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Fake Ft. Hood Shooter Ivan Lopez is a Spy and Zionist Mole

Note: Thanks to all of you for your support. This is preliminary information. If you can support it with links, this would be ideal. Glidden Lopez needs to be investigated, as does the major – as does anyone else running cover for the fake shooter.

Using its compliant US military machine it is the Zionist-controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which is responsible for the fake Ft. Hood shooting ‘event.’ The individuals named are either Photoshop productions – fake persons – or, more commonly, real persons using false identities.

There is no such person as Ivan Lopez. He’s a spy on the DHS payroll.

His ‘relatives’ are actually assisting the exposure of him to the major media, providing uploading a variety of images. They are all spies, all working for the Zionists. This includes any relatives or acquaintances who have given commentary regarding the case.

Lopez is a paid mole and was not involved in any shooting or killing:


All the people pictured are in on the hoax. There is no evidence they are the individuals pictured. Regardless, that’s a lot of ‘Ivan’ names for one family.

They are supposed to be Puerto Rican, that is hispanic. How is the woman pictured hispanic? The father, too, bears no major resemblance to that race, nor does to any degree ‘Ivan.’ It is not even possible to confirm that he really is “Ivan Lopez.” In all likelihood this is merely an alias, with the others in the picture acting as espionage cohorts.

One of our posters, with the handle “Cowboy,” has determined that there is a strong association with the name Ivan Lopez and the name Andrew Rosenwicz. There is also an association of the Lopez clique to a group known as the Klines.

Here is the main picture found on the Robbin Kline Facebook page:

The resemblance is sufficient to warrant further investigation. The death of ‘mother Lopez’ via heart attack could merely be a ruse.

When putting in the search engine the name “Andrew Rosenwicz,” along with “image,” this is what is found:


It all makes sense. Why give the real name and expose the entire history and background of the individual, so that such a spy ring could be revealed? By nature the spy must be hidden, and this is through false identities. Note the use of the name “Ivan,” despite the fact that only “Andrew Rosenwicz” was put into the search engine.

There hair is an entirely different color, but, oddly, there are similarities, including in the mouth, chin, and lines at the corners of the mouth. Clearly, this mole has several identities? Is this South American ‘Ivan’ (that is aka Andrew Rosenwicz) one of them?

Note: Comparative pictures have been removed as too speculative at this time (attempts are being made to confirm the previous information). The article shall hold to the more firm facts about the issue of this man posing as a shooter and, therefore, being a spy.

How convenient: it was all done by a spook listed as being in the Puerto Rican National Guard. Like the average spook, he prefers dark tinted glasses. Moreover, with few exceptions he is photographed in isolation, especially those images which are military-related.

If there ever was a mole that have the appearance of a spook/spy, it’s Lopez.

Too, why all the postures with the guns? Note, too, the lines going across the palm tree, which make no visual sense. He was admittedly in a non-combat role. Clearly, this is all a set-up, a mere fabrication, to create the basis for a real shooting at the base.

This Zionist mole, who is, by the way, alive and well had assistance in the plot by other people of the Lopez namesake, such as Glidden Lopez, who is responsible for the following upload:

Fort Hood Shooting-Lopez

This undated photo provided by Glidden Lopez shows Ivan Lopez, who authorities said wounded 16 people in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, on Wednesday. (Glidden Lopez/The Associated Press)


With the beach in the background it becomes clear that he is, in fact, either based in Puerto Rico or some similar region in Central or South America, which is convenient in the fact that the mole could easily go into hiding after being exposed.

For mere financial gain, as well as, in all likelihood the motivation for the plots of Eretz Israel, this filthy mole is playing the role as the fake shooter. Note the devil’s horn sign.

The criminal mind gives the same sign, flaunting his role as a DHS spy to the whole world, in this fake combat image. It is merely additional evidence of the role of rabid Zionist extremists in perpetrating this hoax, as they flaunt their power upon the people. Then, too, who other than an actual lover of Satan would spread such venomous lies, all aimed at undermining the people’s natural, inalienable rights?


Sure he would give the devil’s horn sign. Surely, he would. He is a Satan, just like the rest of the cheats and fraudsters, associated with this wretched hoax.

It’s a real image, so, clearly, the Zionists worked on this in advance to create a false dossier for this espionage mole.

Who is Glidden Lopez, the man so extensively responsible for the image uploads? He has taken the self-described role as “family spokesman.”

Lopez family spokeman, Glidden Lopez, gestures during an interview with the press in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, Thursday, April 3, 2014. Soldier, Spc. Ivan Lopez, opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members at the Fort Hood military base, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide. Photo: Ricardo Arduengo, AP / AP

AP Caption: Lopez family spokesman, Glidden Lopez, gestures during an interview with the press in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, Thursday, April 3, 2014. Soldier, Spc. Ivan Lopez, opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members (etc., all lies)
The gesture claim is merely a ruse to hide the fact that he is attempting a disguise. He, too, is a paid crisis actor, if not a spy himself.

The mayor is a part of the hoax, too and is all likelihood a Sayanim asset running cover for this Zionist hoax. He knows full well that there was no shooting at the facility, as he speaks out of the corner of his mouth.

Edgardo Arlequin, the mayor of Guayanilla, the hometown of soldier, Spc. Ivan Lopez gestures during an interview with the press in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, Thursday, April 3, 2014. Lopez, opened fire Wednesday on fellow service members at the Fort Hood military base, killing three people and wounding 16 before committing suicide.RICARDO ARDUENGO — AP Photo

As if all this isn’t sufficient evidence that Lopez is a spy and a spook, there is this, which is the fact that he gave commentary about the non-existent Adam Lanza, specifically in relation to the standard agenda of the Zionist cabal:

Lopez wrote that Lanza “pretends to be a victim of mental illness followed by addiction to violent video games,” according to Facebook posts obtained by CNN (as reported in NYDN).

Such a “mental illness” and “violent video game” post is precisely the plot advance by the Zionists for their gun-grubbing campaign. Lopez is hiding his identity. Clearly, he is a Zionist agent.




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  1. Thank you for doing all you can to expose these sick psychopaths. I’m still amazed at how many sheeple can stare this kind of crap in the face and still believe everything the media feeds them.

  2. Total hoax.
    [Lopez]wrote that Lanza “pretends to be a victim of mental illness followed by addiction to violent video games,” according to Facebook posts obtained by CNN.

    seals it for me.

    Waaaay too many photos released of Lopez as if to emphasise the official narrative. Reunited with his family?
    Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook was shot twice in the arm and twice in the chest. Yet at 0.25 in the video, he’s up and dressed and hugging his family. But he can’t talk, only his father

    Note all the victims are in their late 30s, 37,38 and 39. Hmmmm

    • Lanza commentary by this mole now in the post. Thks!!

  3. US army criminal investigation Command, Christopher Gray had a sticky moment at 16.30 in the ABC video.
    Hadn’t quite worked out the whole official narrative in a watertight fashion.

    No specifics not getting into details – still working on the story….
    I don’t think the journalists were satisfied

  4. another hoax wake me up when something real happens.

    • Real like 911

  5. Check out Ivan’s alleged Facebook page titled “Ivan Slipknot” (according to mainstream sources). It is a totally phony and nonactive account in my opinion. I also located another account that seemed to be his under the name Ivan Lopez. It also seemed like a phony, contrived account with no friends or meaning whatsoever.

  6. Several people who are in each group/ family/cell of sayanim/Mossad agents always have some indenties under each name and under different names to confuse researchers and criminal investigators. I have observed it over and over. Must people see similiar looking people with different names and give up. Most see the different people with the same name and give up. You most see through all their “Roos”es to play on words if you see Roos assume she has a real or other identities likely as Ross…and any name like Rossinger, Rossi see then if faces and or addresses match up or if friends match up. If they have a unusual first name spelling like Robbin then they will likely have other aliases with the first name Robbin; and also will have other aliases with the last same last name as and a different first name than Robbin. A lot of these Mossad agents are selling Meth and Estasy but they will usually do it under a different identity–or semi different identity in case they are caught and they will make sure this is not an obvious Jewish name. They will use that name until they are facing too much jail time in a given area and then disguard that name. Most of the time sayanim and freemason judges will just fine them or give then probation, etc. If they are some how convicted they will sometimes pay a stand-in to serve their prison time.

  7. I LOVE this site. Hours upon hours of hilarious entertainment. It’s like the fake news site http://www.theonion.com, only more demented. My friends and I were reading the stories during lunch hour at work, laughing hysterically. These “news articles” are even more ludicrous than the parody site www.http://weeklyworldnews.com.

    Sad thing is, it looks like some of the commenters are not in on the joke and take the site seriously. I can just imagine these losers living in their momma’s basement, typing their delusional rants day after day, night after night in the echo chamber of their paranoid cohorts. But I gotta hand it to you folks … you’ve got quiet the imaginations. Hollywood could use some good fiction scriptwriters like you. Keep those stories coming … I haven’t had such belly laughs in years!!!

  8. What is interesting is that in one of the pictures it shows him with an M-16, but the patctoh on his left shoulder is the old iron side patch. Old Iron Side is a tank battalion. He should be standing next to a tank, not holding an M-16.

    • Most likely army that actor ever served in was IDF.

    • Lopez is about as mexican as Geraldo Rivera or justice Sotomayer or however they spell their fake names. They’re jewish. Their lies are about as real as their plastic surgery noses used to hide their real identity.

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