Boston Bombing — 23 April 2013
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Dzhokhar’s Tsarnaev Backpack Erased by Photoshop: Evidence?

Preliminary post: more, later.

So-called FBI agent Daniel Genck is a cover-up artist for this Zionist plot. Nothing he says can be trusted.

An astute researcher emailed this to me. He discovered evidence of photoshopping regarding the backpack of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The source of this photo arises from the major media; it was not altered in any way, this example from People Magazine:


An individual named David Greene claims to be the source. Note the dramatics of his claims, including that he took a picture and then went right away to help bombing victims, “right away.” Then, when he got to his hotel, he did the “right thing” and, as if he knew in advance that of all the people running from the danger he had the man, he uploaded the photo to the FBI’s Website. When, before even the FBI requested such evidence? Even before the slightest degree of evidence is provided, before anyone is proven responsible through substantial proof, he fully heaps the blame on the younger Tsarnaev. He where he says he called the FBI not merely once but at least twice.

See his incredulous claims, here, directly:



It can be seen what he discovered, which is in the bricks behind Tsarnaev. These bricks are anomalous. They are at an impossible angle, angled upwards compared to all others.

There is no possible photographic explanation for why only the bricks behind him at the level of his upper back are distorted. It just happens that this is right where his backpack sling would be carried.

A careful analysis was done, and this is what was discovered:

It was found that the bricks line up normally, except behind the upper torso of Tsarnaev, as seen on the photo, left screen. However, notice the right screen. That one is photoshopped correctly in a way that wasn’t so sloppy, preventing the crucial, incriminating error. What are the odds that only the bricks at the level of his sling, and only the one behind him, would be corrupted?

altered version

Caption: readers are asked not to abuse the photoshopped photo, trying to make it out as if it is the original.

It will be clearly seen that at the area of his backpack there has been a corruption with the bricks angling upward, while in the corrected version they no longer angle. Also, note that both above and below the area of alteration the bricks follow the expected pattern.

There is another revealing defect that amounts to a kind of proof of Photoshop scrubbing. It is seemingly the residue of the backpack clearly sticking up from the back of the arm at a 40 degree angle.

backpack eliminated badly

Though darker the angular distortion can still be clearly seen.

Notice a most crucial finding: it is the residue of the backpack. In other words, the backpack was not carefully or fully scrubbed. The black residue arises from the lower triceps. When viewing his sling pack there is a degree of black on its underside. Also note that there appears to be a residue of the grey or white strap left uncleaned by Photoshop arising from his right posterior shoulder.

Here is his sling. It was likely on his back all along. The alteration amounts to the scrubbing of the backpack through selecting the area of the pack and then using the cloning tool to scrub it out.


Here is a photo of the brutally murdered Tamrelan Tsarnaev, courtesy of the FBI supposedly through Bob Leonard. His his backpack is fully on right during the event, although any real proof that they were even at this event is lacking (images could have been installed). Regardless, none of the various pictures offered up for public consumption show them placing these packs in any suspicious place. Not a single known witness among the people with whom they are pictured has come forward, recognizing them.


It’s not even the right backpack, that is the one that exploded on the sidewalk: not even remotely so.


Logo on the center of the bag does not appear to be a large rectangle or square, as seen in the exploded bag. Straps are thin. Color is possibly a dark grey versus black.

Here is a close-up of his back, taken off the supposed CCTV security camera clips:


Here is another view:


From a different angle:

Clearly, his bag is not the one which exploded.

An isolated view of the logo, not the same as the one on the exploded bag:

backpack logo

This emphasizes some highly important findings, here, which proves that FBI agent Daniel Genck is a fabricator. This means through the creation of his affidavit he is lying under oath. Look at that bag closely. Do you see anything which resembles this?


Notice the square/rectangular white region near the top, far right screen. That rectangle is the same logo found on the Craft International bags, the ones worn by government-paid operatives such as this man:


Notice, once again, the rectangular black top itself, which is completely opposite of the type worn by Tsarnaev, which is angled and rounded. It is simply not the same bag. Thus, the claim by Genck that his bag was placed in the area in front of the Forum restaurant is a lie. That is a serious offense for this Mossad mole, that is lying under oath for penalty of perjury.

Notice the size of the straps and the small whitish-like logo. Now, for the exploded bag:

Here is the Dzhokhar backpack, also being transported casually, versus the exploded version:



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  1. I’ve been wondering why, in the photos we’ve been shown, that there was a weird residual “bag area” behind the alleged suspect. Now we know. In the photo-shopped pic, his legs don’t quite look like they are in the right place either but that is tough to tell because the area is obscured. Great work as usual!

  2. All this backpack stuff is not leading anywhere. The bomb was a Hollywood bomb. Lots of smoke, but no force. A real bomb with enough energy to tear the limbs off people would send people flying and cause all windows in nearby buildings to shatter. Look at the people standing on the street a few meters from the blast, they react as if a small fire cracker exploded behind them! You would see alot of people with damaged hearing. And look at the flags after the blast! The wind machine didn’t turn off fast enough?

    • If the kind of bomb depicted in the DailyMail photos really went off, people would have been burnt to a crisp. Any links that can be provided are appreciated, as the Hollywood component is being investigated, here. But it has to be investigated. Simply saying it is all fake isn’t sufficient. There are real bomb-blasts that went off. From there, the investigation proceeds.

      This man has been called an actor. Is there any real basis for it? Anything is possible after Sandy Hook. However, it needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  3. We see ‘blast scene’ photos of hero Carlos standing around looking at ‘bleeding’ victims and doing absolutely nothing. Next we see Carlos walking beside no-legs man in a wheel chair. You never place a person with massive leg wounds in a chair unless you want him to bleed out and die quickly.

    No-legs man is in a wheel chair so that he can easily be photographed!

  4. My guess is that the brothers were hired to walk around the marathon scene with huge backpacks on and then leave. They may or may not have left their backpacks at the scene.
    The real smoke-concussion bombs were placed at the scene by government operatives.
    After the event the brother’s lives are then in grave danger. This is usually how it works in this type of operation. Obviously the Marathon directors and other officials were in on the plot.

    Why don’t we see lots of clear photos of the brothers leaving the area with no backpacks? Sorry to ask these sticky questions.

    We do see several photos of mangled pressure cookers and supposed bomb parts but there’s a huge problem with these pictures. They are all close-up and none of them are in the context of a scene. They could have been taken anywhere on earth.

  5. The coup happened either when they killed President John Kennedy while he was in Dallas, Texas, or when the Cook County Democrats/Mayor Richard Daley ordered the Chicago police to attack the anti-war protesters, the anti-war segment of the Democratic Party, in the streets outside the Democratic convention in 1960.

  6. corr: 1968.

  7. i found some additional related info on this. i produced a video to explain here:

    essentially, the image shows ‘david green’ holding up a cellphone with the ‘original image’ on it appears, when blown up, to contain light colored pixels which could be the back pre-photoshop..

  8. On the psb website take a close look at Guy in the MIT T-shirt. His left leg disappears in mid air.
    The lady with the glasses is looking straight into the camera as if posing. Something definitely weird about her.

  9. From the other photos it is clear that tsarnaev is holding the bag with his right hand and it looks like the lady has been photoshopped into the photo to cover his right hand.

  10. why is the lady in sunglasses smiling ? was she photo shopped in ?

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