Moulded into an Eiffel Tower, inside the tower is a black crucifix. A black peace sign a black crucifix, another code in light of it:
    Simply I declare it an evil sign, waging war on peace by Zionists again.

    • Cowboy on November 16, 2015 at 3:01 pm
      Ex 21 France Terror PsyOp–This needs to go viral and Now!!!
      Post this damn picture everywhere you post stuff Christinne & Felix & whoever!! With or without my comments but explain & someone needs to make a video fast! This is so obvious! Anyone denies these are dummies is a liar or damned near Blind! If you have a Youtube acount or can just do it with a google account or something request RussianVids or someone to make a vid based on this picture alone and it being dummies!

      Exhibit 21) Dummies Loads of Movie Set Dummies! Zionist France Terror PsyOp Attacks Destroyed If Someone Makes A Good Video Using this Med-Res picture from the PsyOp.
      Thanks Wake the Sheep & Richard Martinez and Sherrie Questions All for leading me/us to this picture!!

      The clearest, most obviously dummy is the one near the bottom front on “his”- it’s back. But also up on the stage may be as obvious another (impossibly human) dummy!
      But something else is yet even better 1 billion percent proof! What is impossibly missing from the stage??? lol Can you find it? What would have to be on the stage?

      • First, there are no musical instruments, of any type. If you were a musician running offstage to avoid being shot, would you take your drum set with you? Would you haul off all the sound equipment, electrical cords, and pianos?
        Second, those “bodies” are dressed like audience members, not like the performers of the group that was supposed to be there. In a real attack audience members would have run in the direction of the exit doors, or tried to hide under their seats. A real patron of a concert would not run onto the stage, certainly not onto an open sided central stage like this.
        If that is the “stage” for this performance, there are too many dead people on it. There should only be as many as there were musicians (maybe six) and stage hands (possibly three).
        In addition, too many of these “dead people” are wearing the same color of pants.

        • That is not the stage, it’s the floor. If you’d ever been to this social gathering known as a “concert”you’d recognize the metal in the right hand side in the photo to be the bottom of the guard rail in front of what is really the stage. Also, those “same color pants” are called jeans. It’s what most people who don’t live in their sweatpants use when they leave their apartments.

        • Even if that is the edge of a stage we should be seeing the lighting equipment suspended over the area which you are calling the floor. That area corresponds to the orchestra pit of a theater and above it there would be lights and cords. They don’t light a stage from directly above the performers, obviously. The lights are suspended from the ceiling, above the area shown in this picture. In a real situation there would be no way to take a picture from above the stage, and the pit, without including that equipment. And no, I have never been to one of these “concerts” . And the clothing is too much the same. Women attending a real event would be wearing different styles of shoe and boots. Some would be in skirts. Those are dummies, in the clothing provided by the company that sold the dummies.

          • So the band and their attending fans are complicit to a hoax are they?


            The only dummy here is you Cecelia.

          • Are you part of that leather-homo-zio band..? You get paid in money or…nature…?…:)

          • The photos which you have provided prove our point. In your “before the shooting” photo the performer stands on the edge of the stage, with electrical cords and audio equipment all around his feet. Those boxes at the edge of the stage are for performers to hear themselves. The edge of the stage, in your “before” photo is also lined with microphones on stands.
            This same area (front edge of the stage) in your “dead people on the floor photo” shows nothing like this. no microphone stands overturned or standing. No audio feedback boxes. The area is clear. So now are you going to say that someone hauled out all of this equipment while three men shot people with assault rifles?

          • That’s not the stage area, dummy. In the picture depicting corpses the stage is to the right (out shot) . You for all your nit picking fail to identify one end of a concert hall from the other. An eye for architecture you have not in the least. Here’s a big hint: use the lighting set on the balcony BEHIND the crowd as a reference point between viewing photos then get back to me with more of your preposterous delusions of “proof”.

          • There was never any concert. The Eagles didn’t play that night and there were no fans watching. The pictures were taken on a set months ago and broadcast on TV so they could pollute and weaken the minds of the human race. Nothing new. The entire thing is a farce made-for-tv movie.

          • Yes, it is likely that there was no concert at all: just crisis actors inside, fully staged.

          • Lights “attached to the balcony” and “behind the audience” would be house lights. There’s no way to light a stage with lights positioned”behind the audience.” I’m not going to respond again because every response to your comments turns into few pennies for you to grab at in your shill position . You post nonsense and you collect your greasy little check.

          • No Cecelia, you won’t respond again because you’re a dumbass whose “proof” got torn to shreds like confetti. The purpose of that light set on the balcony is not necessarily to illuminate the stage or mosh pit as per a floodlight. It is more likely a laser lighting set to accentuate performances. Why, there are even some speaker boxes mounted to the balcony which suffice as additional reference points if you wish to split hairs with regards to lighting systems.
            Take note of their position in relation to the crowd and the viewpoint of where the pictures were taken. This places the location of the stage in relation to picture viewpoints and easily refutes your ridiculous and spurious claims hindered by your own lack of perspective. Can you even read a map without turning it about and looking as stupid and lost as I imagine you do?
            Get lost, Cecelia, and stay lost you gormless cow.

          • Eagles of Death…Congratulations! You have just earned a grand total of 50 cents! (equal to one whole shekel) for another nonsensical shill post. Keep up the good work, shill, by the end of today you could have another $2 from your Mossad employers. They are kind of Stingy, aren’t they?

          • Exposing your inadequacy, irrationality and paranoia is a community service which I provide for free, Cecelia. However it gives me no pleasure to kick a mental cripple.
            You’re only responding now to for the sake of your stung ego, (lost cause that it is).

          • Eagles of Death…shill…paid troll…mossad robot.

          • Cecelia, can anyone bearing the sad label of ‘eagles of death’ be ..Human..?

            Bah! I doubt..

            Check this one from

            U.S. Senator Richard Black to President al-Assad: “War on Syria was an unlawful war of aggression”


          • Ready for personal Strip ‘n Search..?

            The scam the whole world was waiting for, is about to hit these screens:

            ‘Where are the guns? Probe finds hundreds of Bay Area police weapons missing’


          • Cecelia…owned.

        • There are never instruments on the dance floor. Smart one dumbass

      • A couple more features that stood out; 1) There is a lighting rack clearly seen which is sparsely equipped with only three spots, each of which still have dust covers and are pointed downwards … unlikely for a metal concert. 2) Although the resolution is poor, the powerful weapons allegedly used should still have shown some damage – on the pillars, upper or lower balconies etc, but even under zoom these surfaces are perfectly clean, as are the heads and torso’s of the “fatally wounded.”. 3) There appears to be at least five or six people in a casual group at the rear of the balcony … all wearing black. This resmbles the recent eye-witness description of the shooters outside Le Belle Equipe cafe who headed in the direction of the theatre. Apoologies if these have already been mentioned, I’m still wading through this thread.

      • Funniest thing is that I would have usually almost ALWAYS believed anything anti Zionist… because I’m fully aware of the atrocities they are capable of, and follow it on a regular basis…
        The sad part, however, is that one of our friends was at the hall… for the concert… he had posted it on his fb… and he was killed the same night….
        So however much I would really like to believe this article, I cannot… because I saw the pain that family went through … so I can assure you that there were surely some of them who were real… and definitely all were not dummies…
        Please talk to the families and friends to confirm the story before posting… another friend with him is still in the ICU…. so this was real… and that makes me distrust your website completely.. unfortunately…

        • I’m sorry..

          I mean….that you can’t provide name, picture, details about his hotel and the persons he was with..or medical reports and data about his certificate of death…

          At least the name and some data about the one in the hospital…

          And so, until then…how was that one..?

          ‘Mourning in the Morning and Grieving in the Evening..?.’….You can go on alone, buddy. Bet you already know how it goes….

        • And that doesn’t make you realise that ALL of the articles on here are pure propagandist bull? They won’t believe you unless you post EVERY detail of the friend that died including his death certificate. Yet they believe every piece of crap posted as long as it supports their belief that the world is controlled by zionists and no muslim or christian is every guilty of violence.

          Truthseeker, I hope that you now can see that the entire world isn’t made up of hoaxes and conspiracies, and that these sad people on here are vile, evil and without an ounce of sympathy to the families of those who lose their lives in these real events.

          Cue – vicious attacks saying I am clearly a mossad agent being paid to have an opinion. Go!

        • This page & the people who think these attacks are staged, are in fact the very peoples who want the scum bags who did this horrible act to get away with murder. This crazy page & sight is ran & put up by nut job freedom haters.

    • Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
      France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
      Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any of the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
      Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind! They got advance notice, they got out & they took their weapons & supplies with them. Remember ISIS’s main bases are in:
      1) Across the Syrian border, in Turkey where protected by ziopuppet Turkey &
      2) Inside Golan Heights, De Facto Israel since 1967 –Israeli occupied portion of Syria! ..Yes since 1967! Nothing more outrageously makes it totally clear that ISIS is a creation of Israel & works for Israel & no one else!

      Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
      against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.

      • I would be careful with that…only because I don’t see Russian forces Idily sitting by while French bombers target Syrian government infrastructure..they’re probably trying to guage public opinion for French military engagement In Syria…or just plain old disinfo.

        Why do you think I’m “crazy”, Cowboy?

        • In my view, They’re all in the same club! Waiting to collect the spoils of war with their genocidal megalomaniac minds.
          Sitting on the fence whilst ppl die is a way of life to them.
          Thugs bullies!

        • Firstly I have not previously replied to you so how could I have said (or think) you were crazy?
          Anyway do you think Russia wants to go war with France and thus with USA & UK? What is Russia to do after these massive PsyOps, Psychological Warfare Attacks have been pulled of by the zionists, de facto Israel & all their zioPuppets in France? Obviously the corrupt (zioCorrupted) leaders in France know they finally have atleast the minimum momentum cover & false justification to bomb someone who is supposedly Muslim extremist Jihadist/ “terrorists” & ISIS. The zios & zio media point at “Syrians involved” & to this “ISIS”. The people in France are angry & many quite confused. Angry people, like angry mobs go along with the crowd. Confused people are nuetralized, so they don’t know what to think or do, so they go along and certainly do not start massive peace & antiWar Protests in the Street in Paris right now. Even those who know it was a series of PsyOps & Fake, right now, know it would be futile after these Psychogical Warfare Attacks are portrayed by media, govt., & false witnesses & accepted as real events by most French atleast at this moment.
          But French are much more skeptical & zioAware than the Brainwashed Brits. The French are tired of wars & are more aware like the Irish & Scandanavians of the evil of the zionists and their genocide against the Palestinians than most. And the French have an advanced military especially their Air Force fighters & bombers. Thus the French are heavily targeted for terror events by the Zionist Psychopaths, so they can used like cheap whores to murder Syrians & other Arabs, Muslims & Africans targeted by Israel & the zionist psychopaths for war, destruction, genocide and extermination.

        • Yes

          “[the Russians] they’re probably trying to guage public opinion for French military engagement In Syria…”

          Yes they are waiting…

    • Truth hurts, honey? Ur illusion bubble exploded? Ur world crashed? Get used to that, idiot! Better fucked up in the head like us than irrecuperably retarded like u

      • Geez, Salami,

        you gotta love riding my sackball..!

      • Ahahahaha!! Christinne cracks even kicking asses here…!!

    • I couldn’t believe this site when I found it by accident .Still cant ,shaking head in disbelief 🙁

      • Found it by accident? Fail you shill! Find another job because you really suck at this one!

        • Lot of anger there I’m thinking. You need to get out more ,things happen by accident all the time. Just thinking of the poor people lost in Paris ,it could happen anywhere now ,but at last US & Russia have woken up & our security has been strengthened. No more ‘refugees’ Cameron ,close all our borders now.

          • trutheralways is always angry because he is confused at exactly why society has rejected him.
            His friends, family and church congregation all concur that he is nuts, so he seeks consolation and acceptance from the regular crazies who dwell in this dank existence. Like them, he needs someone and something to blame his inadequacies and insecurities upon. An ounce of maturity would work wonders.
            Pity the fool.

          • RottenBerg..!!

            There’s a mex for you downwards u will want to read. It’s in english..Hope u can read t.

            Moreover…. It’s for u and salami sucker..

            I’ve got two birds in one stone…!!

          • That stupid psycho description may work on someone who is ignorant about what is going on, but I know for a fact what is real and what is BS, so try your BS on someone else you loser shill. Those who reject the truth will be the losers in the end along with the liars like you.

          • You nailed it Zerg. These folks have serious mental problems and are outcasts of society. No one takes them seriously. So let them waste their lives away as they indulge their fantasies here. They’re good for a laugh, but that’s about it.

          • “Serious mental problems.”

            “Outcasts of society.”

            I noticed you FAILED to address whether or not the photo is real or staged. Nor did you comment on the video that clearly shows the French police are NOT shooting at any terrorist. Or the media video that claims a “suicide vest” is being examined where a terrorist supposedly blew himself up after shooting up a cafe, when there is obviously no damage anywhere near the vest.

            The people with “serious mental problems” are those who fail to use their brains and deduce basic logic that this was a STAGED event.

            Go back to watching CNN you troll.

          • Yes, the evidence we can get from critical examination of the material provided by the same msm, simply nukes their version of ‘facts’.

          • Hey, Wake. I know you’re trying real hard to provide evidence of a hoax with your many long, well thought-out posts. Then you’ve got Rudolf Friedrich 01 incessantly posting about his fascination with butts, arses and anal. If you’re trying to make an intellectually valid case for your position, do you really think Rudy’s immature juvenile schoolyard name calling is helping your cause? Do you think influential people are going to take you seriously in an editorial environment that is littered with gay ass talk? Wake up. This Rudy guy is undermining you by posting his kiddy trash talk right next to your scholarly assessments. He’s making you all look like bozos by appealing to the lowest common denominator. You know it’s true.

          • Hey po(r)co,

            No, it doesnt work as with you homo-BF here…

            I don’t get jealous for what you say, pervert.

            How is you don’t stare at my eyes..?

            Maybe.. because I’m staring right at your butt….?

          • I have the task of terminating you here. Don’t worry I have time enough…All time needed…

          • from Tomato bubble:

            Given ISIS’ bold assaults and threats against pretty much the entire planet, one would think that Israel would be Enemy # 1 on the ISIS hit list. After all, how many times have we all been told that ‘Islamic terrorists’ hate Jews and Israel for stealing the Holy Land and abusing the Palestinians? And yet, not only does ISIS refuse to attack Israel; and not only is ISIS anti-Palestinian; but the masked ninjas of You Tube fame have never threatened, nor even spoken ill of Israel until only just a few weeks ago — and that was only to alleviate the growing suspicion and mounting accusations that the murderous mercenaries of ISIS are ‘in cahoots with’ Mossad.

            The questions persist:

            Why doesn’t ISIS ever stick-up for the oppressed Palestinians?
            Why is it that the main enemies of ISIS just happen to be the main enemies of Israel (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas)?!
            Why does ISIS kill or threaten Christians, Buddhists and even other Muslims — but not the Jews of Israel or Europe?
            Why can’t Western Intelligence Agencies infiltrate ISIS?
            Where is ISIS headquarters? Webpage? 1-800 telephone number? Facebook account?
            Who pays for their expensive military hardware and fleets of shiny Toyota trucks?
            Why hasn’t ISIS launched suicide attacks against Israeli targets?
            How is that SITE (an Israeli operation) is able to so easily obtain the photos and ‘beheading’ videos of ISIS?
            With so many “suicide bombers” at its disposal, why hasn’t ISIS ever attempted to kill a single political leader? When one is suicidal, he can get to anyone– as the Red Anarchist assassins of the 19th and early 20th Century so ably demonstrated.

          • “…Then you’ve got Rudolf Friedrich 01 incessantly posting about his fascination with butts, arses and anal. If you’re trying to make an intellectually valid case for your position, do you really think Rudy’s immature juvenile schoolyard name calling is helping your cause? Do you think influential people are going to take you seriously in an editorial environment that is littered with gay ass talk?”

            People can choose to willfully ignore what they read here and elsewhere. The comments on YouTube are riddled with “trash talk” however that doesn’t negate the substance of the media clip being shown.

            It’s the MEDIA CLIPS that always reveal the scam, not simply the comments that one writes.

            I do agree that if one is going to add commentary to their media clip and post on YouTube, then it will have wider viewership if the commentary within the video is clear and coherent, and without all of the expletives. One can always pick and choose which videos are relevant and provide enough substance without the vulgarity and make a decision to forward that clip to others.

          • There is a simple and more rational solution:

            “No Trolls, no Harsh comments’. It’s up to them.

          • That would make you even more redundant than you are already, Rude-Dolt.

          • RottenBerg!

            Your short CV:

            ‘Charming, from Grease to Glamor in 5 minutes’.

            Now you are on the greasy side aren’t you…? ROFLMAO!

          • Here’s an example where the MEDIA CLIP itself reveals the scam.

            RT news aired a video of the “forensics experts” investigating the “suicide bomber’s vest” in the Paris cafe.

            Russianvids had trolls writing comments, claiming that it was only a shooting, not a suicide bomber. Russianvids then provided another clip (see below) to correct the trolls.

            But it DOES NOT MATTER what the trolls post in the comments section, even if it was riddled with “trash talk”, since the truth becomes self evident by the MEDIA CLIPS THEMSELVES.

            If a sheep is unwilling and/or unable to admit that the media is lying, then they simply cannot be helped.


          • Here is the above RT clip posted by RT themselves on YouTube, so it’s without any commentary by Russianvids. Notice also the commentary between a critical thinker and a troll.

            Again, IT DOES NOT MATTER what the troll says, because the media clip is SELF EVIDENT.

            First, let’s establish the fact that the “official story” claims this cafe was attacked by a suicide bomber. Here is the description by RT of the clip:

            “Police and forensic experts inspected the body and suicide belt of one of the Paris suicide bombers, while searching for evidence inside and outside the ‘Comptoir Voltaire’ cafe, following a series of coordinated attacks in and around the city, which left over 120 dead and at least 200 injured.”

            So in the above description, RT makes a series of conclusive statements, which the sheep rely upon as fact:

            1. The assumption of a body of a suicide bomber
            2. The assumption of a suicide belt
            3. The assumption of a series of “coordinated attacks”

            Now, all one has to do is to WATCH THE MEDIA CLIP, and see whether or not the conclusive statements on RT have any merit.

            Any critical thinker will come to the following conclusions:

            1. There is little damage, if any, to the cafe, both inside and outside
            2. There appears to be planted vest outside the cafe
            3. There are no shell casings, body parts, bodies, blood, or any remnants whatsoever that would indicate a bomb went off inside or outside the cafe

            So then all one has to do is to make a judgement: IS THE MEDIA TELLING THE TRUTH, or IS THE MEDIA LYING?

            It’s quite obvious that the media is LYING. However, as you will see from the commentary below, trolls will be trolls.



            ML8593wy 2 days ago
            +johnke7 The title in the video does not say there was a explosion!Your making assumptions…The suicidar Bomber was shot by the police before he explode himself.

            johnke7 2 days ago
            +ML8593wy So how did the police know he was a suicide bomber? And what were they doing waiting in a cafe for him?

            ML8593wy 2 days ago
            +johnke7 The Police knew they had bombs attach to their bodys because the police has eyes and the terrorists told them they have them.They kill some people and made the rest hostages.Is not the first time terrorists just spend time to get the most attention possible during the most time possible before they kill everyone and themselfs.They are instructed to do so by ISIS.It happend the same thing for exemple with the guy last year in the Jew Supermarket in Paris.In this case he did not had a bomb attach to him but the goal was the same in the end kill everyone and himself at the right moment.
            Read more

            johnke7 2 days ago
            +ML8593wy The headline in the video says that the experts are examining a suicide bomber in an attacked cafe. That the term ‘suicide bomber’ is used means that he is supposed to have carried out a suicide attack, otherwise he can’t be labelled a suicide bomber. And this ‘attacked cafe’ demonstrates no sign of damage whatsoever. You accuse me of reading things into it; the account you write is backed up by nothing. Why hasn’t RT written a comprehensive blurb to tell us what we’re supposed to be looking at. And if there is undischarged explosive material there, wouldn’t it be analysed in a laboratory?
            Show less

            ML8593wy 2 days ago
            +johnke7 Anyone who carry explosives attach to their body by definition is a “‘suicide bomber’.Intention can be only one kill people around him and himself.My account is back by the facts reported by the Police and Media.I heard it on my TV National News yesterday.Before they analyze in the laboratory there is the forestic expert analyze at the scene.

            johnke7 2 days ago
            +ML8593wy From the Guardian: “A terrorist detonates his suicide belt inside the Voltaire restaurant at 9.40pm, on Boulevard Voltaire, a long road linking Place de la République with Place de la Nation. ” Case closed.

            johnke7 2 days ago
            +ML8593wy So, the Guardian reports that the suicide bomber blew himself up in the restaurant, but you agree with me that the restaurant shows no sign of having been the scene of such an attack. What’s your take on the events now?

            Once johnke7 asked ML8593wy (the troll) the above question, there was NO response from the troll and the debate was over.

            Case closed, yes indeed.

          • If the video didn’t embed within the post, here it is again:


          • It’s part of the same game.

            ‘question more’ is not an unbiased source of infos, we all know it.

          • Wake, you’ll delude yourself if you guess these trolls will refrain from attacking personally anybody, expecially those who post more. Btw, we are talking of a single element here who runs wild with a bunch of nicks. This one attacks girls with preference, then anybody who is posting more messages.
            The rest are ignored until they start posting longer and articulated messages. Then it’s their turn.
            You say u don’t mind which is good. In fact my opinion is they do not deserve any substantial reply as it is completely useless.
            But, the newby stepping into the site may have the impression we cannot answer to the trolls. This is the main motive pushing me to fight them with methods that, I agree, may sound questionnable, yet somehow cost/effective.

            Check now this vid below concerning french airliners: ‘terror threat’

          • Rude-Dolt is the perfect spokesman for Nodisinfo.
            His demented thought process represents your ilk admirably.

          • Berg, you’ve already dropped you po(r)co characted..? How about that ‘nutass’ here…?
            Yeah, fancy has never been your ‘plus’ , unless it doesn’t sort out from your own back-door, isn’t it…?

            Why do u hide behind a finger… I see the butt transplant costed you a fortune..

            Don’t bother, though. I’ve got a proposal you can’t ignore.


            More on these screens for you, demented pervert.

          • Attempt to write that again, Rude-Dolt.
            This time in comprehensible, understandable English.
            I can’t decipher your gibberish.

          • Harsbara Berg,

            we both now (and others too…) the only thing you we?

          • But i don’t want to wait too long.

            Look, i see you have a different vision about things and life. No problem. I’m demokratic.

            Now, let’s shake hands here. Listen to me.

            I own a Topless Bar, down in Deerfield (FL). Unluckily the doorkeeper has experienced big problems recently.

            It is a well-paid job and u get get some extra…if u know what I mean…

            Well, let me know…. Oh, I provide money for miniskirt, leggins and fishnet stockings.



            It’s not a problem for you being gang raped on the net. Hence, I don’t see your issue in being the junk of a zio-biker gang in everyday life….:)

          • Great sharing of counterinfo from the site Tanker-Enemy based in Italy:

            Christinne, you will want to read. It talks about numerous scams committed all around.

            Many communities are beginning to open their eyes.

            TankerEnemy has a long tradition in hitting the nail.


          • Deflection is an INVALID defense against the substance of this thread. It is an attempt to clearly AVOID the subject nature at hand.

            Can you provide a LOGICAL argument against the photo being STAGED, yes or no?

            If you believe the media’s version of events, then certainly you can post something of value. Why not try and give it a shot? Provide an argument why you think the photo is NOT staged…

          • Here`s my argument Sheep –

            Blood is clearly evident (Anyone can say otherwise, but its red & from the quality of this pic has an equal chance of being blood as opposed to anything else, it is impossible to say with any degree of certainty that it is not blood), drag marks are consistent with logical assumption that injured people would have at least attempted to drag themselves/others away from harm. Despite the “Docs” apparent expertise in anatomy, he is clearly clutching at straws with his comments about body positioning. Since when (other than in the movies) do people with gun-shot wounds have to die lying flat on the floor with all parts of their body flopping down? The photo is extremely low-res when zoomed in, how can the doc or others make DEFINITIVE comments about unusual body-shapes & parts? Looking at a 3D image in 2D is extremely unreliable when judging angles, sizes etc (And that is fact not assumption).

            My conclusion – picture is legit, and there are dis-informants at work here.

            PS please see my posts on previous articles for further debunking of Vids/Pics being used to

          • Shill,

            you are exacly behaving as those you blaim for being ‘onesided’. I say, you are behaving worse since you simply provide a critic which is aimed at mere destruction of the hypothesis made here.

            You clearly reportmyour biased opinion on the fact we’ve been shown here.

            Again, I agree generally a pic is not Proof in the forensic meaning. Nonetheless, they do provide great clues.

            The topic ‘interpretation of pictures’ has been the field for a very fierce confrontation here, in the past.

            Fact is here you have been offered many of them. And you cannot deny ‘something’ looks odd even to a real deadbrain.

            Upholding everything been said here is beyond the line, is quite untenable.

            Blood has a topic consistency, color and reaction when poring out of a body. Thus sometimes it’s not so complicated to state out if it’s real or a prop. It happened in the past already, on many events..

            Then, let me add you’ve been presented many clues which are rapidly becoming evidence.

            Moreover: more important is, we clearly have the main answer to the crucial inquiry: Cui prodest…?

          • “Blood has a topic consistency, color and reaction when poring out of a body. Thus sometimes it’s not so complicated to state out if it’s real or a prop.”

            That consistency/colour & reaction also has the ability to be changed when the laws of physics are applied to it Rudolf (eg when its trodden in, smeared, dried etc) or when it comes from different parts of the body or different size of wound (The “Doc” should be aware of this with his intensive anatomical knowledge).

            On top of all this the photo I`m referring to was taken at some distance, making any attempt to state something is not blood or indeed that it is not blood next to impossible (unless your the “Doc” obviously)

          • Shill,

            in no way blood can change much when it comes to something coming from the body of its owner : arterial blood has a reddish color whilst the other is more violet. It’s the no-wound-show, the cell-show, the all-his-show-stance and the stain-itself-show and shape which are problematic to be believed as ‘injury’…


            check the time frames from 4.45 to 4.48. That woman has been ‘hanged out” for many minutes, yet she manages a one hand grab….proking, isn’t it?

          • Shes stood on the bars Rudolf. Not quite the “one handed grab” really is it?

          • She’s staying ( maybe) with just one foot on the bar, the very moment she hangs with a ‘solo’ hand.

            This after she’s been hugged on mere marbe for many minutes, in the midst of a blazing TERROR attack….Holly-Holly..?

          • Looks like shes standing on the bars for most of that video to me. What do you make of Russianvids claim that the bars were only put there to facilitate a harness? That’s clearly not true (if you’ve read my post)

          • No, the story of russianvids about the bars is questionnable..

            Nevertheless we have ‘spider man’ who performs a great show for a possible jurno in disguise..armed with ‘cell phone’… It is quite unsual his behaviour.

            About the woman, she’s been hanging on the edge for entire mins…Then again, we are talking of a person who’s been suspended for most of the time…I think it is somehow weired, but very choreographic, though.

          • know, kind of ..’ fighting for her own life on the edge of an Abyss of Evil’ .. and such…-)

          • How can you describe someone’s actions as unusual if you have nothing to compare it with? This is not an everyday event, this is a life or death scenario. People can do strange and heroic things when their very lives depend on it.

            Face the obvious fact, you are seeing what you want to see. You want to believe this is a hoax, therefore you will disregard any evidence to the contrary. Your not all that different from The Sheeple yourself Rudolf. As I’ve said numerous times, your just led by a different Shepherd.

          • So true. They only see what they want to see to further a biased agenda.

          • Poco, means ‘a little’.

            No, don’t be that shy. You are a big blow-hard.

            Why don’t you join your den with your butt mates: salami, Berg, master zio and the other trash (fake cinderella and r(ASP) included)…?

            You should know my job here as a mo’rator, is to kick your ass. I get paid for that.

          • Poco, uselss ‘little’

            I have to admit your effort is admirable: typing a few lines, even if in your broken, abecedarian way, must have costed you a fortune…

            Unfortunately your attempt will turn out useless. Wanna bet?

            In a few mexs you’ll display your favourite position: a right angle having its vertex on your very butt…-)

            Btw, you omas show always to be the prey of the same habit: being deflective.

            An old zio tradition..? Honestly, you must admit it being definitely Not yet another zio-miracle, holoHoax kind.

            Yet, you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you are. At least your talmud speaks so…I don’t know your rabbi’s stance on the matter, though.

            As a matter of fact – and nobody here can deny it – you love to get pocked…and honestly you don’t show you regret it.

            Hence why name calling others when you have to deal with your own, perverted, deadly sins…?

            Gomorra, is your own native town.

            No hoaxes over there.


            Even a null like you would be able to understand that all the stuff you find here is regularly reblogged oversea. Then, you must consider the hundreds sites of truthers that are whitewashing your zio-news. Any and each of them re-blogged, for your own anal pleasure.

            I’m sorry for you, but anywhere you go you get the same call….ziotrash.

          • Nope. I simply comply with your previous desire: being drilled.

            Don’t complain, mean oma! It’s what you keep asking..

            What about my previous request?

            Your mom and sista, I mean..


            You’ll be amazed to see how many people around do love your kind. Go out of the mainstream and check any mex in any chat and be back..

            No, don’t offer me your butt again, then. I have enough….:)

          • ‘Conspiracy’

            It is topic form a ziotrash, pervert, masochistic oma to pull out that crap from your uncultured background.
            A lil bit like ‘anti-semitic’ or holocau$t..

            You won’t grab more dick here, idiot.

            Salamilover, rottenberg, dirty ‘little, I talk to one shit allround.

            The conspiracy is yours.

            Here we debunk your shit. Hence call me anti-conspirator, homo-trash….

          • Face transplant…fearing news:


            salami, little, ASP, etc. time to get a Butt trasnplant scheduled soon after this very mex…:)

          • Well, The Shill,

            I do have a different opinion about the followers of the shepherd.

            Now with no offence: It’s you the one who wants to see things as presented by the politically correct world, even if you guess you are ‘independent’. The msms, the ‘scientific’ based ‘truth’, the modern society which aims always at ‘progress’ and all the filthy poison the ever scum has been polluting our minds with, since the day we were born.

            Story is, believing what we have been discussing, does sound weired to you: because you’d have to make a choice. Either chosing to wide-open a new, scary door or sleeping among two pillars in the rotten society of today along with the lies you are being fed.
            (consider also that damage is created just watching news and papers, despite you believe or not what they air)

            You choose the second option which may feel comfortable (but not for much longer) but leads you in living in a fake world, others have created for you. A kind of everyday’s holly-jew or if you prefer a bloody (to be in tune) zio-walt disney.

            I can add a few things on this very issue:

            Being critical is a benefit. Not now, not immediately. But when soon you’ll be shown the harsh reality in person, you’ll probably regret to have bought their lies for decades.

            I have been studying and examining many things from a philosophic, historic and geopolitical point of view, it’s years already.

            And everything coming out from the murderous scams of the scum (sorry for the allitteration) is nothing new. Yet, they have much more power today in order to braiwash people. This is the main difference. Building consensus, is the key. Demokracy is the tool.

            Now I might agree with you, you may find some arguments a little bit stressed . But it does make no difference since it’s the core businness of this site (and others) which is correct.

            I say this because, despite your unusal nick, you are not a shill and show up
            to be quite witty.

            A person who’s able to build a good interchange is a positive thing, even if he doesn’t agree on specific issues.

            Possibly one day you’ll look at the Big Pic, not only at the very single frame. Hnd hopefully you’ll get the full perspective.

          • Typo:

            Now I might agree with you, you may find some arguments a little bit stressed (Read stretched) “…omissis..

          • The Shill, give a close look at those who fakely support your stance in an attempt to troll.

            That’s is the other side of the moon, Shill, you won’t find much more than that….A dark side, good for sleeping.

          • The Shill,

            in a Life or Death Scenario you have two options: Fight or Flea. No third one is allowed.

            And there it is, an untrained woman, helpeless, shattered, scared who shows herself able to grab the edge of a window, ‘sitting’ there for minutes. This, while people downwards are supposedly dying, screaming and suffering..? No holo-miracles here, this time.

            In those situations, you Fall on Your Training. Whether you have not, you fall on the ground. And it’s not always pleasant.

          • Well, The Shill
            I’ll quote “Here`s my argument Sheep –

            Blood is clearly evident (Anyone can say otherwise, but its red & from the quality of this pic has an equal chance of being blood as opposed to anything else, it is impossible to say with any degree of certainty that it is not blood),
            I work as an Ambulance driver. When we arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of the victims has usually begun deoxygenating und turning dark.
            Hemoglobin holds onto oxygen to carry it around your body. Hemoglobin takes on a different shape when oxygenated and appears more “red” when fully oxygenated. When the oxygen molecules leave the hemoglobin, the substance changes shape and appears to be very dark. When blood leaves your body, your red blood cells die and the hemoglobin eventually becomes deoxygenated. Blood that has recently left a body has a much brighter red color due to the fact it is oxygenated by the air. The eventual death of the red blood cells releases the oxygen, turning the hemoglobin dark red and even appearingly black.
            So, when was this picture taken if it took the police two hours to get in the building?
            The blood in the picture is bright red, It should be almost black.

          • Great points. Now in the post. Thks.

          • A fair comment Freeman, ive not made any assumptions about when the photo was taken, however a quick google search has turned up this quote:-

            “A single drop of blood that falls on a dry surface often dries in about an hour at room temperature. Blood that has collected in a pool dries slowly. The drying time depends on the size and depth of the pool. Temperature and humidity also affect the drying time. ” –

            Obviously we are not dealing with “single drops” in this instance so perhaps this might explain the red colour?

          • Cyndi,

            drop your sorrow ! U are living bad times.

            But you’ve been offered a fair way out.

            Think about’s even Free…

      • Cynderella,

        what a cute name!

        ‘Fortune’ & ‘Life’ magazine reported recently that a good orgasm can help the general balancing in body and mind and can boost positive effects in your personal career:

        5 out of 100 gals in fact, were able to increase their income of about 20% due to this very ‘fringe benefit’.

        Statistics add that 79,9% of them are in their 30s.

        As you should already know, I am quite a renown Therapist, fully devoted to that very task. Should you need further info, pls check my previous mex on the topic.

        Great awareness and self determnation guaranteed in any environment, situation and …..position…

        • Rude-Dolt is an impotent homosexual who entertains rape fantasies.

        • Deflectine as usual ziotroll Berg…

          Ask your dear mom…about my topic Expertise I’ve made her high on her last days…

          How about you, how’s u show here, yet..?

          Hope u don’t mess with Her Majesty the Queer, your former BF..

          I have a music vid about you both….If u are intested blow a whiste, I’ll, be back..

          U won’t believe it but you are famous now.

      • I agree. I’m not easily surprised anymore, but this is almost unfathomable.

    • good…Well, now try to repeat ir slowly…each word at one time. No mistakes.

      maybe I’ll be able to get what u mean…

      • Now that’s rich coming from the incomprehensible illiterate that you are, Rude-Dolt.

        • No way..Salami swallower..!

          Even the jewish encyclopedia from ‘Funk & Wagnalls’ doesn’t help me with your hasbara..

          Time for a ‘tune up’ with your rabbi…? Yeah..fine.

          Watch your butt though..-:))

    • The joos rule the world perps are as crazy as the Flat earthers !!!

      • That sign (typical of any ‘john lennon’ style ‘sign of peace’) is in reality a reversed Rune.

        The original letter is an Algiz (it figurately shows a man with open hands) and has a positive meaning about healing, protection etc.

        But, as I have said previously, when reversed, the Runes’ meaning has a totally different significance. Its nemesys.

        In fact that ‘sign of peace’ means bad things, evil and Death…

        • It seems to me that no one has brought up something we also saw at Boston: the numbers of alleged killed at that theatre is too small for how many were said to have been killed there. Where did the other ones go?

          Let’s say for the sake of argument that they were hauled away and that is what left that swath of blood on the floor. I am sure they could try and make that claim. But when these photos were taken, the way was clear to handle the other bodies, to put covers over them. This was not done, even though it is customary and the French are nothing if not customary in how they do things.

          This was done for publicity, and too many bodies would have confused the point, lessened the pathos. It would have looked like a real suicide bombing somewhere in the Middle East, even though in this case the allegation is that they were shot. You’d have brains spilling out, bodies swelling, ugly colors like blackened extremities.

          But to preserve story, they were pixilated for the mainstream media, just as happened at Boston with the wheelchair-bound double amputee, whose repulsive moulage could only be seen by those curious enough to probe. I think they showed that too, for a limited time only, on MSM, like a fan dance.

          I have no doubt of man’s inhumanity to man, or that in some places and times, innocent people are killed by fanatics. But doubts have been raised about these in Paris. Doubt is not proof it was a hoax, but until more information is found, doubt should be entertained like an honored guest. It should be shown the door only when it becomes certainty, and not based on authority. Most people, as we see, are prone to authoritarian following and authoritarian solutions to alleged problems. This is the state at the moment of what we call democracy. The institutions we rely upon are not working properly and I feel they rely on this kind of thing to keep them in business. All the surveillance they have thrust on us did not deal with this, although I heard that France will be brought into the British imperial Five Eyes system pretty soon.

    • Dummies, Dummies, just Movie Set Dummies! Don’t be a Dummy!

      Ex 28) Dummies & France PsyOp Perpetrated By Zionists & their Corrupt Puppet$ Against the French To Draw The Into Genocidal Bombing & War Upon Innocent People In Syria & Then Elsewhere.

      Nodisinfo’s Theater Dummies Video:

  2. In this age of very high-tech digital photography why isn’t this photo crystal clear?
    Who took this photo and why? Why do we see just one photo? When was it taken?
    Why do we see some mysterious looking uniformed people lurking in the balcony in darkness? Who are they? Why are no officials attending to the bodies? Where are the EMTs? Is this the way dead bodies are treated in France or anywhere? Where are the people’s coats and jackets? Why isn’t there a lot of blood on the so-called dead bodies?

    Can anyone tell us what those huge snaking swaths of red material are suppose to show or prove? They have to be the silliest show of whatever, I’ve seen so far.

    • Yes, there are numerous unanswered questions with the photo.

      The script was simple. Key buzzwords are repeated over and over: Blood, bodies, gunmen, Kalashnikov, explosions, panic, bloodbath, etc.

      You can clearly see the script being played out from the crisis actors videos (posted on the other thread).

      The photo has inconsistencies because it’s not meant for the public to scrutinize, especially since the one being shown by the media is the blurred out version. Its ONLY purpose is for shock value.

      This photo is like being backstage in a magic show and seeing how the props are used to sway the audience into believing the magic trick is real.

  3. “This is absolutely a supreme, grandiose fake. No one can prove otherwise. The fake is done in order to support an extremist agenda of rabid Zionist agents, including the arch-pro-Zionist Rothschild clique. The purpose is to create the sense of support for further murderous, destructive actions by high-level Zionist Jews, including the powerful, wealthy Jews of Europe, England, Australia, and the United States. The purpose is to invade Syria at any cost, also to conquer the Hezbollah: all in order to sustain and advance Zionist machinations.”

    100% accurate and well stated.

  4. Cowboy on November 16, 2015 at 4:45 pm
    Ex 23) The Sound & music & stage & lightening missing equipment proves it was & is a staged event 1 billion percent, yes indeed. As does the clear & present dummies. But also the ridiculous grostesgue dragging of dead or live bleeding bodies! And piling supposed dead bodies up! It looks more like a Jewish Ritual Murder movie than a mass shooting moving like what they admittedly did in 1948 in Palestine or 1917 and beyond in USSR & Eastern Europe or 1492 in Europe! Well if the bodies looked real it would! I mean only in JRM would they be dragging dead & half deead people or goyim to the alter and slaughtering them right?? Or do they do that at fake death metal band concerts??? And certainly they are not even a real heavy metal band just a pop fake metal band.
    Also no one clearly was setting in the theater chairs anywhere! No remnants of anyone leaving anything anywhere in this raggy old theater shut down Sept 11 2015… Which the theater was sold from one zionist Jew to another zionist Jew in preparation for this PsyOp!
    What comes next? Jewish Lightening??? Does it strike and burn the theater down? …for insurance money$$$
    These zioScammjng fraudster criminals will make money at every angle in this Scam! They love it too! Cheat the goyim at every angle. More angles for making a buck by the new owners of this theater than the Satanic six pointed star hexegram with it’s six smaller triangles & it’s six inner cornered hexgram…six six six yes 666. Did I mention the so called Star of David is what the Bible calls the image or mark that represents the number of the beast.. Very Appropro don’t you think so?
    And rented them all those movie dummies?

  5. Exhibit 22) France Fake Phoney Shootout of PsyOp Terror Attacks Fri 13th

    Watch this phoney shootout and stop right at the end of 11 seconds and you can see it is stream of sparks up from the ground from sparkler pyrotechnics device, clearly nothing from a gun! Also they are not even using real guns with blanks rounds or blank firing guns. Why? Well it is completely silent when they are not firing– it’s a dead part of town & the set area quarantined –off for the filming set obviously to be free of people…But no trucks or cars honking or driving on any streets nearby, sounds always travels off buildings etc in cities, so you know this a very dead part of town at this time of night atleast. Anyway whenever shots are not being fired you could hear a pin drop. But you don’t any shells hitting. You never hear any shell casings hitting the ground or vehicles or the glass. You would definately, clearly & easily hear them landing after each burst of shooting stopped. Also no targets are being hit at all ever. Many of those bullets would be heard that hit anything hard nearby, and ricochets would be heard. So these were not even blank shooting guns. Just prop guns that go bang or just sound added. And this filming could have been done anytime even months before.

    • If the media claims this is from the Bataclan on the night of the “event” then the video has a timestamp. Any investigative journalist in France could ask the police for that timestamp.

      The video obviously shows a pyrotechnic going off adjacent to the car. The cops aren’t shooting at anything. There are no terrorists, there are no people “running around” as claimed by witness statements.

      The video is clearly of a terrorist DRILL.

      And yes, it could have been recorded days, weeks, or even months before. Only the timestamp from the actual camera recording will prove when it was taken.

  6. Exhibit 17) Breaking More Proof! France’s Zionist Criminal Network Practiced these Simultaneous Terror PsyOps for Long Time To Perpetrate it Against The French People Successfully & to draw them into Deadly Zionist Agenda Wars Against It’s Targeted Innocent People Abroad!

    “A multi attack drill “Omega 2010″ simulating bombings at the EIffel Tower, The Stade de France. and a regional mall”
    Busted Some more Zionist Psychopath Enemies of France the world! These monsters are unmatched in evil deception & crazed genocidal intent!

  7. Exhibit 19) Soft Targets BS & France Zionist Successful Simultaneous Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against the French People To take their rights, give their Zonist Enemy yet more power & Get France into Genocidal Mass Murder Wars Against Innocent people only to benefit the zionist agendas like establishing Greater Israel & increasing zionist power, massive profits for: the Zionist Run security Apparatus, Zionist owned War weapons makers, and the Zionist Banksters!
    Though clear now as completely Fake with bombs, no deaths, no shootings, this PsyOp Hoax Series of Supposed Terror Events in France has already been extremely successful to the zionist psychopath jews & Israel behind it all. France & it’s zioTrash, treasonous, zipPuppets–so called leaders– running it are now able to finally manage to begin bombing the good guys (Syria & Hezbollah) for Israel under the disguise & lie of bombing ISIS (& helping the terrorist destroy Syria!), despite the French people’s total desire to stay the hell out zionist genocidal wars!
    And in USA it is being used to put militarized police at Football games & such! The Zionist Terrorist Psychopaths are on a roll!
    I realise these ISIS Crisis Actor Clowns Terrorist Attacks in France is completely fake but the masses are accepting it as real. It seems to big to be fake to them. Only if we pound the hell out of this to millions can they begin to wake up & then if we keep waking more after each PsyOp. And the zionist still will do more real terror attacks at some point in Europe & USA & they love do real ones & murdering real people… But t these work with less chance of it back firing, since they have absolute control of the media nearly evrrywhere in the world! But we can beat them. If you wake a hundred people or ten thousand some of those, maybe just a few will become very dedicated truthers & wake up many more than you ever could & one or two many be so dedicated and so talented at it that he wakes up millions. And with millions a leader can organize protests & fight corrupt stop the evil, stop & repeal bad laws, etc..Role back the beast so to speak which is Israel & the zionist power & all their minions & take back the power these psychopaths have usurped put it back into the hands of the people! And stop the wars, get rid of Zionist Run Treasonous Homeland Security & all of budget & NSA & CIA! To fight and expose the truth & the lies & deception is to win! Because the more you fight, consistantly, armed with the truth, the more people you will wakeup.

    This was a comment on this video:
    Michael Cleveland 23 hours ago
    +MattyD 4Truth
    “I have decided that if i ever make my own suit of body armor, i am going to make it out of nothing but passports. Those things seem to survive plane explosions, houses burning down on them, and suicide bombers blowing themselves up while carrying them. Strongest stuff on earth. And Obama talking about how f#@king terrible terrorism is…acting like he doesn’t bomb dark skinned middle eastern families on a daily basis. Ignorance at its finest!!!”
    ——– My comments here:
    Obama’s mother was a zionist Jew. Her father a Zionist Crypto Jew & freemason. So no matter how racist the zionists are & they are extremely genocidally racist, they use this fact as a level of control & manipulation over him along with his bisexuallity or homosexuality. Also he was mentored, sexually abused & raised mostly by zionist Jews & communist Jew males. His handlers are all Zionist Jews. But part of the PsyOp with him is be seen to the right eing & many others as a Muslim to divide & conquer the population of America into supporting zionist wars & the zionist race war agenda.

  8. LIAR Crisis Actor #2 (b) France Zionist PsyOp Psychological Terror Treason Attacks Against the French People

    Despicable, murderous Israeli Palestine-exterminatist, heartless zionist Mossad agent Fraudster Crisis Actor slime Jake Wallis Simons has lots of shell jobs & adresses all over USA too so he lived & does live here a lot in USA and does Crisis Acting for DHS & zioScams here in USA too!
    #’s 1 & 2 are certainly him as Jake Wallis Simons, Jack Simons & Jacob Simons.
    No telling the damage this evil creature does in USA alone!

  9. France Friday 13 2015 PsyOp Zionist Terror Attacks
    VicSim #1(b) Fake Dead Marie Mosser
    This not her but Emeah Page

    So apparantly she was working with Singer Emeah Page on Nov 2 who just recorded an EP. And she stopped using her official twitter at Universal Records suddenly that same day. There is no way she would suddenly stop using her twitter right after working with such a talented singer she would be very excited promote her & required to promote her on twitter and everywhere else as it was her job! Unless told to stop. They told her to stop. They screwed up obviously, because they know most people are too dumbed-down, braindead, mind controlled to use their common sense and see such a glaring screwup as her stopping doing part of her job 10 days prior to her role as a dead Victim, VicSim Hoax Dead Crisis Actor ten days too soon! Obviously to concentrate on her dead vicSim role & her next identity aka position aka next zio assignment, scam,etc. lol So I supposed they set her up with a new job then & under another identity right then. (But often it is the same name almost or exactly same with different addresses shell jobs etc.) And the new identity is pre-existing, already established, perhaps mostly dormant, though probably semiActive recently to show presense. She may have been transferred to USA, Australia, Belgium, UK Canada or where ever..and may still be continuing working for Universal even. Or maybe a TV or radio station, newspaper, ad agency etc. She could do the the same type job all over American & the world. And do lots of short Crisis Acting Jobs as a: false witness, VicSim-Fake Victim, family member griever, etc.., every year like this one concurrently & zioscam $$$ off each one & she gets DHS-ZIO paid on each fraud, deception, PsyOp, Hoax gig too!

  10. Sounds familiar, dr. K and everyone else? Scummy elites are running outta time….

    Paris attacks should be ‘wake up call’ for more digital surveillance, CIA director says

  11. Didn’t this site support the idea that the taiwan plane crash was real? Such crap. There is an agenda here.

    • thumper,

      Yes, Dr. K did take the position of the Taiwan plane crash being real. Personally, I thought it was a hoax, and provided lots of posts to support my theory.

      People can have differences of opinion on various subject matters, that does not prove any type of “agenda” here. Stick to the SUBSTANCE of the thread. There is a photo, it shows either DEAD BODIES or it shows DUMMIES.

      You can argue the case either way. If you believe the MEDIA, then provide defenses to support the media’s version. Otherwise, you’re just trolling.

    • Thumper, Nearly every regular truther poster on this site correctly indentified the Taiwan Plane crash as a hoax. I for one proved that Rothschild’s employee photographer /reporter Ashley Pon posted her pictures on her own facebook account several hours before the event even supposedly occured by the timestamps. She works for Reuters, Getty Images, and wire services: Agency France, AP, and a Seattle Newspaper & one in Taiwan.
      All the zionist trolls supported it as a real event yes, obviously. Why anyone else did I have no idea. Go back and look & learn. It was a test PsyOp.
      Many future PsyOps will be better than it was.

  12. Looks like the scene was tended to by a baseball team’s ground crew. Pulled their little broom rakes around in the ‘blood’ to groom it nicely for the next inning.

  13. Lots of Tarot ‘hanging man’ poses and of course there were the actual hanging people on the side of the bulding.

  14. Some very interesting and relevant comment Ive found:

    “One of the questions that came to mind with this photo: why were some of the bodies dragged? The «terrorists» would have no time and no purpose in doing so, and the first responders would not want to disturb a crime scene. And again, are all these people so dead that they would not be rushed to hospital where death could be confirmed….(reminds me of Sandy Hook in that way)”

    • Yes, any REAL investigative journalist would approach the photo with such questions. But we know the mainstream news does NOT have any real investigative journalists. Instead, its embedded with agents of the CIA/Mossad who are there to support the Zionist regime.

      Wolf Blitzer will ask no such questions, on air or off. Neither will Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, or any other Zionist agent.

      They are only positioned to spew the propaganda of the script that has been purposefully designed to prey upon the emotions of the sheep.

      FIVE MINUTES of research will allow any journalist to figure out this was a SCAM!

      This is why the establishment wants control of the Internet and install draconian laws to curtail dissenting opinions, especially facts that expose the establishment’s agenda. China already does it, Malaysia also has many restrictions. Many Arab countries have it as well. Fortunately, it’s not the case with the U.S.A….yet.

  15. A few more cucked “witnesses:

    • Reporter: Did you see any wounded?

      Crisis actor: No, nothing like that.

      Crisis actor: I just learned my friend was hit by a grenade, but she’s not dead.

      So he heard explosions, saw nobody wounded, but wait! I just remembered, ya, my friend, she was hit by a grenade! I just “heard it”…(in my earpiece from my handler, lol!)

      Give us the smile at the end at 1:43, lol! You can’t avoid the duping delight!!!

    • So he was out, but then he went back in and stayed for “two hours” because there was “no way to get outside.”

      Another crisis actor who just magically ALSO happens to be a reporter for the National Geographic who just ALSO happens to claim he was at “ground zero” on 9/11 and witnessed “horror of people running everywhere.” Of course, this is a LIE, since the entire WTC complex was cordoned off for the pre-planned demolition.

      This is all HEARSAY, witness statements on television are NOT admissible in court. It’s just more ornaments to add to the foundation lie.

    • At :27 seconds…

      “All my friends live around this area and they heard gunshots and people running.”

      This is DOUBLE HEARSAY. She wasn’t there, and she didn’t see jack. But her FRIENDS supposedly did. In this clip the news is using NON CREDIBLE double hearsay witness statements that would never be allowed in any jury trial, since it’s NOT admissible in court.

      STOP BELIEVING THE LIES from your television!

      • Thus, their blatant bad faith is evident. It’s yet another crime, this one, from the msm.

        Never guess that report is casual.

  16. One helluva final conclusion – Russian plane “brought down” by homemade bomb

    • ‘home made bomb’…Yuk…why not a…. ‘fart from a terrorist on board’…?

  17. Paris massacre: odd account from the ‘Mirror’, haven’t seen this anywhere else

  18. Proof that the Paris Bataclan Club Attack was Staged

  19. Terrorists attack filmed by a driver

    Who are these guys in the black robes and masks in the Paris Bataclan theatre?

  20. How to brainwash kids heads about the Paris hoax – French kids’ magazine informs seven-year-olds with illustrations about ‘ultra-violent people’ who kill ‘at random’

    • This is a very important part of the scam. The media is fulfilling its agenda by getting PARENTS to install fear into the minds of a child. This is DISGRACEFUL.

      When you live in fear, you will accept the police state. This is why they want to brainwash the younger generations.

      We already know about how they run the scams and hoaxes. If you know people will young kids and if you care about their future, then EDUCATE the parents of this HOAX. Let them see the facts for themselves, so they can then shield their children from the brainwashing propaganda that emits daily from the television evening news.

  21. French Jews Warned Friday Morning of ‘Impending Large Terrorist Attack’

  22. All too easy – Image of Canadian Sikh man photoshopped to look like terrorist linked to Paris attacks

  23. Rings any bell? Thieves Raid U.S. Military Armory, Authorities and Media Censor What Weapons Were Stolen

  24. Media adds suicide vest and Koran to a selfie of a Torontonian, creating a “terrorist” in Photoshop. La Razon, a Spanish paper, swiped a selfie of a man holding an iPod, changed the iPod to the Koran and added a suicide vest.

  25. everyday someone wakes up

  26. From comment section in Memory Hole Blog, Paris terrorist blows himself up, yet look at the windows.

    • Yes, the media claim it was a “suicide terrorist” who “blew himself up”…that is the OFFICIAL VERSION of the story.

      Of course, LOGIC defies the official version. There was no suicide bomber, there was no terrorist, there was no blast at the cafe/restaurant.

      Russianvids made a video showing the difference between the Paris hoax and REAL bombs going off in a restaurant, check it out…

      • Instead of suicide vests the terrorists may have had suicide cock rings which blew off their penises and they bled out while not damaging their surroundings.

  27. Wolfgang Halbig wrote a FOIA letter to Sandy Hoax Fire Marshall when he was still pursuing the “powers that be”.

  28. Awesome blog. Everything is fake and staged. I bet that 9.11 is also fake and staged. In fact the buildings are really still standing. The building that is on the same spot now is a magical illusion .
    I bet that all those palestinian stabbings are also fake. Only a zionist propaganda to gain world sympathy as if they need it.
    The only thing that is 000% real is the murderous shooting by the zionist regime of the poor palestinians that are staged to look like they are trying to stab.
    I just don’t understand why the zionist who can stage all these things including 9.11 can’t stop their own real killings from the internet.

    • Using deflection is not a valid defense.

      Yes, 9/11 was staged. It was a media driven scam to dupe the sheep into believing 19 Arabs with boxcutters hijacked airplanes and crashed them into various targets.

      And of course the buildings are no longer standing! They were intentionally brought down via demolition of the entire WTC complex.

      Again, you ignore the crux of the thread. There is a photo being shown to the worldwide masses in support of a theory of a mass shooting at the Bataclan theater.

      Either the photo is REAL with dead bodies, or it’s STAGED with dummies and fake blood.

      Interesting that you failed to address the issue, but that is quite typical with a troll.

    • veni vedi sucker

      to you and all your Capital Illitterate zioscums a first lesson in Literature…Free.

      It is “Veni, Vidi, Vici”…

      ‘Vedi’ means …look…

      ‘Veci’ means something such ‘he makes his stead’

      ‘Feci’………. which is very similar to what you, braindead, typed, means something you are surely very acquainted with:


  29. Here`s my argument Sheep –

    Blood is clearly evident (Anyone can say otherwise, but its red & from the quality of this pic has an equal chance of being blood as opposed to anything else, it is impossible to say with any degree of certainty that it is not blood), drag marks are consistent with logical assumption that injured people would have at least attempted to drag themselves/others away from harm. Despite the “Docs” apparent expertise in anatomy, he is clearly clutching at straws with his comments about body positioning. Since when (other than in the movies) do people with gun-shot wounds have to die lying flat on the floor with all parts of their body flopping down? The photo is extremely low-res when zoomed in, how can the doc or others make DEFINITIVE comments about unusual body-shapes & parts? Looking at a 3D image in 2D is extremely unreliable when judging angles, sizes etc (And that is fact not assumption).

    My conclusion – picture is legit, and there are dis-informants at work here.

    PS please see my posts on previous articles for further debunking of Vids/Pics being used to mislead.

    • You are making several assumptions:

      1. There were gunmen who entered the building and began firing with AK-47’s. That is the official script. Where is the evidence of thousands of rounds of shell casings? Where did the two gunmen “blow themselves up?” Where are the EMT’s? What is the timestamp of this photo? Who took the photo? Why was THIS particular photo being used by the media?

      2. 89 people “died” according to media, and other 200 were injured. Where are the “89 people” in this photo? If you make the claim it was real, and the blood is real, then you have to provide a LOGICAL EXPLANATION for why the remaining 20 to 25 supposed bodies are being “left for dead”, literally.

      3. Claiming the photo is low resolution also works AGAINST your assumption that the blood is real and the bodies are real. You have to make a probability estimate of the photo being real or staged. In doing, so, you will need to take OTHER parts of the media’s version and corroborate it with the photo.

      You have zero proof the people were shot, and therefore “dragged themselves” as they were laying down and dying, thus causing the sweeping marks.

      The other media clip that Cowboy posted CLEARLY shows cops were participating in a drill.

      The witness statements on CNN are all HEARSAY and inadmissible.

      There is no sound/lighting equipment near the back part of the floor. You cannot make a conclusive statement that the crew was allowed back INSIDE after the attack to pick up their equipment. Eagles of Death Metal have no further shows (you can check on

      The area is a crime scene, so nobody except law enforcement and forensics would be allowed. Besides, CNN knew exactly the number of dead within an hour or so. How? It’s NOT logically possible for the identification of dead plus notification of next of kin that quickly. Who pronounced them dead? Where? What was the name of the coroner and/or the attending physician? Which hospital?

      THE ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION when taking ALL parts of the media version of events is to conclude the photo is STAGED.

      It does indeed appear the so called bodies are actually dummies, which we’ve seen in prior hoaxes such as the LAX shooting hoax.

      In any real concert event, there would be HUNDREDS of videos posted on YouTube from the show. People record the songs and post them immediately. Where are the videos?

      The story is FAKE, because it’s a SCRIPT to fool the masses into believing an attack took place. Again, if you believe the photo is real, then you HAVE THE BURDEN OF PROOF to show how the media is NOT lying.

      Russianvids already showed the incontestable evidence of the cafe being staged. If only ONE part of the event is staged, then’s reasonable to make a claim that ALL was staged.


      • Sheep, you should perhaps read my replies to your other posts…..

        Your 100% correct, no-one in their right mind should be telling people one way or the other what these photographs truly portray (because they are inconclusive) The difference being I am stating my OWN opinion, The “DOC” and yourself and others are stating that these things 100% didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t have happened, passing off speculation as FACT. Remember this site prides itself on eliminating DISINFORMATION (according to its blurb) How can disinformation be eliminated when the author is claiming his own opinions are fact?

        • Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. You are free to accept the CNN version of events as stated. The media, however, doesn’t engage in discussion. They make CONCLUSIVE statements which they portray as fact to fool the masses into blindly accepting those statements.

          This site attempts to analyze those statements and dissect them. Just as CNN is claiming “as fact” that there were 3 gunmen who entered the Bataclan, killed 89 people and wounded 200, I am also entitled to claim “as fact” that the media version is false.

          Either the photo is of a REAL shooting, or a STAGED psyop. One of those FACTS is certain.

          You are free to accept whichever one you wish.

          • Sheep, your claim regarding the media “They make CONCLUSIVE statements which they portray as fact to fool the masses into blindly accepting those statements”

            Isnt this exactly what the “Doc” & Others do on this site? If so, are they any better than the MSM? (On a smaller scale obviously)

        • Forensic Evidence? This is what u are looking at?

          Right, if it’s that one, you are on the wrong spot.

          If you are looking for a postive effort to unveil the dirty smelling tricks and scams of the zio-regime , then you are on the right place.

          Evidence of the pics: we had a fierce confrontation in the past. it was among me and a few others against many posters here.

          The event was very different from this one.

          In this very case, we have a great del of clues here that make of it 100% Plausible as a Hoax.

          We are working with the material the msm provided. That very, ‘unbiased’ material that can’t stand an honest exam .
          You have been provided dozens of pics that prove the whole thing stinks. The pic you are mentioning is itself extremely odd. It is honestly quite unbelievable (even the stain itself) as a report of a real event. You don’t parade fort he cameras phonecalling that very way. You don’t wer a shirt which is puring somebody else’s blood if not for scenographic effects..Have you been injured or ever needed an ambulance…?

          Now, it’s not a single pic we are discussing about. You need to link it with all the rest.
          We have much more. Now the list is endless: the 5 spots of the hoax, the band playing, the stadium where nothing happened and where the filthy hollande was, the on-time intervention of the jurnos, the witnesses, the ‘survivors’, the time news about the number of ‘casualties’ and much more of all…Then…

          ….we have the answer needed: Cui prodest?

          If you take your time to read the news from RT I’ve reported, it should be clear. Let me add..I already knew it.

          Now you don’t look at the thing with unbiased eyes. You simply want to destructurate the post and what posters say.
          On the contrary, whether you insist in our opinion, I’d suggest to read back some important posts of the users your are talking to, including the following one of Christinne:

          Who are these guys in the black robes and masks in the Paris Bataclan theatre?

          • Rudolf, ive looked at the pic you’ve linked (via christinne).

            Although the picture is of low quality, I`d make an educated guess that the people wearing black are probably Police/SWAT/Special Forces/Bomb Disposal as opposed to some shadowy cult-like demons wearing masks & cloaks…………..

  30. From Jim Stone’s site: “A Mexican girl (Nohemi Gonzalez) who died was confirmed alive after the Bataclan shooting when her family called her boyfriend’s phone after hearing about the shooting in the Mexican media. They tried contacting her repeatedly on her own phone and then tried her boyfriend’s phone. He said he was with her and they were both fine and the shooting was over, and now, after the authorities took her into custody the family has received a report that she is dead and her family is wondering how she is dead when they received the report she was fine straight from her boyfriend a considerable time after the “terrorist” attacks.” Read the rest:

    • Jim Stone got stoned this time, I read the stuff on Mrs. Gonzales.

  31. Another example of yet another fake crises with a fake actors to perpetuate a war un nessesary and BS from the military complex system and it’s handlers banks and corporations israel & The Saudi’s love to chare the land grab with benifits of resources…shame on the global cabal…

  32. Twitter reported the details of this staged event 2 DAYS BEFORE IT HAPPENED. Please spread the word.

    • Good one! Why post it 2 days before it happened just a reflection of how a Zionist mind works absolute simpletons in every way. Yet these criminals think they can outsmart humanity itself for the greater Israel? Diabolical war criminal uses phosphorous bombs to burn out eyes of little girls etc. claims they’ve been “Israel Bashing” what his mob never bashed anyone for real? As I said simpletons

    • Usually in every hoax there is a Facebook page with a time stamp that predates the event, or a donation site, memorial site that precedes the event, etc.

      One would have to file a lawsuit against Twitter, and then subpoena the owner of the Twitter account as well as technicians who work at Twitter to determine the exact specifics.

      Perhaps this particular Twitter account was opened and created by a Mossad agent/operative to keep the pattern similar to prior hoaxes, whereby showing their cards to reveal the hoax.

      • You do realise that you can edit any post on facebook to any timestamp with ease? You can literally open up a brand new account right now and edit your profile picture to have being changed years ago. Which means that ANYONE can edit timestamp’s to support your own agenda. The same can be done quite easily on twitter. No tweets or facebook messages about the paris attacks were there prior to the attacks…

        What is scary is that you so called “truthers”, or at least people that you for some reason trust above all others, have edited timestamps to further your own agendas.. and yet you are supposed to be against disinformation? Ridiculous

  33. Without even examining in any detail, this is the silliest, goofiest photo I have seen so far. Its really laughable.

    Its so pointless that its not really a valid photo of anything other than a mind f–k hoax. One has to be stoned on crack to believe this is ”real”.

    It reminds me of a surreal Dali painting. A painting depicting his narco hallucinating dreams.

    Yes, the French hoaxers are the type of mental sickness gang who can show this and expect people to believe it. Well yes, a Zombie would believe it.

    • “Without even examining in any detail, this is the silliest, goofiest photo I have seen so far. Its really laughable.

      Its so pointless that its not really a valid photo of anything other than a mind f–k hoax. One has to be stoned on crack to believe this is ”real”.”

      Exactly. One has to be stoned on crack, or simply unable to think for themselves when they are presented with a situation that challenges their belief system of accepting what the TV tells them.

  34. Apologies for double post.

    My comment copied from a previous article, any thoughts?

    And here in this video is proof (if you needed it) of the piss-poor analysis carried out by people in order to mislead. The man narrating this video (Russianvids) goes to great length in explaining the lack of bars on the window (in google street view) as proof that these events are fake. Explaining that these bars must have been put there to facilitate some kind of harness. HOWEVER…………he fails to explain that although the bars cannot be seen at the angle he is showing, if you move the camera down the street and look again, the top of the bar can (just about) be seen. Furthermore these bars can also be seen on other windows of the same building further down the street. It is fairly obvious to me, that the reason the bars cannot be seen from the angle he has decided to show is that the picture is from street-level and the bars are obscured by the window-ledge (Common-sense & a little bit of knowledge about perspective tells me this).

    Just to be doubly sure, you can check alternative street-view applications (I used Bing Maps) & sure enough the bars are in plain sight…………..

    Wake The Sheep, you talk about critical thinking & analysis, yet you’ve clearly been duped on this one I’m afraid. Perhaps you should carry out your own analysis BEFORE posting videos?This website is after all, supposedly dedicated to eradicating dis-information.

    • “Wake The Sheep, you talk about critical thinking & analysis, yet you’ve clearly been duped on this one I’m afraid. Perhaps you should carry out your own analysis BEFORE posting videos?This website is after all, supposedly dedicated to eradicating dis-information.”

      How have I “clearly been duped?”

      This event has ALL of the hallmarks of a full scale terrorist exercise DRILL.

      People can go through the videos and come to their own conclusions.

      You’re picking on ONE Russianvids and making comments regarding if there was a bar on the window or not. Try going through the ENTIRE media’s case, and you will see plenty of outright lies that anyone with an ounce of intelligence can easily spot.

      If your agenda is to troll, then you’re going to have a difficult time when there are so many lies in the media’s case.

      This site has well documented the numerous of media clips that resemble past hoaxes and frauds. The media runs the same scams over and over.

      • Well as I stated in the post Wake, perhaps you should analyse the videos you offer links to before posting them? You are after all, a dedicated searcher of the truth. Surely posting links to videos (that turn out to contain nonsense) is adding to the disinformation?

        I posted regarding the error in this video to highlight how information can be mis-used in order to dupe the unsuspecting viewers. I personally believe that the majority of what Russianvids posts is garbage, concocted in the mind of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, unfortunately most of his garbage is unverifiable one way or the other. That doesn’t mean what he writes is true, just that I cant prove it to be false. I also believe that you on the other hand believe everything he posts (or most of it), why else would you add links to it otherwise? (Hence me saying youve been duped on this one) Or are YOU simply trying to spread disinformation?…………..;-)

  35. From Wolfgang Halbig’s Facebook page:

    I am writing this post to every city, state and federal law enforcement officer.

    If you believe the sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Massacre was real then we as a country might as well kiss our asses goodbye.

    Where are the great detectives that have that sense, knowing that when something is not right it needs to be investigated?

    What I have learned since Dec 14, 2012 is that all of our law enforcement agencies have turned their back on us and ignored the Sandy Hook School Shooting Conspiracy for their own benefit.

    That is keeping their job. They have become COWARDS, TRAITORS and most of all they have broken their own solemn vows as a police officer in protecting the people of the United States.

    Let me show you just one example of how we in law enforcement should follow our own procedures and enforce those procedures when setting up the yellow crime scene tape in an Active Shooter incident.

    You will see a reporter named Ken Pierce tell you about the yellow crime scen tape and what it means to the media. He states that once the yellow crime scene tape goes up NO ONE can cross into that crime scene or be arrested.

    Picture two you will see a little lady lift the yellow crime scene tape and just go under in front of the Channel 8 news reporter and NO ONe stops her.

    Then in the next picture you will see a parent and his wife and child lift the yellow crime scene tape and just wander into the Active Crime scene with NO ONE stopping them.

    As a former State and Federal law enforcement officer, I am disgusted by the actions of the Newtown Police Department as well as the CT State Police and Bill Halstead the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Chief who has his fireman order Pizza and take those huge PIzza’s inside the Fire Station while grieving parents and Father Robert Wiese are anxiously waiting for news of the children and staff that might be seriously injured or killed.

    Law Enforcement Officer’s that is not who we are when we signed up for that job.

    You are the role model for our children and your children and grandchildren.

    If you are part of this Conspiracy and FRAUD I urge you to seek immediate help because one day the truth will be told and you and your name and your family’s names will be dragged through the mud.


    • Call Before You Dig

      More proof Sandy Hook was not operational. The boiler room should have its own water supply and it didn’t. Video poster notes: “No water in the Boiler Room suggests the boilers were not operating, and neither was the school. At least not that day. The police video was dated 12/14/12 in the afternoon.”

  36. “Patrick Pelloux revealed on national radio on Saturday that France conducted a “multi-site” emergency drill on the same day as the Paris attacks on November 13.

    “He said that the Paris emergency services were so well prepared, because “as luck would have it“, they had been planning for a similar scenario.”

    Large Emergency Exercise Took Place On Same Day As Paris Attacks

  37. Terrorist Blows Himself Up: Look at Windows:

  38. Spanish Guy Put on Paris Death List, Then Posts on Facebook:

    The Crime Syndicate probably got their wires crossed and used him as a prevaricatore disonesto, or malfeasant persona. But who is really paying attention anyway.

  39. Vids about the Paris hoax by Dieudonne

  40. WTF my comments again dont appear?

    • Again, the media is claiming she is a “witness” which is pure deception. She is NOT a witness.

      In the clip, it says the following…”Emily was TOLD about the attacks.”

      Really? She was “told” by who, a Mossad operative nearby?

      Then the lady news anchor cites a comparison to “9/11” and the feeling of “terror”.

      Obviously this “witness” is not a real witness, as anything she says on TV is considered HEARSAY and not admissible in court.

      But it’s ok for her to appear on television for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. Comcast owns 51% of NBC Universal, and GE owns the rest. So we have an media content company and a weapons manufacturer for the government that owns NBC.

    • Show me that smile Hannah, lol!

      These crisis actors just CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THEIR DUPING DELIGHT!

      It’s human nature. People are inherently BAD liars. Watch the clip carefully, especially the final few seconds.

      • Cute Hannah (frank) is reeaaly upset. Poor chick, she seems more worried about being again with her bf than dealing with ‘sure death’..

        Indeed, the scene of the shooting in the ‘club’ turn out to be one of the most laughable things seen on the msm since the Ranaoke hoax.

  41. The French “contribution” – “Humanitarian Retribution” against the Islamic State: Illegal French Airstrikes on Syria hit Stadium, Museum, Clinics

  42. Paris attack witness: ‘he was dressed in black, professional, shooting and killing

  43. How to brainwash kids about the Paris hoax, part 2 – Little boy tells his dad about the Paris “massacre”, yeah, rite….

  44. Zio-fabricated shit coming up daily: Pair plotted bomb attack. And of course, they are “Muslims”….

  45. Wake – Just as we all know the earth is round, I don’t have to prove anything to you. Won’t waste my time. 99.9% of the civilized and educated world would call you and your cohorts idiots. Maybe if you folks had jobs, you wouldn’t be here 24/7 posting fairytales. But really, who’s going to hire outcasts like you? You like geopolitical intrigue? Go read some paperbacks and get your fix. Posting disinformation isn’t helping anyone, including yourselves.

    If you’re so cocksure of your evidence, why are you hiding it here in this little corner of the internet where the half dozen of you talk to yourselves? If the things you’re saying are true, you have blockbuster stories that media outlets and journalists around the world would love to break. Don’t give me the bullsh*t excuse that the zio media won’t run them. There are TONS of reputable news outlets on every continent where you can present your “facts.”

    Fact is, all the hundreds and hundreds of rants Cowboy and the others have posted on this site about hundreds of “hoaxes” have done absolutely nothing to change anything in your favor. ZERO. Nada. In fact, it looks like the “hoaxes” are becoming more frequent. So other than the tinfoil truther set, you are losing the war to change the world’s hearts and minds big time. And let me tell ya, that numerology stuff? Are you serious? Really destroys what little credibility you folks have. Yeah, just bring that to any court of law. Let me know how that works out for you.

    Go on, go knock yourself out and call me shill, troll, yada, yada, yada, whatever. Don’t bother me. It’s actually humorous. (Especially Rudy’s constant need to reference anal in every other post. He sure has some weird obsession with the butt. It’s OK if you’re gay, Rudy. The civilized world now accepts it).

    And Christinne, the way you know how to copy & paste links is really impressive. You can put that on your resume and work as a secretary if you ever decide to get off welfare and your fat butt. Yes, I’ve seen your “modeling” pictures. Talk about delusional.

    • Again, you’re using DEFLECTION. You can’t argue the case because you have no case.

      The event is STAGED. The photo proves it.

      But you can go on living in fantasy land. The fact you have stumbled upon this site will eventually catch up with you. Maybe it will take years, perhaps you’ll remain in denial forever.

      Go back to watching CNN. They need sheep like you to absorb their propaganda campaigns.

      • And regarding the presentation of this material to a mainstream news outlet, are you retarded?

        NO MAINSTREAM OUTLET is going to reveal the scam. It’s up to the individual to seek the information for themselves.

        • Wake, are you talking seriously?

          Do you pretend to be talking to a thinking person or to some sort of stinking anal mucus?

          I have fun with these wide-arses, that’s all. They woudn’t need any reply. Time wasted.

          More, their intent is clear, like the one of their masters.

          Now, it’s my pleasure to bash their butt. Problem is..more than often, they show they like it…:)

          The rotten company of zio-homos is made out mostly by the same element. u will see that when he get bashed , he’ll switch to another character…

          • There you go, Rudy, with your fascination with all things anal. Why don’t you just come out of the closet already? You’ll feel a lot better when you do.

          • It’s your problem, oma. I’m just helping you with some ìouting’ from your side…C’mon, its even cool, you brothel mates say

            The fact you keep on denying reality, makes you both: a self declared oma and a reality denier.

            Then, I’d add, even a self hater (zio)….-)

            Now, bring here mom and sister.

            They’ll tell you how hard I keep working….:)))

      • The event is real, Wake. It happened as portrayed. Your “evidence” is nothing more than you projecting what you want to believe based on some random blurry pictures. Sorry, you’ll need to do better than that.

        • Nope. I simply comply with your previous desire: being drilled.

          Don’t complain, mean oma! It’s what you keep asking!

          What about my previous request?

          Your mom and sista, I mean..)


          You’ll be amazed to see how many people around love your kind. Go out of the mainstream and check any mex in any chat and be back..

          No, don’t offer meyour butt, then. I have enough….:)


    france extends its state of emergency to its oversea territories

  47. Beginning of Mass Shootings during a Concert of Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan in Paris.


    isis v/s the world (except i$rae£)



    isis vs the world (except i$rae£)..


  50. A few comments from YouTube, providing an example of how to use LOGIC and THINK CRITICALLY in determining what the mainstream media is showing you:

    ” Sassy Batty 3 hours ago

    After all these videos a couple of questions pop into my mind: 1- Where are the videos of the surveillence? Paris is such a big city and this is basically the center of the city, where anything can happen, we have cameras all around our streets, so surely those videos captured the terrorists assaulting the cafè and the club, right? 2- How can it be possible that in a club, going to see a concert, where even in Italy guards looks into your purse and pockets if you have something harmful with you nobody stopped 3 men with kalashnikov? I think they are a little hard to hide in your pockets…

    lowdownshame1 2 hours ago

    +Sassy Batty the “real” surveillance video would reveal the true nature of what actually happened. First you’d see the security crew closing off that entire street, then you’d see the film crew move in and stage the area, then you’d see the crisis actors prep themselves to carefully play their rehearsed roles, and of course you cannot forget the director making sure he flipped over a few chairs to make sure it all looks 100% authentic.

    Sassy Batty 2 hours ago

    Amen to that. And in the club? I wonder how it went in the people cannot question this? So many points dont have any sense still people believes all!”

    • Simply consider, it is substantially IMPOSSIBLE for such an attack to have ever happened.
      France is a zio-police state. Hundreds, thousands of cams are located anywhere. the mossadicks have their own base there and are butt mates of the french ‘security service’. CIA moles have an important role

      ‘No star is bright if the mossad dislike’ this is the motto of ‘republican-france’.

      The control of the populace is very strict. Mind control can hardly be overridden.

      And yet they took the time to stage a entire action movie in Paris…It must have costed much..

  51. VicSim#3) ZioFrance Mult-PsyOps VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster Nick Alexander
    The Zionist France Hoax Attacks are
    Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People To Get them Into a Deadly, Bombing Campaign & War Against Innocent People To help Zionist Psychopaths Exterminate Syria & Lebanon & other Countries & Set Up Greater Israel. ISIS works for Israel.
    No bombs, no missiles will ever hit ISIS or any other Mercenary Terrorists savagely Attacking Syria for Israel!
    Slimebag Fraudster Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Nick Alexander & his crime Partner Miguel Benevides have already raked in over $89,000 so far from naive “hated dumb goyim” people being ZioScammed on this one GoFundMe Account Alone! Supposedly this fraudster lives in Essex, Colchester UK…So then why would he be working for an this Jewish Zionist extremist American Pop Fake Metal Band in USA from wealthy Palm Desert, Near LA…And why would this mossad agent Miguel in LA- Los Angeles be collecting the money?? lol Because Nick Alexander is not dead, does not live UK. ( He may well be from there orginally..but.) He is is not dead and doesn’t live in UK. But USA, atleast most of the time to serve this band or whatever he really does. Follow the money..If the money goes to a clown in USA that is where Nick Alexander lives to get the money! duh!

  52. Holy shit. You guys are either master trolls or batshit crazy. I feel sincere pity for you. Real people know real people who died in all these attacks. You realize that, right? Just because you all live in isolated basement caves doesn’t mean everyone else is. The sad irony is that you see yourselves as crusaders of truth, yet no-one spews more lies (and all of them easily debunked ones at that) than people like you. I don’t mean to be condescending ( at least I don’t set out to be), but do you really think that it is a mere coincidence (you don’t believe in coincidences, remember?) that every single conspiracy loon that everyone has ever crossed paths with is a social outcast? Deep inside you know that’s true, don’t you? Why do you think that is? Posts like this one will of course sadly just reaffirm your warped beliefs that everyone who doesn’t buy your maddening bullshit is a Zionist agent, but please, just take a second to consider the harm you are doing and the pain you are adding to those (myself included) who have lost friends, relatives and other acquaintances in terror attacks. Yes, governments, Zionists and what have you do messed up things, and quite often we are fed lies to justify these atrocities, but you are manufacturing hate. Nothing else comes from this. Please stop.

  53. VicSim #3-b) ZioFrance Mult-PsyOp Fraudster VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster
    Nick Alexander Mossad Agent used in
    Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People To Get them Into a Deadly, Bombing Campaign & War Against Against Innocent People To help Zionist Psychopaths Exterminate Syria & Lebanon & SetUp Greater Israel.

    This is a “real” long term identity & picture of this Slimebag Fraudster Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Nick Alexander without his Rock band roady looking wig on!
    In order to set up a history of him as a “Rock Band Merchandizer” aka Concert T-shirt salesman the zionists apparently provided -used this scumbag in a Cats Stevens Tour Recently at his concerts doing the same job as he supposedly did at the fake concert shooting PsyOp for Fake Metal Band “Eagles of Death Metal” really a Pop Rock band dressed up as a metal band-gay biker bar band hybrid band & sold it as a Death Metal Band that admittedly steals all their songs from other bands best songs..(see my other posts for video & audio proof of that straight from the band leaders).
    Anyway this is the same Mossad Agent & Fraudster crisis actor playing dead VicSim Nick Alexander a long haired via wig Rock N Roll version of himself. It is possible other alias identies (with different names) can be found for him searching in London & perhaps in LA & California. I have yet to find an French VicSim or Crisis actor…But we just started…All seem to be from Australia, UK, USA & South Africa and I have found a one from Russia who plays his young beautiful girlfriend. I do not believe she was even his girlfriend. All pics & FB posts on her Polina Buckey character FB are very recent of the two together & like they all apparently came from the same photo set shoot for this PsyOp Oeration of Psychological Terror leveled Treasonously against the French people to trick them into accepting the bombing, missile attacking, mass murdering & genociding & exterminating the innocent people of Syria for the zionist Psychopaths to set up the emerging Grrater Israel Empire upon the dead bodies of millions of Muslims & Christians. Then perhaps they will lie and say the Syrian people are a fiction who never existed as the the zionists actually day about the Palestines after 66.6 years plus of mass murdering & exterminating them & stealing most of their land & country & brutally occupying & blocking the resy of it! Israel is truly the most evil country since the zionist jew run Soviet Union!

  54. Yes the zionist extremist Jewish led fake metal band callrd Eagles of Death Metal are in on the PsyOp Hoax to Warmonger France into Bombing innocent people in Syria!

  55. faked ? ask the family members of the victims i guess

    i give the author one thing.
    blood does seem to chang when it hits the floor

    kenya attacks 147 dead :

  56. Just like the Boston Marathon Hoax Bombing windows that were not damage at all, proven in pictures, yet later boarded up…hoax damaged later!

  57. lol
    any-one who believes the main-stream media BS on this bogus Bataclan Theatre bollocks is the dummy…in fact….any-one who believes that this baloney occurred @ all is a real “gerry gee”

    • Time to visit the dentist you bogan pole smoker.

      • I’m still waiting that reply about your sista.. I need my ‘outlet’ here.

        Ive told you, I despise your butt… Get a break…!

        Uh…. it’s useless you keep spamming your AD. You’re another one of the zio-bunch who’s been pounded here:

        ‘Professional model and eternal Muse (SIC!). This is my passion. Professionals/amateurs/artists/gypsies/tree-huggers (LOL)/camera wielders/transients/derelicts/deviants/face & butt-hunters and lovers and moments of Joy please contact me. I am happily available for Paid assignments to all Levels of photographers..and more. I am still thrilled to accept NUDE work ..’


      • here’s wtf this crap was really all abt….. ;

        NOW….you know the fucking ZOG-bot gub’mint was responsible…..

        fucking bunch of kike-kissing mother-fuckers!

        “taking a page” right outta their bolshevik, kike commisar forbears in the Jewviet Union!

        • Thanks for sharing!

          We have to post and spread info about the zio-scum even more than ever!

      • this whole “crock of crap” is a desperate hoax by the fucking, dirty, filthy jews to implement martial law and ‘take out’ the i/net because its exposing this baby-butchering maggot bastards to the light of day!


        don’t let them try their Talmudic turdery on youse

        buy guns!
        buy more guns!
        buy even more fucking guns!

        and….if they pull a stunt like this….start fucking BLASTING cops, feds and jews….lotsa dirty, fucking jew-boy bastards! ☺

      • You couldn’t hit a cat’s arse with a handful of rice, poofter breath.

        • France Zionist PsyOps Hoax Attacks Treason Trick To Bomb & Genocide Syria To Set Up Greater Israel Upon The Dead Murdered Bodies of Exterminated Syria!

          Lying Crisis Actor #7 (c) Gennie Watson American Zionist Jew Mossad Agent Scumbag Admittingly Was Already Doing Her Scripted Lies Zio Media Interviews at 4am via Skype worldwide!!! With her phoney baloney Fake @$$ English accent which she loses sometimes & American accent comes out! Such an Evil Psychopath! Heck she probably was prerecording a lot of her interviews the day before atleast long before the hoax concert that never begin, & wss never attacked! Ofcourse the media never mentioned she was a TV & Movie Actress in Milan & Paris & Movie Director & pop singer! lol

          This Zionist extremist fraudster evil psychopath does not give a sh#t that her lies have already heaped bombs upon the heads of innocent children & othersin Syria & helped Israel’s ISIS’s & Al Queda & FSA & Turk Merc’s murder more Syrian people! She loves it! Like her twin Sarah Silverman bragging how she’d love to murder Jesus over & over again for exposing the synagogue of Satan 2000 yrs ago! Yes she loves bombing hated dumb innocent goyim in Syria! But she sure hated truth bombs hitting her “on the head”, exposing her evil lies & her apparent blood lust for mass murder of the Goyim for her beloved Satanically evil Israhell the hexegram 666 flagged state of never ending wars & genocide!
          This Whole bunch of Zionist Psychopaths & ZioPuppets deserves the French Guillotine upon conviction for high treason for Psychotic Warmonger, Criminal State of Terror called Israel!

          • Emma Parkinson The Happiest Hoaxer Crisis Comedy Actor In History

            Crisis Actor #10) France Friday 13th Multi-Simultaneous PsyOp Hoax Attacks by the Zionist Psychopaths & ZioPuppets

            Mary Poppins Actress Emma Parkinson was Hoax Shot in The A$$ yet healed zioMagically instantly & is happy as a Lark that she was shot. She’s joyfully joking & quite excited close to delirious in her satanic joy & happiness to be on TV worldwide & getting her big break doing this treasonous PsyOps for the Zionist Psychopaths! She is happy as can be that her lies are now allowing France’s corrupted zioPuppet Leaders & Crypto Zionist Jew Hollande to bomb innocent people in Syria for Israel to help Israel set up their emerging Greater Israel in what is now Syria by exterminating the people of Syria. This is a demon disguised as Mary Poppins!
            And remember France is not bombing ISIS, FSA nor Al Queda (Israel’s Terrorists servants) & never will but are only bombing the goods: the Syria people, the Syrian Army & militia & Hezbollah who are fighting for the very survival of the Ancient nation of Syria, it’s people & culture against the most evil power on earth the zionists & all their terrorist hordes!


  58. if most of the bodies were faked then there will be lots of unidentified supposed victims…i’d like to see a list of all the dead people..i think it was 129 mentioned on the news…well lets see if there are 129 names ..then people should investigate every name to see if they are genuine victims

  59. @realDonaldTrump Mexico and USA have mind control Presidents with mental disability @realDonaldTrump I was attacked as TI in San Antonio, TX and some of them were mexicans @realDonaldTrump They are killing children coming from Mexico throught the CPS system, mainly CPS San Antonio, TX @realDonaldTrump The mexican illuminati requested to Obama and Clinton to kill using lies about me while I was working for Infosys Technology with the help of the DEA The seudo mexican jew christian government sent me to be killed in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX because they do not want to pay billions of dollars to me because my technology ERP @realDonaldTrump My first interview I hope you like it @realDonaldTrump I have two licences in industrial engineering with the thesis related Degree Licence 1584187, CONACYT Scholarship 52078, according with mexican laws it is considered a patent itself, so the name of my thesis are in there as a requirement. ORACLE and SAP made a fraud world wide, the ERP technology and business data base are of my property. It is part of my patent in my master´s degree @realDonaldTrump NO ME PAGAN ESTOS TIPOS DE FMC TECHNOLOGIES Y TECH MAHINDRA, $31,900.00 USD HACEN CONTRATOS LEONINOS PARA TRABAJAR EN MÉXICO Y NO CUMPLEN LAS LEYES LABORALES EN MÉXICO;ADEMÁS DE ENGAÑAR A LOS CLIENTES DICIENDO QUE TIENEN OFICINAS EN EL DF CUANDO ES SOLAMENTE VIRTUAL, ENGAÑÁNDOSE CREANDO UN TEMPLETE GLOBAL PARA EVADIR EL FISCO EN VARIOS PAÍSES. Además de cometer fraude laboral en México, posiblemente relacionados al tráfico de petroleo robado por parte de los illuminati, Bush, Gortari, Fox. Atras de todo esto esta Chevron, Nestlé, Praxis, Softtek

  60. Pingback: Crisis actors exposed, the doubles and media blunders…. Pictures state 1000 words. | Barack Hussein Obama – Occult gematria and numerology.

  61. Exhibit 33) France PsyOp 6 Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks To Trick The French People Thru Treason Into Bombing & Genocidal War Against Innocent Syrian People To Exterminate Them & Set Up A Greater Israel Empire.

    And France will never bomb ISIS nor any of the bad guys, the terrorists.

    In Reality:
    FRANCE WILL only BOMB SYRIANS & Courageous Hezbollah Lebonese Patriots & The Syrian Army.

    Israel is calling all the shots, not corrupt France Officials Like Crypto Jew Zionist Hollande a Traitor Against His Supposed People The French & France for His Real Masters The Zionists, Psychopaths & his Real Allegiance: Israel. & As the Zionists & these traitors use deceptions, lies, Hoaxes, PayOps, Propaganda, false Flags & Terror & created wars to exterminate & enslave the Syrians, Arabs & Christians, Muslims, Asians, Africans & Eastern Europeans & other targeted people, so too will they Exterminate, enslave & subjugate France as a nation. Just as they did to beautiful Yugoslavia using CIA & zionist trained KlA terrorts!

    (((((( ISIS is a Division/Operation of Mossad Using The Real Official Acronym of Mossad —> ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service! <–))))))

    Do not be tricked by these genocidal warmongering monsters! Wake Up, Discover the truth, uncover the lies & Get Active exposing the lies… or just bend over & let the destroy you & all of US!

  62. “Terrorisme : exercice multi-attentats à Paris” (+ 3.15>min)

  63. OMG,,,,,,,, You’re so full of crap! We would be more likely to believe that you were abducted by aliens and probed..


    A lot of posts on social media can present a vision of nothing but doom and gloom and a future we cannot avoid. This I believe is done in large part to try and shock people into waking up by showing them the worst possible future if they don’t wake up to what is going on. Make no mistake about it, the dystopian future is a very real possibility, but at the same time we are living in an age in which the presentation of ideas can go viral at the touch of a button. The traitors in the halls of power all over the West are exposing themselves for the traitors they are and are making the agenda they serve ever more transparent with each passing day.

  65. Amazing how many gullible idiots there are on this article. I have a question. Why the out of focus close-up pictures? If they are just dummies, would you not want everyone to see that?

    • You are using the language of a troll? Are you a Zionist troll?

    • Agreed Robert! What a bunch of nuts! These people make me more worried than Isis, or anyone. How disrespectful to the people who have been injured and killed. I hope it happens to them one day, and someone can put pictures of their dead bodies on social media, and then say that they are fake!

      • Karen, dear chick,

        my ‘Pair’-reviewed therapy is on-the-move for you….just you….

  66. Exhibit 43) Zionist Simultaneous Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People!
    Zionist Traitor Israeli Puppet Pierre Carli Admits We Were Practicing The Exact Same Multi Terror Attacks With Israelis In France on Same Day In Same Places In Paris!!! Same Situation in 77 Zionist Underground Subway Attacks in London Where Israelis were on Hand practicing with Corrupt Treasonous British ZioPuppets to Terrorize & Warmonger UK citizens…or more correctly… & sadly subjects of Queenie, herself a puppet of Psychopath House of Rothschild!

    Get Out The The Guilotines French Citizens! To Stop These Zionists From Treasonous Terrorizing of Your People To Bring Them to Murderous War Against Innocent People in Syria & elsewhere! Viva France!??? F$#k the Zionists!

  67. Exhibit # 47) Zionist France MultiTerror Psychological Warfare Attacks Against French People To Trick Them Into Genocidal War & Extermination of Syria To Set Up Greater Israel in Destroyed Syria!

    ZioPuppet Obama Admits Training Israel’s ISIL aka ISIS Terrorists Murderers!

    & The Acronym – ISIS is The Official Name of Israel’s Mossad.

    ISIS Stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  68. So now the supposed NWO, or whatever group you guys believe in, gives a damn if random people die and rather stage such elaborate fake attacks with dummies and actors? Believe that and you might as well believe anything…LMAO

    • It’s less critical to have dummies..Death implies more inquiries. It’s anyway an issue for the ziodicks, Tumtum..

  69. This is picture of Italian victim Valeria Solesin buried today. On FB tribute pages says she was artist or designer. On Italian news pages says she was doing doctorate on Fertility and I found page with her name and her photo removed with direction to her thesis. Also claims she worked for Gruppo Emergency Trento with this photo – does it look photo-shopped . She is bottom far right – look at her hands/fingers and guys fingers next to her – also guy in beige chinos in back row looks shopped in

    • This very valeria soresin is a member of the discredited group ’emergency’: a leftist, politically correct group working out the zio-interests under the filthy disguise of human rights and peeeeace. It seems it is a proxy of the secret services (similarly to the infamous amNesy international & greepeace)…

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  73. Another possible Bataclan style dummy incident here on anniversary of Charlie Hebdo in Paris

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  77. All those who advocate this intellectual excrement are imbecilic monsters. I hope you are the victims of the next terror attack. I really do. Save ISIS the effort and kill yourselves now.

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