Boston Bombing — 12 August 2013
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Filthy Liar’s Steve Silva Busted as Fake 9-11 and Boston Marathon Witness

What a wretched arch-fraudster he is, Steve Silva, Liar-in-Chief, huckster and New World Order fake witness. Silva is hereby busted as a Zionist mole promoting the mass murder of innocents. Because of his false witness, hundreds of thousands, possibly, millions of people have been murdered, other countless thousands displaced, and other thousands injured.

Silva promoted through his actions – and words – the hunting down and murdering of Tamerlan Tsarnaev as well as Ibragim Todashev. He is hereby held culpable for such murders. A filthy fraudster to the extreme he is fully revealed. No one should take even an iota of what he says seriously; if he opens his mouth, he is likely spewing nothing but lies.

Revelation thanks to Betsy McGee, through her first-class exposition:

He is a liar, no doubt about it, with a bit of flair for the dramatic. Is he a Zionist Jew like the others?


stevesilva stevesilvafraudster

His Jewishness would explain the venomous hate he has spread in relation to committing false witness in order to promote murderous and destructive acts, including the wrongful invasions of countries and the murder of countless people, mostly of Islaamic background. Silva is culpable for each of such murders for his terminal attempts to spread nothing but vile lies to the whole world.

stevesilvafakers stevesilvahoaxer

Yet, when an attempt is made to capture the video where he spews these lies this is what occurs:



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  1. Here’s the full video, from the blast’s moment until he leaves the scene and reaches his car, 22 minutes long, I think his long phone conversation should be analysed, sounds like he’s speaking with someone from :

    On the same page, there are some interesting “personal stories” on the right side.

  2. Forum Restaurant To Reopen Thursday After Boston Marathon Bombing Repairs

    • Forum Restaurant is owned by Euz Azevedo a Northeastern University graduate. NEU runs the Center of Excellence for Explosives Detection, Mitigation, and Response that detects leave-behind improvised explosive devices. Their 2 million dollar DHS funded grant is up for renewal this year. Azevedo rests easy “knowing I somehow played a small role in getting these guys.”(Tsarnaevs) He claims witness to “patrons and bystanders with missing limbs and bleeding profusely.”

  3. Friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect stand trial in US

  4. 20 to 30 Boston Globe Reporters were at the Marathon, and Boston Globe’s Dave Abel also filmed and reported and has committed himself as a witness at the race. He states, “I saw some of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life… There were people, and blood, and shattered glass, and limbs. It’s something I’m never going to forget.”
    In addition, Northeastern University criminology professor and Boston Globe reporter James Alan Fox advised in the alleged “Danny” interview. Danny is supposed to be a Northeastern U. graduate student. Dr. K. I provide this information for your investigation.

  5. Dave Abel’s video witness. Add to my recent comment.

  6. Boston firefighters honored for Marathon bombing response


  7. Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

  8. Hey Idiot, you better check your facts before you slander someone on the internet! I have lived in Boston over 20 years and know Steve. He DEFINITELY was there, did make that video, and has been at the finish line every year for years. You should be more worried about someone suing your ass off! You obviously are jealous of his heroic actions that day, – he ran into a horrific scene where others ran away. I was there that day as well, and saw many horrors up close and personal. Again, try checking your facts. Quite frankly , you are an idiot! Steve is nothing but ethical, honest and a very good person, that happens to be one hell of a reporter!

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