Kennedy Assassination — 10 November 2013
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Is this George Bush, Sr., at the Kennedy Assassination?

Thanks to one of our posters, is this George Bush seen in a suspect area, the Texas School Book Depository, just after the Kennedy assassination? And why not? He’s a Texan, was/is highly ambitious. The Kennedy family, powerful and well-received by the public, stood in the way.

Robert Kennedy would be the next President after John Fitzgerald. The legacy would continue on, virtually endlessly, with John F. Kennedy, Jr., eventually inheriting the realm.

There were other Kennedy family members that could arise on the scene: something had to be done.

The photo of George H W Bush shown for comparison was taken in 1964, and it does (kinda) look like him, although the photo is very grainy and low resolution.

Here it’s shown next to a 1964 photo of George H W Bush, the same one used in the comparison above.

Some say the nose and chin are different. A bit irrelevant when looking at all the rest of the similarities. More analysis needed. The hair pattern, though, is identical, as is the posture, dress style, and forehead. Low resolution yet very intriguing.


There are plenty of reasons for him to be involved. He was likely at some point promised the presidency. He was without doubt ultimately or even at that point a spy. The angle of the head is different in these pictures. More comparisons necessary. It could well be him; same exact tie-wearing and jacket style.

In the image the nose is different-appearing, at least from the angles available. GWB likes, though, to put his hands in his pockets very frequently when wearing suits.

georgebushkennedyf georgebushkennedy

This, too, is highly suspicious: Bush casting false blame to divert from the real killers, which surely ties him to the crime:

Then, there is this picture, a virtually undeniable facimile of Bush. The Bush family is notable for the rectangular or box-like shape of the head, right angle on top and down the occiput. This confirms that this man involved in the hit was none other than George W. Bush, Sr., himself.



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  2. That circled person is clearly not GHWB. Don’ get me wrong. I believe Bush was involved in the assassination, but the person you have circled is not him. For those of you who do not know. Barbara Bush and Ann Cappelletti are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley. How I learned this is a long & painful experience. Barb was conceived in Paris in1924 w her mother, Pauline Pierce. Pauline Robinson Pierce, 6th degree OTO, becoming Crowley’s sex assistant in his sex stage act of Eroto Comotose Lucidity in 1924 (after he was deported from Italy by Mussolini).. Pauline & Prescott arranged the marriage of Barb & George for demonic power. Ann Cappelletti was conceived at Thelema,in 1923. Learn something about Crowley’s cult at Thelema. Crowley disciples scoured Sicilian villages to find 20 yr old girls to go to Thelema to have sex magick w Crowley for money to procreate the antichrist, Born girls they became witches. Crowley’s 2 quests were to destroy Christianity & sire the antichrist. The Bush & Cappelletti brothers are the antichrists. John Cappelletti was my college BF. It took me another 20 years to learn why the Cappellettis were such liars and were so evil. John & brothers are pathologitcal liars, Joey was conceived with sex magick btwn Ann Cappelletti & L Ron Hubbard to sacrifice for John’s sports success. Ann put a curse/spell on Joe Paterno in 1970 at her witch dining table by feeding him the curse of licorice root to control him. i understand Jim Cefalo’s mother fed John a curse/spell when he was being recruited. The Bush & Cappelletti brothers worked in concert to gut, plant & prep the WTC towers for 911 demolitions. There is much more to the story, but that is for another time & place.

    • I would like to know more. ….

      • I have been posting what I know on David Icke Forums for the last 3 years. Before I posted on the forum, everywhere & thingI posted would be torn down, deleted. I have to find where I posted to give you the links, but my main thread is “911 Vacant Towers/Silverstein Lowy Eisenberg

        If wasn’t until after I had been posting for a month or so that I finally got how to post a link so that all the words in the link appear instead of being reduced to ellipses, Some links are broken, some sites changed its information. Silverstein and Port Authority of New York & New Jersey were noted on LMCC’s website as supplying raw space in WTC 1 & 2, primarily WTC 1 floor 91 (a numeral reference for occult power) for Lower Manhattan Cultural Council World View art students. After I posted this LMCC link in 2010, I saw LMCC change information on its website. Silverstein’s name was deleted. You will find links posted later in the thread actually work. You can start here at 911 vacant towers. If you want more links. I will post them for you.

      • I left you a response, Mike Flores. I don’t see it. If you don’t get it, please let me know.

  3. I do believe Bush Sr. was in Dallas at Dealey Plaza on ‘event day’.. Bush has always said that he “doesn’t remember” where he was when he heard the news that JFK had been killed. I think we know why he says that. The photo is Bush Sr. The face, the posture and his age is all evident in that photo. Is that Mr. Landsdale…yes. Both Bush and Lansdale worked for the CIA in that time period.

    • I believe George was in Dallas on 11/22/63, It has been recorded that he was a dinner meeting the night before, also attended by LBJ. Hoover summoned Bush to his office after 11/22/63. The next day Hoover wrote a “memo to file” that Bush was in his office for a meeting on 11/23/63. I am sure Hoover did that to avoid being the next assassination. I absolutely believe George was in Dallas. I just don’t seen the similarity in the photo. Making wacked out claims just make it seem wacky.

      11.22.63 is a powerful masonic/demonic group of numbers. 11 & 22 are powerful masonic double numbers. 63 represents SUFISM, Islamic The boys at the Boston false flag are Dervish turks, from the Caucasus Mountains, the area is Khazaria, home of the fake Jews/pagans, also known as Sufi. SUFi s.Islamic magic. I, Pet Goat II, original version.

      If you haven’t seen “I, Pet Goat II,” It was 10 years in the making. The boy is executing the ancient art of Sufi whirling, which is practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. The Dervishes are an ancient esoteric current of Islam.


      63 represents SUFI in the masonic date 11/22/63. 911 was a mass ritual to Aleister Crowley, by his grandsons & followers. The Dervish twirler in the film is the Boston fake bombing/shooting of the TSARNAEV brother & mother is represented in this short animated film released in 2012. The Boston false flag references were put in the film before the Boston false flag.

      • good info linda, will check this material out.

    • Many people have attempted to analyze “I, Pet Goat,II.” You will find many analyses on youtube.


      I Pet Goat 2 – SANDY HOOK & EMILIE in a Movie Pre-dating the Shooting!!!

      Must watch.

    • This is going to be another Nick Pugh story.

  4. I believe he was at Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination and that is probably him in the photos. He was definitely in Texas on that date. An FBI memo states that he made a phonecall from nearby Tyler, TX at 1:45 p.m. Since the assassination took place at 12:30 p.m., he did not have time to drive to Tyler.,+TX/to/Dallas,+TX puts the driving time at 1 hr 41 min. He was, however, close to both Love Field and Redbird Airports. Being CIA, he could have prearranged a flight to Tyler Pounds Municipal Airport. It was opened in 1939 and is located 8 miles out of Tyler. This is all documented on this site

    I was aware of the allegations about Barbara Bush – they all do the Baphomet hand signal and have been photographed often doing it. Junior was even photographed doing the hand sign during a 911 memorial. Although interesting, none of that proves or disproves that Bush Sr. was not in Dallas that day.

    Here are some other links dealing with Bush and JFK assassination.×3274455

    • That posture, the hooking of the neck, is seemingly unmistakable, as is the rectangular shape of the head.

      • At that time Bush Sr. was the head of Zapata Oil and lived in Houston just a few miles from Dallas. Its well known that he was a confidential CIA asset. Its not like he had to travel thousands of miles to be in Dallas that day. He’s also dressed in his usual prep school attire that he always wore in those days. Many CIA/FBI assets were in Dealey Plaza that day and many have been identified from photos taken on that day.

        Why were they there? At that time there was a lot of buzz going around that there was going to be a demonstration of some kind at Dealey Plaza. The word was that unhappy Cubans would raise placards, flags and possibly fire weapons in the air to gain attention. A lot of people wanted to see the event. From later testimony its thought that most of these people did not know that an actual assassination was planned. According to Chauncey Holt, who was one of the three ”tramps”, if he had known there was going to be an actual assassination, he would never have been there. My guess is that applies to most of the on site witnesses that day.

        Holt states in his auto bio book that when he heard the shots and realized what had happened, he was in a state of total surprise and shock.

  5. In my opinion, it’s not George Bush in the picture. Bush has a straight pointed nose whereas the other guy has a more rounded slightly bulbous nose.

    • i was going to say the same thing Sean, also the slant of the brow and rounder back of the head of the man at the book building

      • And the chin of Bush sticks out a lot almost in a vertical line with his nose but the other guys chin is very much tucked in.

  6. George Bush Sr. supposedly cannot remember where he was on Nov. 22, ’63 but I can. I attended my university classes in the morning and went to lunch at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house across the street from where I was living on Third St. We may have talked about JFK at lunch as this was Central USA time zone. After lunch I went upstairs to my room for a few minutes to get my gym bag. When I left the house about 1 PM the household family had the TV on in their living room and I paused for a few moments to watch the news about JFK. About a half hour later I went to my gym class. We all stood around for about ten minutes and the coach cancelled the class. I really don’t know how any adult could ”forget” that day.

    • Everyone that I know remembers where they were on November 22, 1963. Bush was in Dallas with the cabal.

    • Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam (forward by Jim Marrs) is an account of New Orleans, cancer-causing monkey viruses, Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics. When I learned of the book I ordered it. You can learn more about secret operations by listening to youtube interviews w Edward T. Haslam. Start here:

      Dr. Mary’s Monkey

      JFK conspiracy was huge, involved many people. Many were eliminated who were involved, but one thing is for sure, GHW Bush is still alive, not to mention media people who never told the truth and did any investigation. I assume they were all part of the cabal.

    • Dallas occult members wanted the Vietnam war. You must know The Gulf of Tonkin event was staged. Congress knew it (because many politicians are involved in the occult) was staged but went along with the lie In fear or because they were members of the cabal. Jim Marrs states Dallas TX companies benefitted from JFK’s murder. They got the war & the profits they wanted from war, 4 such companies were Texas Instruments, LTV Steel, General Dynamics & Bell Helicopter. LBJ & J. Edgar Hoover were involved in the coup d’etat.

      Listen to Jim Marrs Lecture on JFK Assassination:

      Jim Marrs says Lyndon B Johnson and J Edgar Hoover killed Kennedy

  7. Doesn’t look like him. The most important clue to the JFK assassination can be found in this Youtube video:

  8. Hostile NWO Video attempting to mock anybody who isn’t a Sheeple. Mossad? These Videos, like I Pet Goat II, are clearly Ritually motivated.

  9. I have to agree to what Mark Lane just wrote, please have a look at the Youtube video link he just posted. Also, George Bush Sr or not, it’s kind of confusing. Cheers.

  10. Will look at it, again. Thanks. Yes, the Badge man is a big part of the deal.

  11. Picture is NOT George H. W. Bush. Magnify it yourself, put it into a photo program to see and compare the ears better, that is definitive. Also, the nose, chin, and cheekbones don’t match.

    • Can you send a link, doing that comparison, that the post can be updated? There is a likeness in the posture, stance, and nose, as well as back of the head but there are other aspects that don’t match.

      • Wasnt the whole assassination faked and jfk became jimmy Carter?? Who am I to argue wjth DGB??

      • Didnt nodisinfo green light chairini’s jfk is jimmy Carter theory?

  12. The man in the picture at the top is most certainly and clearly not George Bush. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he was involved in the assassination, but honestly, a basic glimpse at the photo shows it’s not him.

    The angle of their noses is notable different in both pictures. Bush’s nostrils aim toward the ground, the other man’s are at a higher angle.
    The man on the left also very, very clearly has a significantly weaker chin than Bush’s, who’s chin actually pushes forward.

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