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Absolute Proof the Malaysian Jet Disappearance is a Hoax

Regarding the Malaysian Airlines issue of a supposedly vanishing jet this is obviously a fraud of the most extreme degree. No one expected the Malaysian government to act as a perpetrator. This caught many people by surprise.

Yet, it did so, and it proved that, like the others, it is a compliant regime of the Zionist cabal. The Malaysian government and hierarchy, including the military, is a culprit in this hoax, let there be no doubt about it. Tyranny and corruption is certainly not deficient in the Malaysian hierarchy. It has in the past even perpetrated the torture of dissidents.

Even so, are the powerful ones of the Malaysian system capable of perpetrating a hoax to serve their masters, just like the Chinese did with Asiana Airlines? Apparently, they are fully capable, fully willing to do so. An airliner that disappears into thin air, “vanishes” without a trace, as is the standard story line, all endorsed (or at least no disputed) by Malaysian officials? It does so without even a single particle of wreckage being discovered, even though the flight path was surely known, which is unheard of in all history. TWA 800 had ocean related wreckage, and so did Air France and all other crashes of massive jet airlines. Who would believe this vanishing act to be plausible?

It only makes sense if there were no crash at all and, then, if the passengers were mere espionage agents (or paid crisis actors).

Whether for the Chinese or the Malaysians, rather than being a real, dire catastrophe it was instead a fake, a mere a media circus, never a real event. How can there be both fake crisis actors, Photoshopped phonies, plus real victims? That is implausible. Moreover, it is the first time in history that such an media circus was directly associated with crash victim relatives. Never before has there been this degree of involvement of the media in recording facial reactions of shocked relatives of a plane catastrophe:

See the vastness of the cameras. What airplane catastrophe in history has been associated with such a response? The Mossad downing over Scotland of Pan Am 103 never received such a vastness of media attention. Nor did the blowing up out of the sky of TWA Flight 800. Both of these were real airline catastrophes with real deaths, in fact, with all on board being slaughtered.

What a mass of Zionist-controlled media it is. What power these arch-perpetrators hold. It is truly incredible that they could fake such an issue and cause the entire world to believe it.
Tears, tears, and more tears, so it is acclaimed, but, in fact, with virtually no exceptions there are no tears. There are only grimaces, clenched teeth, along, drawn faces, and shuttered eyes.
Now, look at this fraudster. Surely, she is a crisis actor being fully reimbursed for the role. In other words, by no means is she a grieving relative, as advertised. The area is virtually isolated with the exception of the rare traveler. The rest of the people are media moles.
No one could close the eyes tighter than this. There are no tears. She is not a real relative. Clearly, instead she is a crisis actor. The case is closed; this is a terminal hoax, just like all the others, just like the phony Asiana Airlines crash, Sandy Hoax, the Boston smoke bombing phony, and far more.
Yet, what is the standard story line offered by the Zionist cabal in relation to this image?
Grief seizes kin of passenger on missing Malaysian plane | GMA …

Journalists attempt to interview a woman who is the relative of a passenger on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, as she crouches on the floor crying, …
There is no evidence that this crisis actor at any time was crying. She often covered her face and her mouth from view: there were never any tears shed.
There it is, the ever-present cell phone as a hoax component. Furthermore, there are no tears in any of her images. Too, like many of the other fakes and phonies she frequently shutters her eyes. The cell phone serves no purpose. Information about the crash would come from airline officials. It is merely a prop, commonly used by the orchestrators who stage these fakes as a key prop for the psychological operation.
The mass presence of media moles and agents alone should cause any scrutinizing person to think, to realize that this is no real event. What about those media moles and camera-people? How are they reacting to the scam?
It is a casual reaction to say the least. Is there not an honest one among them that will admit to the fraud?
Here are additional fraudsters for hire who are faking shock and grief. There are no tears here either. Note hand over the face technique so commonly applied by such crisis actors. Once again, there are no tears being shed. Nor are there any additional relatives or loved ones to console these individuals. They are isolated entities before the cameras, which proves the degree of the fabrication.
Perhaps the most extreme of all crisis actors who feign shock and despair is this Chinese woman. An absolute fraudster by no means is she a real relative of an airline catastrophe loved one. She shutters her eyes like the rest of them, while shedding no tears.
Note the HD cameras surrounding her, as these people are all on assignment to spread the lies. What a classic
She performs quite an act with the hands over the mouth and eyes technique.
Here is yet another crisis actor using the hand-over-the-mouth-and-eyes technique, while still emitting no tears:
Is it not incredible? The grieving relatives are virtually all in isolation before the cameras. Actual extended families are only more rarely seen. In most instances there is no one to console such actors.
Here are additional fraudsters, Malaysians, also getting into the act with the fake crying. Why would anyone in real life do this, putting their full faces before the cameras, front and center, without attempting to gain a degree of privacy?
Finally, an extended family is seen. Can anyone believe this, that is this image of a person coming unglued due to shock and despair? Moreover, it is occurring in their own home? Who could possibly capture in real life such a picture in a person’s home, an Indian family, with the backdrop of all the family photos, then, uploading it before the whole world. This life truly is an illusion, and there are fraudsters of every conceivable degree and level:
It takes an entire entourage of people to prevent her from falling to the ground. She looks like she is about to die from grief, though fake, just like the Chinese crisis actor.
Regardless, it can’t be achieved in a vacuum. Look at this image carefully. What is seen? Is it not anything other than a coordinator of the hoax, the woman in the black scarf, who is acting as the guide for the fake griever: she has her DHS-style badge turned around. What is going on here? It is prohibited in Islaam to lie and deceive for wicked gains.
‘Hey, don’t give me too hard of a time. It’s just a part of my job.’
Note: images of woman removed for further assessment.
Crying or not, all the grieving relatives must be by necessity crisis actors faking it their grief, since there was no such jetliner, no Malaysian Airlines MH370, which took off on March 8th. That, too, was a set-up.
Like the woman above, here is another crisis actor with that ever-present cell phone, once again using it as the key prop:
Who are all these people calling, and why are they surrounded with cameras when they do so? This woman is backed with at least seven journalists. Yet, there is no one to console her.
It was all a set-up, just like the Paul Walker hoax and countless others. It’s like a test against the people, virtually by the devil himself. How many people will be snookered? How many will buy the fraud? How much control can be exerted over them through lies and deceit?
Support: Thousands of people have written messages of support on a wall at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, for passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Caption: Support: Thousands of people have written messages of support on a wall at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, for passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

It would appear the virtually all of Malaysia is bamboozled. Yet, so is the rest of the world.

Here is a supposed Chinese child victim. Who believes the image to be real? There is a cut line, in white, on the edge of the right cheek and chin. The perps failed to color correct for it. The child is an invention out of thin air. There was no such child, named Wang Moheng, who has died on an airline suffering from a disappearing act.

Holiday: Wang Moheng, 2
Who would offer such a horrible picture of their child on-line? Here is another fake passenger, named Hu Siwan.
'Blissful': Hu Siwan and her father
What’s going on with the hands? What a mangled mess it is:
He either has rheumatoid arthritis or this is the greatest Photoshop hack job known.
Then, there is Malaysian “Acting” Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, apparently attending prayers for the passengers. What is he smiling about? He surely knows that the passengers are fakes and that many of their photos were created in a computer lab – or corrupted there to create false identities.  Known as a good man let him come forward to tell the world it is all a scam instead of maintaining the hoax, wasting people’s time, emotions, and energy.
Malaysian Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein attended prayers for passengers and crew of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 at a mosque near Kuala Lumpur International Airport
It’s a hoax, just like Sandy Hook. No one died, and no relatives suffered any losses.
Hope: Paper cranes are pasted on a message board for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur
A toy plane with messages of hope sits next to cards dedicated to people involved with the missing flight MH370 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

What a filthy hoax, a mere illusion, a wretched lie. That is also proven by the litany of inane stories spewed by the Zionist-controlled press, all of them baseless.


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  1. “Russian, U.S., and Canadian forces have to launch fighters aircraft track a “hijacked” airliner.” Link at bottom.

    This could also be part of Operation Vigilant shield. .. NATO Requesting more funding and pushing the fact that our world is so unstable.

    Harper suspends planned military activities with Russia

    Naval Exercise On Hold Pending Outcome in Crimea” Published March 4, 2014 12:04 PM 4 days prior to an actual “hijacking”…

    “Russian and American forces also exercise together on occasion, particularly in the Arctic region. One such exercise is Vigilant Eagle, which involves the Russian Federation Air Force and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The exercise simulates a scenario where Russian, U.S., and Canadian forces have to launch fighters aircraft track a “hijacked” airliner.”

    • You are right it absolutely was a drill, only a real drill, a phony, without actual passengers and a real flight.

    • Orchestrated indeed!
      This is the sayanim actress who plays Danica Weeks.

      Kim Zoller aka Kim Bajc Zoller of Image Dynamics is the Sayanim/Mossad actress & PR artist who plays Danica Weeks. She apparently got a lot of Botox & maybe a little plastic surgery for the role. But she looks good for her age anyway & she could have done it without it. I guess they figured the P.S. & botox and blonde hair would throw everyone off completely. She is of the same family of moles as Susan aka Sarah Jane BajcZoller likely her sister or or first cousin. They have multiple shared addresses & connections. They even seem to interchanged aliases to confuse researchers. Another in this family of mossad criminals is Vida Bajc Zoller aka Kimberly Bajc Zoller she is a younger sayanim in this family. She is most likely Kim Zoller’s daughter. Older Kim is from South Africa thus her natural easy ability to do a New Zealand accent. Also I found another amazing “other family” role that Sarah Bajc plays under yet another alias where her “other husband” has a website admitting basically that he is a Mossad spook. This “husband” who I think is her nephew or brother may be a hollywood actor even as one of his alias seems to show. And he has been in extremely zionist propaganda movies. I have another family of these criminals in this operation but I want to research them more & find better pics to be sure of their roles.
      ….anyway See Kim Zoller videos on Youtube and elsewhere. Also Madison Bajc has a spook pic on her facebook. She is 100% Sarah’s daughter but is not the actress playing Danica the older Kim Zoller is doing the role I am certain.

      Older with blue eyes ( blue contact lenses) Kim Zoller doing a role—-selling a program

      Now as Danica Weeks Back to brown eyes on msnbc:

      Yes Back to blue eyes doing her Sayanim/Mossad role played with gusto and a Mary Poppins voice with cute little rent-a-kid to boot!

  2. What’s with the KFC origami birds/planes? Lol sponsorship…

  3. Dear Dr.K,

    The Muslim woman in the red scarf + the woman in the black scarf are actually crying. We have video in Malaysia showing that the tears exist. It is not a hoax. We don’t tolerate any secret agenda with Mossad. The families are not actors. They know nothing. I don’t know about other countries, but I can assure you that everyone in Malaysia is wondering what the hell happen to that goddamn plane just like you did.

    p/s: Hishammuddin is the type a person who smiles, he even smile when provocative/personal question is thrown directly to his face.

    Study our culture, and study the Malaysian first. Get someone in Malaysia to help you to understand this situation even better. We, Malaysians also have come up with several conspiracy theory. And seeing you claiming that the families in my country are faking their sadness, is amusing.

    • I know many Malaysians from school days and have the utmost respect for them. The are devout, dedicated people. Can you post the video, here?

      Why are the people in power in Malaysia not coming forward with the truth? It is absolutely certain that this was a drill and that there is no plane that has disappeared or vanished.

      If someone, anyone, would come forward at the high levels of government and question this fraud, then, the role of the Malaysian hierarchy would be clearer.

      If errors are made, they will be corrected.

      Crisis actors are proven, now, for the Australian, American, and Chinese ‘passengers.’ Are the Malaysians the only ones who really believe they’ve lost loved ones?

      Am giving your info the benefit of the doubt and removing the image.

      • From the comments all around Facebook, I can deduce that most Malaysians believed our government is trapped between two parties; and the government is hiding something from the public; and it is for the safety of those in MH370.

        A lot of conspiracy theory has arised. But all of the theory is based on one issue : false flag by one of the country which is directly involved in SAR.

        I am searching the video for you, because the video is a montage showing the grieving family; plus I saw it in TV. I’ll find it for you. Because I really want to know whether Malaysians are involved in this “tragedy”.

        Thank you Dr. K.

        • You are welcome. Since the passengers are fake, that is there were no actual passengers, then, the people grieving must be faking it, too. As it cannot be proven definitively that the person is or isn’t shedding tears, that image is removed for now.

          The Rothschild cabal is orchestrating this. Look to see the power it has over the Malaysian money system as well as an influence, RE: the airlines, etc. It will be found that people can be bought and compromised, in Malaysia, too.

          • The Rothschilds would be smart enough to contact jewish directors or special effects people in Hollywood if no closer expert was available. The jews are supposed to control Hollywood arent they. In Hollywood they know how to fake tears. In the old days they used glycerine. Maybe they have better stuff today.
            It seems more likely to me that Israel gets rewarded for taking the flac for the angloestablishment. Surely Israel may want the war on terror but so do the parasitic angloestablishment. The jews are widely known to be business oriented and to be able to get along most anywhere. And bankers are only a minute fraction of them. That minute fraction of jews or others are usually middlemen for a much larger group of idle rich in many nations.
            The angloestablishment represents(meaning acts in favor of) a GROWING number of people whos main role is to live on interest and to see their offspring continue along the same line. Thus imperialism becomes necessary. Like in the days of the east india company, when the younger brothers didnt inherit anything so they went robbing the people in India and elsewhere.
            Of course the idle rich may have jobs but most probably not playing an indispensible role compared to the burden they make to society with all their grabbed wealth.
            The malthusians are worried about the poor. Thats the wrong group to keep culled.
            It is in the interest of these idle rich to keep Israel on edge and without friends so fascists have to rule Israel. People who dont mind attracting hatred to their fellow jews. Where there is peace economic competition may rise, the horror of the angloestablishment. The angloestablishment doesnt want peace anywhere as long as their usurious control isnt established.

          • The tears (or tear in this case) can also be added to the image through Photoshop. Still reviewing it. Thanks.

        • You are all a bunch of morons. Why is everything a hoax to yo

          • Wake up!

    • Tears or no tears it’s very easy to pay people to play grieving family on television for money…unfortunately. It’s also very telling that every time DK posts his revelations, there are ‘family’ that come to this site to tell him he’s wrong and ‘how could he!?” Do you check IP addresses? Or does that even work anymore? Just wondered…

      • Correct: we were “thanked” for purging correct information (at a minimum that these are crisis actors). Essentially, got trolled. I don’t know how to check an IP address but might ask admin to do so.

        Tears or no tears, the people related to the woman did not die on the airline. I just published a review of this but withdrew it, because there is something going on there which I’m still attempting to define.

        In the family picture of the teared woman the older male is completely disengaged, simply staring at the TV or something and is paying no attention to all the hoop-to-do.

  4. What about the pilots? Surely colleagues cannot be keeping quiet with a disappearance.

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