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UPDATED: The Fake Dead of the Ft. Hood Shooting Hoax

On April 2nd, 2014, a hoax was perpetrated against the American people. There were no shots fired at Ft. Hood. No one was killed, and no one was wounded. It’s all fake.

This is a crucial determination. It means that those who are listed as killed  and wounded are also fake, as are all those who vigorously uphold it. Moreover, the original Ft. Hood ‘shooting’ was fake, too, where a person of Islamic background, Major Hasan Nidal, was/is wrongly blamed.

On this Website it was discovered that the military personnel of Ft. Hood faked the original shooting (2009), using crisis actors and also fake blood. To a much lessor degree crisis actors and fake blood have been detected in this more recent hoax as well:


How does such a blob of red material relate to real gunshot wounds? Clearly, this is just a wad of material soaked in red tempura paint. There is not even a degree of blood splattering anywhere, as would be expected from gunshot wounds to the chest and other areas.

Here is the standard media fabrication, courtesy of WUSA9.com:

FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) – The three soldiers killed in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood by another military man had served in the military for years and been deployed to Iraq as well as other places.

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley on Friday identified those killed as 39-year-old Daniel Ferguson, of Mulberry, Fla.; 38-year-old Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez, of Puerto Rico; and 37-year-old Timothy Owens, of Effingham, Ill.

Milley says Spc. Ivan Lopez killed the three Wednesday at the military base after a verbal altercation that escalated. He then killed himself.

Ferguson was a transportation supervisor who had been deployed to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lazaney-Rodriguez was a unit supply sergeant who had served in Kuwait and Iraq.

Owens was a heavy vehicle driver who had also been deployed in Iraq and Kuwait.



Caption: This is fake. It is a Zionist-orchestrated hoax. None of these men are “victims” of any murderous event happening at Ft. Hood.

While the miscellaneous details of service, age, and/or residence have yet to be confirmed, what is confirmed is that none of these men died at Ft. Hood in a hail of bullets.

Fake dead #1: Danny Ferguson

Is there even a real person named Danny Ferguson? Perhaps, he is real; it cannot be said for certain one way or the other at this time. Even so, how can he be regarded as real when the majority of pictures depicting him appear to be contrived?

Two of the people who are primary promoters of his hoax death are as follows:

  • Kristen Haley
  • Susan Tirrell

Both these people are liars and fabricators. The chief arch-liar is Haley. An actual government mole and paid agent she is, apparently, an actual resident of Killeen and, perhaps, a real service-person:


There is no evidence of any sort that this image was photoshopped. All the images of this woman on her own and/or with friends are relative clear. In contrast, the images depicting her with her purported boyfriend are of poor resolution and largely suspect.
It is not certain what he is, but it surely demonstrates the mentality of this fraudster:
Booze often does enter into the equation of people willing to commit all manner of vile acts. Regardless, such images do not bode confidence that she can be trusted in what she proclaims.
Does she look believable, standing there with her notepad, all prepared for her media interview? Here she is again at a ‘memorial’ a few days later. Not much of a tribute considering the nature of the acclaimed crime of some 20 people killed and injured. For the locals this was obviously a non-event. Will in a million years any of them come forward and admit to the fraud?
At least these are real images, no photoshopping, no contrived facies. The only people hugging, though, are those facing the cameras. The tribute is a fake, and in all likelihood the participants are on the DHS payroll, who shall never speak the truth, as they have signed non-disclosure statements.
It seems that she likes to be front-and-center before the cameras regardless where she is:
Calling her a swine would be a compliment. At least pigs don’t stand up boldly before the world and spew nothing but lies, that is lies aimed at undermining the common rights of the people.
In these realistic images where is her dearest boyfriend, Danny Ferguson. He is nowhere to be found.
Source for the personal photos: http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/wpgo/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/kristen-haley-danny-ferguson-fiancee-3.jpg
Instead, these the kinds of images which are provided, soft-featured, the resolution poor.


She has a reflection of light on her face; he doesn’t. Her hair and teeth are exceedingly soft – far too soft for this to be a real image.

The finding of even one photo of the two together which has been fabricated is proof that their relationship is a sham and that she is nothing other than an espionage mole running cover for this Zionist operation.

Note the following finding. That is a residual cut line that the perpetrators failed to clean off using the blur tool or other necessary deceptive devices. There is no real photograph in existence which will represent such a defect.


Once again, the images are exceeding soft, and there is crisper detail in the background than the foreground. The off-stare, that it staring into ‘outer space,’ of Ferguson is exceedingly bizarre and is surely an artifact of an installed image.

There is also a bizarre variation in color on the forehead with a line demarcating that variation. One eyebrow is stuffed way down on the eye area, the other much higher. A residual white cut line is seen along his right shoulder. It is a fairly decent Photoshop corruption with few obvious residual evidences, other than the extreme softness of the images, comparatively lacking in the background. The man was never there for this image. It is completely artificial, an invention: an artifact of the computer lab.
This is a ridiculously poor Photoshop hack job. There are dozens of obvious anomalies in this picture demonstrating the faking of the image. The image of Haley has been stretched to create the smooch effect. This led to numerous distortions, which were covered through the use of the blur tool and paintbrush. Her hair has a major cut defect, where an entire section on the top of the scalp has been lopped off. There is a color correction defect; under the picture the color should be off white, not brown.
The majority of these defects and far more are marked, below:
Note also that one of the cut-lines or blur tool defects extends beyond the edge of the chin, which is completely anomalous. Note the extensive residual cut lines and blur tool marks. These two people are not loved ones: case closed.
The eyes behind the sunglasses or whatever is there are corrupt. There are large cut-lines/blur tool marks on the right sideof his temporal region and chin. This image, too, never happened in real life.
This image appears a bit more realistic. Yet, it, too, could be the consequence of cut-and-paste where they were both dropped into the frame.
Fake dead #2: Timothy Owen

Shooting victim Sgt. Timothy Owens

U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Owens, left, pictured with cousin Glen Welton, was one of three soldiers killed by Army Spc. Ivan Lopez at Ft. Hood, Texas. Sixteen others were wounded in the shooting rampage. (Associated Press / April 5, 2014)

What a horrible picture this is. Real pictures have definition. Yet, the standard of hoaxes is that virtually all features are soft. There are defects on the face which would indicate that this image is fabricated.

Below is a relatively horrible Photoshop job, an absolutely fake photo with extremely poor resolution.

The triplicate pattern is seen on her blue shirt next to his white shirt. There are cut lines on Owen’s upper left jaw area, almost in an arrow-like pattern. The background is stock; a cut-line, white in color (or an area of failed color correction) is seen, prominently, on the right side of his forehead. His thumb is defective, and the tips of the fingers seemed to be cut off. This is absolutely a Photoshop fake. There is no other possibility.

Here is another Photoshop hack-job. His head has no definition; it is almost possible to see through his face and chin. This image is not real.
What kind of a wedding/engagement image is this? It is ridiculous.

Paid crisis actress Mary Muntean had this to say in support of the scam:

“Very terrible that they had to shoot my son,” his mother, Mary Muntean, told CNN affiliate WICS-TV in Springfield, Illinois. “He was a good person. Why would they shoot a good person that was helping them?”

Her commentary is hardly believable. Who talks like this in the midst of a sudden, catastrophic loss involving gun violence? Where is her real shock, despair and grief? Where are her other family members? She is clearly a fraudster and fabricator, a mere crisis actor playing the role for material gain. Even so, who is “they?” The only “they” are the Zionists who faked this shooting.

Fake dead # 3:  Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez

There is not much information available about Lazaney-Rodriguez. If he is truly based at Ft. Food, he, too, is an espionage agent playing a role.



This picture appears fabricated. It will be noticed that in this hoax there is heavy use of emotional-charged imagery, with birthday party pictures being the most common emotional ruse, also used in other hoaxes.

Was he the only one at the party? The rigidity of the imagery around his leg and knee is a give away and indicates that this picture is a cut-and-paste fabrication.

None of these people are dead the majority if not all of them are all government employees.

Post to be updated as soon as possible.


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  1. Eighth pic from up to down – very bad photoshop on his rite eye

  2. This little Mossad agent named Brian Correia plays Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez



    While this little piggy also (codenamed) named Brian Correia plays Timothy Owens
    https://mobile.twitter.com/BCoRreiiA (younger looking)

    http://www.divenewswire.com/NewsITems.aspx?newsID=12617 (makes big money from this very business off this scam)

    http://wbsm.com/immigrants-assistance-center-receives-grant-for-amigos-program/ (Working hard to destroy America through this job)

    They have Gorzelic aliases too.

    • I checked these links (the first three in the post above). Despite similarities, there is no possibility that the two are the same; look carefully at the eyes and eyebrows. The left eye has a downward slope, quite noticeable, and this is not seen to any degree in Rodriguez. Eyebrows are way different; ears, too. That info should be corrected.

  3. Sorry I am very tired I meant to say the first little piggy Mossad Agent code named Brian Correia is playing the fake victim named Danny Ferguson. Please compare multiple pictures and see. I’ve looked at these jerks for days but I didn’t have all the better pictures I saw ready just now…but still look and see they are the same.

  4. Hi I’m Jimmy Horak Jr ex Special forces plane jumper/actor extrodinaire!
    Got an airplane related false flag event you need me to die in? I’m your man! I’m willing to help you fake my death worldwide as long as the pay is right! My name doesn’t start with (W)Hor(e) for nothing!

  5. In the 2 pictures you have DrK of “Carlos”
    his eyebrows are completely different, he looks very different in each of those two pictures. Trimming and shaping and dyeing the eyebrows is not very difficult especially when you have thick eyebrows to begin with.

  6. The pics as Ferguson could be sevetal years old. They pulled numerous pics&links on different websites since I started looking into this identity & different ones of him.


  7. He plays a school teacher too…

  8. I can email you some pics of “Phil Woods” as he currently looks. But I can no longer find them on the web. He was at a some kind of CIA spook reunion in Southern Maryland. I found them searching friends of Kim Zoller PR/ sayanim handler. And both his fake brothers I believe are in the pics. Someone related connected to Aaron Handler & Kim Zoller is married to someone in the Southern Maryland Wooldridge family & I believe some of the Wooldridges knew the Phil Wood character from also being Special forces/intelligence/CIA. I gave up on finding them on the web again. However I’m sure he has other fake identities still on the web somewhere.

  9. Meet this little piggy zionist Mossad agent Alicia Freeman with daughter Ari young–Mossad asset & sayanim brothers with John & Theodore Freeman,


    With hub & family

  10. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=-vh33ycOrc4 Go to hell cowardly Mossad and zionists and all your evil!

    You can’t keep us(down)…. you can’t stop cause our eyes can see…you can’t stop us on the road to freedom

    May God be with the Syrian people, their army and Hezbollah against the murderous zionists and their murderous Al Qeda and Wahabbist and other mercenaries, snipers and assassins from Turkey and elsewhere!

  11. watch the video ‘All shootings done in private unincorporated towns’ Masonically run private towns. Including Robin Williams Death and the Ferguson, Sandy Hook, u think Gabby Giffords was shot in Tuczon? think again CASA ADOBES, private and CLOSED.
    Come to my new page youtube Sherrie L…my other chans all taken for exposing hoaxes
    and stratfor alex jones.

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