Boston Bombing — 17 May 2013
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Fake Boston Bombing Revealed Up Close: Zauras Snape

Watch this video of the fake Boston bombing closely. Use the mouse to visualize the sequence. The fraud and fabrications are clearly evident for all to see.

Screenshots and revelations

In addition to the fake tibia and sinew fraud, as show, below, in sequential screenshots pay close attention to the following:

5:26 Fake paramedic is given the high sign from both a ‘policeman’ and Martin Levine, D.O. Actor paramedic moves in immediately


Up close: not your standard behavior for an emergency care worker, but highly standard for Hollywood:


5:34 through 5:37 Pink lady is seen dumping on the ground a still internally stained Ziploc bag, which she attempts to do clandestinely:

This is the precise moment where she releases the bag.


“Yuck, the hideous nature of corn syrup-based fake blood all over my hands. How do I get it off?” Note the black glove held in the gloved left hand. Regardless, the evidence is now dumped away. No one will know–or would they?


5:48 Arrendondo seen apparently rubbing fake blood on his flag

The fake stump – trouble brewing?

It can be seen that the smoke bombs and chaos did not buy sufficient time for the perpetrators. Here, after Christ the magician Williams had placed both fake gore stumps Arrendodo was called to step in, moving the fake gore into a more desired position, especially, now, with the encroachment of security guards. See the sequence, as follows:





Relief! It’s now out of the way of any potential witnesses and can now be pumped full of fake blood.


This sequence represents additional incredibly compelling proof of the great degree of fakery involved in this Boston ‘bombing,’ again proving that all the serious injuries were fabricated and that it was all merely a side-show. The woman on the ground is herself an amputee actor. Regardless, this information confirms that the Boston Marathon bombing was a staged hoax facilitated by the creation of scapegoats, who were set up for the fall by the greatest criminal element of this world, the Zionist world order.

Moreover, since this involves both a capital crime, murder, as well as malicious extortion, surely, charges must be filed as well as indictments and prosecution–and the duly deserved punishment–administered.


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  1. I have a lot to say about this revealing video, so more comments will follow later when i have more time but i just have to quickly say–seeing that fake leg bone in such clear, full view is really shocking. It looks like a leg to a dining room table!

  2. I honestly think that seeing the man take of his immaculate blue jacket to reveal burned shredded vic-sim clothing underneath is the most simple damming evidence of the hoax yet. I didn’t notice him before. Good catch.

    • I tried to retrace blue coats movements in the Thorndyke photos but these old eyes aren’t so great. He is easy to confuse with the white belt soccer hero bald guy. I will leave that to you kids. I did however notice that the director with red shirt blue jeans black loafers no socks. seems to be trying to keep people away then instructing the “cops” to get the crime scene tape up fast. No ambulances yet but crime scene tape is a priority…odd…usually dying people are the first priority before securing the evidence.

    • I didn’t see that other-side of that coat, either. Will capture on screenshot.

      • Now that I’ve seen the sequence of ‘Baunum’ having his leg put back on while fleeing on the wheel chair I realized looking closely that it was the left leg. If you look at the stills now of him being pushed by the cowboy hat idiot, you can see that his left ‘thigh’ is almost twice the length it should be. It’s the most famous photo that I at first couldn’t even look at the day of the bombing and now me and my wife laugh out loud when we see it. These hacks are a joke. Let them try to sue you. Hilarious. Even my wife is waking up.

        • I meant to say sue ‘us’ … I’m a contributor here as well and damn proud of it!

          • Hey Stevo
            Count me in!

    • I agree completely, Leo. Very damning. There is absolutely no logical reason to have torn and tattered clothing underneath one’s outer clothing. I can’t wait to see the shills’ response to this photographic revelation. My guess is that they’ll pretend they’re blind, and can’t see it. This whole thing is really beyond blown out of the water, in my opinion, but we need to get the information into the hands of the right people ( if such people even exist.) I want to start taking practical steps to get the ball rolling in that regard; these people carried out a major fraud, and are continuing to perpetuate the lies. They need to be held accountable for their crimes. Leo–are you in touch with Dr. K via email? If so, would it be ok if I asked him to forward you my email address?

      • Yes & yes.

      • Here we are MICHELLE and every other person too lazy or dull to research themselves –

        the guy with the blue top didn’t remove his top to reveal tattered clothing underneath but a patterned top.

        Check out this link 19th pic down
        It’s pretty damn clear once again!

    • 19th pic down, guy with patterned top and not tattered clothing as implied

      and thats the most damning evidence you have seen????

      • NJ, that looks like the same guy and there is a pattern on that shirt and no staining rips. I still say there is something wrong with that guy because that shirt doesn’t look very good on him. Maybe he just doesn’t understand that some patterns are really lame.

        • haha yeh agree, wearing a shirt with that pattern should be a crime in itself!

          • NJ, I appreciate your contributions here as well as everyone elses. There does seem to be some jumping to conclusions but that is probably due to the fact that there is a lot wrong with the official story and not everyone has the time to do thorough research.
            I posted the following the other day and didn’t get any response so I’d like to hear your take on it. Since I posted it I found the time to look more into it and going over numerous videos and photos I couldn’t find any evidence that they are two different events BUT I still can’t explain the railing spindle broken and fixed at the same time. What do you think?:


          • Here is the other post-not sure why it didn’t show up above:

            “In this photo the railing spindle is broken: This makes me suspect that this photo was taken before the event of 4-15 during a dress rehearsal and all the painted numbers and diagrams on the ground were instructions as to where the actors were to take positions for the big event.

            I only saw one other photo were the spindle was broken here: and there are many anomalies as pointed out about this scene here: so this scene may have been from the actual dress rehearsal.

            All other photos and vids that I could find including the running man show the spindle fixed.”

          • Hi PJ,
            I can see what you mean, it does look like it’s intact. I think the bottom piece has broke but hasn’t completely fallen off so from a distance it still looks intact. I have pulled up a high res version and think i can see it is broke here-
            Its leaning inwards so looking straight on looks ok but compare it against the other spindles and you can see the change. Would be good to find side on shot.

            One thing i can’t work out is why the table was broke in that fenced off area. It is there in most pics then all of a sudden in the same sequence it is broken apart. My theory is the firefighters in the area broke it up to use as a solid surface or stretcher but i can see anyone breaking it or moving it. Once minute its there, the next gone.

      • hi nj
        Actually I think you are correct. You win. I withdraw my “most damming ” comment. It appears to be the phony goalie guy after all. You do realize that his public statement regarding his “injured father in law is a complete lie don’t you. Absolutely conflicts with the photos. Either the photos are phony or his story is.

        • well cheers for looking at my research too. I haven’t seen the stuff about his family but have loads of different pics showing this guy at different angles with and without his top blue top on. Think you are right and its the guy with the white belt

          • You’re are speculating now and making assumptions – apart from there being a ‘drill on that day’ i can’t disagree with that but I’m providing high res photographic images to back up my points.

            Can you give me some good clear images to point to the contrary? If so please do, but please don’t provide a blurred out pic claiming it to be a blood packet of some kind. There’s loads of high res pics of the day so surely there must be one to clarify any one of your points. There must be one clearly showing make up being applied or a blood packet etc. I would genuinely love to see high res pics of these items at the scene. I haven’t seen one yet.

            Please don’t provide a link to that transparent plastic packet covered in blood as it just looks like a plastic back with actual blood all over it. Which wouldn’t be unusual.

          • Sorry that reply was for PC Geek

          • Hi nj
            I appreciate that you are taking us to task. Without criticism we could easily become just a bunch of non objective back slappers (you know – confirmation bias). You are an expert in visual arts. I am not.
            This investigation has been almost exclusively focused on the photos because they are the most pronounced and dramatic evidence. But I absolutely agree with PCGeek there are many other issues outside of the photos that scream fraud.
            I would seriously ask you nj, based upon the totality of the circumstances, do` you think we are being given the truth about this event by our Govt/MSM? Yes or no?

          • Hi Leo,

            Yes it’s what they do with a scientific break through isn’t it. Someone comes up with the theory then others try and destroy it, if it then survives that interrogation it has merit.

            i agree there are some anomalies but i’m not sure if this mis-information being provided isn’t just bad work by the media. Its the break out of social media such as tweets, blogs etc. Where we see people tweeting info from scanners before the news has broke it or sites such as reddit doing a lot of investigation work. I don’t think this is a bad thing but it can fall down in places.

            I don’t think this is a staged event BUT i do think there is some covering up by the government. LIke the FBI knowing about these brothers before hand, the fact there was an apparent drill – do you think they had a bomb threat which they failed to stop happening? So now they are back tracking on certain issues? They knew about it and failed to protect people, they basically f**ked up!

            So to answer your question – yes they are lying about certain parts (to cover their failures) and but no this isn’t a staged even. In my opinion.

      • NJ you must be a paid debunker or friends with the fraud artists.

        You can debunk speculation with speculation but the facts are evident which you can not debunk.

        Fact #1 It was announced that a drill was taking place.

        Fact #2 Several persons were observed applying Moulage effects.

        Fact #3 Running Boy ran from the 1st blast site and then returned to talk to Pink Vest lady( who incidently tried to play the role also of injured victim)

        Fact #4 Sydney Corcoran is observed walking around the scene perfectly fine spraying fake blood from a supposed femoral artery which is impossible as she would have been unconscious in minutes and at least favoring that leg.

        Fact #5 Christian Williams & Caroline Patsavos both were observed uninjured then in hospital having flesh putty to simulate injury.

        Fact #6 Not a single victim exhibited normal mental or physical pain emotions during and after the event. And all victims miraculously healed of inury with 2 weeks & double amputations are not pain free and gleeful.

        Fact #7 The Porturican Cowboy did not attend to the injured Bauman nor did anyone in the vicinity and he should have been dead if he really was amputated doubly that day. Bauman’s moulage prosthesis fell off and was reattached by the phony EMT. And rubber left foot guy had his nearly severed Moulage prosthesis foot run over by his wheelchair and neither he nor witnesses reacted to it.

  3. I am thinking of starting a new brand of jeans called “Boston Shred”. The logo will be a cowboy hat and a pair of crossed scissors. The first collection will be very sexy, lots of skin visible all the way up to the ass. The jeans will be very comfortable when it’s hot.

    • LOL! It really is absurd, isn’t it? I bet these people had no idea how absolutely outlandish their costumes and props would look under scrutiny ( but they were probably reassured that there would be no such scrutiny, so they didn’t really consider it.)

    • Too funny they would be “da bomb” as kids say…..

    • That’s great! I’ll get a pair and wear them with my “Boston Strong” ™ tee-shirt that I bought on April 14th because they were already printed up the month before.

    • Hi Sara, this is what I see when I try to open your link. Can you post image somewhere else?

    • You need a Facebook account to see the photos. Wow, those photos are telling. She can’t decide which leg is injured… and how did those sunglasses stay on her head, we all know how quickly those fall off when we move our heads slightly (as one might do in a bomb blast?). What’s going on in that last photo, is that a pole dividing the scene or what, because there’s a leg coming out of nowhere? But yeah, she sure waited for a long while (and long walk) to bleed out. Will power!

      Also in those photos one can clearly see the Pink Lady, wearing her black gloves (removed for her final wheelchair ride later), and reaching into her purse purposely.

      Sara, since you’re on FB have you looked at any of the victims’ pages? Like this one: Jeff has added 52 friends since April 30th (I’ve been following it). Not one person has inquired as to his health, nor has he made a post (although he or someone else took the time to add or confirm the 52 friend requests). NO ONE? Same with many of the other victims, hundreds of friends yet no posts. For the people who ARE actively making FB posts, they are posting the media-released photo-op pictures, posting “prayers and thoughts,” links to donation sites, some very strange commentary and little else. Not normal FB behavior at all!

      • Yeah I’ve been paying close attention to his fb but I didn’t see he has added friends… Have you added him? I wonder if he has some things hidden…. There’s a picture on fb I’m curious of. He’s in a tree house but his leg looks fake to me …. It’s as if they did it for the argument “how could a double amputee get up here”

        • Hey Sara… I only know about his added friends because I took screenshots one day, of his page and of the pages of some of his friends/family. On April 30th, “Jeff” had 266 friends. The number has jumped three times and it is up this morning to 332. I am not brave enough to “friend” this account. Comments appear to be disabled (at least for non-friends). I still cannot believe that this account would be adding friends regularly and there are no posts, either by “friends” or by “Jeff.” As you know if you’re active on FB, people with hundreds of friends (and the friends themselves) are chatty. Why would he add all these friends if he has his page all blocked and private? What’s the point? Why not at least give your 332 FB friends an update on your health? Or if you’re too ill to do so *cough cough* have a friend or family member (perhaps the one who is accessing the account to add the friends) do so?

          I’m guessing that treehouse photo was taken before he lost his legs, a few years ago. I’m not arguing that this person lost his legs… I just don’t think it happened on 4-15-13.

          If you want to find me on FB, you can do so using my username here.

          • Addendum – I guess FB can be set to where only friends see future updates. This must be the case with this account. Even so, I find it baffling that someone who would go to a big sporting event and wave to the crowd from his wheelchair wouldn’t want the public to know how he is doing. Either way, I don’t have the guts to “friend” that account. Do you?

    • Hello all
      Not to preach…but…whenever you encounter something unusual save (and share) an archive copy. They are actively destroying evidence as we point it out to them.

  4. 19th pic down, guy with patterned top and not tattered clothing as implied

    • I agree.

      • In the cryptome photos, if you look 8 , 9 and 10 up from the bottom, none of the “caregivers” has any blood on the hands. The 9th photo from the bottom shows intact water bottles that look like glass , but the marathon finisher texting in that photo has a plastic water bottle that he may have gotten at the finish line – he already has his reflective blanket and medals around his neck, but also has a lanier for the “event around his neck. Plastic is way more common at big events than glass. Also, the “caregivers” in the 10th shot seem more interested in looking at whoever is taking this photo.

        • Oops, the bottles are in the 10th from the bottom, along with runner. Too bad you can’t see the racer’s number as you would be able to identify him

  5. this guy is clearly ripping his pants.
    I have seen this video of this guy before, but it always cuts away before he starts ripping his pants.

  6. And I could be reaching here, but it looks like this woman might be getting sprayed with blood, but I could be wrong

    • You are not reaching; they are doing an application of fakery.

      • Hey Dr. K–I emailed you but don’t know if you saw it–can you forward my email address to Leo when you get a chance? Thanks.

        • Hi michelle
          I have received your forward. I am honored that you would like my opinion. Good question. I am still working it out for myself. I will give you all my plans either publicly or privately as I develop them. I have posted most of my thoughts here, albeit in a random disarticulated fashion (may 5 forward). If you review those, it pretty much summarizes where my thoughts are at this time.
          This Boston event was an eye opener for me. For that I am grateful. It gives some of us a chance to prepare for the tough times ahead. While this was a significant historical event in our time, it will likely go down in history as just a footnote to the main event(s) to come.


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  8. how about we start a topic about the MIT officer and “Danny”

    • Larry, I agree that we need a thread about the shooting of the MIT officer ( of which there is no evidence whatsoever linking it to the Tsarnaev brothers–Dzhokhar isn’t even being charged with the crime, but that doesn’t stop the ignorant sheep of this nation from calling him a cop killer), and also “Danny.” The inconsistencies with both stories, especially the alleged car-jacking are glaring and numerous.

      • The murder of Officer Collier is a state offense while the bombing is a federal offense. The state will likely compile evidence but wait to charge him until the federal situation has be settled.

  9. I really think we need a forum here. Dr. K. I’m sure you are soooooo busy. I don’t know how to make a forum or I would offer to do it. Does anyone know how to do so? I would love to be able to chat more directly with some of the people here, and a forum would be great. I’m sorry to request this and not offer to do it myself. Does anyone agree that a forum would be a good idea?

    • A forum is a great idea.

  10. I’m glad someone broke that video down.

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  12. Hi Guys,

    I uploaded another YouTube video on BMB(Boston Marathon Bombing).

    Anatomy of Boston Bombing: “Hero”‘s Secret (2) new photo of Jeff on Ground Zero
    Anatomy of Boston Bombing: “Hero”‘s Secret (2) new photo of Jeff on GZ

    I presented my new hypothesis explaning odd delay of “Double Amputee’s rescue.”
    I hope you’ll enjoy it and it will become food for thought for you all.


  13. This is priceless!

  14. Hi Guys,

    My latest video on YouTube. “Anatomy series 7.”

    “More Devils in the Details” Extracted from Boston Globe News Footage
    Face the music, Boston Globe! You can’t play innocent any longer!

    Zaurus Snape

  15. Zaurus Snape seems to have gone to the dogs recently in a similar vein to anonpyrates.

    • Hi nrmis,
      Thank you for your concern about me. No problem. I’m OK. I know well why you thought so. I’ll explain the cause of the misunderstanding. Anatomy 7. starts with the saying “The devil is in the details.” I’m sure most of the researchers including NODISINFO will agree to this. And close to the end we see the phrase, “THE PACT WITH THE DEVIL” implying the relation between Boston Globe and the perpetrators. Yes, devils abound in this Anatomy 7. But they are all rhetorical and metaphorical expressions. I purposefully and systematically employed these antiquated expressions and pictures from post-medieval paintings in order to satirize the prestigious news paper with history & tradition.
      I’m trying to reveal the truth to the viewers entertaining them in the process at the same time. I use the most effective style each time. Please enjoy the latest one, Anatomy 9.;
      Anatomy 9. Boston Bombing: Hero’s Secret (3) Fallen Leg? Check it with this Synced Video

      I am a regular visitor to NODISINFO.COM. I consider this site as “Archive for Truthers.” I think this is the most substantial site among similars. I’m proud that some of my video are introduced here. Thank you.

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