Boston Bombing — 28 June 2013
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UPDATED: City of Boston EMT Busted as Boston Hoax Crisis Actor

to include some doubt about the first match, awaiting additional photos, while the second assessed individual is a definitive match

It’s real, as many readers have suspected, the Police Department and even the EMTs of the City of Boston were in on the Boston smoke bombing hoax and scam. Two Boston Hoax EMTs and/or hoax crisis actors are now identified as real EMTs working for the City of Boston and possibly outlying areas. Incredibly, these EMTs played the roles of crisis actors for purposes of faking injuries, including amputations and, apparently, deaths. In some cases these EMTs also served the role of blood-drizzlers. Moreover, this is how Boston metropolitan-area taxpayers’ monies are spent?
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.44.40 AM
Here is the proof taken from the Urban Shield promotional video (does not embed):
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.46.34 AM
At least two crisis actors are identified: the man in the front, left screen, with the white moustache and the short black man behind him and to his right. Both these men supported the fraud of fake deaths and injuries: a vile act considering their profession and also considering the fact that this was represented as if real.
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.46.29 AM
A man with a white moustache served the role as a mobile blood-drizzler, dumping his load clandestinely on the wheelchair mole. Is this the same man, as seen above? Is it a matter of a trimmed moustache before the event. There are some general features which are the same – same long face, similar chin, similar narrow-set eyes, same portly countenance, even the same style of shirt.

However, though the photographs are poor resolution and distant, there are similarities in the torso, some differences, admittedly, in the face. Higher resolution photos are being sought.

bostonhoaxemt2 bostonemthoax
The clandestine movements under the cover of smoke of the actual blood-drizzler have been traced, and it was discovered that he dumped his load near or on the wheelchair mole, while retaining the still-stained Ziploc bag in his left hand; note the man in yellow, who is also acting in the utmost secrecy. All such people are illegitimate; they all worked under disguise.


A definitive match: the stocky African-American EMT mole

Here is the other EMT mole prominently seen throughout the hoax. He, too, is the same person in the Urban Shield trailer. Same, exact person, no doubt about it. This portly man played a crucial role in the hoax, acting as a fake transportation agent for the phony critically wounded.

See this fraudster, here, play acting with a fake amputee or injured person (could that be our friend James “bim” Costello?) being put into an armored vehicle; one of the justification for such vehicles is those wild-eyed ‘Muslim’ terrorists, who might strike at any time with an ADL-supplied pressure cooker bomb. Fake terror really is good for business.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 11.01.27 AM
Same hanging lower lip, same forehead, same heavy hips, same small head for the size of the body: same person.
bostonhoaxemtsbusted bostonhoaxemts-2
Mayor Menino knows its good for business, especially his own. Mr. Speak out of the Corner of the Mouth, how much was he given cushy rewards for directly perpetrating this scam? Menino knows it’s a fake, and no one died. Yet, while two men have been murdered, another is held in prison: he continues on with the fraud. The gains must be immense to perpetrate such a vast lie upon the world, while shutting down his own city, tyrannizing its people.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.42.22 AM
Linskey, too, was clearly involved as a chief mole and operative. Not a word from him about the fake – or about the murder of two innocent men, both of who are Muslims and neither of which had anything to do with the scam. This is no minor issue. The Zionists have used less of an act as the basis for blood-thirsty wars. If such were to occur, Linskey and Merino are culpable.
Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.47.19 AM

So, who or what did Urban Shield shield? The pocketbooks of Zionist assets Merino and Linskey’s departments (though police, it takes precedence over mere EMTs), their own personal gain, and more? It surely did nothing for the people of Boston, except cause loss, including financial loss plus the tyrannical acts against the people through the imposition of a fake martial law.

From one of our posters a crucial finding about the Zionist orchestration of this entire scam:

The Urban Shield competition is the largest-scale tactical training exercise in on US soil – larger than military training exercises. It is considered the most challenging and realistic counter-terror competition in the world. This year, teams competed in back-to-back missions for over 48 hours straight throughout an area covering more than 1,600 square miles. Scenarios included situations in office buildings, schools, trains and busses, airliners, on a bridge, etc. Over thirty teams competed, including city, county, and state police SWAT teams; FBI and Federal SWAT and HRT teams; special military teams; and several international counter-terror teams.

Last year, in their first year of competing, Israel’s Yamam counter-terror and hostage rescue unit won the competition, setting records for the highest scores ever achieved in the history of Urban Shield.
This year, Yamam again won the Urban Shield competition, which took place in California.
Yamam is Israel’s top special police unit, tasked with fighting terrorism and responding to hostage rescue situations. Yamam recruits exclusively from a couple of the IDF’s top special operations units, and members have extensive experience and training.
Two of Mako Defense’s tactical instructors are from Yamam. Our lead instructor has responded to almost every hostage situation in Israel since 1995. We congratulate Yamam (and our instructors, on their unit’s second win).
We are proud that Yamam won this competition, beating some of the best units in the world, using the methods taught in our Mako Defense carbine, pistol, and tactical courses.
Yamam issues certain equipment, including GLR-16 StocksNFR Rail SystemsAG-43 Pistol GripsT-POD Foregrip Bipods, and TAL-4 and FGG-S Foregrips, among other equipment. Like other Israeli units, they also use Meprolight optics.


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  1. there is even competitions for Urban Shield – Who new?

    Guess who won this one? Yamam is Israel’s top special police unit

    • Great: it’s in the post, now. Note how these wicked ones imply that the shield is against Islamic people by the minaret and dome; Byzantines used the same; that’s where the dome is from.

    • This is a great find. Was digging a bit yesterday and ran into the company named Cytel, who conducts/orchestrates these URBAN SHIELD drills and training exercises. They go so far as to have a logo designed for each city they hold these. All are involved – including military personnel (National Guard I believe). One of the co founders is at scene one, I believe. I have viewed 3 different pics of him with what appears to be a walkie talkie in one of the images. There’s another image I saw (still trying to find) of the acting director for Boston EMS who is also on the scene (#1) with cell phone to ear and donning blue latex gloves. She is not involved in any hands on stuff that I can recall. Just in the background looking on.

      Will have to find the links and post them separately.

    • Sorry, I must disagree these two men (with white mustaches) are the same character. One looks more dark skinned, as if he were Latino or ??? The other man is caucasian with a beer gut. I’ve seen both characters in numerous pics as we all have and the Latino looking man is always roaming around with his camera, while the other man appears to be “working.” Noses appear different, as well.

      • RMT: can you provide links to those pics so another look; the abdominal girth in both men is the same; the moustache is different but that could be easily altered before the event. Don’t see the Latino connection, though. Do see the photographic differences in the nose, as you point out.

        • Sure, Dr. K. I won’t be able to post them until later on today, though, due to prior commitments.

        • DrK,

          In the essence of time, found this video showing the darker skinned (Latino looking) man with the white mustache, cream colored pull over shirt, blue ball cap. He comes in to view of camera beginning approx 3:22 – walking in near the black railing (on left) where the large woman with brown hoody is standing. And last seen in this sequence, walking past the circle of the alleged injured Bauman & friends at approx 3:37. The maker of this video indicates these still images are in sequence, so maybe others could get their hands on the hi-res images you’re seeking than I can.

          The angle of these images seem to be similar to the ones referred to as the Thorndike (sp?) images – and I believe I read there are several frames/seconds missing around this spot where we lose track of “Mr. Mustache.”

          Hope this helps:

        • Dr.K,

          here is another video – different angle – it’s a “double find” – LADY LATE TO THE PARTY is kindly assisted by a police officer on the side walk, gladly pointing her in the “right” direction. She enters AFTER the Latino man has disappeared from sight of the camera, at approx. 2:32

          And I believe our Latino looking man w/mustache, blue ball cap, cream colored shirt enters the fray at approx 1:17. Very early after the explosion. At one point he bends down to pick something up off the ground. From this angle you can see what appears as though he has a “gut” seems to be a “pouch” on the front of the shirt – like a hand warmer. The other guy’s gut begins up higher under the breast bone. IMHO.

          • I don’t see the link to the video in the posts.

      • One looks Latino to me. I don’t think they are the same guy. Note the pic with the brown mole we see David Patrick Twomey, 35, Quinton MA lawyer, ambling across the stage with his recognizable hat and long sleeved shirt with Connecticut State Police. He looks pretty perky for someone who just ran 26.2 miles – I guess the pay for treason is a good reviver. He received orders previously from the guy with the walrus moustache.

        • I have adjusted the post to include doubts about the first match until more definitive data is avail.

      • Correct, u have hawk eyes. Not the same moustached dude. Definitely different men – the moustache is different, head shape is different, nose is different, chin too. Indeed the one on the left looks to be Black/Latino/Indian/mixed, while the other not.

  2. I am thinking these people must be acting under orders that have the words—National Defense in them. It instantly freaks people out when they know one squeel out of them and the men in black come knocking. Now for me, I’d not be doing their dirty deeds for any reason. Know thyself is my motto and I’ve been through many tests that tell me I’d say no to any such threats or orders. All of these people are my enemy. If one of them is reading this I have a message for them. You are traitors and cowards and soon you will have no place to hide.

  3. I saw that they had charged Jahar with everything under the sun. I suppose they are using him as an example to let the public know that they mean business on the war on terror. I hope these creeps get what they deserve. Excellent work here on your part pointing them out.

  4. Mako Defense is a very popular provider for AR-15 and Glock accessories. I remember browsing their website years ago, wasn’t too impressed, but it’s not bad stuff, the Israelis love low cost polymer manufacturing and they do it well.

    Perhaps Boston was the “conservative” answer to the “liberal” Sandy Hook?

    At Sandy Hook they were specifically trying to vilify AR-15s, then one of the biggest AR-15 accessory manufacturers is connected to Boston by association through Urban Shield? It could be nothing, but it is food for thought.

    I know that while some Jews may want to take our guns, some Israelis certainly don’t… they have just started importing the Israeli Tavor rifle and new generation Uzi pistols for exorbitant prices. Check out

    You can get a nice AR for well under $1000 and the Tavor starts around twice that. Of course it is available with an integrated Meprolight optic!

    Mepros are the Israeli interpretation of Tritium powered sights… no batteries, they illuminate using radioactive Tritium harvested from a reactor. Half life of 15 years or so that it will glow in the dark.

  5. Addendum:

    Very typical that they only had the one black guy in on this. Their simple minded tokenism is their undoing.

  6. Boston: a beautiful place has been made into a crime site.

  7. Mayor is Mayor Menino (two n’s)

    • corrected. Keep proofing.


    Whoever these people in white are supposed to be, the guy in the tan cap,glasses, and red shorts pushing Patrick Downes in the wheelchair is Steven Finnegan, Emergency Management Coordinator for Elliot Hospital and Heathcare System in Manchester, NH.

    The Fema badge Finnegan is wearing is ‘white’ which suggests he is a “exercise director.”

    On August 9 2012, Steven Finnegan was a featured speaker at the Boston All Hazards-All Stakeholders Summit 2012. Incidentally, Rene Fielding, Acting Director, Office of Emergency Management, who has already been identified to be on the scene, even helping the set up of Jeff Bauman, was also a featured speaker at this event. Other featured speakers at this summit, who are most likely all involved with the Boston marathon drill in some capacity, include the following:

    -Kurt Schwartz, Director, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
    -Garry Briese, Local Program Integrator, Denver Wide Area Recovery and Resiliency Program
    -Dr. Kate McCarthy-Barnett, Regional Disability Integration Specialist, Department of Homeland Security
    -Deputy Mike Danner, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office
    -Lieutenant Joe Klinker, Public Affairs Officer, First Coast Guard District


      Another Boston All Hazards-All Stakeholders Summit 2012 speaker, potentially identified.
      Kurt Schwartz, Director, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.
      In the above link, 11th picture down from the top, 4th picture up from the bottom, bald man wearing sunglasses, to the left.

      Kurt Schwartz
      Director, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
      Kurt N. Schwartz serves as the Undersecretary for Homeland Security and Emergency Management in the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Mr. Schwartz, who was first appointed as an Undersecretary by Governor Patrick in 2007, provides strategic leadership to the Massachusetts National Guard, the Department of Fire Services, the Commonwealth Fusion Center, and EOPSS’s Homeland Security Division. Mr. Schwartz also serves as the Director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency where he oversees a staff of 80 people and an $8M operating budget. Mr. Schwartz also serves as the state’s Homeland Security Advisor and member of the Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council under the umbrella of the National Governors Association.

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