Boston Bombing — 22 May 2013
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Updated, 5-22-13 with Royan Rosche fake IV video and additional commentary

Chicago Tribune’s High-Res Photos Prove the Boston Bombing Fraud

Note: this is part one in a series; there are a number of pictures to analyze; this article was published nearly a week before the recent article by the Tribune on

Regarding the Boston bombing hoax is fraud being committed by the Chicago Tribune? Is the newspaper purposely publishing misleading photos. Is it, thus, doing so maliciously, that is despite knowing otherwise? In performing research on the net for clear images the following link was discovered:  The pictures are crystal-clear, the ones surely for public consumption and are, therefore, invaluable in proving the fraud. Every one of these pictures represents a staged injury, in other words, a fake or staged, that is fabricated, grief.

It independent researchers can make such a determination, what about the Tribune? Nearly bankrupt, how can it afford such a blunder? The suspicion would be that the newspaper did this maliciously to create the image or impression in the public of a real massacre. Surely, any photographers on-site, whether from the Tribune itself or indirectly through its embedded assets, would know that this is a ruse: that the photos represent fakes rather than actual bomb-blast injuries.

The link was found on the Twitter feed for a Tribune reporter, Lisa Black. Here are screenshots of the relevant parts of the tweets:






This reporter is at the minimum maintaining the standard story without retraction which has been proven hopelessly false. Yet, let this be analyzed closely. In her caption the reporter claims to be an agent for the seeking of a kind of justice, which she deems social justice? What does she mean by this? In investigating this further the following was discovered:


Like how the Tribune has relentlessly blamed terrorist acts on Muslims committed by others, including Zionist Jews? Or, does she mean “invent bad guys” to disguise the plots and schemes of the newspaper’s owners? Are also the “bad guys” all those who investigate this scam and then reveal the truth? Even so, it cannot be said that this reporter is entirely responsible for such pictures, just that she is involved with the official story and the pictures are freely posted on her Twitter feed.

Regardless, the issue at hand is how can a multi-million dollar operation, like the Chicago Tribune, with its legions of reporters commit such gross fraud, unless it is done purposely.

That fraud will be proven in this post: let anyone dispute it. The question is, though, is this a mistake by the Tribune or is it a purposely attempt to frame innocent people? If so, are such newspapers culpable for the consequences: false blame leading to arrest, persecution, false imprisonment, and even murder? After all, it is such pictures, as published in the Tribune, that led to the torment and arrest of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his subsequent murder.

The fraud will be proven by the Tribune’s own pictures.

Here is the biggest hocus-pocus of all, the smoke bomb. The Tribune would have the world believe that there were real injuries. How can there be any injuries when it wasn’t a real bomb and, more importantly, when there was nobody there? Moreover, what does it say about such a newspapers and its reporters when, categorically, those injuries are proven fraudulent? Is then not the paper itself committing such fraud, especially when refusing to correct such ‘blunders’ and issue retractions?

Police and runners react to an explosion during the Boston Marathon finish area.
Known–that is categorically proven–operatives, such as the brown sweatshirt woman, are found flanking both sides of the smoke bomb site. No one was injured by that smoke bomb. The Tribune is spreading lies. will make an offer to the Tribune and similar papers. Let a single one of these often sensationalist news-journals provide even an iota of proof of a real injury in this smoke bomb site–a real amputation, laceration, sprain, blunt trauma, organ damage, or death–and this article will be retracted.

Now for the proof of the scam, right from the Tribunes own published photos, even though these images were created strictly for public consumption:

Victims of the bomb blast during the Boston Marathon are assisted in Boston, Massachusetts.
Notice anything about these two individuals? Crisis actors or individuals made fat in the wallet on the taxpayer largess? They are surely filled with glee about something. Are they thrilled with expected success of their fraud? This is what the Tribune publishes? Note the signature DHS badge, red, a higher level operative. Note also the pre-arranged taxpayer-supplied white Adidas over-jacket. All these props were necessary because they were required for access and to prevent any real, uncompromised people from stumbling on the scene. This scam artist is feeding off the public treasury like a leach, just like his wheelchair pushing collaborator.

What about the man in the wheelchair? He, too, is involved in this scam. A likely crisis amputee, apparently, he really is missing his left leg, but not as a consequence of the Boston hoax event. Closer inspection proves the nature of this ‘injury’:


How many dozens of ways can it be said, “Hoax.” Dragging garbage/clothes along on the ground, dragging a “sterile” bandage, all so it could get caught up i the wheels and flip the dying man over? The lower leg is a pure phony, absolute Hollywood gore. It’s not even attached to anything. The yellow lines demarcate where this leg should go, bone-wise. The man is an amputee actor; there’s no leg on that left side. Regardless, what EMT would transport a person with a leg hanging off by a bit of sinew in a wheelchair? They would carry such a one recumbent before doing that.


Caption: plentiful smiles and even smirks but no injuries and fatalities; no IV fluids for the man with the dismembered leg

IV hoaxes? Note the DHS tags, which were required to be involved in the staging of this hoax.
Yet, the fraudsters were everywhere. Here is another one, up close, so her fake grief and other fabrications can be clearly revealed:

A woman is loaded into an ambulance after being injured after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

What does she need an IV for? She wasn’t at the smoke bombing site. Regardless, since there wasn’t a real bomb how could she get injured? Did she fall, or is it all fake? Someone painted her hands with fake blood. Is more proof needed? For those who are still unsure, which is understandable, here it is:


She’s hiding the IV tubing under her arm. Why should she be pricked with a needle when there wasn’t a need for one? There could be medical-legal consequences for such an action, especially if an error was made. See any wounds anywhere? Of course not, it’s all fake. Regardless, she was told by her handlers to raise up her arm sufficiently that no one could see the dorsum to demonstrate that the IV was not connected. That tubing is not connected and is instead merely lying on the sheet then, ultimately, under her left wrist. Note also the paint-job with tempera on her fingernails. Regardless, DHS moles placing IV needles? How would they find the difficult-to-place dorsal veins? Not possible. Then, too, the consequences if they injured a person, damaged a nerve, or caused an infection. It would be childish, sophomoric, if it weren’t so diabolical.

Yet, this woman isn’t the only IV faker in the scam:

She’s a hoaxer, just like the other woman.

Fake gurneys photo-op at large

chicagotribune-1  chicagotribune-3

Now, here is one of the greatest fakes of all, the woman in red and black who ran cover for dressing Jeff Bauman’s fake gore. Yet, according to the newspaper, quoting the Boston Globe, this woman is a real victim who was hurt by an actual explosion and who is being tended to by “Emergency personnel…” This is a categorical lie. Let’s see if anything further can be demonstrated by viewing this more closely:


A purse left to create a strangulated arm during a gurney run, a wrist dangerously strapped under metal, the other hand simply free, a scissors cut on the right calf area for the photo-op but no visible wound and fake blood randomly slopped chaotically: how many ways can it be said, “HOAX?”


What in God’s name is on her right chest? Is that a receptacle for receiving the PVC tubing, so her chest area could be filled with fake blood? This is a grand hoax of unprecedented proportions, let there be no doubt about it. She’s faking this injury, which is at least proven by the fact that she is receiving no care. She has a right-sided chest wound with a massive amount of blood and gets no IV fluids, while the woman with the painted fingernails is the ‘recipient?” Regardless, she was really loaded on that side with the paint: perhaps the mechanism is now found. There is a strap and there is a disc with a dark center, not seen on her other side.

Now for another extreme hoax, a little known picture of a blonde actress faking an injury (but doing a particularly poor job):

An injured woman is attended to at the scene of an explosion at the Boston Marathon.

A bit of tempera pain or red dye corn syrup on both sets of fingers but that’s it. The Tribune (and Boston Globe) is hereby informed that this picture is a phony. What is she purportedly holding? Pressure against a femoral artery? Must the trauma victim now be reduced to this, that such a one alone has the presence of mind to apply pressure on a potentially fatal wound? If she really has an injury, why is only her hand red? What about the pressure bandage? Not a drop of blood anywhere? The Tribune must surely purge this hoax photo from its files immediately.


Clearly, this Tribune/Boston Globe photo is a hoax beyond comprehension. Not sure what the pom-pomp was for, unless she, too, was a signaling mole.

A man comforts a victim on the sidewalk at the scene of the first explosion near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon.
This fake scene hardly needs any mention. What is that fake blood doing being drizzled haphazardly? At least they could have dripped it over the woman on the ground.

Then, too, Ms. Black is tweeting about a claim that there were runners down. If she is basing it on this photo, then, the information is corrupt. There was only one runner that went down, and his story and claims are also suspect. This photo is merely a photo-op for effect. No one witnessed any other Marathon runners going down.

Injured people are attended to at the scene of an explosion at the Boston Marathon.

Therefore, all that the Chicago Tribune (and by proxy the Boston Globe) has published about the Boston Marathon bombing hoax–all that has been analyzed, here–is fraudulent. Therefore, these newspapers must issue a retraction because of such a grand fraud and at a minimum remove such pictures from circulation–or at least print a retraction beneath each of them saying they “do not represent real injuries but are merely photos of a staged event.”


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  1. i think that iv is going in to the top of her forearm.

    • EMS never place an IV drip into the TOP or dorsal of the forearm. They do not even do that in well-staffed hospitals under controlled situations. I’ve had many IV drips…its always placed in the under arm veins or what’s called the ventral.

    • I will check it: but why, you need an EMT to do that; and she is not injured. There are 3 examples thus far of faking IV entries. Will add publish those as soon as possible.

    • http://nodisinfo.comfraud-committed/

      see the Royan Rosche revelation. No IVs of any kind were placed that day. Fake.

  2. this is how a primary IV drip is initiated, you find a large ventral vein as quickly as possible, not one on the upper arm:

    • Yes, and the dorsum of the hand is often the last resort and requires gifted technique; I have always avoided it unless there are no other options; regardless, fake injury means faking the IVs.

    • Everyone, YouTuber Scott Walker has been arrested by Newtown thugs:
      Time to take action against these criminals.

      • I wonder if obama put any pressure on his hometown chicago to pressure the chicago tribune to post these images and stories of the faked bombing. (Please note that chicago is not obama’s hometown, because his hometown is actually in kenya.)

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