Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 September 2014
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Desperate Zionists Fake Another Beheading – Mossad Agent Steven Sotloff

UPDATED, Sept. 4, 2014

Without doubt, the Zionist plots for the conquest of the Middle East are failing miserably. Islamic Iran is stronger than ever. The Hezbollah is a decidedly powerful fighting force, which can readily match all that the Zionists can offer. The Palestinian resistance has increased its power and force, defeating the cowardly Israelis categorically on the ground. The fake death, or phony beheading, of arch-Zionist mole Steven Sotloff is merely one further example of their faltering regime.

They did the same with James Wright Foley. Like Soltoff, he is alive and well.

They have no choice but to act in such a extreme degree of desperation. What shall they do? Their fake kidnapping and ill-conceived war against the Palestinians resulting in their obvious defeat, despite the fact that they virtually destroyed the entire infrastructure of Gaza. Rabid in their extremism, at all costs it is essential that these crimianl elements maintain their hoax, and the greatest hoax of all of which they are so desperate to maintain is the fraud of Islamic terror.

Islamic boogeymen are the only tool left in their chest of tricks for the Zionists to maintain their power structure. If that trick is thoroughly exposed, if the world at-large realizes the fraud, Zionism will no longer maintain its hold. It will wither away precipitously.

Nevertheless, the real terrorists are the Zionists: in every conceivable way.


The video of Sotloff’s killing was first confirmed Tuesday by the SITE Intel Group, which monitors extremist networks.

SITE: it is nothing other than a Zionist operation.

Is a Zionist Jew, cowardly as he would be, really going to act this calm and collect just as he is about to get his neck slit? Who would believe such inanity?

Picture 5620

There is not an iota of nervousness in his voice. He is far from pale. He acts as if the is in a scene of drama at best; there is nothing extraordinary about his behavior or appearance. Too, both he and the fake executioner take time to look directly into the camera.

Sotloff gives new meaning of the phrase ‘talking out of the corner of the mouth.’ He can be seen doing so numerous times throughout the staged video:


Let him bite his tongue. It’s probably the only tissue in his body that truly did bleed. Mossad mole Sotloff is merely an arch-liar on behalf of Zionist plots. No Zionist Jew would give such a matter of fact speech before being executed. This alone is proof of the scam.

UPDATE: Here are a few more images of this arch-phony, proving yet further that he is scamming the world about his fake death:

Stevensotloffimageliar1 stevensotloffliarface1

It’s an extreme example of speaking from the corner of the mouth. People who do so are never to be trusted. He can’t control himself. The lie is evident through his body language and facial expressions.

It’s just a magic trick. The entire video was staged. As before, a fan was used to simulate action outdoors. Now, look, too, at this anomaly. How does this make sense? Only one body, the fake executioner, is sending a shadow:


The is an obvious shadow cast to the right of the Mossad agent in black’s body. This Israeli cannot seem to defy the laws of physics. Yet, what about Sotloff? He casts no visible shadow at all. This is hard proof of staging. His shadow should be just as visible as is that of the man in black. Once again, WHERE IS THE SHADOW?

stevensotloffmossad4 stevensotloffmossad2

Lightened up, there is no evidence of any kind of a real beheading. The knife is used to ‘saw’ at the neck, back and forth. It happens highly rapidly. Yet, it never cuts into the tissue: not once. Plus, there is no blood spurting from the neck, as is absolute in the event of a real cutting of the throat in a human or animal.
There is no hide or hair to deal with, as there is in animals. With this amount of ‘cutting,’ blood would be spurting from the neck virtually immediately. Therefore, this ‘beheading’ is a fake.


There is great ‘sawing’ in this image, yet not a drop of blood is seen. Notice he shirt; it is free of all red arterial blood or blood splatter.


This was the final possible screenshot before the end of the first part of the video. Notice the position of Soltoff’s head. He has actually turned towards the body of the executioner, burying his head in his abdomen. Yet, still, there is no blood: not a drop.

So, how is this now possible? The only way it is possible is that it is a fake. It’s staged. It didn’t happen. The Zionists are ultra-desperate. That’s why they keep producing these fabrications.

  Picture 5622

It’s the same purplish-colored fake blood as seen in all the other hoaxes. While they did this, incredibly, they kept the fan on high speed, blowing his clothes in the phony wind. Note that there is no obvious pattern of blood splatter. Moreover, there is no bright red arterial blood to be found anywhere. Notice also the light colored nature of the area on the face that is free of the painted or CGI-added blood. Nevertheless, as is seen close ups this red material is obviously painted on.


It’s at least a bit brighter in color than the typical purple-colored paint they normally use. The Zionists are attempting to make realistic impressions. Yet, once again, they have failed to do so miserably. The paint is merely applied on through computer enhancement. That’s why still images at the end of such hoax beheadings are the norm. Note the complete lack of the expected pattern of arterial spurting. Nevertheless, rather than a real example of his head this is a Photoshop example. Note the defect on the crown of he head. That is by no means natural.

Too, there is no blood in other expected regions, like on the knife or the hands of the phony killer.

Hoax index: 1 million percent.




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  1. We pointed out in James foley fake beaheading. How there was a lack of wind. Now, in this fake one they made sure to have fake winds blowing their clothes flapping back& forth . Rotfl! You just came make this sh!t up!

    • What will the zionist who committed the atrocities against America on September 11 2001 do to celebrate that event this year?
      Another hoax or some real & deadly terror events?

      A Malayan plane into the Effel Tower?

      Will their Israeli Simulated Islamic Stooges–ISIS do a mass beheading?

      A large mass murder school shooting hoax–after a couple months break from any zionist DHS school shooting hoaxes so the dumb goyim could focus on zionist anti Muslim & anti Palestinian demonization as Israel carried out genocide of Palestine.???

    • Freaky & creepy all seeing eye tattoo on that back on hoax character actor Dragana Prodanovic’s neck. Now this pic is supposedly 5years old. I bet most of them are especially that loaner baby’s pics.

      https://m.facebook.com/dragana.prodanovichaines#!/photo.php?fbid=62856887852&id=768357852&set=a.62853237852.89429.768357852&source=56 5 years old. I bet most of them are.

    • Ya, and they probably even used the same studio where they faked the moon landing, lol.

      The Zionist controlled media has no shame.

  2. *can’t*

  3. I agree.

    • YOU TUBE:proof joan rivers is another illuminati sacrifice-fijitime channel(joan rivers wil be a hoax “death”or a bloodsacrifice,satanic,illuminati real death….)i say “IT’happens on: 9-11-2014….by the way joan rivers is a : MAN,DUDE,GUY!!!

      • So what if she said what she did about Obongo and Moochelle? She was allowed to, she was Jewish, double standard. If a non-Jew/non-Zionist would have said that, imagine what could have happened…. Do u think Jon Stewart got reprimanded or punished for that? Take a look:


        Also expect her death to have been faked, again no wonder….

  4. You told them they needed to fake wind! You are aiding and abetting the terrorists!

    • No, didn’t tell them to make fake winds lol. Many of us pointed out how there was a lack of wind. Now, in this fake one they made certain to have winds @ high speed. The fake wind was, so loud that you can see the clothes flipping back& forth watch how the clothes are flapping back & forth. But the dummies made yet another big error. Their clothes (beheader&Steven) are rapidly flapping like that. Yet there is NO sand or dust blowing /moving around them . With their clothes flapping around like that means high winds. Yet no desert dust /sand is blowing in their face lmao. I’ve yet to He’s supposedly kneeling in the desert yet there’s no dirt mark on his orange attire, no sand on be header shoes,desert dirt nada ! I can point out a lot of things wrong with each film. But its useless. Because unless these government leaders get serious& address the real elephant in the room. (Zionism) Things will just continue to remain status quo.

  5. The point about the shadow might be wrong, because, when you draw a horizontal line across the picture at the height of the beheader’s knees, the beheader’s shadow is under that horizontal line. Drawing a horizontal line at the height of Sotloff’s knees, which are under the bottom edge of the picture, might show that Sotloff’s shadow ends under the bottom edge of the picture.

    • Correction: I watched the full HD Sotloff beheading video and his shadow indeed seems to be gone, his shadow seems to be behind him, which should be impossible if the light source was sunlight. (It would be interesting to hear a best boy from a movie set if this can be done with movie lighting.) Anyway, as for the moment, the video url is:


  6. The “terrorist” looks like he’s ready to shave “Sotloff”, not beahead him, lol….

    • typing error: behead

    • Lol. “Terrorist” can’t /didn’t shave him, because it’s the month of Rosh Hasanah which is forbidden for a observant jew to shave @ such time/ month. That’s why you see they kept his facial hair un shaven yet James was shaven. They’re so repetitive with their rituals of observance that they( (self consciously) didn’t shave him for his close up in this one oops lol.

    • christinne,drk,cowboy,stephan..EVERYBODY:daniel pearl beheading-journalist 2002 REAL OR FAKE?I SAY FAKE,MAYBE WE CAN ALL LOOK AT THIS GOLDEN OLDIE FAKE BEHEADING CASE/HOAX…………..;)(just type daniel pearl beheading-parents etc…..GOOD LUCK with the research,sometimes old forgotten hoaxes,must bring up,to understand the new hoaxes,beheadings…..;)

      • 100 percent FAKE

        • drk?maybe a post,article about daniel pearl 2002 beheading HOAX on the nodisinfo blog?(a hoax from the past;)every hoax counts…………..

        • I never believed the Daniel Pearl official story anyway

  7. Ha ha
    One can only laugh, absolutely pathetic!

    Does anyone know where I can get a job as a hoaxer??
    Seems like good pay!!

    • “Does anyone know where I can get a job as a hoaxer?? Seems like good pay!!”

      You have to meet some ZOGS (Zionist Owned Gay Spies) in the City of London. I tried, but the bath houses are all privately owned by Rothschild.

      Will update this weekend after visiting a Singer Emmerich after-after party at Zion’s Hollywood branch.

      • stephan?CALL anderson cooper or cnn……….;)or carlos arredondo or jef “superman”bauwman or?CASSIDY STAY?;)~~~~~~*;,’,,;.*

  8. Make Israel Stop Beheading “Journalists” – Beheading Videos Traced to Israel “bin Laden Studios”


  9. Inside SITE Intelligence Group: Steven Sotloff Beheading Discovered By Nonprofit Research Organization


  10. Note that Berrin is another Jewish scum


    • Danielle Berrin with Obama bowing down and kissing boots at AIPAC in 2005.

    • What James foley and Steven Sorloff went through is something I know you wouldn’t have wanted to happen to you !! Who are you stupid Christine Radu !!! Your mom should have aborted you !!! Or should I say the bitch that brought you screaming in the world should have chosen the abortion route and I’m very against abortion !!!!!! You are the scum bag barf bag shit bag !! I guess you will packing soon to join these goons in their killings for money only !!!! That’s all thry did this for and to make themselves look bad ass !!! You are pathetic Cristine . It’s amazing how people like you eat to live
      To stay longer on this planet ??? Yet so many good people are killing themselves and you are still here ??? What type of person brought you into this world ??? A bitch for sure . Hiding behind your computer and evil words !!! If you are white you are plain and not beautiful like Sharon Tate if you are a foreigner you need to get the fuck out if you hate so much that you can’t see the shame and gruesomeness of their deaths . These men were thinking why didnt I listen to my family especially James and not come over to this lousy country full of angry men with no purpose !!!!! Go to hell Cristine you are lucifers bride . The devil only wants you and my he be in your nitemares !!!!

      • Yeah she should have been aborted by her mom or sold to the terrorists since she supports them so much or can just kill herself this site is for extremists themselves.

  11. What we know about Steven Sotloff, the second American purportedly beheaded by ISIL


  12. Lol, Sotloff was grandson of two Holocaust survivors who had a deep love for the Islamic world


    • “Sotloff was grandson of two Holocaust survivors”

      Can we call him now a beheading survivor?

      • Definitely…although how bad would those rubber knives burn!?
        I’m hoping like I’m sure you all are (with bated breath) that the next beheading is a lot more elaborate with concealed blood packs that when penetrated splash all ovrr the camera Sin City style.
        Bloody he’ll q

        • “I’m hoping like I’m sure you all are (with bated breath) that the next beheading is a lot more elaborate with concealed blood packs”

          No need to do that. As long as the sheeple buy it, it is enough to front cheap hoaxes. Zionists are niggards, if a hoax works without elaborate special effects, they will save the money and buy some child slaves at the Bohemian Grove Gift Shop.

      • He certainly survived it like all the 20 million Jews getting their holocaust survivor checks to this day out of the 16 million Jews who lived in the world in the 1940’s. ! ZIO MATH! Pay up dumb goyim! The real 1% need more!!

    • More Zio crapola for public opinion. Murdered journalist Steven Sotloff had dual US-Israeli citizenship
      Journalist kidnapped and beheaded by Islamic State militants managed to hide his second nationality during his captivity


      Portion of article, more on site – Steven Sotloff, the kidnapped journalist beheaded by Islamic State, was a dual Israeli-US citizen who had managed to hide his second nationality from his militant Islamist captors even while reportedly managing to fast during the Yom Kippur religious festival.

      Sotloff, 31, became the second kidnapped journalist to be beheaded by the group, which also murdered US journalist James Foley. Islamic State has threatened to kill a British hostage next.

      The revelation of Sotloff’s Israeli citizenship was disclosed by the country’s foreign ministry on Wednesday morning. In a brief tweet, Paul Hirschson, a spokesman for the ministry, said: “Cleared for publication: Steven Sotloff was Israel citizen RIP.”

    • cristinne?you mean holoHOAX,holocaust is also a BIG hoax!please look on you tube:david cole docu and on you tube: steven spielberg the big lie docu etc..(also jungle surfer has holocaust/holohoax video’s)

      • (h;)

  13. ‘Brave and Very Imaginative,’ Freelance Journalist Steven Sotloff Spoke of Syria’s Perils


    This paragraph is very interesting:

    “At the request of his family, Mr. Sotloff’s abduction wasn’t publicized, and few knew about it until the militant group Islamic State released a video last month showing the beheading of fellow journalist James Foley. It concluded with a shot of a militant dressed in black standing beside a kneeling Mr. Sotloff and saying, “The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”

    • Translation: bomb all persons dressed in black.

    • “‘Brave and Very Imaginative,’ Freelance Journalist Steven Sotloff Spoke of Syria’s Perils”

      I am sure he worked for Reuters and AP. Definitely not freelance.

  14. Great work, Hoax Meisters !

    We hope your analyses hold water, because our E-blasting media colleagues are getting this article out worldwide, to counter the propaganda being circulated in the MSM.

    The name “Steven Sotloff.” coupled with his ugly, fat face, has “Mossad Mole” written all over it ! LOL

    Here’s a related press release:

    The Sovereign Nation-State of

    CT America

    (CT AMERICA’s historic and unopposed “Declaration of Sovereignty was filed, recorded, and acknowledged at THE HAGUE on JUNE 1, 2012 and later at the UN. “The Declaration” is posted at http://CT-Global.webs.com/declaration . CTA welcomes all qualified people and entities to apply for DUAL CITIZENSHIP via the “Contact” page at http://CT-Global.webs.com.)

    Fairfield, CT 06825 CTA/USA

    [email protected] [email protected]

    USA (203) 212-0136 Greater NYC, Phoenix, and Worldwide Online




    http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 (with “The X Man” and Bill Stoller)

    September 3, 2014 Worldwide Release

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    Here’s the REAL DEAL, folks.

    These so-called “beheadings” are simply more RABID ZIONIST / ISRAELI / CORPORATE AMERICAN (USA, Inc.) propaganda, designed to perpetutate the FAKE TERROR SCARE and ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    We thank the http://www.NoDisinfo.com TRUTH SLEUTHS for exposing the latest HEAD CHOPPING FARCE.

    Art McNamara, Worldwide Press Agent, and Proud Combat Veteran, New Haven, CT, USA

    From http://www.NoDisinfo.com :

    Desperate Zionists Fake Another Beheading – Mossad Agent Steven Sotloff, at


  15. Here’s http://www.VeteransToday.com ‘s take on these journo head chops, at


    I/we note that VT’s so-called “Editor” Gordon Duff has admitted that he / VT puts out about 1/3 BS, so take the above article with many grains of salt.

    Dr. K may have serious issues with Duffski also.

    • Uncle Gordy could do better, no idea who exactly chained him.

  16. Muslims have never committed any terrorist acts… The holocost never happened… everything bad in the world is the fault of the jews. I think I got it.
    And Dr. K is not a disgraced, unlicensed physician / con man with multiple aliases and a 100k tax lien

    • I got it too, u need ur medication asap

    • You have been rumbled, outted as a fake Zionist mole….. Now you shroud go back down into your borough and keep on digging with your 4 feet….

    • 1. Go back to the City of London. 2. Close the door. 3. Throw away the key.

  17. Nasty, vicious, bigoted morons: that about sums things up here. cya.

    • Because its so hard to educate urself u, isnt it? Joke is on u, vildechaye

    • thanx,vildechaye(are you blind,have no brains to see,understand that james phoney and steven fuckoff are soooo calm,not one drop of blood,AND type on google:british experts saying james foley beheading is fake-also type:the telegraph james foley beheading is fake…and you tube:james foley beheading hoax.you tube:parents james foley hoax-brother and sister james foley hoax-laughing,smilling etc…..MORON!!

    • BLAME THEM!!for bad acting,no blood,smirking,laughing………..(they are the ones who don’t give a fuck about there brother,son(WHY?…BEACAUSE IT IS A HOAX,FAKE,NOT REAL,THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!)drinking a bloody marry with ice;)on a island,under a palmtree,maybe giving head to each other………

  18. Notice James Foley facial hair & head was completely shaven yet Steven Sotloff face& hair remained un shaven? You know why? Because it’s forbidden for a shomer Shabbat Jew to shave during the month of Rosh Chodesh& month of Rosh Hasanah. I guess these Arab “terrorist” were schooled @ a heder to know NOT to shave Steven. Oooooooops!

  19. Also, the so call “be header” in these films is left handed. The guy who they are trying to pin this on as the Jihad rapper is right handed NOT left.

  20. My favorite scene in the Sotloff play is at the end, when Sotloff, after the thirteenth stroke of the knife, without showing one drop of built-in fake blood from a movie prop knife, moves his legs, almost standing up, to make it look more dramatic. But maybe I am wrong and he just had a charleyhorse.

  21. Regarding “Obvious Zionist Mole’s” comment, “And Dr. K is not a disgraced, unlicensed physician / con man with multiple aliases and a 100k tax lien…”

    Credible evidence and testimony indicates that Dr. K ‘s license(s) to practice may have been maliciously and unjustly revoked / suspended due to his justified anti-Zionist activities (self-defense really). These tactics have been used against others who have challenged the Zionists/NWO thugs.

    Multiple aliases? Considering that Dr. K and others put their lives on the line regularly against these psychopaths, we’re surprised that he doesn’t have MORE aliases – and an underground bunker about one mile below the surface ! LOL

    We applaud Dr. K for owing 100 K in taxes, which is 100 K LESS in the pockets of Corporate America (USA, Inc.), Israel, and the Zionists / House of Rothschild.

    To confirm the ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST INSTIGATED CORPORATE AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP that you’re enslaved under, do an ENTITY SEARCH for “United States of America, Inc.” and “The United States of America, Inc.” at the Delaware Secretary of State’s website, at

    https://delecorp.delaware.gov/tin/GINameSearch.jsp and https://delecorp.delaware.gov .

    Response / rebuttal welcome from “Obvious Zionist Mole,” who is also welcome to call (203) 212-0136 and/or write [email protected] .

    • “… do an ENTITY SEARCH for “United States of America, Inc.” and “The United States of America, Inc.” at the Delaware Secretary of State’s website”

      I would guess this is related to names in all caps, as explained in Black’s Law Dictionary.

  22. I found the next hoax (9/11 Part Deux) after the next hoax (beheading), just in case people start laughing after hearing the word beheading:

    Pictured: Libyan Islamist rebels pose with planes seized from Tripoli airport as U.S. officials warn they could be used to carry out terrorist attack on 9/11 anniversary

    September 3, 2014

    Eleven planes missing from Tripoli Airport after it was taken by Islamic rebels

    Fighters from group Libyan Dawn have posed for pictures with aircraft

    U.S. officials warn planes could be used to carry out terror attacks on 9/11

    September 11 also marks anniversary of attack on US embassy in Libya


    • Hoax index – 1000 percent

  23. steven sottlof (fake head),looks very dizzy,stoned,DID HE SMOKED WEED?;)~~~~*’,.,’;(or was the fake head,just sleepy?;)next time sunglasses?;)~~~~~~*’,,.’

  24. if this is a hoax where are these men also why dont these stupid journalists stay out of this country im sorry stupidity!

    • “… where are thes men …”

      Ever heard the words in hiding and witness-protection program? Would it be possible that a rogue government like Israel makes the impossible possible?

  25. Mossad and Mossad hijacked CIA killed the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi although the LTTE (a Mossad front) accepted the blame in order to protect Mossad thus enabling Mossad to continue terrorizing India, Sri Lanka and Islamic countries.

    Mossad did 9/11 in the US and carried out similar attacks in India and Sri Lanka too!


    • Sonja Gandhi appears to be on the Mossad payroll unfortunately

  26. What the brainwashed masses would see watching the fake beheading videos, explained in a comment at willyloman:

    “Many in the general public will not notice that there is no presence of blood, because in many movies and shows, murder is depicted without bloodshed. The absence of blood is not noticed, because your brain will compensate and some probably believe they did see blood while his throat was being cut. This is hollywood murder and death. The head was just perfectly sawed off right? The blood on the head is perfect in the last shot. This is what people think death looks like becasue they see it that way on TV and by telling people not to watch and making it hard to find, it is likely that many people will try to view the video. I just don’t know why they are doing this. Last night I heard someone on the news say that ISIS was the most masterful asymmetric fighting force he has ever seen. This is total bullshit!! Scare tactics galore. Also at the very end of the video after threatening the British citizen someone says good good in English. That’s a rap.”




    • From the investmentwatchblog article:

      “Sotloff’s close links to Israeli counter-intelligence, emergence from same stable as Foley, and equally amazing ability to be ‘on the spot’ to cover Black Arts events in Middle East”

      Any idea anyone if Black Arts is espionage?

    • “Why and how Westerners go to fight in Syria and Iraq”

      Ok, so, what is the schedule for the next bus to Isis?

  28. For nostalgia lovers, the fake 2007 Bin Laden video by Rita Katz, where the fake Osama freezes after the third minute.


    • “for nostalagia lovers”……….LMAO!!!!;)(a good one stephan…hahahahaha;)

    • correct-nostalgia;)I WAS LAUGHING SOOO HARD!!!hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Nice Hollywood style news segment with fake zoom effects, and a scam president speaking to a fake audience by looking to the left and right. I wonder if there is a sustainable energy saving lamp giving him a signal.

  29. http://www.PressTV.ir is now exposing the Sotloff scam, in the article

    “Video of Sotloff beheading might be staged by Rita Katz,” at


    • Excerpt from the Press TV interview (note that I faked the last sentence):

      Press TV: Are you on the verge of another invasion by American troops to Iraq?

      Dean: No, I’m afraid this has been really exaggerated. We have a lot of folks out there that don’t like what America has done in the region and they have very good reasons for that; but they are kind of grasping… they are so angry that they try to grasp at anything that comes along that’s going to bash America, but America’s not, they have no need to because Iraq has a huge army. All we’re looking at is Syria.

    • I would cut my head off with a Foley-Knife™ if I could see their laughing faces after the press conference.

  30. Jihadists beheadings sow fear, prompt Muslim revulsion


    “For Rita Katz, director of extremist monitoring group SITE, releasing videos of the beheadings of Sotloff and journalist James Foley….”

    Another Jewess, so much revealing….

  31. Steven Sotloff, U.S. journalist killed by ISIS, was Israeli citizen


    • “Vids of FOOLey and Sotloff not shot at the same time”

      Is that the reason why they are called intelligence experts?

      They could also have given noninfo like video not shot at nighttime or video does not show a rainbow in the background.

      • Geez, can they get more inane than that? Is that the best they have to offer? Berg, Sotloff, Foley, Pearl, Johnson: all such beheadings were faked by the military-industrial Zionist complex. Working on it.

        • Propaganda seems to follow a 5 year evolution plan or so. I can not sort it in the right order, but before MEMRI and SITE (and Pierre Rehov) we had bombings with confession letters or anonymous bombings (same style as in the intro of the movie The Sorcerer or in the movie Killer Kid); we had nameless terrorists killing nameless Israelis (without families and state funerals) with rockets; we had photos of suicide bombers and kids with machine guns and bomb belts. Propaganda pictues from 100 years ago, for example pictures showing children (in poor black and white drawings) with chopped off hands, look laughable today. It is time that the masses start laughing at the brilliantly funny Jewish propaganda.


      • Lol

  32. Look at these shitty Jewish faces, how they tell all….

    Steven Sotloff’s furious family confront murderers in Arabic as they pay tribute to a ‘gentle soul’ who ‘tried to find good in a world of darkness’


    • Meet the two mossad actors playing two character in the latest zionist hoax beheading operation and Dragana Prodanovic and Nikoli Markovic. Yes This Nikoli zionist Jew from Serbia the web developer & IT & University of Belgrad Alum and current University of Miami grad Student plays character David Cawthorne Haines. Wife Dragana stupidly kept her same name, but has so many different shell jobs and phoney accounts and figured no one would catch these… lol
      Well hardly anyone will see this still anyway..sadly…but I have ti laugh. Ofcourse these pics may be a few yeaes old. She works for Cunard Cruise lines and actress model ofcourse probably can sing lol.


  33. Ok. Above I identified the wrong mossad agents. But I think the actress mossad agent Dragana Prodanovic above may be the older Dragana’s daughter. The baby they identify as the Older looking ones child looks a lot like a a child featured on the younger one’s site when you compare the pics of the same age of each child’s pics. It’s not te younger Dragana child but admittly.a friend’s. Which means it’s a loan closet child. It appears older Dragana is around 38 or 40 also.
    Here is a pic of supposed Dragana’s child….well FB is blocking me from opening her pics now. Anyway here the child from a friend of younger Dragana

    Any way several of each child looked like the same child.

  34. This clown who appears be playing Upcoming hoax beheadee character David Cawthorne Haines– Dajan Juric seems to many shell positions, to do spying & wreck havoc, including cancer specialist doctor at Massachusetts General…Certainly the kind of shame, fake fraudulous zionist doctor they needed at the Boston Hoax Double Bombing Event Operation to celebrate Israel Indepence Day with a bang! And it’s not like the cancer industry has any desire to cure cancer or any disease!! He’s the perfect doctor–no chance he’ll cure anyone ever!! lol

    Here’s one identity he has at IBM!
    Here’s a clown Kosher version of James Bond.

  35. Hoax actor Dajan Juric’s real position at Mass General. If Pat Buchanan gets sick with a cold in Boston and goes the hospital in Boston this is the mossadomite fake doctor he’ll get and he’ll operate and Pat will be deader that a doorknob. But not too worry his organs will be put in a little ice cooler and sold to highest bidder. Juric might put on his Rabbi costume and go to NYC and sell them himself or take them to Baltimore and see if Hopkins or Univ of MD or Bethesda Naval will pay more! I joke but this is just how they operate.


    • This wild & crazy Khazar clown of a mossad agent Dejan” gimme the mustard” Juric is a busy man!!. Back in Russia or Yugoslavia in this identity he is a nueralogist med student or was… Woody Allen would be jealous. Maybe Woody is writing some of these insane scripts?? Maybe they could hoax behead Woody Allen. He probably would only agree to be beheaded if his head could keep talking and do a monologue after it gets lopped off!


      • Is this a previous acting job of Richard Allen spook mossad agent who am confident plays now hoax beheaded Steven Joel Sotloff? Richard Christianson the Australian 5 fashion fashion designer/model who Vogue says made a big splash on the new york fashion scene ..according to vogue lol Nothing is too insane to hoax for these zionists to hoax or rig or lie or cheat about…lol.

        While further researching this Dejan Juris I found connections to members of the Allen Spoo/mossad family of Northern Va & then East Coast. Another Allen — Joey Allen is friends to character Dejan and plays all kinds of characters including an Ad Man genius named Richard Christiansen and appears to play another hoax Richard Chriatiansen in an apparent hoax photo of Viet Nam war vets in Nam.

  36. Ok this other Allen– Joey Allen from this same spook /mossad family of Virginia and East Coast USA plays lots of hoax characters/fraudster characters. Here he plays an Australian creative genius guru character as Richard Christiansen telling you some gibberish about how to be creative and create things.


    • As fashion Ad Man Guru again called Richard Christiansen in Zio NYTIMES Mag.


      • This appears to be Joey Allen as yet another Richard Christiansen do hoax photos as a soldier from Australia in Viet Nam in 1968. He is the tall and identified as Richard Christiansen.


        • Ok this is a much younger Joey Allen who generally does hoaxes or media hyped characters & careers as Richard Christiansen or Richard Allen.Yes, Even though most likely Richard Allen of the Sotloff Beheading hoax is probably his brother or first cousin– he steal uses the same name often. Confusion from same names for different people & related people combined with multiple names &addresses for the same person stops most people from continuing to investigate a sayanim, mossad agent or criminal scam artist, etc. So it’s a set of effective confusion techniques they use against us. It drives you crazy seemingly and in circles and down rabbit. You will keep finding more obvious mossad agents as you try to research one but you don’t even know what scams they are pulling them later you will see their face in a hoax operation and not even remember their name usually because you’ve look at so many of these treasonous criminals.


          Also this is before he got a big nose job for his big Khazarian nose, which might be a foot ling by now from all the lying if not trmmed down often. lol

  37. ISIS Beheadings of Journalists: CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010


    • “CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010”

      Hmmm, smells as if the Mossad told Netanyahu to meet Obama in a safe bath house to tell the CIA to leak a fishy red herring to the alternative media.

  38. Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”


  39. ISIS defector reveals ‘Jihadi John’ was chosen as executioner for sickening beheading videos ‘to show Westerners that they can belong to our cause’


  40. Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. to release yet ANOTHER “aL-Qaeda” tape


    • I’d like to dedicate this song Fire Down Below to a woman who truly has earn it. Joan Rivers–her lifetime achievement reward is well deserved indeed. The Fire Down Below she will get & in fact she is already getting her reward. Joan River the old wicked witch is finally dead and is rotting in hell or rather burning in hell forever. Yes the evil, satanic, Christ-hating, Muslim hating, Palestinian hating, racist, bloodlusting old battle ax is finally dead and getting the same non- resting place as so many evil zionist and Babylonian Talmudist are getting! I can’t think of any woman in Hollywood this hateful..Ok well Pamela Gellar is pretty damn evil too, but she manages to conceal her hate for their Christian goyim in her attempt to get them to hate the Muslims & Arabs. But Joan let her hatred be known to Christians repeatedly with some of the most vile language ever to be broadcast on public airwaves. And any Jews not loyal enough to slaughterhouse, warmongering zionism and Talmudic racial supremacy she attacked them too.

      You earned it you evil old witch:
      You get the fire down below zionist psychopath!

      From 38 years ago here’s Bob Segar of Detroit–the zionist destroyed, deindustralized war zone of a ghost town that the zionists plan for all of America!


      • Joan Rivers — a real Devil Woman is dead! Now gets to meet her master she’s served all these years.
        Cliff Richards Devil Woman from 38 years ago as well. 1976 America’s Bicentennial.

        • i think that joan rivres death is a hoax……..(could be wrong…but it wouldn’t be the first fake death….)it’s just a matter of hours,days and we know….if it’s real or a hoax-fake death….jungle surfer and dave johnson on you tube wil be the first to bring it out…(i think)

        • Nelson Mandela destroys Ted Koppel & his gang of zionist Jews and their attempt at a TV Town Hall Lyncing of Him for Supporting Palestine’s right to exist and opposing their zionist planned extermination of Palestine.


          • nelson mandela was also a FREEMASON,SATANIST(maybe also a zionist……..)

    • Rita Latz professional liar on the greater talent speakers bureau. Zio-Lie-O-scamming for big money and big wars and genocide!

      Something tells me their making these hoax beheading videos in Arizona or Nevada or Southern California. I Rita has place in AZ…

      • i think also that the “beheading” video’s are made in the usa,arizona,nevada or?i think the same place(s)were nasa shoot the mars rover landing hoax(es)etc..etc..

  41. An old one about the faked Nick Berg beheading:

    Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts

    May 22, 2004


  42. This is so tragic for the family of Steven Sotloff. There was an incisive article and pictures online quoting the Australian terror captive, Warren Rodwell, and noted psychologists saying that beheading victims would have felt ‘compliant’ at the end. “Once you lose hope you lose heart… someone tells you ”say this” and you say it’. This is the reason that journalists damned America before execution. A couple of days have now passed. We must all try to view this entire situation calmly and rationally, not be emotionally manipulated by Jihadi John and his goons. The more ignorant the people, the easier they are manipulated by fear. The viral jihadi meme of the week is “Join ISIS, and 9 out of 10 people you kill will be from your side”. What a sales pitch!

    • I never watched the Nick Berg video until today, because the pictures already made it clear this beheading.was anpther zionist hoax to spread hate and foment anger and warmonger the American people. I watched it and it is ridiculously fake like something from Saturday night live. It is still terrorism…It is Psychological terrorism waged by the zionists against the American people and the world to bring about enough hate, fear and lust for vengence to get Americans to go along with all out genocidal war against innocent muslims & Arabs and others to benefit the zionists financially and in their insane goals of global racist brutal & murderous domination by small group of self chosen psychopaths and their compliant tribe members.

      • Are you kidding in this country thry do this all the time this isn’t new if an American wants to get mad and hateful after seeing this its not a far fetch feeling ??? This country would deserve some hate for what they do readily and everyday . You can’t force someone to be Muslim or Christian either idiots but you let them be . I was raised catholic . That is not what saved me GOD saved me !! A relationship with GOD is all you need and no we are not GOD !! We are too imperfect to claim to be . All you see are these men fighting their isnt a day of peace in this country and then you want to bomb our freedom over here ????? No way !!!

  43. This is not fake and its no joke either . I wish it weren’t true and it was fake ! For you people to be going back and forth because you are in the land of the free making jokes that I don’t even get at all or think is funny at all ?? What happened to these men shouldn’t even happen to an animal !! A paper cut hurts and this is what this country does on a regular basis !! It is nothing to them to do this even to a child or a baby !! These men wake up to do satans work and being up my GOD the one true GOD !!! He will avenge for the suffering of these men and children and babies !!!!!! Nothing escapes his gaze !! Thry have no mercy in this lousy COUNTRY !! Thry wake up breathing hate !!! These men did not deserve to die feeling this horrible pain in this foreign country and Obama should have let the family negotiate they raised 3 million dollars !! He should have released 51 prisoners and stop air strikes for 7 days !!! Unless ambushed . That would have worked for these haters of America ! This 23 year old nothing killed two wonderful human beings !! They suffered a lot so stop with your banter on this thread pray for their families and thank GOD you are not in this country !!! I will never get over their deaths !! I have read enough about James Foley to know that he was a good good dedicated person . When his friend was shot the first time he was kidnapped he actually wanted to go back for the body !!! His family didnt even get his body !!!! The terror of their deaths on their knees with their hands handcuffed behind their backs being decapitated is the most gruesome and heartbreaking thing and its something that cannot be taken lightly ! America needs to stop being weak !! The government especially . We did nothing after 9/11 and now this we could have saved these two Americans !!!!! But you should not be joking about it . Daniel pearl had two weeks to live he refused to be drugged while they slaughtered him !!! He could not sleep at all at night and was just preparing to die at the hands of these men that feel they had a purpose ????? They are liars and they are a problem before Obama bombs them
    Out or so he says he will yeah right he still riding the wave of being the first black president and he isn’t even 100 percent black – before he does this bombing he needs to get a hold of this 23 year old Egyptian British boy and kill him the way he killed these men that were just reporting on the stupid awry men ran country that they live in . Get that Egyptian because even in America the criminals don’t want the death penalty even though they have killed heinously or wiped people out !!! They cry and squirm !!! Coward . Get that Egyptian KID tie his hands behind his back handcuff him and kill him how he killed . Rest assured he will be begging for his life and will not take it like these brave men did !!!!!!! I wish these men had not gone back to this country . It was very naive . You can’t change these people . Thry are decapitating children and babies for heavens sakes !!!! Thry don’t dwell in that after thry do it !!! It’s pornography for them !!! Thry don’t lament over it . It’s more than a disgrace and Obama needs serious help. 8 years and all I know is he’s charming and diplomatic ? That’s not enough I didn’t vote for him I was proud of his accomplishment becoming the first half black president but he’s not effective !!!! We still have veterans living on the streets ??? He can’t even eliminate that !!!! America needs to be better !!!

  44. Uh… Maybe there was no wind because of weather. And then the next time there was different weather. I know it’s complicated but let’s try to wrap our heads around this one.
    But if all else fails let’s blame the Jews.
    Come on. Do something with your life.

  45. • Men who choose to live dangerously and on the edge, must expect the unexpected to happen. In any event, it all makes for scintillating reading for the arm chair enthusiast to gain more insight.

    • NON FICTION BOOK (Biography) by Bob East PhD (Independent Researcher) : “472 Days Captive of the Abu Sayyaf – The Survival of Australian Warren Rodwell”

    This book first published 2015

    CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARS PUBLISHING http://www.cambridgescholars.com
    Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, United Kingdom

    British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data
    ISBN (10): 1-4438-7058-7
    ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-7058-0

  46. This website is bullshit. Get real people.

  47. Exhibit A) This us Richard Allen who plays Steven Sotloff & his Wife Lauren Sottloff aka Lauren Pulver aka Lauren Pulwer. Lauren plays his sister in this PsyOps beheading of his Steven Sotloff identity & hoax murdered character.

  48. Exhibit B) This again is Richard Allen playing Steven Sotloff & his Wife Lauren Sotloff aka Lauren Pulver aka Lauren Pulwer playing sister as Lauren Sotloff. In the PsyOps Richard Softloff uses his wife’s longterm last name and plays her brother hoax murdered Steven Sotloff.
    Does anyone deny this Steven Sotloff & Richard Allen are obviously & clearly one & the same person? And that this is the same Lauren Sotloff as well (who I will post a picture of next)???

  49. Exhibit C) This is Lauren Pulver aka Sotloff playing the sister of Hoax murdered Steven Sotloff who is her husband in “real life under the name Richard Allen.

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