Boston Bombing — 11 May 2013
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Updated, corrected, 5-11-13

Drizzlers, II

One more view of mole #1

The evidence is so crucial it justifies a repeat view:


Reducing the size the evidence for fake blood becomes clear.  That is a zipping-style lock bag with a bit of red coloring left in the corner: that color in the bag rests in the bottom. The red color of the fake blood packs is also seen in the pouch. Nevertheless, mole #2 truly is pouring the fake blood on the fake injured man’s body, head, and face. A small patch, possibly leak-through, can be seen on apparently on his back. Regardless, back to mole #1 it can be clearly seen that in his pocket pouch there is another fake blood packet. He is moving quickly; time is of the essence.


Additional moles detected, including, incredibly, Bauman (alias?) himself:

What does she have hidden under that peach jacket? There is something disguised, there. That isn’t the only element under disguise. This is none other than our double amputee, purportedy Jeff Bauman, hunkered down. Not the most credible way to watch a Marathon.


Back to the pink mole (Ms. Bump, it is presumed?)

Reaches for her purse, draws out a Ziploc bag of fake blood. It was all so very clandestinely done:


Bends over and applies the fake blood on: there was no other way for such color to be seen. No one was hurt, no one killed. Note also the operative in the green cap behind her.



Note: we can’t say for sure what is on this woman’s backside. Yet, since such bags have been confirmed, are these Ziploc bags held on her backside? The color is right. The edge of the jacket appears stained. Whatever it is these packs are right on the beltline. Now, for hard proof of the use of fake blood there is this:


It’s the pink lady mole’s purse, saturated with fake blood leakage. Now, it can be seen that she is reaching into precisely that purse:
Hands in essentially the same position so it is about the same time:

Remember, she had just reached into her purse and then there is this painted face; notice the hand of the individual being held up. Is she saying, “That’s plenty?” Regardless, black hides the red really well. Not everything, though, can be hidden:

Reaches for her purse                                               Woman with fake paint on her face


Is that Krystle Campbell or Karen Rand? Pretty tough to tell, but whoever it is she was not injured that day and just like the others, her injuries and claims of injuries–or even claim of fatality–are fake. It’s one or the other, and leaning, here, to Campbell.


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  1. Selective Ethics
    Many people are easy to bribe. So you bribe them. We print our own money so, just name your price. But how do you bribe an entire community?
    You ask: Why would an entire community participate in (or passively allow) a massive fraud? Answer; the “greater good”. You say: doctors, lawyers, police officers, teachers, local politicians, (all good moral people) would never go along with such an outrageous hoax. Answer; What if you were assured that no one would really get hurt but your community (school district, hospital, municipal departments, etc.) would get $50 MILLION (or much more) in improvements.
    Well…now you are not being asked to do something BAD you are being asked to do something GOOD. You are not PERSONALLY profiting from the lie. Plus, this event must be staged “for the good of the country”. Whats the harm? If you say NO! – “Why do you hate your community…why do you hate America? Perhaps we better fully investigate you and your family (in particular, your tax records). It seems that you aren’t really good for this community after all perhaps you should leave…. Etc.” Watch and see many expensive community municipal projects will “magically” begin to appear at all the institutions that “go along to get along”. It is already happening in Sandy Hoax.

    • Result of having Selective Ethics
      Ok…so they convinced you to go along. “BOOM”. Wait…this isn’t what you said it would be. I don’t like this, this is wrong. TOO late…you already sold your soul…”we must inform you that by participating in (or even knowing about) this event you are now PERSONALLY criminally liable for the entire event. If any details are exposed YOU WILL GO TO PRISON. Further if this matter is investigated your communities reputation will be destroyed, DO YOU WANT THAT!!!!”
      Typically the bearer of this bad news is a couple of Feds (generally 2 or more at least 1F is preferred they don’t work alone). Now you are terrified so you shut up and hope for the best.
      Problem is…the Feds that just shut you up are now also personally guilty of the entire crime. So the cycle continues. Eventually desperate things may need to be done to protect the lie. Watch for these in the future also. Odd suicides, accidents, etc…. you’ll recognize them if you pay attention.
      Sorry off topic post but important to understand.

      • Wow Leo, thanks for this most excellent insight! You gave me a greater understanding so I am posting and fwding this on so others can share in your wisdom.

        • hi elfmom55
          Thank you very much. Share everywhere. Sadly, I have personal experience with government cover ups. There is more, look at my other posts. “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.

        • Also everyone should google Hitlers invention – “The Big Lie”.

          • Let’s not repeat bad info now-Hitler didn’t invent The Big Lie-he was observing how his enemies used it-it’s in mein kampf.

          • Thanks pj. Leo’s continual pushing of the official government/crown story is very off-putting. There is a Hitler Library Archive,; and One can also listen at YouTube.

      • Great posts, Leo! I think you hit the nail on the head regarding how and why people would go along with this to begin with, and why they would be motivated to remain quiet.

        • Hi Michelle
          Thank you, Here is another thought.
          Why use actors?
          Most reasonable people can be bought with a few million federal reserve notes up front. Ultimately this is a much cheaper pay off than the tens of millions that the plaintiffs lawyers who swarm real victims will demand. No lawsuits. Grieving families demand answers. Lawsuits bring out facts. Facts are risky. Stories are safe. Actors can be told what to do and not do. They will recite their lines. They will look the way you want them to. They won’t embarrass you with skeletons in their closet (they only have the past you have scripted).
          In a word, actors are controllable. Real victims are not. Choosing to employ actors has everything to do with controlling the dialogue, not compassion for human life. If killing someone presents a better risk/benefit analysis then the operatives will do that. What ever moves the agenda in the desired direction will be utilized
          We are the real victims. I am sad. I am angry. They caused me great emotional pain. I started my quest for information out of horror and compassion for the victims. We have all been robbed. They stole my time. They stole the tiny shred of trust I had left. They forced me to accept things I didn’t want to and shouldn’t have to accept. Worst of all…they did it for profit. They are criminals/traitors even IF they did not actually kill anyone this time. We have every right…even the obligation to demand and fight for the truth.

    • Very intelligent argument! Excellent!

  2. Just think of the lying kids from sandyhook that haven’t even reached puberty.. They’re going to have a hard time realizing what they’ve done as they grow up with the weight of a lie this large on their shoulders. I’m sure some of them will have to be silenced or discredited as they begin to expose the truth. It’s not going to be a pretty future for all….

    • Hi Stevo
      You care about the kids more than their own parents. I hope the Millions of dollars they got can buy them some amnesia or mabey therapy

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