Boston Bombing — 10 May 2013
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Boston Hoax Fake Blood Drizzlers Caught in the Act

It will be proven here, once and for all, that this entire claim of a massacre with deaths and amputations relative to the Boston Marathon bombing is a total fake. This is through the detection of actual DHS moles and other Zionist operatives, who are now caught in the act of pouring and spreading fake blood. All such individuals who would do so, who would willingly and maliciously fake a massacre, are real enemies of the human race, make no mistake about it. In a rapid fire unbelievable complex fashion moles from the DHS and other entities spread perpetrated great acts of fakery to create the impression of a real bombing massacre.

While the blood spreading and drizzler moles do their filthy deeds, people all over the world are being murdered by the Zionist war machine by the thousands yearly. Here are real reactions to real massacres and deaths, not the phony ones of the perpetrators behind Sandy Hook and the Boston fake bombing. It’s sickening that while the such arch-criminals fake these massacres simultaneously they commit real ones, and this includes the haughty ones who operate the Obama White House.

Warning: Numerous Graphic Images but Essential to Understanding this Fraud

The Anonpyrates video, from which these screenshots are largely derived:

Now, back to the moles. They are zealots, make no mistake about it. They will do anything to achieve their wicked aims. This is the main mole described in this post, the man below in white

Thanks to the anon crew these arch-fraudsters can be found and their vile acts mapped out, with the emphasis, here, on the man in white and the pink-vested lady.



While people all over the world are being murdered by U.S.-supplied weaponry, while evil men plot in their high towers how to commit more and more murder, while gaining great wages for it, this is what is seen, a woman fake grief and two DHS moles plotting to facilitate a fake massacre?
More fakery by the false shock and grief displayed by the fraudster in blue, freely giving false witness to this crime. Disguised blood packets obvious in this view.

Arrives at the destination, looks about furtively, and then starts pouring:

As he continues to pour man with the bullet-proof vest looks on (ATF?); the pouring downward can be seen on close inspection.

Job now done, he pops up; mercenary knows well, terror is good for business. Looking on is a seemingly thrilled coordinator (brown sweatshirt) and the bald-headed operative and actor. They’re all in on it, the entire government apparatus, perpetrating this high crime and charging the bill to the American people.


This red arrow defines approximately where the mole did his dirty deed. Notice the man in yellow also digging out likely a fake blood pack. Fake blood can be seen pouring along on the sides of both the man and the woman on the pavement. Mole #1 simply poured it on the ground, and now the yellow operative is likely going to dress the man up in the fake trauma appearance, slopping blood on his clothes, while painting up his skin.

That’s the paint load dumped by this scoundrel, screenshot from the pavement.

Yet, in the earliest phase of this hoax this is what that same pavement looked like:

No rivers of tempura paint or red dye-tainted corn syrup seen in that area: not even a drop. However, off to the right there is something significant going on: a major bombing of the area with fake blood packets, exploding all over the place.

Scam confirmed – drizzler caught in the act took numerous screenshots of him as he attempted his clandestine escape. In the process his empty bag become clearly evident. We found something else: a second filthy mole, also with an empty bag but also with, apparently, a full one. In the let hand is the empty zipping bag, in the right he has a bag of fake blood, although in this frame all that can be seen is a wedge of color between his thumb/fingers. He’s in the act of squeezing it out, directly on the person in the foreground:

First showing all that can be marked relative to the fake blood evidence:

Now, to the proof of mole #2′s insideous role:

See him directly pouring on the fake blood, while it is seemingly distributed on the man’s back, down his shoulders and especially down his face and around his eyes:

To define this further additional rapid-fire screenshots were taken. When he first starts pouring, there is no visible fake blood showing. Quickly, though, it becomes visible:



It’s dripping and oozing down, as would be expected from such a fluid. This is indisputable evidence of grand fraud: vile larceny. Money is being extorted from the people based on this hoax. There is great emotional duress that is being caused. The vileness and wickedness of all those who are involved in this scam is beyond reproach. Here is another evidence demonstrating that this is a correct assessment, irrefutable:

From the back pocket of a DHS operative dressing a fake patient, this man, like the other thug seen earlier, wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Because this evidence is so crucial it will be repeated in this post with multiple photos. That purple coloration is the same one seen in other images of this scam, that is where other evidence has been discovered regarding the finding of fake blood.

The proof for this entire scam can clearly be seen on this fake blood-drizzled person’s body and face. Seconds (or less) later after he squeezed it on it starting pouring down his head and onto his face, which can be seen dramatically here:

So, in the frame above there are two moles, and both have Ziploc bags. Both have empty ones spent of fake blood. Mole #2 is in the act of apply this fake material to a fake victim. The first mole carries a heavy load of additional packets of fraud-perpetrating fluid. The person on the ground or hands and feet is getting soaked with this fake blood.

Now, in case there is any doubt zoomed in:

These wicked ones, this vile Zionist cabal, is busted completely and categorically. That is fake blood dripping down that person’s face, no other possibility. This means that the entire event is a categorical fabrication. The people who supposedly died couldn’t possibly have done so, since it was all staged. That includes the death of Krystle Campbell, which was surely faked. Since no one died or was injured, fake blood had to be applied. Moreover, in the only picture of a purportedly dead person, Ms. Campbell, she, too, is surrounded by fake blood.

The arch-perpetrator’s job now completed, he moves his way off the scene: at least for now.


There are other key blood drizzler moles. More on them in Part II. Yet, for now, the lady in pink offers perhaps the most definitive proof of all, fake paint on the face and all, in this case, incredibly, apparently the deceased, Krystle Campbell.




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  1. It is very difficult to see what you are describing here. I’m concerned that even as the news media supplies images for us to “see” , you are doing the same thng.

    • Valid point!

  2. It seems to me that TPTB do not care whether we know all these truths about their psyops, false flags, and fakery exposed here at NoDisinfo, and would be glad if the people don’t trust the government with the hope they beg for its destruction to be replaced bya New (Jew) World Order, which in 1947, the Jewish head of the Federal Reserve Corporation, Warburg as a duke in the Rothschild Dynasty, shouted at Congress, would happen whether the Americans like it or not.

    “Trento Vision 5.9.13 – Navy Seal Extortion 17 Exposed – Obama Failures”, posted at VidRebel.Wordpress.Com yesterday under its report, “Video: Seal Team 6, Osama, Opium, Benghazi, and Dr. Pieczenik.” I would much appreciate it if Dr. K or anyone who can interpret the words of the man, referred to as an Iman, said over the bodies of the dead servicemen, would translate what he said, as the transcription in the video was that he condemned them to hell because they were not Muslims, and worse.

    One of the parents said that Obama whispered in his ear that his son fought and died to change America. Bold evil Obama, the son of Satan! I look forward to Dr. K’s translation of the words of the Iman, about ten minutes into the video.

    • A couple of years ago, another duke in the Rothschild Dynasty, George Soros, announced that China was to be the head of this New World Order, and the Americans would have to get used to that.

    • Excellent! The fact is that the governments of various countries have already prepared for an all-out riot years if not decades ago…or at least large protests. In North Vancouver, BC Canada there was a front page article on the N.Shore Newspaper about the police department having weapons of large scale – such as a sonic or some sort of noise pollution (high pitch – think something we get irritated enough at that we run away holding our ears) aimed at controlling crowds a few years ago.

  3. So if the man in the white is holding containers of fake blood wouldn’t we be able to see the red? They look like bottles of water, perhaps he was moving quickly through the crowd giving out water bottles? Oh wait, that makes sense and doesnt support the grand conspiracy. I have to say despite me being able to see a lot of real issues with this event. The amount of shear paranoid delusion based information on this site is ridiculous. If truth is what this website is intended to support, shouldn’t common sense, logic, and sound judgement be used when posting? For as much as the main stream media is reported to be involved in the cover up, and spreading disinformation. This site seems far more interested in spreading information, albeit unproven, in support of only the suspected fraud. The eye sees only what the mind wants it to see. It appears you’re ability to remain neutral, is absent, and based on the constant zionist rhetoric you have clearly a very biased position, geared completely at proving not the truth but your opinion, and what more and more seems paranoid and bordering on delusional. I can’t say I have seen any concrete evidence posted on this site. Perhaps before you post more disinformation, you remember the name of this site and review the purpose and goals, section of your site. And either live up to the truth seeking end or change the purpose to present information that only supports our zionist conspiracy theories, in which we will neither use common sense or sound logic in the presentation of any information which we will present under the guise of ‘nodisinformation’.

    • “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32

    • It probably turns red after the air hits it, something like litmus paper.

    • You have to admit that it is really strange the way the guy is walking through there like that.

      • Yea that makes the most sense! It must turn red when it hits the air! Because it is clear or very light in color, and every single post showing fake blood shows it already red in the container, but ok now it’s proof! Come on just because you can twist anything around and say well it could be, doesn’t make it so. Apply some, common sense, logic, PROVEN FACTS, a little less paranoia, and the answers might appear! The truth is the truth. Reality is reality, we do live in a masses up world where anything is possible. But that shouldn’t cause us to ignore logic.

        It’s strange how he is walking through the crowd? Are you sure? I’m not sure how I would walk through and past bomb site, it doesn’t seem to out of the realm of possibilities that considering he is by himself, that is walking quickly through, perhaps he is trying to get to his friends or family. One thing that no one seems to take into account, is how fast or slow things are moving in real time at these events, we are taking millisecond images, moments captured in time, but is the next image 1/1000 of a second 2 seconds later, we don’t know. Once again Occam’s razor, the simplest, or most logical theory is likely correct.

      • White mustached old man = Stu Segall? Expert in gore makeups?
        Search youtube for Stu Segall Strategic Operations

        • Yes, I believe you may have a match. Let’s do some analysis.

    • The video of this page does not exist (the last one!) YTube is removing a lot of videos that are being shown on this site.

  4. Different kinds of fake blood would explain that-the moles with plastic bags could have red fake blood in the bags and the moles with fake water bottles could have fake blood that looks like water until the air hits it.

    Nah, that guy is behaving too strange, he doesn’t even look around all around as he walks through-you’d expect someone to be completely taken aback by that scene but the guy justs walks right on through like it’s nothing. If he was looking for relatives he would be frantic, he’s way too unfazed.

    • Of course you have proof that such a substance exists, right? I think I know the name of clear fake blood …IT’S WATER! God do you even have the capacity to think things through? Maybe he’s not looking around because he doesnt want to or is very focused on getting to or finding his family and friends to make sure they are all right. A lot more likely, than the existence of clear fake blood. I’m pretty sure that is Michael Jackson, between bauman and Williams. Lets just go all out and and say that aliens did it. Your logic is about the same.

  5. Can you prove it’s water in those bottles???

    And why is he even allowed to walk through there in the first palce? It’s a crime scene, isn’t it? And there are still backpacks laying all around so why aren’t the cops keeping people like this guy away and bringing in bomb sniffing dogs to check out those other bags laying there???

    • You are right it must be clear fake blood. I mean I see for sale on eBay! And you wonder why people think so poorly of people chasing conspiracies. Doesn’t look like the police immediately closed the scene, nor do we know how long after the blast these images are. Nonetheless, I think it is called chaos. I’m sure you have some other ridiculous theory which is completely without merit! The point is your entire point is based on some fantasy product that doesn’t exist. It’s not fact. Proof or even worthy of discussing.

  6. If Krystal Campbell didn’t die, then what happened to her?

    • Someone said she’s on Larry Ellison’s island. Something like that.

      • Someone said? That’ll hold up in court…

  7. Hey guys, if you engage an obvious troll (especially one named “Dick”) it will get you no where. It’s no wonder the NSA some months back were hiring thousands to do “internet work”. Takes a lot of people to hit all these sites.

    There have been numerous photos and a great clip showing powder being thrown on the actors at the 2nd bomb site. It would make sense to have blood packets for close up application and blood powder spread heavily around the area that is activated by water. Want what looks like a liquid spray? Water does that great. Plus as folks walk in the water they make “bloody” footprints. The powder looks like dust until activated and would be unnoticable in the bomb blast area (you know, the strangely empty bomb blast areas, with 10 people on the ground rather than 217 supposedly injured, showing zero signs of any kind of shrapnel damage, with area windows blown out rather than in, and with a blast cloud that goes straight up with no outward blast or shock wave? you know, those ones)

    Throwing the Blood Powder (guy shouts, actors turn away, he throws powder)

    • If some of you are so sure that this was all faked, I suggest you actually go to Boston and talk to the injured. What you are doing is not “investigating:. Gather evidence. Visit the locations. Gather evidence. I mean, clear evidence, not these “this unrecognizably blurry photo shows either a blood pack on the ground or a squirrel”. If you can prove it, great. Otherwise this is just a sad group of people trying to warp the obvious facts for their own purpose. Truth is, what you have posted so far makes no evidentiary or logical sense. Sorry.

      • Nice try at “sad” tactic, but we’ve heard that one before. People who post here include dozens with full-time jobs, including many professionals, doctors and attorneys–including experts in Photosho. There are no injured to talk to. We could only attempt to track down the fakes. No need to do that, though. They merely need to be exposed and prosecuted.

        • No “sad” tactic. Then go expose them. I’m pretty sure you can find all of the folks that claim to be injured.

          • “Pretty sure?”

          • Don’t play semantics games. You get my meaning. I would bet money you could find most everyone who says they were injured. I haven’t noticed anyone hiding.

            You can’t properly investigate a crime and come to a proper conclusion by analyzing 10 pixels in a photo or by noting an anomaly in a video. Especially since you are claiming that the photos and video tell the “real” truth. You need to investigate the people you claim are lying with intent. THAT is how you will get an answer, one way or another.

            Will anyone who is posting this stuff actually go and investigate properly? No. Because they are afraid that they would be proved wrong.

          • Look, I am not saying you are right or wrong. Do I believe you are right? No. The “evidence” is not convincing to me. In spite of the amount you have posted, there are way too many other explanations for what you have presented and those explanations line up in a more logical fashion with the official version better than with your version. What I am saying is you need stronger evidence. Find it, and I will be convinced.

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