Boston Bombing — 07 May 2013
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Updated, corrected, May 09-2013 with errors corrected about the source of the blood flow tubing, Post Office Box, corrected.

Second Boston Bombing Injuries Are Fake

It would seem that the prop artists did a reasonable job of gore fakery at the second bombing site in front of the Forum Restaurant. Other than a relatively in-depth write-up published on James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog, analysis of this second false flag site are relatively few. One possible reason for this is the lack of overhead camera shots or cell phone videos, which capture the activities at that site. Such photography was essential in the proving of the fraud at the first smoke bomb site.

At first glance the injuries appear realistic enough. It is hope that the human sensibilities will cause the people to stand down: to not analyze and investigate what appear to be horrendous injuries and agonizing trauma. “How dare anyone do this? Let the people be at peace. What kind of person are you to probe into their injuries and even publish their photos on the Internet. You are cruel, evil.” This is what the perpetrators hope. It’s not happening and, now, not even at the second bombing site, which is ripe for investigation.

Sensibilities aside, all that is claimed is open for investigation. A woman purportedly named Heather Abbott, supposedly lost a foot and more there. She didn’t lose any feet, legs, or anything else. Can she be seen anywhere on the scene? Or, is she only available in the photoshopped version?


This hardly needs mention. A Mossad operative, she has simply been cut-and-pasted into the frame; two different perspectives in the walls and depth; the wall socket reveals it is a fake. Rigid, dark cut line on the left arm. More on her later.

Like the first site, the injuries on first glance appear real, with all that appearance of ripped flesh, charring, street debris, and lacerations: plus red material, presumably blood. Yet, contrasting this is the fact that it is the same old story. People in regular clothes, non-professionals, attending the wounded, while EMTs, police, doctors, nurses, and firemen stand down. With what appears to be macerated limbs, no attempt to render the individuals supine, comfort them, and begin the triaging process. Instead, people in regular clothes are patently negligent, obstructing both the view and actions of real life-saving teams. Furthermore, as additional evidence of the scam, like the original smoke bomb site, unauthorized individuals are ushered away, some forcefully, in others acting as a kind of blockade.


In fact, on close examination it would appear that the level of fraud is high. Here is a glaring example, which represents the photoshopping of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev into the frame, clearly and glaringly: one problem, as pointed out in the Memory Blog post, there is an inanimate object in this frame which can’t be: the blue U.S. Post Office mail box: To reiterate there is a clear effort to frame these acts directly and solely on the Tsarnaev brothers, Dzhokhar specifically regarding the Forum Restaurant blast despite the fact that there is no actual evidence that he planted a bomb nor does in any way the exploded backpack shown by the FBI resemble his.

Boston Marathon bombings: Shocking picture of Irish racer
Courtesy, Memory Blog:

That had clearly been removed for the marathon. Thus, the premise must be if the accused bomber photo is faked, what isn’t?

This data taken from the Memory Hole Blog, the above inference regarding the mailbox now corrected with the following:

NOTE: The author (of the original post about this frame on the Memory Hole Blog) stands corrected with this portion of the post. Subsequent investigation has shown that this photo was not taken next to the second bomb site. Rather, it appears to have been taken further west of the site, outside 883 Boylston St.

From that premise of the false attribution of a crime to mere patsies let the analysis begin. Even so, the gore does shock the sensibilities. Yet, through the use of analysis, and common sense, it can be seen that these injuries could not be real, primarily since the attendees to the victims are exclusively untrained, non-emergency personnel.


What didn’t they want people to see? Is it the core or, rather, the application of fake gore?


Regardless, once again, the people with the visible evidence of wounds are not being taken care of by legitimate emergency personnel. Despite protests otherwise this means its a fake. Most people are sheepish about embroiling themselves in this risky work, and even for liability reasons will remain cautious. Thus, as would be expected from a fake instead of paramedics these people  are being administered by what appear to be Hollywood prop people. There is something dark and stringy visible going on with the seemingly traumatized flesh towards the bottom.


Here it is isolated. It’s that same droopy, stringy blood drizzle seen in the first dust bombing site.

Now enlarged:


This is for gore affect. There appears to be a very dark colored hand, here. The exact source of this blood flow is not clearly evident. In the first smoke bombing backpacks were often sources of the fake blood bladders. Initially, it was though, the tubing was at the base; that’s the edge of his shoe. Resolution studies might demonstrate the nature of this better. Needs further evaluation but that same gravity-fed drizzle is evident.

Regardless, nothing new, here. Prop and make-up men and women working vigorously and apparently exclusively on the individuals: no emergency care individuals. What appears to be macerated, abrased skin, plenty of char and filth. Yet, this is surely not definitive proof of real injuries. There is as well that same color of matter on the ground and skin as seen elsewhere: suspicion, therefore, would be high of fake blood.

The woman in blue and the policeman could be acting as an obstruction. Let’s zoom in more definitively and see what is found:

secondblastsiteclothes secondblasttube
The typical standard shears cutting of the clothes (it’s not confirmed fake blood in that red and white-appearing strip; it could be his underwear, no one, here, claimed otherwise; the cutting down of clothes was merely described!!), often down to the underwear line. However, more importantly, right screen, it is what appears to be blood-pumping Tygon tubing, the kind used for medical piping of blood. Let’s look at this zoomed in:


Arrows point to blood-drizzled show, which is pouring down via gravity. This coloration and distribution has the same appearance of the fake blood being pumped through bladders at the first site.

It truly does appear to be medical blood transport tubing, where the fake blood is being squirted through and it can be seen a combination of clear areas and areas where it is coursing, completely and incompletely. This appears to be the person’s shoe (correction, not tubing), with plenty of the same colored fake blood as seen at the other sites oozing down. It would also appear that there is a hand in the frame, fake blood stained, where the fingers are acting to control the flow in the tubing.  Fake blood means that the injuries were fake, not just this one but all others. It means all those who claim to be severely injured, including the amputees, are fraudsters.

Now for the ultimate proof against these arch-criminals. Here is a fraudster placing the fake injury right in the view of the camera-person:


Plenty of time for the EMTs and firemen to arrive, and they are still not there, still not triaging the patients.

Once this fakery was created, there was need to make it appear as if it was bomb related. To do so the perpetrators dumped dust on the fake victims:

There’s even a guy holding up the instruction cards; seems to have  a smirk on his face; he is not a normal element of a mass trauma scene:
Smacks the dust packs together to get it nice and loose, then, bam:

People were instructed to turn away from the dolomite dust or get down, which they did. Can anyone imagine dropping earth dust on real wounds, macerations, amputations, and abrasions?

It is fake gore, in this case, fake injury of the fingers and to of the wrist, purportedly showing possible dismemberment. Plus, the fake wearing of the gore is showing it off for camera.

Look at this closely:


He is showing it off to the camera, as if he has lost his fingers. Yet, when fingers are amputated there is always the profuse flow of blood. Yet, not a drop of blood seen here, but there was a reason for that. This is even more bizarre. Now, clearly there is no arm in the frame. Yet, what does he have in his hand? He has another hand. Why is he holding what appears to be a dismembered hand in his hand? Or, is that hand attached to someone that cannot be seen?

If it was coated with blood, the gore wouldn’t have been visible:


That would have the appearance of fingers on the top side of his hand and also arising down below.

Now turned right side up. Here, it can be seen that there appears to be a wrist wrapping around the palm of his hand. At this time and this resolution much of it is difficult to explain. More on this as research permits.


The appearance is also that of an amputated thumb but without the blood. Moreover, it is not just the fake add-on fingers but also the nodules, which are possibly  fabricated and likely glued on. Furthermore, the hand he is holding has wet-appearing bloody color to it, but the top of his hand, with the presumed laceration, has not a drop.

They couldn’t even match the color of the fake dismembered fingers correctly. Regardless, mere paper cut bleeds immediately. How about a razor-sharp cut such as the one seen above? There is no blood on the top of the hand. It’s fake, and they are not only all actors but also prop artists.

Now for the really graphic images or, shall it be said, graphically enhanced:


Grainy, it may appear to some like a blast wound, especially seeing what appears to be bits of bloody tissue. Even so, there is no evidence of actual tissue such as bits of limbs. Just blood-like spatter. Yet, a close-up inspect calls into question that initial impression:


Clearly and categorically, this is a mere prop made to appear macabre. Note how the clothes have been shredded. It appears that there are two real legs, though, behind this. Or, an amputee actor is being used. Islaamic people are framed for this, one of them murdered. It’s all a set-up. See the shred line clearly, especially on the left pant leg. Now, look at the fake stump and macabre gore. See what is happening. There is a swirl pattern noticeable. That’s the fake blood swirling through the internally placed Tygon tubing. Moreover, what is the prop man so firmly placing with his right hand? Is that not the bladder, which is pumping to force the red dye-tainted corn syrup through?


The towel appears to cover up the remnants of the real leg. It’s doubtful that this person is an amputee. PVC cord can be clearly seen, twisting around, exiting from underneath the pant leg. That swirl pattern is not a natural phenonmenon in a blast injury.

Then, there is this. Make sense. Glass windows all around. Restaurant filled with glasses. There should be some lacerations, even though the glass is tempered to prevent dangerous shards. Still, lacerations would be expected.

It’s not lacerations. Rather, it’s fake gore. If one’s a fake, they’re all fakes.


How is this explained? This is most likely a silicon sleeve with PVC tubing running underneath it. Then, the prop men cut through the silicon to slice the inserted tubing, after which the fake blood seeps out, creating one of the more realistic fake wounds of this false flag event. This one had the people here confused, thinking that there may well have been a few modest injuries (though no amputations) because of the surrounds (broken glass effect from glasses on the patio, etc.). This person could well be a double amputee actor; what appears to be two dismembered lower extremities. Yet, once again, as can only occur in the fakery of Hollywood this happens without arterial spurting.

What about the other dismembered leg, the one lying flat on the ground? It appears to be a Hollywood prop:


Nothing in nature can explain this. It’s strictly Hollywood. Fake blood appears to be filling he rest of the fake flesh color through some sort of internal mechanism.

This seems realistic enough. Or, is it? How about that for aseptic technique, some unknown man digging in the woman’s leg. Nobody is going to be digging with their bare hands into a deep wound on the sidewalk. Medical liability? Or, is it really a wound. Perhaps there is no risk after all:


Perhaps it is silicon. Not the sharp 90-degree angle ‘cut’: shrapnel? Made to look like blunt trauma (contusions) from a BB and nail bomb; a fairly good replica of the real thing, other than the 90-degree angle fake cut.

Here they are again, all operatives, performing their miserable deeds. Liars and cheats, all of them. Nobody seems to care about any crime scene, because there isn’t one. Nor does anyone care about the exploded backpack, since all it carried was a harmless smoke bomb. Where are the dozens of people who were injured? Where is Haslet-Davis and Abbott? They are nowhere to be found. Yet, what can be found in every frame is fraud. What is the man in the white sweatshirt and black cap doing presiding over the ‘mortally wounded?’


As expected, he is delivering the fake blood over the fake victim, standard-issue orange bladder in his back pocket. Just one more fraudster in a pack of thieving liars, who broadcast nothing but fraud to the whole world.

This assessment of the picture is an error: photo removed. The error was corrected by a poster, as follows:

It was thought, here, erroneously, that possibly the woman bending over had a kind of tubing curled around. That turned out to be an anomaly from a combination of a branch plus the red design on her sweater. Thanks to a poster for pointing this out.

It is exactly as it is seen: Tygon blood line tubing distributing fake blood to the fraudulently injured. BRANCH, trolls: no one said anything about the branch. It is already known that it is a branch. What was described was the circular tubing and then the remaining tubing that goes under the arm. That’s no branch. Know a branch that loops like that and is red in color?

Regarding the restaurant, the patrons were removed: no real witnesses there. However, the workers are bearing witness, saying the opposite of the findings of this post. That will be dealt with shortly. Suffice it to say that one of the ‘bartenders’ reportedly came from ‘overseas’ just to work in the facility that day. She was the one who gave false witness on behalf of another suspicious character, Heather Abbott, seemingly shedding tears before a national audience.

Now, it is clear that this is a vast scam. No further proof is needed. It is time to take action against these fraudsters. They must be exposed. This surely isn’t difficult to do. There faces are seen. In some cases their names are known, in others mere aliases. Yet who is behind this? Who orchestrated it? That is worthy of the next level of investigation.

Then, there’s this. Anyone doubt remaining, now?


A screenshot from a larger picture,

See also:


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  1. Without full transparent disclosure from our MSM and government, we have a duty to question. They want us to get discouraged and give up. If they won’t answer we must find answers elsewhere. Each and every person that appears on either scene needs to be identified. Hard laborious work.
    The main thing I have learned through police work/litigation. Everybody wants the big dramatic “smoking gun”. Typically the real “block buster” evidence starts with something small, overlooked, insignificant, obscure which you build on. You need something your opponent has overlooked.
    I call it “turning over rocks”. Hard, time consuming, tedious work. 99.9% of the time all you find is the other side of the same rock. But, you can’t stop until every single rock has been examined. Occasionally something inconsistent catches your eye and it is usually helpful even if you don’t immediately recognize the significance. You check; time sheets, agendas, tax information, calenders, public records, public disclosures, lists of associates, FOIA requests, financing records, property records, business filings, talk to ex-spouses, disgruntled employees, make time-lines, draw diagrams, use your imagination, be creative, try to think like your opponent (what would I do if I were them?), etc. Do the “grunt work” and you usually find something that will help you to prevail. They got Capone on tax evasion remember.

    • No disinfo = nothing but disinfo.


      Bought and paid for disinformation right here.

  2. Jesus, you really are uneducated and this research is pathetic to Say the least,

    ‘As expected, he is delivering the fake blood over the fake victim, standard-issue orange bladder in his back pocket. Just one more fraudster in a pack of thieving liars, who broadcast nothing but fraud to the whole world.’

    First of all this is a WOMEN NOT A MAN and the marks you are pointing to are PATTERNS on the back of her sweat shirt. Check later photos and you will see this VERY clearly HERE:

    You point to the runner carrying blood too when you can clearly see this is just a pattern on his running vest! Its the side panel!


    Worst article i’ve seen so far!!

    • Well, I just looked very closely at the link and enlarged the picture. I don’t now what you’re talking about… there are no “patterns on the back of the sweatshirt”. I see a tube or a strap. There are no graphics on that sweatshirt. Wrong.

      • NO ceruleanlake You’re wrong take a look at the picture – 35 pictures down and you can clearly see the same girl with the white top and cap on the left hand side of the pics. An idiot could even recognise that those were stripes on her jumper. Go on take a look and then tell me they are not???!! Please???

        • Wow nj
          Put a band aid on that open nerve. This post must have hit a hot spot. The more SHRILL you get…the more SHILL you appear. I like you. We should get together for a spot of tea. Thank you for helping us.

          • SO LEO you cannot see the girl with the patterned top a few pics down then???

            answer me for once? Go on admit i’m correct on this one, can’t can you fella? :)

            Yes this article and every one has hit a huge nerve and guess why? Because real people died and you are speculating on utter nonsense on this site.

            I don’t live in the states but spreading this bull shit will do more harm than good. Take a look at the young supporters of Troy Crossley, one direction fans now being brain washed by this exact same nonsense. Good luck when they grow up radicalised and looking to lash out in your home town.

          • Leo if you still don’t get it, provide me with your email and i’ll draw a diagram for you, like i had to do with drkresearch.

        • I do see that picture now. I was looking at the one that was the same as the one in the article. I see the red/black pattern on the side. I was talking about the the diagonal line that goes over her back. This could be a tree branch. It’s not clear.

          • Using this post to answer the question: Th branch is the branch. Not talking about that. Here’s the edit:

            It is exactly as it is seen: Tygon blood line tubing distributing fake blood to the fraudulently injured. BRANCH, trolls: no one said anything about the branch. It is already known that it is a branch. What was described was the circular tubing and then the remaining tubing that goes under the arm. That’s no branch. Know a branch that loops like that and is red in color?

        • Hi nj
          sorry took a while. I concur that the white jacket of the lady bending down has a black and red stripe. I don’t see anything significant about her. If there are blood tubes I don’t see them on her. I have been concentrating on on site #1. I really haven’t paid much attention to site #2. Legally, if any part of this incident is a fraud then it is all a fraud. I feel that I have very objectively reviewed the evidence available to me. Based upon that review, I feel a fraud of monumental proportions has been committed against the world.
          Again, I must emphatically state, I DO NOT WANT TO BELIEVE THAT OUR GOVERNMENT AND THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA ARE COMPLICIT IN A CRIME OF THIS MAGNITUDE. That would signify the end of the world as we know it. However hiding from the truth dosen’t change the truth.

          • nj
            I would ask you, honestly, based upon the “totality of the circumstances” do you fully accept the government and MSM version(s) of what occurred in Boston? Yes or No.

  3. In beginning to investigate their backgrounds, scroll down to the last post on the following page. It is a short bio of Adrianne Haslet from a few years ago. There is no mention at all of being a dancer. She was, however, in the fashion industry… hence, linked to entertainment, as many of the Sandy Hook “parents”.

    • Hi bluelake
      I have prosecuted bad guys. Typically if you get the “goods’ on one…That one will quickly rat out the rest to save their own skin. All we need to find is one weak link. Bump seems the obvious best first choice. We are gaining traction but we are not “ready for prime time” yet. They are viewing all our posts. Once they can no longer dismiss us as kooks …it will get ugly. Good thing to note: AN ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT TO A CRIME IS EQUALLY LIABLE FOR THE ENTIRE CRIME EVEN IF ALL THEY DO IS HELP IN THE COVER-UP. THIS APPLIES TO THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. There are many many good people in the media and our government, hopefully they will do the right thing.

  4. Not even worthy a response!

  5. VW–Ok so the dark line across his leg is a burn, or clothing fused to his leg, the odd line toward his torso, I believe are called boxer shorts, underwear. As for the amputated fingers, that is the thumb from his other hand which is what he is holding in his hand! I am really getting frustrated with these postings, if the truth is what you seek, let’s find it, but a fake gore mask, come on! I can’t say there has been much posted in the past several days that inspires me to continue following these posts. Zooming in on an image and loosing image quality is difficult to see the proof you speak of! And as for the guy digging into the leg, might be affixing a tourniquet based on the tubing in the bag of the other person, or is that another fake blood tube? Oh wait it is clear and in focus, can’t be a blood tube!

    Appears to be two Richards posting now, I will start my postings with VW

  6. Has anyone here done any research into the Facebook pages of some of these “victims?” I have and it is disturbing. “Jeff Bauman’s” page added 30 friends within five days… yet no one has posted one word on the page, not even a comment under an existing photo from December (that photo has 11 comments). I mean, nothing? From anybody??? Someone clearly accessed the account to add 30 friends… not one of them had anything to say? “Jeff’s dad” (also Jeff Bauman) made a post on his FB page on the DAY OF THE EVENT linking that “photo op” wheelchair picture and saying “this is the photo I saw on the news.” WHAT FATHER DOES THAT??? On the day of??? Sitting at home on FB instead of at the hospital sick with worry… posting that awful (yet, perfect) photo of his OWN SON… so much wrong here. And “Jeff’s girlfriend’s” page (Erin Hurley) talks about protecting the family’s privacy, and of course links to all the fundraisers… 2-3 days after the event. “Jeff’s brother’s” page (Chris Bauman) was almost believable until he misspelled “Jeff’s” name (Jefferey?). And on aaaaallll these FB pages (I looked at maybe 20 of them, and took screenshots), tons of “prayers” and “you’re in our thoughts” and “my heart goes out” blah blah blah. Where is the horror, the outrage, the questions, even something like “are you alright???” This is just disgusting. I’m thinking this might be a good topic for an article… if nothing else, to me all this fake FB posting proves a hoax beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    • addendum: “Jeff Bauman’s” Facebook page: Just look under his “friends” to find the others. When I took the screenshots on April 30th, “Jeff” had 266 friends (now 292).

    • Great thoughts, but don’t forget to document everything, downloads, screen captures etc. These things are legal evidence and are being altered and destroid. Those people helping to cover up this fraud are all committing felonies.

  7. I would like to point out the mailbox image is clearly not in front of the forum there is a street light to the right of the gray box and a street sign to the left neither are in this image! If there is a larger image please post it, however both should be visible from this perspective, look at the other pictures From in front of the forum. This image is showing up on other sites again as proof, but it proves nothing. more irresponsible posts! Come on people cross check there is a lot of information, take the time and review other images,videos.

  8. I just found this on the UK Daily Mail: BOY are they getting lazy. And/or people are getting so much easier to deceive. They don’t even have to try that hard anymore. Pathetic. Reminds me about that fake footage from the first Gulf War. I wonder how many people actually know about that, or recognize the significance of it.

    I took multiple screenshots of the Facebook pages on April 30th and labeled them all by the people’s names and the date. And I’m looking at those FB pages each day to see what is new. Nothing that would indicate any normal behavior. I keep hoping, I don’t know why… as sad as the bombing story is, I keep hoping it will turn out to be real. It isn’t, I’m convinced.

    Glad I found this site. (I apologize that my comments here are not relevant to this particular article. I didn’t know where else to post)

    • By the way, Leo, you mentioned in another comment that this has affected you more deeply than the recent death of your mother. I’m sorry for your loss… and your comment stuck with me, I know what you mean. This business has changed my reality significantly and made me suffer… even though I already knew about this type of deceit (9/11 and similar). For some reason, this one hits home much more strongly. This one, and Sandy Hook. I’m certain we can expect many, many more of them, sadly. These charades are getting easier to pull off due to better technology all around, and a more dumbed-down and conditioned audience. Honestly, I fear for our species right now.

      • Hi chimpazilla
        Thank you for your kind thoughts. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier or I would have replied right away. A few of us are now awake. Hopefully more will follow. I think most of us are here for the right reasons. Tough times ahead. Boston was a “game changer”. I personally think we have a chance to get the truth out. I met with a 90 year old client yesterday and she said “I don’t trust our government anymore” so there is hope. Regardless of what happens with this Boston situation the real issue is the inevitable collapse of our economic system and the martial law our government will declare to try to stay in power. Boston was just a distraction and a chance to engage in martial law training. This is all absolutely true although I wish it was not. At least some of us see the storm clouds forming. Stay Safe, Stay Brave. Thank you.

  9. Drkresearch i have sent you a diagram, please publish this.

  10. @Leo – Honestly i dont know whats going on here but all i can do is look for the truth and if that means reading these articles along the way and discovering flaws then so be it.

    There are things that don’t match up but looking at the bigger picture this seems to be mis information provided by major news corporations – releasing information before it is confirmed. This creates uncertainty.

    I haven’t seen anything yet that could convince me this is not real and i could take as evidence.

    What evidence can you provide me that this is fake? Everything i have seen breaks under real and proper analysis. A lot of the articles on here are flawed due to bad research but i am very much willing to your listen to alternatives?

    • You are cerulake are correct about the woman in the sweatshirt. However, as it is has been seen abundantly many unauthoraized people have been turned away. That part of the post will now be corrected. Thanks. We know about the orange pack.

    • Your photo has been posted and thanks for the correction, along with others.

    • Hi nj
      We have sparred a bit. It has been fun. I will try to honestly summarize how I came to my position.
      I have a pretty extensive educational and employment pedigree that I could use to try to force people to think I’m more sophisticated and knowledgeable than they are: so they “better believe me”. Bollocks to that. I have experienced, learned and seen some things that a lot of people haven’t. Regardless, my opinion is no more important than yours.
      Since the 2008 financial melt down it was obvious something was seriously wrong in this country. Since so many people I know personally were “wiped out” I began to investigate what was really going on. I spent most all of my free time studying the financial crisis. I suggest you read everything by Matt Tabbi (Rolling Stone). Study what Peter Schiff has said (he is the most reliable economist in my opinion). You will begin to see what is going on.
      I have never been a “truther” or “conspiracy theorist” I felt those types were kooky at best, dangerous at worst. I never had any reason to believe that 9/11, Aurora CO, Sandy Hook were anything other than what the MSM said they were. However it was becoming painfully obvious that our government and MSM were covering up the truth about our economy. If they can lie about that then……
      “BOOM” Boston bomb. Shocking, compelling, horrifying, I was transfixed. I had to understand it. I wanted to help somehow.
      I began to look beyond what the MSM was showing because they weren’t giving me enough information. I accepted what they said at face value, but the more I considered it, the more everything didn’t make total sense. There were too many contradictions, too many oddities based upon my real world experiences. So I looked more…and more…. I came to a conclusion I despise, do not like, do not want, but I am not built for living in denial…so…here we are.
      I admit that I have suggested you may be a shill. If you are not, then I owe you a sincere apology. If you are, you are committing a felony by participating in the cover up of a federal crime and I hope you eventually get prosecuted when the “house of cards falls”…. Either way, good luck. I really like Great Britain.

    • On seeing a rundown of the first explosion site at the finish line, and an extensive analysis, I understood that at least had all the features of a drill. I spent my early childhood on a ranch and I know what it is to see living things killed and to see the amount of blood that comes out of them. Nor is it fire engine red. Plus, severed limbs do not vaporize. We were told it wasn’t much of a blast in the first place.

      Then I wondered about the 250 injured, 2 killed and 11-13 needing amputations at the second explosion site, Forum. Boy, that must have been quite a scene of carnage. Yet not only is there pre- and post- explosion at Forum restaurant a perfect line-up of tree, mailbox and lamppost (with globes intact), but also the outdoor seating area is barely
      affected and there is such a small stretch of sidewalk there is no way that so many people would have fit into it (or more to the point would have wanted to be standing in it an hour after the winners had passed through). So when I saw these pictures – not enough carnage. Just not convincing. Compare it with any comparable scene in the mideast and you’ll come up short in every way. Do doctors in Boston amputate first and ask questions later? That’s taking the local taste for historical reenactment a little too far.

      I never decide whether something did or did not happen based on my political leanings or the excess of news coverage during several days over my impressions from what evidence I am able to see. Frankly, I am shocked at the flimsy case made for any of the injuries beyond the most superficial. If you look at pictures, as I have recently done, of an alleged IRA bombing in Omagh, Northern Ireland, in 1998, in which the death toll was reported at about 28 people, you will see huge destruction to buildings – yes, it was a car bomb, not something carried in two backpacks.

      Okay, but where is the damage to objects in the area? None to speak of. There were two wooden benches intact at one of the sites. Overnight, they were broken into pieces and strewn around. That says they realized the view wasn’t going to be convincing enough.

      But let’s break it down to something really small. Just a hair out of place. Imagine you are a terrorist hell bent on killing as many as possible. Why do you use two wimpy bombs instead of one big one? And why do you show up when the crowd is ready to go home and the big impact of something during the ceremony is lost?

      • Hi Diane
        Excellent thoughts. Thank you for caring enough to look objectively. Will the rest of the world do the same? Who knows? But at least they didn’t fool all of us, did they?

  11. @drkresearch – cheers for taking this onboard

  12. They have committed their ATROCITIES and EVIL ACTS. They took the like of one HUMAN BEING and banished the other from society. It is astounding how their conscious remains free or does it? Remember what comes around goes around and KARMA states that both our evil and our good acts return to us – impartial fate guides us in ways that reward or punish us according to our deeds – money can’t save fate!

    • Hi linda
      Isn’t it sad. It’s all about money and power. The small number of world financial families already own more than half the worlds wealth (you won’t read that in Forbes). But that is still not enough for them. We are just sheep to them; a natural resource to exploit; a crop to harvest. Study it it is true. Good luck, Bless you.

      • Did you check out what The Boston Globe tweeted on that day – looked for the tweet could not find it. Go to YouTube and upload (BOSTON BOMBING – Did you notice this?) Can anyone explain that? Humanity is at most kind and civilized but evil and cruelty does exist for power and greed forsaking another’s reputation or mortality for their own sake.

        • It’s preserved in one of the posts, here. I’ll find it and post it shortly.

          • Like I have preached over and over, they will destroy evidence, they will fabricate false evidence, they will create misleading evidence. We must document, copy and preserve as much original untainted evidence as possible. We never know what may be important “down the road” Often you can win a case by being able to PROVE your opponent changed their story.

  13. @LEO so are the Boston Globe the opponent?

    When you say ‘Often you can win a case by being able to PROVE your opponent changed their story.’

  14. The guy with the big black sunglasses with the big triagular face staring into the camera just to the right of the mask head guy is really creepy.

    • Really Mossad, Zionist? What in this post stands as undeniable proof? I think the fact that this was originally detailing proof of a fake gore mask having been found, is proof enough of the ridiculous nature of this post. I mean they were right in front of a restaurant, maybe they used kayro syrup and red food coloring, I mean that’s why I use at Halloween! I love that this story has been edited, but do not appreciate the removal of comments posted in opposition to the original post.mi believe that is censorship, and proof that this site is clearly only interested in spreading its anti Semitic message of hoaxes, fraud, if you want the truth then let it all stay, stop phrasing things as fact or proof when they are neither. I think the piece about the woman being an amputee actress is spot on, great piece, really creates a huge shadow of doubt, keep looking for other such information, unfortunately it is still only ammunition no smoking gun. I think constantly citing zionist rhetoric, only tarnishes any possibility for any real information being taken as proof. I realize you have very strong feelings regarding this, but feelings and emotion have no bearing on the truth. Well they do significantly detract from it.

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