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Georgia Shooting Hoax is a Ruse to Revive Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook, a categorical hoax, died in its tracks, and for once, at least for now, the Zionists did not get their way. Expect, though, more school shooting hoaxes, like the most recent hoax at the McNair school in Dekalb County, GA.

Sandy Hook is dead, dead, and more dead. That is why the Zionist cabal perpetrated the Georgia shooting hoax: to give substance to the Sandy Hook phony, to give false reminders, to create yet another psychological operation against the American people.

No doubt, the Georgia event is a hoax just like the others. In this case a real person was used: but just as a kind of goat. He was in trouble, and so he made a deal. There was not shooter at the school and certainly no shooting.

There is not even the most remote degree of eyewitness and/or photographic evidence of an actual shooting at the school. No weapons, bullet casings, bullet holes, crime scene, cache of ammunition.

It is an espionage operation by Zionist Jews who seek to revive their bizarre, yet diabolical, plot to conquer America from within, in this case by stripping the American people of their weapons or at least by imposing new regulations. Most importantly, the House of Rothschild – or shall it be said House of Satan – seeks to impose a kind of devious legislation based upon mental health criteria in order to mark patriotic Americans so they can be hunted down, attacked, and destroyed.

The scenario is such as this. A Mossad mole, such as the moles of Sandy Hook, like Bill Sherlach, Neil “Stiff Check” Heslin, Mark Barden, and/or Ana Marquez-Greene, determines the name of a patriotic American, who is believed to maintain his/her own armaments. Such a hostile one calls 911 or the Police Department and files an anonymous complaint, saying, for instance, “This guy in our neighborhood has been acting out lately, acting in a rage, like he’s nuts, making threats. He seems to be a mental case. We are all concerned about our safety and the safety of our children. Someone saw him through a window brandishing a weapon. It could get violent.”

The pre-established Zionist agents, DHS moles and Mossad agents or their compliant collaborators in the Police Department, then descend on the patriot with a team of armed men, arrest such a one, drug him up, put him in a mental institution, and take his weapons and ammo.

This is precisely the plot of Zionist Jews such as the arch-wretched ones of Sandy Hook – like that mole of moles Mark Barden. It is also precisely the scam being heaped upon the people, RE: the Dekalb County, Georgia, shooting hoax. That is why the hoaxers selected a ‘mental case’ as their prop: “I didn’t take my medication; that’s why I went nuts.” How many ways is it needed to say, “HOAX?”

Here is an example of the mental illness canard being hoaxed upon the people by the Zionists:


They can show all the so-called self-portrait pictures they want. Whether real or photoshopped, it”s irrelevant. Unless actual unaltered CCTV footage is shown, demonstrating the entrance of an actual gunman and his firing of rounds, then, this is a fabrication just like Sandy Hook.

Regardless, it is a drill, which is obvious from any scrutinizing look at the event. See this image, where some of the children are walking with a backward slant, casually. Did they speed up the camera footage to make them look like they were running? Notice the man circled, who is filming the process. Notice also the man in black walking in a relaxed fashion, an obvious coordinator, up the pavement.


The McNair hoax was, in fact, essential as not only a distraction from the murderous acts of Zionist Jews but also as a kind of agenda to revive the continuously shrinking interest in Sandy Hook. In this regard a modicum of the moles and fraudsters of the Sandy Hook scam have resurfaced in concert with the McNair hoax, notably Mark Barden and his colleague in crime, Ana Marquez-Greene.


Fraudsters galore, all these individuals are false identities or merely moles and crisis actors, for instance, Dawn Hochsprung.



Caption: fake deceased, Daniel Barden (doesn’t exist) pointed out with the arrow.

Two of the main couples responsible for the spreading of corruption, unrelenting in their Zionist zeal, are Mark and Jackie Barden and Ana Marquez-Greene, along with Jimmy Green. All these individuals are Jews.


They are mere spies whose purpose is to undermine the legal system of the United States, stripping Americans of their inalienable rights for the benefit of Zionist machinations, including the continuous, vile expansion of that Apartheid entity, the Zionist strip. No mercy should be shown on the Bardens and/or Marquez-Greene: they are wretched.


It died: God bless those few legislators who realized the hoax and failed to support it. Yet, look at these hucksters: what a scam it is. Greene and Barden with their purple ties and Barden, purple shirt. Recall Marquez-Greene’s purple cupcake veiled threat made, here, at nodisinfo.com. Neil the huckster Heslin has his psyops green ribbon prominently displayed. What do these arch-fraudsters have in common? They are all Zionist Jews.


Now, for Ann Curray’s fraudster interview. Note: all such hucksters and hoaxers are promoting and facilitating the mass murder of the innocent, all for the advancement of Israeli schemes.

Two of the most wretched, terminal fraudsters of the Zionist-inspired Sandy Hook fraud are Mark Barden and Ana Marquez-Greene. No minor players they are both relentless in their attack on all people with the exception of Zionist Jews.

It will never be heard that Barden or Marquez-Greene would impose upon Binyamin Netanyahu to uphold the rule of law and stop bombing and destroying Palestinian schools: to disarm the so-called settlers who maliciously hunt down and shoot to death Palestinian school children. No, the arch-hypocrites Barden and Marquez-Greene would never speak a word against such Zionist crimes.

Instead, what do they do? With reckless abandon they attack the American people, the so-called goy, to take them down and do the Israeli entity’s bidding, and McNair is part of that hoax. Now to the interview:

Barden: Here we are the day after an individual stormed into a school with an assault rifle into an elementary school…


Marquez-Greene: And there is silence. We are a nation


in denial,


and one day we’re gonna look back at this…and say, “We should have acted earlier…”


because no parent should ever have to worry about getting their child off a bus when you’ve sent them to school.

Curry: What was your reaction when federal legislation failed for gun reform?

Barden: It was frustrating. But it was also round one.  And I feel like we are in mile one of a marathon.


Editor’s note: Barden the Mossad mole color coding his tie to the green Sandy Hoax button.

Curry: How many rounds, or how many miles?


Note: they all shutter their eyes when they tell the biggest elements of the hoax.

Barden: As many as it takes…Marquez-Greene: Until we get it done.


Curry then natures the ‘concern’ by Newtown parents about “young people ” who are “troubled,” once again setting into motion the CFR-Rockefeller plot. Curry then adds, “That actually might be interpreted as empathy for the illness of the man who pulled the trigger who killed your son.”

Barden: My son Daniel (he has no son named Daniel: it’s all an invention of espionage moles and Photoshop experts) was known by his teachers as an unusually empathetic little boy. He would notice somebody sitting alone and go comfort them.


The individual who killed our children was also that little boy that sat alone.

Editor’s note: Barden is a pathological liar of the most diabolical degree. You can see the demonic nature of his acts in his eyes. That wetness or shiny aspect isn’t grief but, rather, wickedness.

Marquez-Greene, the ‘therapist’, asked about her ‘feelings’ about the purported Georgia shooting: I didn’t feel I was re-living my own stuff.  I felt MORE determined, even MORE determined than I was before…


(I am) committed to help prevent other mothers from going through what I have to live, every day.

End of transcription

Wretched Jewry, continuously manipulating the people. All sorts of psycho-babble. The resurfacing of the Sandy Hook moles is merely further proof that the so-called Dekalb County, Georgia, school shooting is a wretched hoax, just like all the others. Let anyone prove otherwise even to the most minute degree. Let anyone offer even an iota of evidence that the conclusions of this post are wrong. They will not be able to do so. This is a plot, and the plotters are well known: their evil acts precede them.


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  1. How many things do people in America have to face because of this tragedy that has engulfed America namely the Zionist Jewish occupation of the land which was once free?

    How many more wars America’s military will have to fight and die for or get seriously injured because of the warmongering Israel and Jews who live in America?

    How many more false flags like 9/11 and hoaxes like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Santa Monica shooting will be staged to keep us all locked up in fear in order to continue the “war on terror” which has also become a big business for Michael Chertoff and other Jews?

    The above NoDisinfo article best explains the Jewish conspiracy to take away guns from Americans.

    James B Phillips who reviewed Hugh Akin’s book “Synagogue Rising” wrote the following;

    A few Jewish psychopaths—those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror—are clearly not the Jewish people as a whole. As Hugh Akins argues in his outstanding 750-page tome, Synagogue Rising, these revolutionary Jews must be exposed, resisted and defeated, lest Organized Evil emerges triumphant.

    Read the full article here edited by the British poet and writer Lasha Darkmoon:


    Please also read:




  2. The Most Famous American Journalist Exposes the Zionist Conspiracy:


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