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  1. All who listen can hear that Dr. K knows what’s going on in these Jewnited States of America. So that we can know more about the identity of the ‘official’ media and government personages involved with this psyop, it would be wonderful if those Jews were required to wear a Star of David or such, so that the gentiles would easily be able to know just who is in charge.

    I hope that all also get a chance to listen to Dr. K and Rick Adams Uncensored, RBN. We need more heroes like them and Deanna Spingola.

  2. And how about that facebook “I am a Patsy” message that reportedly younger Tzarnaev sent to his father; no wonder his dad is, also reportedly, rushing to come check out the situation. I know that there is a large segment of Jewry wants the US to serve them by fighting with Russia.

  3. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Woolwich and Santa Monica events are all false flag terrors orchestrated by the same Zionist Jewish cabal to keep people in a constant state of fear in order to advance their Jewish new world order agenda as per the protocols of elders of Zion: advance the police state, (to mainly go after the White males as well as minorities who refuse to go along with the program), take away the guns from American people in order to totally take over their lives as well as continue the foreign wars against Muslim and Black nations.

    In this interesting radio program Deanna Spingola and her guest Dr Kaasem Khaleel discuss the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook events.

    Deanna Spingola is a popular and one of the best radio hosts in America.

    She has a radio program Monday through Friday 12 Noon to 2 PM ET on Republic Broadcasting Network.

    Deanna Spingola is also the author of the following two books:

    Book 1: The Ruling Elite, A Study in Imperialism, Genocide and Emancipation.
    Book 2: The Ruling Elite, the Zionist Seizure of World Power Timeline



  4. Mossad in America is a huge risk to all Americans.

    Mossad helps to set up drills on the same day as the false flag events in addition to creating all forms of other terror where ever they locate themselves. Israelis are well known for orchestrating explosions of all types. Mossad also works with the Jewish FBI and CIA to commit terror on humanity.

    Mossad has been caught spying on America and while trying to recruit Muslims for terror plots while acting as US officials.






  5. Israeli Mossad can be a threat to any country especially to a small country like Iceland or a small island like Sri Lanka.

    Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa has expressed his concern for the security of his nation.


    It was President Rajapaksa and his government that eradicated the internal war against his people. Sri Lanka is fortunate to have Rajapaksa brothers with out whom these achievements would not have been possible.

    America continues to try to meddle with the internal affairs of this sovereign country instead of minding its own business and the Zionist Jews again are the culprits behind this.

  6. Flight 93 Cell Call Exposed :

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