**Breaking News** — 15 November 2015
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Hard Proof of Staging and Hoaxing in France Concert Terror Hoax

Though some people might believe it is real, it isn’t. The purported terror attack at a Paris-area concert, where supposedly some 130 people were killed, is nothing other than a terminally corrupt hoax. This is proven by the extensive use of staging in this arch-fake. No one can doubt this. It is obviously staged. Despite this, it is said in the typical headline:

Paris massacre: World mourns 120+ killed in series of terrorist attacks

What is the world mourning, a mere staged event, an elaborate drill? See the staging, here, where the man is being lifted up by several men after being painted with fake blood. There are no wounds to be seen anywhere and no hard proof of fatality to any degree, despite protestations otherwise:


To the left is the staging mole, the fireman or whomever, who is signaling others to enter into the hoax fray. Notice also the man on his back with his knees up. How in the world could all this be occurring if this was real, with such a vast amount of perfectly placed HD-camera-people capturing it all?

It truly is a grandiose hoax, as demonstrated by the following image. Where are the over 100 dead and hundreds of others wounded? Where are those with actual penetrating wounds, lacerations and entrance bullet wounds? Where are those who were actually shot by an AK-47, which causes significant, highly dangerous blast wounds? Where is a single bullet wound to be seen in anyone?

Instead, all is seen is hoaxing and staging. See this obviously so, here, that is regarding the so-called memorial. What i the world are these people doing placing their hands on other people’s’ shoulders? They have obviously been instructed to do so?


They do so while others mill around, still others merely standing about: still others looking at documents and/or clipboards. Regardless, what in the world are these people doing? How can anyone regard this as anything other than a terminally wretched fake? Then, on zoom-in what are these individuals doing, including those in the line-up?


It looks like the team was given flowers and other props in advance to capture this element of the hoax while all the photography moles were fully available. Others are seen casually milling around. Where is the fright, the horror, and the urgency here, even if this represents the aftermath?

There is still yet other obvious evidence of staging, which helps further confirm the nature of the scam. How in the world could anyone’s shoes be pulled off in a real event? Also, how could any legitimate rescue people simply leave blood-soaked matter in full public view?

Notice in this image the precise position of the shoe. It is right on the edge of the curb. No one can find this as anything other than proof of staging. The shoes were placed there as props. There is no other possibility.

The following is an example of an image touted as “belongings of victims.” Who finds this plausible? Who in a real terror act would take the time to strip off such boots and other clothing? It is not plausible in the least and is, rather, categorical proof of the fraud:

At best, a person would run away from shooters, not take the time to strip off boots.

The buses are also a part of the scam, proving the use of crisis actors and extensive staging. Notice how the crisis actor associates take the time to look directly into the cameras:

In fact, they are staring directly at the camera, a multitude of them. Yet, what else could be expected from the arch-Zionist Islamophobes of France, that is other than a terminally corrupt fake, where the fabrication is leveraged as an example of so-called Islamic terror. Sure it was. It was ISIS who did it. Then, where are those Israeli-inspired terrorists, and where are their multitude of weapons, bullets, cartridges, bombs, and more?

She looks like she is agonizing. Yet, this is not the case. She is doing so as an actress, merely for staging. Surrounding her are nothing but cameras and a multitude of props, cameras, tripods, flowers, and more.

Then, it could well have been flowers that the hoaxers were carrying in legion.

These people are crisis actors. The wounded are fake wounded. There are no wounds visible anywhere. The corpses are also fake. No one died, and no one was injured. This is an elaborate hoax meant to create  a grand distraction, once again, also to cause the demonization of the faith of Islaam. Yet, people accept it, being readily bamboozled. Somehow, they believe the impossible, that radicalized Muslims could pull this off, right in the middle of a Western country, just slip in, murder, and cause mayhem, and no one would have any idea of the plot.

It’s nonsense to the extreme. Who can prove otherwise?






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  1. I think you need to redefine your idea of what “HARD PROOF” is “Dr”K…..

    • My exact thoughts, too.
      This article is nothing but interpretations of some random pictures.

      No facts at all. This isn’t even close to “hard proof”.

      • Cowboy on November 15, 2015 at 2:16 am
        Exhibit 10-C) Zionist Orchestrated Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks Against Against France where Done Under Disguise of Simultaneous Terror Drills Same Day! Again 1 Billion percent PsyOp Hoax! Unless some can show any proof they Also Actually Killed any real people in this PsyOp Terror. So total PsyOps & all evidence says 100% Complete Hoax whereas no one died & no one killed!


        Despicable Zionists Criminals also orchestrated the announcement of release of Scumbag Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Spy Jonathan Pollard to Coincide with all these PsyOp Hoax Terror Event!

      • Exhibit 11) Zionist Orchestrated Completely Fake France Terror Attack the French People to Hatemonger & Warmonger Them into Genocidal Bombings, Wars & Invasions & Occupations against Innocent People Via Zionist Deception!
        Watch this video especially at 50 seconds to see Hoax clowns lift the fake body off the Stretcher on que according to the PsyOp Script into the Ambulance…Even though it is a modern collapseable wheeled stretcher where the wheels legs fold up with the body into the Ambulance without lifting the Body! Hoax! See the paid Crisis Actors…Next we shall see the VicSims aka Fake Victims!


      • Speaking of facts, have you seen any.?

      • Hi Salmaranzano, This website was never designed to uncover the truth, it was design for the crazies to come here and talk about conspiracies. Nodisinfo has never had a legit story however that is fine whatever makes them gain traffic. There will always be pictures where you feel this could be a hoax as anybody can create those sort of pictures but in reality there is nothing to it.

        The person who owns this website wouldn’t be able to sit in a room full of victims, the truth is the person that designed this website has had bad life experiences as there isn’t anything positive he discusses. and in a way you have to feel sorry for that.

        • Please do ask at least one victim to confront, even on live feed, you see it takes more courage to do uncomfortable things when you know the truth, I am in France and know what I’m talking about, do you? Send me an email.
          The crime here is playing with peoples minds, and you are an unwitting accessory of it just like most everybody else ;
          Good luck in finding one funeral service, on name, one casket, but if you do please do tell.
          PS people have died, but elsewhere, and in conditions you might find tough to even consider, it takes being educated. Being ignorant under the dominion of a bully status quo is the easy way, the cowardice way, excuse my directness but, like I said, some people did die and France is blaming and killing the actual victims as we speak.

          • forgot to give more info phone is +41 22 321 49 40

      • And what “hard proof” are you relying upon, the talking heads of Zionist media?

        Here’s how it works: they run DRILLS, and pawn off the drill as a LIVE event.

        People blindly accept what is told by their TV, without question, without using any logic or critical thinking skills.

        If you are unable or unwilling to accept that the TV LIES TO YOU, then you will believe anything the TV tells you.

    • Tell me then, what sort of insensitive fanatic goes around taking snap shots for public viewing like its a day at super-bowl? No way can this be real. No way in the world.
      What it is, is another brainwashing event, myself, I prefer to keep my mind in tact, but many in my neibour hood fell for this diabolical lie, can’t seem to turn em back to the light, to far gone in this hellish maelstrom.
      This is another plot to get into Syria, well why not join the Zion apocalypse?

      Yet, those morons never anticipated Mr Putin would move in now they’re gonna suffer the concequences. That is Mr Yetenyahu (imposter, not his real name) has got his arch enemies right on his border now and Mr Putin to deal with, his not gonna take any Zionist shit either.
      I noted something. There are no Isis fighters in Israel or Saudi Arabia etc causing havoc suspicious I would say, no need to worry they get their just deserts too very soon now:

      • No of what you just said made any sense in the real world Johnny boy.

    • I don’t see ANY representation of “hard proof” here. Quit with the sensationalism. People will think this is a hoax site. Or maybe that’s the idea.

      • What in the heck you tring to say, you no english very well?

    • Breaking Busted France Simultaneous Drills Gone Live With Simultaneous PsyOps Attacks!!!

      Exhibit 10) France Mossadlim Terror Simultaneous PsyOps Series of Attacks Was Done Under the Cover of A Massive Nuclear Attack Drill Like the Zionists’ previous 911 & Sandy Hook & 77 London Underground Attacks!!! Also Top CIA & MI-6, Mossad, DHS French Inteligence heads all met days before this massive multiheaded, simultaneous series of Psychological Terror Attacks Against The people of France to anger & hatemonger & warmonger them into any Arabs, Muslims, Africans or others the ZioMedia & other Zionist Psychopaths point the finger at already being directed at Syrians..Zio Psychos #1 target for genocidal mass murder and complete destruction!..and also Israel will step up it’s current mass murder/genocide operations & PsyOps against Palestinians in Israel & Jerusalem & West Bank. & Israel will try their through this murder murdering of Palestinians their evil very best to provoke a rocket response from Gaza & Hamas so these Psychopath maniac Israelis can missile attack innocent people’s homes in Gaza also.

      Good work Matty D. Now please start specifically naming the enemy too!


      Go to hell Lying Zionist Shills!

      Get out the French Guillotines!.. For the Guilty Traitorous Zionists & All their ZioPuppets who committed this proven Treason against the French people with Genocidal Mass Murder Warmogering Intent!

      • One of those gun toting crooks pointed his gun toward the sky outside, I didn’t realise ‘terrorists’ we’re coming out of the sky.
        Another Moron is just standing there smoking a cigarette a Gitane or a joint? it’s very amusing he’s talking too, about the weather or what’s in the sky?
        It looks like a living add for martial law sad imagery really created by desperate people that know they can’t win, sore losers and a bunch of naughty boys that never grew up.
        Just a scripted drill masquerading as news as propaganda and so on hehe Morons:

    • Shill I think you need explian why there is a group of people in the mix with their hands on the persons shoulders infront of them and when all others that are not. This is the same type of shots we saw at Sandy Hook with about 15 kids in the car park. You know the action shots for the news! Further you have a alledaged terrorist activity and yet hundreds of people all looking down at the action from the above position of the ramp. It also looks like the round and round video of Sandy Hook when you had the alledged parents in a loop waling in one door, exiting another in loop fashion. This looks very much like a staged grouping, not something you would expect to see from panicked people with their lives in poissible danger and thats for sure.

  2. Nodisinfo, the ‘Doctor’ and three regular posters in 60 seconds.

  3. Exhibit 12) Zionist Pyschological Warfare Simultaneous Attacks Against France & Simultaneous Drills Gone Live & As Cover.


    Get out the French Guillotines for these Zionist Traitors! lol

  4. Friday the 13th terrorist attacks? Jason would be proud lol? Always a satanic code some more obvious than others, just more morbidity from the enemies of Christ and the great Satan:

    • Yes, that is the give-away!

  5. I live in Paris my daughter knows 2 people that died. I believe people did die, but these attacks are done by the mossad

    • Well…yada yada yada “Bridget” You know someone who knows someone who died in another staged event. There is always someone who posts the ” I know someone who knows someone who died” comment. Your claim is extra special; because you know someone who knows (present tense, like they are still alive) not one but two whole people who died. Wow. We are all just so impressed.

      • That would be you on the end of Dr K’s centipede of disinformation distribution, Cecelia.
        The one at the end who swallows ALL of the shit after Cowboy and Christinne.
        Keep swallowing it, bitch. You know you love it.


      • Cecelia, you got issues.

      • you need to get laid.

    • I am sorry for your loss, Bridget… However we need proof of what you say. Give us names, adresses, pics of dead bodies and death certificates please..

  6. Seems we have some identical crisis actors as the boston marathon …

  7. I swear to god. The stupid in here is so strong it burns. “Why would someone take off their boots *blah blah blah*” If you look at the first pair of sneaker on the curb you will see a balled up blood lump of cloth. That is probably that person shirt. The first thing EMTs do is cut the clothing off the victim so that they can check for wounds. In the second picture of sneakers you can see a couple of white things laying on the ground that look like maxi pads. Those are gauze pads for packing wounds…

  8. Are we dealing with some kinda predictive shit again? ‘Made In France’ Terror Attack Film’s Wednesday Release Nixed; Disneyland Paris Closed Today


  9. Personally I enjoy reading your articles but eventually your going to find yourself in serious hot water and your close to that, firstly I know 4 people that died in those attacks so this wasn’t a hoax by any stretch, I appreciate your trying to get your site popular but you going the wrong way about it. I think you really need to review what kind of material you send out and I don’t see anything in this article that proves it is a hoax and your not a expert, not quite sure what you are trying to achieve.

    I do believe in freedom of speech etc but only with factual information, if anything this site should be a fake because I haven’t seen one article that isn’t bullshit and pointless, I agree that despite the articles being filled with lies it does make for a good read but that is it.

    • Ur problem, not ours

    • I don’t see how its my problem 🙂 and secondly my comment was all a hoax and you believed it. This is level you are currently at 😛

    • Soon the entire world will claim they know someone killed there, and they’ll be logging in here go try to call a spade a diamond.
      You can always tell when the Zionist media wants to distract someone it’s a time when they are plotting over in Zionist Israel. Normally it’s ethnic cleansing stealing and so on. Now what’s their new target? A place called Lebanon.

  10. Dang! Jewish mongrel decorated for being a hoaxer a day before the big hoax


  11. This site will now become a list of cartoon videos and endless spam of things that are special, we believe in you!

    • Keep ranting, moron, u have just showed once more u real face!

      • What that I like sonic and makes more sense than you ever will in your life?…not quite sure it is a rant as bad as yours, I believe in your Christinne I feel your pain LOL.

    • epic intro

    • Come on Christinne, put your specs on! The very few photos and video show nothing, just a cleverly placed portion of train, scattered wreckage hinting at a train, highly suspicious aerial image [one only] and the standard and familiar crisis actor photos
      It was just a drill.

  12. Boston Marathon bomb ‘victim’ admits to scam


    • Why are you jumping to boston….when we talking about chicken in a Paris article, what is wrong with you! 🙂 lol

  13. can we have your creative and wisdom on this please http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-32169080

  14. Cowboy on November 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm
    Ex 8-A)
    Breaking: France Zio PsyOp Insane Ridiculous Script Busted/Exposed all to hell!
    You just can ‘t make this $hit Up!! ….
    But ZioHollywood script writers can & Did!! Busted! So damn busted! Completely.

    Exhibit 8-A) France Zio PsyOp Mossadlim Terror Simultaneous Attacks Busted!
    The Hoax Metal Band, zioJews, admitted Israeliophiles from the Richest Town in America: Palm Desert, California born of rich Hollywood Talmudic & Zionist Jews, the Satanic:

    “Eagles of Death Metal” Band’s own video with crossdressing Satanist Jew Jack Black is straight where the naked bomb, naked terror, script came from in their Star Acting Role portion of this massive zionist PsyOps series of Mossadlims ISIS CrisiS Actors Attacks Against France! It’s a giant glaring joke on France it’s People, the genocide targeted/blamed/framed Muslims & Arabs the World & also a twisted Kabbala- Babylonian Talmud Hex/ Magic Curse these insane & evil freaks consider they are using against us by revealing the truth– atleast to those few unblinded by zioMedia & zioHollywood brainwashing who are able to find & seek & see the truth when it is in front of them. Notice the band member flirts with a woman but the naked bomb of his guitar undresses men & trannies not woman, revealing their fake macho, yet actually homo, gay biker personas, where they mostly dress as tough guy men but undress men & tranny men. Like at any gay biker bar many will flirt with woman who think they can sedice them, but they take only men & trannies home. (Unless offered enough money some will sleep with a woman who buys them for the night. But such call boys will charge the woman more than they would a man, sjnce they will not likely enjoy it.)
    Now Jack Black likes to go to Techno & Metal Concert & Punk concerts get hold of the mike for as long as he can speaking and try to get young people to swear their allegiance & souls to Satan & evil. I am not kidding. Sometimes bands or DJ’s will have to take the Mike from Jack Black so they can perform since he will keep insany trying every technic he can to get them to repeat his weirdo Satan worshipping words.
    Anyway the point is now you see where the naked people script came from, unrefuteably: their own Video. Ziotrolls may try but no one with any common sense, even of a 5 year old, reading this & seeing the video will fall for their lies and denials!


  15. Cowboy on November 14, 2015 at 10:24 am
    Exhibit 6) France Mossadlim Terror Simultaneus PsyOp for Hate & War by The Zionist Psychopaths.. ..Including the
    …Eagles of Death Metal Satanic Zionist Jew Band From Palm Desert, CA The Wealthiest Town In USA!
    He claims as a six yr old he was unimpressed by Ted Nugent one of the greatest Hard Rock guitarist ever at his best in his height of genius incredible performances in the 70’s & yet a concert the same venue he was enamoured by the much tamer Kiss Makeup Metal Pop Band… This is ofcourse a zioScripted attack-putdown based on Ted Nugent’s advocacy of Gun Rights & stand against the illegal immigration invasion against America orchestrated by his fellow zionist Jews. Then he admits that Gene Simmons of Kiss atleast loves his mother like a good jew even though he is a women hating pig..but he still loves him & hates the Stereotype of Jews just loving to make a pile of money as presented by Gene Simmons & Kiss but still loves him because he is a fellow jew & zio..Lol And in fairness ofcourse Gene was not attacking money grubbing Jews really he just was a self admitted Money grubbing jew and still is admittedly both a fellow jew & zionist and that us all that really matters to this extreme zionist & Babylonian Talmud following Jewish Supremist of this Satanic Eagles of Death Metal Band and thus why he is happily involved in this zionist Israeli PsyOp Psychological Terror PsyOp Event Leveled Against The French People & the world as well as an attack against Islam, Muslims, Christianity indirectly, and all of Humanity.

    “I love that question. Well, I saw KISS with my Dad when I was six and Ted Nugent was opening, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to see KISS. My dad bought Destroyer for me, and that was the thing that really blew my mind.
    So I fucking loved KISS, but now Gene Simmons makes me sad man, he makes me sad. I read his book, and he talks about his mother a lot in it in a way that I really appreciate it. But the other stuff, his attitudes to women are just not acceptable, ever in any way. Like that Terry Gross interview he did on NPR, did you ever hear that? It’s like being raped. [ We know ]. It’s horrible. But that whole sleazy attitude, it’s just bad, man. And also the whole stereotype of the Jewish guy wanting to make a pile of money. I mean, that’s not how it is, man!”
    Ahh..Eagles of Death Metal idiot zioPuppet.. for Gene Simmons & Kiss & zionist Jews & Hollywood Jews & Talmudic Jews & Satanic Jews like him and yourself it is indeed about making a pile if money & serving & helping only fellow Jews & the Psychopath State of Israel!!..as it is correctly called by Norman Finkelstein a Jew!
    And it is also about doing it at the expense of all others & towards the destruction & genocidal via war, starvation, occupation & subjugation of all others.


  16. Cowboy on November 14, 2015 at 4:38 pm
    Exhibit 8-B)
    France Simultaneous Psyop Mossadlim Terror Attacks By the Zionist
    Watch stars of the French PsyOp Terror Crisis Actor Stars of the Zionist Extremist Jewish & Israeliophile Gay Biker Macho Style Pop Metal/Hoax Metal Band “Eagles of Death Metal” Self Interview between Josh with HomoErotic crypto embeded phrases, allusions, analogies, overtunes the two bandmembers of Eagles of Death Metal.
    Also especially note their scripted homoerotic talk where they get excited mentioning John Holmes a white goyim/gentle porn Star known for an “enormous tool” who supposedly died of Aids perhaps murdered so the extremely rare hung Jew, extremely perverted Zio Jew Ron Jeremy could become biggest male star in the completely Jewish run porn industry centered in Northridge California. Jeremy was considered the freakish hedgehog pig of porn before Holmes untimely death but became the biggest male porn star after his death despite his repulsive looks even fully clothed and built his own porn empire after that.
    Anyway there are many Babylonian Talmud scriptures that basically say to murder someone to gain power is good especially a goyim. And one is to be rewarded for doing so or even for hiring it done. So others of this Satanic occult Talmud Judaic system will reward you for doing so even if they received no benefit from such a murder themself, they still believe it will give them more occult power & wealth & success for rewarding you for your evil..and like a pyramid scheme (that does not crash) it will indeed since others will reward them for helping a murderer and his assistants & false alibi witness & a his rewarders & so on.
    Anyway also notice how he says “I love you” to his bandmember as one would say to a girlfriend in a very barely veiled homosexual way…not at all how a straight male would say I love you brother…like Hulk Hogan would do…or I love you man..just a really faggy way…quite bit above a subliminal level.
    But even (perhaps their biggest song I guess??)
    the title is HomoErotic Titled:
    I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News) just like the video in a Crypto Macho Gay Biker Fashion. Act & Dress mostly as a masculine, straight male straight but throw in little messages in your attire like a flashy hankerchef hanging from your pocket, and throw allusions, etc. to homosexual lusts and firt with woman pursue other homos and straight naive males and trannies semi discretely.
    Josh Homme & Jesse Hughes are their names.
    The Homme name is likely even a scripted/invented Hollywood picked name & Crypto allusion to Homo Erotica, subliminal to most. And perhaps to his homo sexual obsession lust of John Holmes who are both lusting for. They may think of Goyim as animals generally but they are still attracted to goyim sexually. Perhaps his twisted zioConnected Palm Desert & likely Hollywood father took him to watch John Holmes make a few porn films in North Ridge or North Hollywood.


  17. Exhibit 14) France Freaky Friday 13th Zio Faked Series Of Simultaneous PsyOps UNDER COVER of Simultaneous Drills Psychological Warfare Attacks Against The French People To Hatemonger Them Towards Genocidal Wars Against Muslims, Arabs & Africans To Benefit & profit Only the Zionist Psychopaths & Zionist Illuminati Centtal Banksters!
    War By Deception & Divide & Conquer by the Crazed Zionist Enemy of Mankind to mutually Destroy the Goyim in Insane wars, bombing campaigns, invasions, genocidal occupations and forced starvation!


  18. ISIS CRISIS Actor Mossadlim Eeevile Boogeyman Official Hoax PsyOp Picture!


  19. Exhibit 1) Zionist Psychocological Terrorism Simultaneous Hoax Attacks Against the French People to Hatemonger & Warmonger Them Into Zionist Genocidal Mutually Destructive Wars For Zionist Power & profits! And for Destruction of Syria to set up Greater Israel over the dead bodies and blood of Syrians & others.


  20. Exhibit 1) Zionist Psychocological Terrorism Simultaneous Hoax Attacks Against the French People to Hatemonger & Warmonger Them Into Zionist Genocidal Mutually Destructive Wars For Zionist Power & profits! And for Destruction of Syria to set up Greater Israel over the dead bodies and blood of Syrians & others.


  21. Inspector Clouseau looking for….. clues, how not?


  22. Beginning of Mass Shootings during a Concert of Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan in Paris


    • an absolutely pathetic offering from SpookLeak Yet more proof nothing happened.

      • France Terror PsyOp VicSim #1)
        Victims & VicSims / Fake Victims

        Victims must be Honored & Shown who Did it & what & why! Victims Of the Psychological Warfare Terror Simultaneous Attacks by the Zionist Against France & the World- Done by Zionists & their puppets Under Cover of Simultaneous Disaster & Terror Drills being done the same doing which simply went live as planned & were treasonously presented as real terror attacks!

        To Honor The Real French Victims- being the targeted French people & all the Arabs, Muslims & Syrians in particular & Africans & other hated goyim of the world targeted for extermination & destruction.. We must identify the Fraudster VicSims aka Fake Victims/ Fraudsters.

        Hoax Dead Marie Mosser: This Fraudster Faking her death in this PsyOp works digital marketing for Universal Records a powerful zionist Jew owned & run music recording company eorldwide criminally involved in this PsyOp perpetrated Treasonously against the French people & being used by the zionist enemy to bring France into a mutually deadly war for France & the genocide extermination targets: innocent people in the Middle East & elsewhere!


        Note: This picture of her is distorted due to the lense used but her Linkedin is more accurate.

  23. France Friday 13 2015 PsyOp Zionist Terror Attacks
    VicSim #1(b) Fake Dead Marie Mosser

  24. “We Were Prepared”: Counter-Terrorism Emergency Exercise on “Multi-Site Attacks” Took Place On Same Day As Paris Terrorist Attacks


  25. Predictive programming strikes again


  26. Drill extended to the UK, welcome NWO! Britain on terror alert: Special forces on the streets of London as experts warn ISIS is using the PlayStation 4 network to recruit and plan attacks because it’s ‘more secure than WhatsApp’


    • “Terrorists cant be seen on camera” LOL, they say. Because they didnt exist at all….
      …Yes…but not to worry woman…There’s..ziomagic… good ol’ zio Magic… In a couple days they can CGI or Greenscreen in Some of Rita Katzslime’s ISIS Crisis Actor Mossadlim Eeevile Terrorists into the same existing footage and waaLaaaa! Zio magically even the some fake truther shills will tell us sternly it was now a real event!! Doesn’t matter what the same footage showed without the “correcting ziomagic” you must honor the new footage as 100% proof! …And therefore Since ISIS did the FRANCE Hoax attacks France must imediately begin bombing Syria & Hezbollah (the good guys–ISIS’s sworn enemies) & bomb as many innocent homes in Syria as possible also..since that’s how Israel fights terror (they mass murder innocent people in their homes with missiles & cheer on the fun from mountain sides like Jews & Romans at the Coliseum watching unharmed Christian get fed to starving lions**) since to they have been providing safe haven for ISIS for quite a while! Well maybe not safe haven but ISIS are in their country…yes fighting & murdering innocent Syrian people…but still we most have zero tolerance! in the war on Terror! 3 strikes & your out & remember 911 & the Alamo! Remember Sandy Hook! Reminder Bin Laden & tbe Evil doers! So we must bomb Syria for having ISIS & Al Queda in their country even though USA & Turkey & UK sent them there at the chosen Psychopath country’s command-Israhell! Rules are rules. And some have to obey rules & some don’t.. or really zionist don’t obey any & your an antisemite if you say they have to a single one! & their puppets don’t, atleast when they do Israel & the zios bidding…but the rest of you dumb goyim better or you get genocided…well if you are a Muslim or Arab country even if you obey the zionist set rules & you are helping not murdering enough other Muslims for the chosens’ you still get Genocided & bombed! But you are goyim so don’t resist reguardless, or that’s a war crime! unless we sell you weapons so you can have a really good ziotwisted war against your non enemy who we are also funding (well are tax slaves in USA are funding) & framing false flags against you so they want to kill you also Understand? It’s zio Twisted reality! And none Dare criticize his real ruler. As we see even day by most every poster on ever forum!

  27. France Friday 13 2015 PsyOp Zionist Terror Attacks
    VicSim #1(b) Fake Dead Marie Mosser
    This not her but Emeah Page


    So apparantly she was working with Singer Emeah Page on Nov 2 who just recorded an EP. And she stopped using her official twitter at Universal Records suddenly that same day. There is no way she would suddenly stop using her twitter right after working with such a talented singer she would be required to promote. Unless told to stop. They screwed up obviously, because they know most people are too dumbed-down, braindead, mind controlled to use their common sense and see such a glaring screwup as her stopping doing part of her job 10 days prior to her role as a dead Victim, VicSim Hoax Dead Crisis Actor ten days too soon! lol So I supposed they set her up with a new job then & under another identity right then. (But often it is the same name almost or exactly same with different addresses shell jobs etc.) She may have been transferred to USA, Australia, Belgium, UK or where ever..and may still be continuing working for Universal even. Or maybe a TV or radio station, newspaper, ad agency etc.

  28. “Is she a Jewess, she looks like a chosenite?” Bermann..Berman!!!
    You antiGenocidite!
    Come on Christinne is your Zio Detecting Jewdar broken! Berman is Jewish!! get some new batteries for it or something! lol

    • Its not broken I hope, but she could have been married to a Jew, simply as that. But nope, shes Jewish, just as I said…..

  29. Exhibit 17) Breaking More Proof! France’s Zionist Criminal Network Practiced these Simultaneous Terror PsyOps for Long Time To Perpetrate it Against The French People Successfully & to draw them into Deadly Zionist Agenda Wars Against It’s Targeted Innocent People Abroad!

    “A multi attack drill “Omega 2010″ simulating bombings at the EIffel Tower, The Stade de France. and a regional mall”
    Busted Some more Zionist Psychopath Enemies of France the world! These monsters are unmatched in evil deception & crazed genocidal intent!


  30. Exhibit 18) Zionist Psychological Terror Treasonous (Hoax) Attack Against The French People To Anger & Warmonger Them Into Genocidal War Against The Syrian People & others abroad Is Working!
    France is bombing Syria Under the Disguise Of Bombing ISIS.
    Read the news reports closely & notice Israel’s ISIS Mercenaries moved-retreated out of all targeted areas before France Started bombing!! As Matty D says Israel is calling the shots–so France will never bomb ISIS, nor Al Queda, nor SFA ever…EVER! Nor any if the Turkish Mercs or any Israeli servant Murderous Mercs under any other label! Because all are serving Israel’s goals of genocidally mass murdering Syrian people & destroying Syria to SET UP (THE GOAL OF) GREATER ISRAEL! Only Syrian Patriots, Courageous Hezbollah & Syrian troops & militia stand in Israel & zioPuppet terrorists Mercenaries’ way!
    Now if you notice carefully it says France is bombing weapons & munitions depots and bases. Well that means it is bombing Syria’s bases Syria’s supplies! ISIS mercenaries are not simply leaving weapons & supplies behind!
    Please support this Serebra Sana (French???) Lady exposing this genocidal Israel-Zionist PsyOp & War Operation
    against the French people & against Israel’s targets for bombing & genocide.


  31. OK, so you say in a real chaos situation, you wouldn’t find shoes or boots removed from victims. Then why would these actors try to “stage” this story by scattering shoes around, to make it look “more real”? Don’t you think they’ve thought of that?

    “Also, how could any legitimate rescue people simply leave blood-soaked matter in full public view?”

    Errrrm… to preserve as much evidence as possible?

    “To the left is the staging mole, the fireman or whomever, who is signaling others to enter into the hoax fray. ”

    Firemen talk to people, don’t they? This fireman may have spotted a wounded and was giving him some instructions, or he may have been asking a big guy from the crowd etc to give him a hand carry this guy lying on the ground. Million other possible scenarios… YOU WERE NOT THERE!!

    “Notice also the man on his back with his knees up. How in the world could all this be occurring if this was real, with such a vast amount of perfectly placed HD-camera-people capturing it all?”

    Yes, I noticed that this man has his knees up. And? What’s your point? Having knees up is a comfortable position if your back is hurt, for instance?

    Not one of your sentences makes any hard-proof point.

  32. How about Charlie Hebdou , îs it fake? Sorry, fake post…

  33. You are un uneducated maggot. Your people will be killed by the west. Good luck scum

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