London Hoax Other Hoaxes — 25 May 2013
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London Decapitation: More Evidence of a Hoax?

This is absolute proof: the scam is fully and categorically exposed. No one can dispute it.
The American-based Zionists are apparently far superior to their London-based cohorts at faking Islaamic terror.

The London false flag operation has bombed out miserably–and relatively quickly. Worse than merely low-budget it was a miserably useless hoax, truly sophomoric, that can be disproven easily. Regardless, at least when the Americans do so they usually frame actual Muslims with real Islaamic names rather than a man with a name, Michael, which is obviously either Christian or Jewish.

Update: a mistake was made, a rather big one, due to optical illusion pointed out by one of the posters. It was a fairly big mistake, so that material is being redacted from the post. One component that was well done was the filming of the two ‘suspects being shot down, with what appears to be blood blowing out of their body. Could this be Hollywood-style trickery at its best? It seems real enough. Yet, could this, too, be fake? For additional evidence of staging and potential fakery see That post would indicate potential manipulation of the crime scene, indicating that the decapitation wasn’t a real one and that the entire event was staged where, once again, no one died, and no one was injured.

Despite this error there is circumstantial evidence, other evidence, for the potential staging of this event. One major one is the name of the star individual himself. This is being attributed as Islaamic terror, once again, it is incredible that this is achieved despite the fact that the man is named Michael Adebolaga. From the Yoruba province of Nigeria that could just as easily be a Christian or Jewish name. He speaks as if he is acting. Is he attempting to incriminate Islaam for this act? That is how it appears.

It is the following image which provides the ultimate proof substantial proof of staging and fabrication. Look at the car:

There is no way the mere striking of human bones and flesh could lead to such a degree of damage. That car had already been smashed and was merely dropped off on the site. It will be seen later that there were two large lorries there, likely responsible for the transport. The plastic or bumper components were merely strewn as props.

Here is the real situation, where a strike against a pedestrian led to a fatality: a bit of damage to the windshield and the plastic bumper. The metal was not massively dented, not even remotely so:

A car is a potentially dangerous instrument and can kill a human without any major damage to its frame. Yet, according to ABC’s Virtual View this damage was due to striking a human being only. The car supposedly was driven down the sidewalk pavement for purposes of striking the person. So, according to the network this strike against a human could be the only source of the damage.


This would appear to be the kind of damage that would result from the striking of a hard object against the car, not a human. What kind of speed could have been achieved on that sidewalk?

It is to be asked if these men ever really even had any weapons in their hands, the way people behaved so nonchalant in their presence. Even so, the woman in screen is merely an actress: part of the plot. Notice the smashed car. That, Like the man with supposedly a knife, like the hero on the scene, the scout leader, and the knife itself: all are props.

Nevertheless, is the knife really blood-saturated, or is that, too, fake, in other words, is it a kind of synthetic coloring instead? Who in the world would stand so calmly before such a person, so nonchalant, with such a threat: a man who could stab a person to death in a mere second?

Whatever it is that color is suspect: it is just like the phony blood used in the Boston Marathon fake bombing. Loading with Red Dye-tainted corn syrup or some similar movie-grade facsimile.

Is there even more profound evidence, that which is absolute–that which would create shudders in the minds of the scoundrels who perpetrated this? Satan prefers to remain in disguise? Can this wicked one be clearly exposed? What about the blood on the pavement: fake or real? If it is fake, that means no one was hurt and the entire event is a fabrication.

Note: We could be wrong about this issue of the blood not being there. We will leave the pictures for your review. It could actually be an optical illusion.

Recall this picture. The woman is reportedly speaking to him after the decapitation, telling him a thing or two in good old English-style. The fake knife is purple. Surely, there should be blood visible: perhaps some five liters of it. Yet, where is it?

It would appear that the blood or fake blood is there as a shiny material behind the man but is not showing up due to illusion or reflection.


Yet, the claim is that the man was drug from the area of the pool to the street. There is seemingly little or no evidence of the kind of drag marks that would be expected from such an action. Rather, there is a kind of drainage-type appearance, following gravity downward, especially in the three puddle-like appearances, right screen.


This does not support the official story  of blood spread by dragging a corpse. Rather, it merely appears to be puddles of fake material, which drains downward through gravity. Again, we erred to say that the blood hadn’t yet been applied: the colorant was there at the time of the interview heroics.

Yet, where were the two standing? Could it have been somehow in a different location? Is it out of perspective?

It simply appears to have been sprayed into puddles, gravity taking it downward.

Here is where the woman and man were standing, with her in pink. The colorant is apparently there as the shiny material, though the color is not evident. So, in this case our hero would have seen it. Raw blood, a man with a blood-soaked weapon, and she is merely standing there entirely relaxed trying to talk him out of the weapon. This has all the evidence of a government-endorsed scam. Were the UK perps afraid that people would step in it and mess up the camera shoot? A blunder was made of astronomical proportions: no escape from this one.

Investigators immediately protested that while, yes, there was the appearance of blood in the area of the purported attack, why no blood in the street? Why none on the curb? Why none on the body or, rather, dummy? Why no residual blood from the dragging of the body into the street to include drag marks and, surely, blood on the clothes?

Yet, there is this red coloring on the edge of the curb following into the street:


It doesn’t appear to even be fixed to the pavement; it is as if it is floating in space. Note the position: 90 degrees to the middle of the rectangular white pavement brick. So, it’s there in the aftermath pictures seen by potentially billions of people. Yet, according to CNN, relying on ITV, this was the scene after the supposedly “grisly” murder, while the blood, or, rather, fake blood was fresh:

That can’t be easily seen from these vantage points. It could be an illusion. However, it is mentioned, here, because this bit of blood is not readily visible:


There is nothing visible in this area: no fake blood, no foot prints in blood, no real blood, no red dye, tempera paint. Yet, notice something? What is that in the back? It appears to be an apparatus of some sort? Could that be the source of the red coloring: yet another fake blood bladder, a drizzling device?

Photos of backpack removed to be updated with higher resolution images.

It is not known for sure, yet, what this is, but a pumping device for fake blood cannot be ruled out. Therefore, could the London “Sickening” Decapitation be a cruel hoax perpetrated by the fully Zionist-installed government of the UK, largely under the auspices of Ed Miliband and David Cameron. This is plausible, since both these men work for Britian’s Zionist-controlled government.  So, what else is to be expected from imperialist powers other than categorical lies? No mention is made of the people the English Zionists brutally murder every day in Afghanistan and surely previously in Iraq. Recall that it was so-called British special forces which were caught attempting to bomb innocents at an Iraqi vegetable market while dressed as “Shiites,” their disguise even including wigs. The hypocrisy is sickening and gives further evidence of the scam.

There they are, like America’s White House operatives, telling bold-faced lies to the entire world.

A true embarrassment, the hoax was amateurish beyond believe, and even the relatively curious videographic images of the supposed suspects being gunned down is not sufficient to prevent the fraud from being exposed. The decapitation hoax would appear to represent a David Cameron version of the Obama regime’s false flag acts of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon fraud. This fake attack on a fake soldier truly is a phony, just like Sandy Hook and the Boston hoax. The timing is surely suspect. So are the witnesses and the perpetrators.




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  1. You can clearly see the shiny blood obviously the pavers are lower where the blood is, why else did it pool and run where it did, the same as driving down the road in the summer and it appears there are pools of water, when actually it is dry. It’s known as an optical illusion. LOOK CLOSER! The shiny area is EXACTLY where the blood is in the overhead image.

    • I will look closer. You may be right that they had spread the fake fluid at that point. Will correct.

    • there are three shots and you are saying all of them the blood is not shown because of the reflection, all of the blood? the first might seem its there small pool the very very small patch i mean. and that picture is just weirds me out blood reflected light ? it dark and red this is bad for reflection and from picture i have seen only blood in water reflects light and not in the manner in the picture.beside that picture has very weird perspective its perspective and the manner that shrinks the distances is confusing. also the blood trail is going toward the street (the three stripes) from the small patch but why is the trail from the walls and not towards the body? where is the head! did they drag it to the wall and thus the trail then why there is no trail leading to the body. if they started from the wall surely thats not 5 litres of blood over a long distance that it finished midway and there is no smudged trail or any clothes that were stained by it not even the victims apparently with a whit shirt for someone stabbed multiple times and dragged.

      also for someone that gets of the bus because she sees a small car accident and then sees a beheaded man and its murderers goes to them and talks for a length of time and then tries to stall them before seeing her bus going away bidding them fairwell asking if she can help and catching the bus. talk about a stupid citizen that better be a kung fu master of doom. how the hell does a teacher gets the experience to talk to murederers calmly from the dumb trouble makers at school.

      this is raw footage that SHOWS there is LITTLE blood that is fading you can clearly see that no one is amazed or caring two pass by someone with bloody hands two big knives one with her baby. did anyone even notice the blood? try running the garden hose 3-4 litres on the ground see if no one from the street notices make it red and prepare to see police in 3 minutes not 20 like in this case. from other footage it seems they lift the woman alone for some time(there is a picture of her standing alone and two other women seeing to the body) and they came back with clean spotless knife you can see it when its dropped in the 2 seconds chase. the guys sure are careless charging at he police like this and not even shooting like a the maniacs they are did they even shoot at all.

      in the slow motion you can see the knife man goes to wards the car and is face to face with the cops he didn’t shoot once till he was at their feet and when the open their doors and shoot in his face a man with a gun charging at you and pointing to you head and is two feet away you shoot his knees? the knees which again little blood if any and they move to the second man after that one dropped all these shots and only targeting their legs, why leave a suspect that is wrigling in the ground he can shoot you know.

      there are many false flag in this. small event the nation covered it while things happen like these everyday everywhere only when a muslim is involved the pm has to comment and make a scene. suspects background is associated with the the intelligence MI5 in UK 2007 bombing CIA like 9/11 and boston the “terrorists” where they are supposed recruits. the plane hijackers and tamerlan and know this guy.

      • Upon further inspection it became clear that the antifreeze or car fluids were also of muted color in that photo. Thus, for the sake of accuracy the presumption of the blood or fake blood not being there has been removed. What is compelling is the patter of the fluid, which appears in pools and drains downward; no evidence of any kind of blood staining patterns from dragging a corpse, which is ‘dead; weight and would create a much different pattern.

  2. In the first youtoob video posted above by Truth confirmed!, there is an annoying video post processing technique being used. It seems this video was published by The Sun. I have seen this technique also used by ABC News in a Woolwich video I posted earlier and another slimestream media site recently that, unfortunately, I cannot remember. The technique results in an narrow video with vertical-dominant dimensions sandwiched between annoyingly distracting copies of blurred and distorted horizontal portions of the main video content in the center.

    The dimension ratio of the main video content in the center is highly unusual. I don’t recall ever seeing video captured in these dimensions. So, I believe this to be a post-processing technique. But, why? The technique makes it very difficult to concentrate on videos processed in this way and does absolutely nothing to aid the viewer.

    In rough calculations, the center portion of this video seems to wind up being square (1:1) with the annoying wing panels ratio roughly 1:3. If someone knows more about this new (to me, at least) technique, please tell me more. Who created it. Why? What is the marketed purpose for it? What is the real, mind-bending purpose?

  3. Damage to the car comes quite clearly from the signposts you show when picturing the forensic guy in the white suit looking at blood spatter. The car hit the right hand stand, out of view on your picture of the car but in view with the image of the forensic chap. The damage matches right up.

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