Boston Bombing — 16 April 2013
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Mossad Boston Marathon Bomb Found

Filthy Mossad is at it again, ruthlessly murdering people, in this case, Americans, just like they did on 9-11. In addition to the three murders as many as 170 people were injured, many severely. With the unwinding into oblivion of the Sandy Hook hoax, desperation took hold. The Mossad had to act. Therefore, it blew up the Marathon.

Apparently, the first bomb has been found. This seemingly confirms reports that the bomb materials were placed in a pressure cooker. That would seem to go along with what one local observer discovered after the terror attack, which is what appears to be a circular device inside a bag:


The above photo was taken just prior to the detonation. The anomalous bag can’t be there simply by accident. Placed outside the fence, this was the ideal place for the deadly device, so it wouldn’t be interfered with. Those unassuming innocents: they had no idea what was about to happen to them. Furthermore, note the alcove in the back, right screen: it is empty.

It can be seen that there is a device anomalous planted on the outside edge of the fence. Then, this is the epicenter of the bombing, as can be seen by the brutally wounded of the immediate aftermath, along with those who have fallen back for protection in the alcove. The remaining smoke which emanates seems to arise from the precise site of the anomalous bag/device.


Note the blast path directly in front of the suspect device, greatest amount of blood.


Pressure cooker device found? Highly suspicious, indeed. It can be no coincidence that this suspicious bag is found outside the fence-line right at the site of the bomb-blast. Therefore, until prove otherwise this was likely the bomb.

According to a local eyewitness, who saw the bomb explode from a high rise in Boston:

My observation is that the explosion was in front of the “candy store” or “marathon palace” in a trashcan or something on the far side of the sidewalk near the fence that exploded. Big blast of fire, and smoke, but it all vanished so fast and not much left to see minus lots of shattered glass.

Pressure cooker bombs: an attempt to implicate Muslims


The six-litre pressure cookers contained nails, ball bearings, other shrapnel and gunpowder and were placed on the ground inside black duffel bags near the finish line.

Such devices have been used in attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal, and one was also deployed in the failed Times Square bombing in May 2010.

Note: the Times Square bombing was conducted by Zionist Jews, a rabbi being caught in the act. He was caught on CCTV changing his outfit after setting the bomb. Regardless, this is all a Zionist plot to implicate Islaam for not only the Boston Marathon bombing but also for all their various acts of terror.

January 10, 2013: Mossad moles arrested with bomb-making material, wicked intent

NYC Couple Arrested for Explosives

A man and his girlfriend, who gave birth under arrest, are facing weapons charges after police say they found a powerful substance used to make bombs and an arsenal of weapons in their New York City apartment.

Morgan Gliedman, 27, and Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested Saturday in their Manhattan apartment after officers with a search warrant found 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder used in bomb making. Police also seized a flare launcher, a sawed-off shotgun, nine rifle magazines and various how-to manuals on building bombs and booby traps.

“They had a terrorist encyclopedia, they had improvised and modified firearms, deadly homemade weapons, a do it yourself machine gun…” New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday.

Kelly was unsure how much damage 7 grams of HMTD would cause.

Potential targets or a motive for having these items has not been determined. Police say the couple has no known links to any terrorist organizations.

Greene’s lawyer, Lisa Pelosi, told ABC News her client has entered a plea of not guilty and is being held without bail. Greene, a Harvard graduate, is expected back in court Jan. 4.

“The whole situation’s sad,” Pelosi told the Associated Press on Monday.

Gliedman has not been arraigned because she is still in a hospital after giving birth to her daughter, Melanie, while in police custody, according to authorities.

Calls to Gliedman and Greene’s family were not returned and police are not granting interviews regarding the case.

Police went to the apartment in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on Saturday morning after they received a tip from a couple Gliedman and Greene invited to their home. Police said they had been investigating Gliedman for credit card fraud when the tip came in.

Police blocked off the street were the couple lived and the entire building had to be evacuated.
“This really goes to mindset and obviously a number of the people involved in extremist philosophies would have all of these weapons and explosives clearly to harm other people,” said former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett.

Gliedman and Greene are self-admitted heroin users, according to police.

Only the Mossad and its collaborators would do this. The only way to do it was after the primary race, when the bomb-sniffing dogs and the roof spotters where largely off-site. According to one Tweet by the Boston Police Department the bomb squads were in part performing a drill at virtually precisely the same time as the bombing. This would imply extensive coordination to be sure that the bombing was achieved without risk.

Gliedman and Greene are merely one of countless cells of Mossad agents operating in this country. It was such individuals who blew to smithereens the World Trade Center and also blew apart the Murray Building, Oklahoma City, OK.

HMTD, explained

Note: talking heads in the aftermath of the Boston bombing have mentioned that HMTD is the base explosive made by al-Qaeda. It is a kind of revelation that, in fact, the Mossad did use this explosive, and if this is found out, laying a trail against Islamic people. Therefore, for investigative purposes ONLY this recipe, found on the Internet, is provided, here:

HMTD (Hexamethylenetriperoxidediamine)
Materials Needed:
2 Containers (the smaller one should be glass)
Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (3% or stronger -6% to 15% are best)
Citric Acid
Hexamethylenetetramine (see chemical synthesis section)
-Place a beaker or glass jar containing 60 ml (2 fluid ounces) of
 6% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (twice as much if it is 3%) into a
 larger jar, containing crushed ice and a little water to cool the inner
-Add 2 teaspoons (4 g) of Hexamethylenetetramine (Hexamine), and
 stir until dissolved
-Add 3 teaspoons (6 g) of Citric Acid and stir until dissolved.
-Do not add any more ice to the outside container.  Allow the ice to melt.
-Let the mixture sit for 24 hours and a white precipitate will have
 formed on the bottom of the jar.  Pour this mixture through a filter
 paper and the white material will be left on the paper.  Pour water
 through the filter to wash this white material.  Throw away the liquid.
 Dry the white powder which is HMDT, Primary Explosive.
This material will explode from a sharp blow or if quickly heated
above 200xC (392xF).  If heated over 70xC (158xF) for periods of time
or if boiled in water it will harmlessly decompose.  It is very
flammable.  HMTD is somewhat corrosive and is toxic.  It is insoluble
in water or alcohol.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to make this explosive. It is highly volatile and may result in personal injury and injury to others. There is no reason for the lay person to produce it. This is provided, here, to demonstrate the ease of production and to confirm that the Mossad makes this readily in various secret locations.

People should scour the Internet for pictures of this site prior to this time, where, perhaps, the device is not there or possibly a video shot of a person placing it there.

It is hoped that law enforcement will find the residues of the high explosive used. Will it be HMTD, a favorite of the Mossad cells in this country?


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  1. Where are all the injured people right at the bomb site? I see a few fallen people, but most seem to have made it to the alcove.

    And in this video of the bomb site at the finish line, at 1:28 we see a huge pool of blood, but no fallen people anywhere near it. Seems strange. And now this picture of all the people in the alcove and only a few on the ground. It is reported that 174 were injured. Where are they?

    • I can clearly see people on the ground in the video. 174 people injured includes anybody with a scrape on them from any flying shrapnel. It doesn’t meant 174 injured so badly they can’t move. The people in the alcove likely sustained minor injuries (including smoke inhalation) that add to the tally of “injured”.

      • Correct; it’s a bomb-blast from the ground up in the midst of people. There will be many injuries and surely deaths.

  2. Where are the 174 injured people? Stopping by their lawyers office before proceeding to the hospital.

  3. Nodisinfo. Check out the hands of the Richard family in that family photo… And if possible, ask a trauma surgeon for a second opinion on those explosive amputations on the guy in the wheel chair…

  4. Greenberg aka Dallas Green (Gabrielle Giffords) Anna Marquez Greene, (Sandy Hook) now Greene again in The Boston Bombing? Look up Lisa Pelosi, not even a pic under an image search! This is bull shit, Lock up ROCKEFELLER and GREENBERG NOW!

    • Most of the posts about Sandy hook on this site are about the Greenbergs! You need to look at the rest of this site. Nodisinfo is exposing them like no other site on the web.

  5. And if anyone had any doubts, they ought to go “Poof!” after seeing this headline:
    Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

  6. israeli sayanims helping bombers and mossad trained provocateurs in America must be hunted down and stopped from aiding those who would seek to make, plant and detonate bombs in America. Why would israeli mossad agents be asked into America to help American police to locate and investigate mossad trained bombers? Hmmmm! Smell a rat?

  7. GodDamn fucking Jews. We need ovens to fry their fucking asses!

  8. Richard Neva is an idiot

  9. The mailbox is untouched.

    No matter if the bomb was in the bag or somewhere else, the amount of people dead next to that mailbox is not adding up to an explosion.

    • True, this pressure cooker bomb is a smokescreen. These posts will be adjusted, pressure cooker now proven non-existent. Mossad set-up.

  10. Look closely at the inconsistencies between the two pictures. The people standing on white BAR STOOLS are now in the alcove and yet every bar stool remains standing upright. Very polite people when exiting a crowded fenced patio.

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