Sandy Hook — 11 April 2013
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Nelba Marquez-Greene and the Purple Cupcake: a Veiled Threat?

Why would Sandy Hook’s fake parents be contacting this Website? The Website is an investigation platform for proving the various elements of the Sandy Hook scam. It has already been demonstrated that none of these so-called parents had lost a child that day to a bloody massacre. No one was there gunning children down. Adam Lanza is a patsy whose photos have virtually all been subject to alteration from Photoshop manipulation.

Countless millions people now know that the massacre was faked. The parents also know this. So, what would they gain from contacting this site? Is this an attempt to maintain the cover for the fraud? Is it an attempt at intimidation? Does these contacts represent veiled threats? It is surely worth considering; there would surely have to be a desperate reason of some kind, since their role in the scam has been clearly and categorically demonstrated, here.

The parents are fraudsters. They are lying. They are acting maliciously. They are committing great corruption in the land. Yet, despite this a number of Sandy Hook collaborators have made direct or indirect contact with

One of the most persistent of these is Nelba Marquez-Greene. It is Marquez-Greene who specifically claims to have lost a daughter, Ana Marquez-Greene, to gun violence. Yet, is there any basis for such a claim? This Website has demonstrated irrefutable evidence that not only were there no such killings at Sandy Hook but, rather, any attempt to proclaim this is a fraud. She lies about losing a daughter, then contacts precisely the Website which proves such a lie. Thus, to understand the psyche of such an individual it is crucial publish, here, her communications in full.

Why analyze her emails sent to this site? This is yet a further aspect of this investigation into the fraudsters of Sandy Hook, the most preeminent of which are the so-called parents themselves. It is these parents who are the essential elements of the scam. Without them, there is no gun control hoax. They are driving it more so than any other force. They are the fake agents of grief and crying before the world and also, crucially, the legislature, including the Congress and Senate.

A mere residue of these arch-antagonist seemingly remains. Many of the parents and their cohorts have seemingly gone into hiding, the expected consequence for such terminal moles. The remainder, though, are clearly demonstrating their venom. Fierce Zionists, who relish the thought of succeeding in the plot to undermine the people’s native rights, they are working full bore to serve their masters in the Apartheid Zionist entity. This group of individuals has now resorted to the most extreme measures conceivable, personally delivering their ‘message’ to the White House itself, in fact, the Congress and the Senate. Marquez-Greene is one of the ring leaders of these, who may appropriately be called the White House 11.

According to media reports with great fanfare and pomp the White House 11 were delivered directly to Washington, D.C., April , via, incredibly, Air Force One. What a waste it is to transport 11 lying collaborators to give testimony on another cadre of fabricators, including the Liar-in-Chief, Barack Obama, himself. Moreover, make no mistake about it Marquez-Greene and her lying Jew husband are ringleaders of this rouge’s gallery of criminals and hucksters, as demonstrated here:


Leading the pack this enemy clique of the human race Marquez-Greene, fully unrepentant,holds up a sign, “Love Wins,” which really means ‘love for the filthy desires of the Zionist entity at the expense of the entire world’ is what she likely really means will win. Regardless, does she really mean in this inane world “Lies win?” She masquerades as a promoter of love, even scripture, when, in fact, she is nothing more than yet another plotter for Zionist machinations. This arch-liar is followed by what appears to be none other than that terminal liar Jillian Soto, Neil the scoundrel Heslin, arch-criminal and spy Nicole Hockley, and behind them Obama and miscellaneous other collaborators.


Another view, above, by; no truer diagram could be made.

Zionist asset Nicole Hockley (an alias) is seen, here, with the arch-fraudster of all time, Neil the liar Heslin. Criminal element Bill Sherlach is seen at the top of the steps with Zionist agent Francine-Lobis Wheeler and Mossad collaborator, David Wheeler. Both the Wheelers and Hockleys, along with the Jew Heslin, faked the deaths of children for purposes of acting as lobbyists against the 2nd Amendment and far more. Heslin is apparently attempting to earn his credits with the Netanyahu regime. Have additional promises been made, courtesy of besieged U.S. taxpayers? Make no mistake about it Neil Heslin, lying rat, is an enemy to the human race.


Though misery loves company it could not be complete without that most miserable individual of all, Richard Blumenthal, with is pandering cohort and fellow collaborator, Zionist mole Chris the scoundrel Murphy.


Another view of their descent into infamy, actually into the bowels of hell, each of them a filthy Zionist collaborator—each of them nothing less than a liar and usurper:


Four lying, thieving filthy Jews in a row, Zionist antagonists Jack and Mark Barden, ‘purple cupcake’ liar Nelba Marquez-Greene, and terminal fraudster Jillian Soto. Hand-in-hand as they lunge into Satan’s lair, complete with the greatest Sandy Hook scammer of all, Zionist asset Barack Obama. Fraudster Mark Barden should be banned from the universe for faking the death of a child.

Therefore, let one thing be known definitively. Sandy Hook is a Zionist plot aimed at destroying the remnant status of America as a nation. The chief enemies of the nation and criminals in this regard are the so-called parents and other fraudulent relatives, including Nelba Marquez-Greene. Curiously, as these two women hold hands both have seen fit to contact this Website, Soto doing so through a phone call. No return calls or emails will be made, that is unless such individuals admit their lies, that they were telling fables about this fake massacre.

The Sotos do have an obligation to the world, which is to report precisely who is Victoria Soto and where is she at this time? That’s because since this was all an act there is no possibility that anyone by that name died that day.

The emails


What is she praying for? That this site will quit pursuing the truth? That the authors will quit writing about the scamming parents? It cannot be a corrective prayer, like one to aid the deranged or unstable. The only deranged ones, the only ones who are truly mentally unstable, are those who tell great lies about a massacre that never occurring, using actual children’s names and photographs in vain in order to maintain such a fraud. The team doesn’t need any such prayers. Nor the perpetrators. They already know what they are doing and are fully unrepentant. Regardless, prayers will not help such persons. The only help that can be done is to prosecute them, in order to prevent further victimization of freedom-loving people.


Here is that fraudulent “Love wins” motto again: from a person who is spreading only angst and corruption—who lies even about the massacre of children, who even fakes the death of a child? There she is again praying: seems as if she is attempting a kind of mind control, a kind of psychological tact. After all, she prides herself on being a mental ‘therapist.’ Furthermore, who is we, she and her Mossad handlers? The goal of these hostile ones is that their lies win strictly on behalf of this Zionist-orchestrated plot.


More prayer and quotes, the joy of the Lord is in seeing his people NEVER give false witness. It can be presumed, therefore, the almighty God is not filed with joy at the actions of these fakers, who would even seem to be faking their claim to common decency. Note the second line, that it is not a direct email from Marquez-Greene but another, third-party reference. Keep in mind that each of these operatives have further lying, thieving operatives as handlers.




These hostile ones can’t even leave the finest souls that every walked the planet out of it. They even bring them into the scam. Now, look at the innuendos of her fellow spy. Are they insinuating that has a mental disorder, like they have accused against Adam Lanza? After all, Marquez-Greene specializes, or at least she claims, in mental disorders. Who else pursues such a field other than the disordered themselves?

The fellow mole also notes, “I promise you hat (sic) god (little ‘g’) can heal every wound…” No one, here, at is wounded by anyone ,  unless it is the hucksters, fraudsters, and criminals of Sandy Hook, any wound being due to the simple stress and effort necessary to unwind their scam. More hostility and insinuation, that is the same inane tactic, ‘Do you have a job, do you live in a basement, do you have a family?’

Note, too, the psyops tactic with reference to a ‘birthday party’ and far more, notably taking a break to, incredibly, “eat a desert” then to “Dance a little” then to “smile.” What taking a “deep breath” means is anyone’s guess. Is that “eat desert,” arsenic-tainted by chance? Are veiled threats inevitable by the Marquez-Greene nest of spies:



More “lies wins” (literary licence) inanity, but see what else, to quote, “Please have a purple cupcake in Ana’s honor today.” Not only this, “Dance, sing, or shout for joy.” Does anyone really believe that this is merely Marquez-Greene who is penning this? Is this anything other than a veiled threat? These spies have continuously used color as a psychological tool in this operation. For instance, the CIA often uses purple as a means for their scams. In one case the agency uses purple colored combs, hiding a dagger within it for purposes of assassination.

Marquez-Greene her fellow Zionist moles, though, are relentless:



Love lifted me, love lifted me. When nothing else would help-

Love lifted me.

What lifts you dr. K?

Nelba L. Márquez-Greene, LMFT
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;


Nelba L. Márquez-Greene, LMFT


As far as what might motivate the agents of to do what they do, it is the fight against corruption and injustice that is the primary motivation. Moreover, it is the so-called Sandy Hook parents who will continue to motivate actions and reactions against their injustices. As long as such faux parents continue to commit their high treason—as long as they continue to corrupt the truth— will be lifted, motivated, to act. Moreover, here, there is surely love for even the enemies, but part of that love is in exposing them and prosecuting them for their crimes. That’s the tough but very real love of the proponents of

Regarding persecution, Zionist moles, like Marquez-Greene and her fellow spies, have plenty of experience in this regard. Their very existence is the epitome of persecution, as the plot and scheme against the good people of this land, even viciously plotting a fake massacre in order to strip the people of the rights and freedoms—in order to perpetrate total control over them, all for their own vile gains. In this regard Marquez-Greene is a ring leader in the attack against the people’s freedoms and is the source of the persecution, surely not its victim.

Moreover, as this Website is being attacked by these same Zionist spies let it be known that no one, here, is warped or deranged. Nor is anyone here committing sabotage against others. It is rather this Website that is the victim of malicious attacks and other criminal acts. In this regard the Purple Cupcake cabal is merely one more deranged element in this terminal scam, Sandy Hoax, a corruption and evil beyond comprehension. It is only in this ludicrous world where the acts of Satan are deemed grand, while the acts in the pursuit of justice are held de


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  1. A shame to the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy, when you go around and lie to people. To disarm them so they cannot protect themselves. Well guess what, you will be rewarded because that’s how things work. Pretend for a child to have died. That is just evil. You will lose someone for real for your deceitful actions. That’s how karma works. You must have not learned anything in school to play this kind of game with peoples minds and take advantage financially. You and the others that put on this little hoax are a disgrace to this country.

  2. I noticed that April 10 & 11 was under attack via DDOS … The could barely load all day.

  3. Excellent photos DEMONstrating the pre-planned gun-control/confiscation conspiracy that includes our”illustrious” president Obummer!Those emails you recieved i think are psychological warfare agaisnt you for exposing the sociopaths and their scam. BTW, PLEASE do not use the vague term ‘Jew’ interchangebly with ‘Zionist’ as I am part jewish by heritage (whatever that means!) yet I have no desire for world domination, etc. as do the Ratchild funded zionists/ill-looney-nutty. I’m sure you are aware that there are many– in fact most– people who tins of themselves as ‘jewish’ yet are NOT sociopaths!My friend Eric’s Jewish father was actually a close friend to one of the famous zionist gangster-murderers . Yet Eric is one of the finest people you could ever meet and an very strong film-maker (9-11, etc.)and activist for peace and a better world and the end of the bankster-zionist corruption you could ever find. This is the only critique I can find with your dynamite research/site! Tremendous job Dr K! I just don’t want to forward your excellent messages to my email list and have anyone of these exceptional recipients feel offended! We ‘good guys’ are all on the same team as I’m sure you know–trying to make a better world. So please use ‘Zionist’ in lieu of ‘Jew’as it is specific and more accurate and won’t offend any good people. Also, you will avoid ‘turning off’ any newer people to your great research. The bankster-zionists like to label ANYONE (including people of ‘jewish descent’ like myself and my friend Eric ) who exposes them as “anti-semitic” so let’s not inadvertently give them ammunition for the false allegation! Sorry for rambling on in attempt to make my relatively minor point!(BTW,I get the same emotional reaction when I see someone using the old fallacious ‘left vs right’ paradigm and condescendingly speak of the ‘liberal’ media or ‘right-wing’media, etc. thus inadvertently dividing us good guys into two warring factions!) Keep up the fabulous work!

    for all humanity and to stop the loonies in power from destroying the miracle

    • Great points.

  4. CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at

    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    these issues in upcoming presentations at

    Worldwide Release April 12, 2013

    To The International Criminal Court Prosecuters at The Hague and
    The World Press:

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    The SANDY HOOK FRAUDSTERS are ISRAELI MOSSAD / CIA / BUSH GANG PUNKS who KILLED ADAM and NANCY LANZA. Since these cowardly lowlives FACE THE DEATH PENALTY, they have increased their threats and harassment of .


    and THREATENING the OWNERS and

    1. You are intentionally, willfully, and knowingly using virtual and electronic
    means to cause irreparable harm to the owners and associates of .

    2. Your acts and omissions constitute TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE to AN ADVANTAGEOUS
    and other causes of action.

    3. Your acts and omissions constitute the crime(s) of AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT, and other state and federal crimes.

    4. Your acts and omissions constitute an UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT of TRADE and INTERFERENCE WITH INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

    WHEREFORE, the owners and associates of DEMAND that you CEASE and DESIST from
    the above-stated civil and criminal misconduct.

    Joe Sansone, for CT Global

  5. I support your calling a jew a jew here, drkresearch, and applause to Joe Sansone for his strong unabashed support of I so appreciate the truths laid out in this report, and am assuaged by its conclusion:

    “It is only in this ludicrous world where the acts of Satan are deemed grand, while the actions in the pursuit of justice are held deviant.” Thanks to the valorous.

  6. How to overcome some of the ill-looney-nutty Linguistic Tricks :
    “federal reserve”…use federal reserve CORPORATIONorfederal reserve SCAM conspiracy theory…use conspiracy SCIENTIST
    television …use tell-lies-vision
    newspapers…use newsFakers
    gun-control…use gun confiscation since this is real,ultimate aim
    ‘left vs right’…use , as Jim Hightower pointed out ‘top vs bottom’. or ultra rich vs the reat of us.
    Sandy Hook Massacre ..use Sandy Hk Fake Massacre or Sandy Hk scam
    ‘Jew’ use zionist or zionist jew….not just ‘Jew’ which is too all encompassing andhelps linguistically to divide us wheeres ‘zionist’ does not so divide the good people! There are many , many more linguistic tricks used by the ILLuminati/banksters and these are just a few of them that I can currently think of. Why should we use their CORRUPT terminology?

  7. A known tactic from the progressive left is always in their posts to hide who they are whenever they start posting how they will be PRAYING for who they think is their enemies. I’m just wonder WHAT god they are praying to !!!!!!

  8. The Sandy Hook scam and resulting attacks on are not left vs. right or ultra rich vs. the rest of us issues. As John Friend yesterday wrote in his blog, at

    “Indeed, the Modern Age is the Jewish Age, and the twentieth century most certainly was the Jewish Century. Organized Jewty – a subversive, international criminal mafia operating all across the globe – came to dominate and largely control Western politics and governments, banking and international finance, media, academia, and potherr aspects of Western society over the course of the past century.”

    A book he references there, well worth noting, is THE JEWISH CENTURY, authored by a Jew.

  9. If I had a child shot beyond recognition, why would I be concerned what you or anyone thought?

  10. Thank you, Kenneth, as these were my thoughts and feelings exactly. Drkresearch, when I lost my son to war I could not do anything that I normally did for months. I did not go on the internet and search out the news feeds on my son. To this day I have never opened the mail that the military has sent me regarding my son. That will be 2 years in June of this year. I cannot speak his name without feeling nauseas and deep anguish. I cannot look at his pictures without feeling as though I will lose my mind. I do not care what other people think of my son or say about him because I know my son and that is all the information that I need….although, it is reported that he was deeply respected and loved by all that knew him.This is still no consolation so there is no need for me to argue with anyone whether her really left this world on June 11th, 2011. I really do not care what people think at this time.
    Why would this mother, who only recently lost the baby that she was suppossed to protect from all harm, worried about what you or anyone else is saying about this horror? How irreverent and inane to tell someone to go and eat a purple cupcake in honor of their child’s death. ……no, no…….that is just plain insane. She is insane….mentally disturbed…..emotionally unbalanced…..but this happened long before she signed up with the Illuminati….long before then.

    Insane people have no trouble lying, cheating, stealing and generally causing trauma all around them because they are the center of the universe and everyone revolves around their infantile ego. They see themselves as a victim and savior all at once. They believe themselves to be entitled to things they steal from others…, respect, empathy, money and more importantly, our precious time in focusing on their lies and corruption.

    She is to be pitied beyond all reasonable offers of pity for she is about the business of destroying what is left of her tattered soul.

    In all honesty, she is showing all of us what is so inherently wrong with our society, our culture and our institutions. She is the poster child for what it looks like to be mentally disturbed.

    J. Krishnamurthy said it best, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
    This is the tale tell sign of a mentally ill person; They are well adjusted to this world and have no issues working within it’s parameters. She seems very well adjusted to the recent passing of the baby whom she was to protect.

    This society is diseased to it’s very foundations. Look at the end results.

  11. there is clearly an agenda here, and its ironic jewish israeli kids are taught how to use assault rifles at an early age. the zionist masters are behind gun control, yet no one cares about the guns sold on the black market sold by zionist controlled government. I worked in south central LA in the ER. The media didnt seem too concerned to report the innocents getting slaughtered by stray bullets from the same guns they want to ban. They are so concerned for the children as long as they arent in crime ridden neighborhoods. Its a total farce. Control is the issue, not safety

  12. Jamie,

    I’m sorry for your loss. Having lost a loved one to sudden violence, I also question Ms. Greene’s actions.

    In watching the Sandy Hook “Parents” in the media, I can only conclude they are not grieving their children.

    • This is what real grieving humans do; they seek out others who share in this nightmare of anguish so that they might be relieved of the overwhelming loss…..knowing, though, that there is no relief to be found only a shared understanding.
      I am sorry for your loss as well, Charles. A loss as great as a child causes one to become humble….contemplative and most of all….reverent of all life. You understand to your core that life is precious and sacred and to be lived in a way that causes other souls to be safe in their person as well.

      These zombies….soulless creatures….who pose as parents possess not a trace of any of the attributes I mentioned above. Surely they would be in possession of at least one attribute that could be qualified as grief or great loss?
      They use religion as a mask for their experience. They quote scripture and speak inanities such as “she was the light of our family”, “she is in a better place”, “he was my best friend”, ” She was our little CEO”…….these kinds of responses to such an overwhelming experience are contrived and designed to manipulate those observing their alleged loss.

      I will keep speaking about this topic as it is obvious that many souls have lost their humanity ….or ability to discern fact from fiction. Hollywood ( media ) is pure fiction for the purpose of manipulating mankind for their own devious ends. We are to be vigilant in protecting our minds and hearts from their insidious influence. That is our responsibility to ourselves, our children and then the world.

      I offer you my deep and abiding comfort in your personal journey Charles.

  13. I knew immediately this was all a scam, what I don’t understand is why it is attributed to “Zionists” and “Jews.” Seems to me the commies and koranimals in our own government have a lot more to gain than Jews.

    • Read the many articles on this site exposing the actors in Sandy Hook. Many of them are from the large extended Greenberg family. The grandfather is a Nazi criminal who was given a new identity in the US. The whole family is deeply involved in these false flags and works closely with (or calls the shots) with the US government for their agendas of weakening the goyim.

    • I agree that we need to stop using bigotry as a means of ascertaining complicity in criminal behavior. If we must do anything we must go to the root of any issue to resolve it. At the root of our existence is evolution of the soul. We are pure energy having a physical experience for the expansion of our consciousness. Using derogatory or inflammatory language in determining culpability only degrades us and not the perpetrators of criminally insane behavior.

      These souls are acting out their most negative polarity. We all have choices as to how we will use our energy and can choose, freely, to be negative or positive, but, we usually fluctuate between both polarities.
      Imagine you are a compass and are born into a certain environment with your needle pointing North ( whole, sane and balanced ). The environment in which one is born will greatly affect the needle on the compass. If the environment is corrupt then the needle will align so that the greatest level of comfort can be achieved.
      I have noticed in my line of work that each soul is on a personal journey of evolution and that their level awareness is aligned with their behaviors. It is not unlike a school where one is assigned a grade depending upon their age, but, in the realm of consciousness one assigns the self the grade. No one is in control of this but the soul. If this soul is born into depravation ( spiritual, material, mental or emotional ) then it will act out this condition based upon it’s level of awareness….so this is why it is so important to be conscious of our thoughts and actions; it is the future foundation upon which a soul must grow. We must learn to describe actions without assigning inflammatory language ( jew, chink, leftist, rightwing, commie, Marxist, wetback, etc, etc. ) and resorting to name calling and character bashing. Just name the action and let it stand on it’s own. Righteous indignation has no place in becoming a conscious and conscientious being. If we are duped then the blame must rest upon our lack of self awareness and nothing more. No anger, no indignation, no blame other than that which can be lain upon our own lack of autonomy and self control.

      Dr. k….please, refrain from such language so that we might arrive at a true place of deep understanding and with that understanding build a world that is safe and just for all. As I am of “jewish” descent this language could negatively affect, as well as bring harm to, me and my family.

      • Jamie,
        I respectfully disagree. I don’t think Dr. K is name calling. It is helpful, actually it is absolutely necessary, to define who exactly is our enemy. Americans need to understand who is doing this and why. It’s not just “bad people”. There are bad people everywhere, but this is a group of bad people who have a common goal and that is to rule the world. Americans are the only people standing in their way, which is why we will see a lot more attacks on our soil in the near future. They have big plans for us and the ONLY way we will maintain our liberties and way of life is if we are all on the same page against them….them being the Zionist cartel that holds the ruling power seats in the media, banking, and government right now. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We need to Stand United against the creeping Zionism.

        This is the only place on the web I’ve found that is actually naming the enemy. It’s not just the government, or the criminally insane psychopaths, or the powers that be, it is the Zionists. I wouldn’t worry about harm coming to your family; you are one of the good guys in this battle. I personally hope Dr. K will continue to call out and explain the who and why of the Zionists, because we certainly aren’t hearing about it anywhere else (in fact, we hear the opposite from the Zionist-run media), and I think it’s the key to fighting this battle for our freedom and survival. I have only just very recently realized the Zionist problem and am trying to learn all I can in order to spread awareness and prepare for what’s ahead.

        Peace Gal

      • I want to register my concurrence with you Jamie. Just because other people (not their entire group) are without conscience does not mean we have to attack them without regard to our own moral standards. Their acts are what condemn them, not some collective guilt for being of a certain background. Most of us have jewish ancestry or relatives. I was not born Jewish, but many of my relatives are and have been. I can find the family tree of my German relatives in 19th century Brooklyn and find that they intermarried with Jews (and would have died for it in Nazi Germany, had it yet existed). This anti-Jewish stuff smacks of backward peasant attitudes from some very brutal places.

        But I do think these hoaxers have convinced themselves they are performing a valuable service in playing their games. They focus on the statistics about gun violence and think they can put on a passion play and change all that. I am sure the ancestors of Dr. K know all about passion plays, but with the hoaxers, the shoe is on the other foot.

        What galls me is the nerve of them to try and influence public opinion with such a crude appeal to the emotions. It’s outrageous. It’s dishonest. And they imagine their little circus is doing good. It means that in some parts of the country, the teachers had decided they should pack some heat! How perverse is that? Their tricks do not have the outcome I am sure they think it should have, what they were hired to do, hired I am sure by some covert branch of our own government, not someone else’s. Instead, they are actually promoting the sale of firearms.

        But if you have a historical memory, you can see that Prohibition only made drunkenness cool and elevated mobsters who could supply the illegal liquor. The absolute same thing would happen with weapons. You would not have a disarmed public, you’d have organized crime being the arms dealers. And odd little states where kindergarten teachers would openly carry and talk about all the things kindergarten teachers talk about while the kids would be trying to fire off a shot.

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