Boston Bombing — 10 May 2013
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Comparison photos removed; needs more comparison and investigation

Heather Abbott Exposed?

What a shame for Heather Abbott. In the zest for publicity and exposure she exposed herself as a terminal fraud.

There is no way that she lost her leg at the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax. The bomb-blast was too feeble to even knock down the empty plastic glasses on the tables. How could it blow her leg off?

Abbott said that she and her friends were blown with such force that the were blown into the restaurant, striking the bar. No one else reported any such force. Patrons said it sounded like musket fire, one worker inside, an M-80.

It is clear that Heather Abbott is a liar, as is her doctor. Yet, hard evidence regarding the circumstances behind such lies has been elusive. Not any longer. This video provides evidence of the nature of her fraud and the motivation behind it.

Miscellaneous screen shots

The doctor’s in on it.


Is this doctor real? Or, is he artificial, a foreign national–and Israeli? Surely, in the real world there are consequences for participating in the lie.


The IV isn’t hooked up; just for effect. Why would she allow herself to be stabbed for a fake?




Making a spectacle of it all:

Not sure what this is all about. What’s the oxygen for?

The manager said it sounded like an M-80, but an M-80 would do more damage than this.
Water bottle, plastic cups, plants: nothing tipped over. Even the ashtrays are still there. Still believe a dangerous bomb went off?

Note: comparison photos removed; needs more investigation. The rest of the photos, though, are held here as an accurate representation.


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  1. Now things should begin to pick up..great job!

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  3. What is proof?
    There have been some heated exchanges about what exactly is proper proof. These arguments are a distraction; e.g. – “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.” Perhaps I can help. This is a criminal legal matter, therefore those rules of proof apply.
    Burden of Proof
    “He who does not carry the burden of proof carries the benefit of assumption, meaning he needs no evidence to support his claim” (emphasis added). The government carries the burden of proof. They have the responsibility to prove the elements of this matter. We are the de facto defense, since there will never be a real trial (of the accused bomber anyway). We the defense, have to prove nothing, only “poke holes” in the governments case. We have already poked a fatal amount of holes in their claims. We should keep “poking”.
    Standard of Proof
    “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof of such a convincing nature that no reasonable person can doubt it.”
    The official version of these events has already failed that standard. Now lets identify each person on both scenes, by name, address, employment, background, family and business contacts etc. and see who cracks first. Thank you.
    The fact that these forums exist at all shows that reasonable people are not convinced by the official story. So what then…the shills try to change the game and portray us as unreasonable, unstable, paranoid, etc. Keep your eve on the ball. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get misled.

  4. Another possible actor match:

    • Havf8 did so much work yesterday exposing the amputee actors. This video above that he made was flagged by the Hollywood amputee actors, along with the one about Heather Abbott. He was getting death threats yesterday and threats for lawsuits. Therefore the videos were taken down.

      • If anyone here gets threats of any kind I want to know about it immediately.

        • When the threats come…you are onto something good.

  5. That blond woman named Heather in the actor pics is not her. I would remove that picture. Just confuses people. It’s the one named Jamie. In Heather’s hospital interview she states “running” as her first enjoyment. Look at Jamie’s bio. What do you know….. she is an avid amputee runner in races.

    • Look at Heather’s Hollywood Amputee Bio….its the same name and age she’s using in Boston.

  6. Notice in her picture with Michelle Obama. Her hair is much darker and not professionally straightened. That photo op was probably done a long time ago when she was first offered the chance to become an actress by TPTB. Notice her hair is darker and highlighted differently in the pic with Michelle. Now she has the light bleach blond hair with roots showing, same style as Jamie (only parted on the other side).

    • The problem is, Michelle’s bangs are a recent phenomenon (cf. Obama’s joking about her hairstyle at the Correspondents’ Dinner in April 2013)

  7. 100% match amputee actress Jamie and Boston Marathon “victim” Heather. 5-10 years and kilos between pics.

    But the amputee actress Heather is someone else.

    • Other actress photo removed, thanks.

    • If i get some good same facial angle views of actor ‘jamie’ & heather abbott i’ll doing a photoshop overlay to verify facial proportions. Ill do it tomorrow eve and post it at and here.

  8. Boston fake victim Heather Abbott is Hollywood Amputee Heather ~ age 38…imo. “Jamie” is dark skinned and has the wrong shaped face to be Heather Abbott.

    Heather ~ age 38 is very light colored and more closely matches Boston Heather. I understand there is a controversy here.

    I know it may not matter but both Boston Heather and Hollywood Heather use the same name and age. I believe this is by design and not just a coincidence.

    • There could be some deliberate confusion with the names and matching ages. But the Hollywood Heather does not look like Heather in the hospital at all. The other one Jamie, is the facial match, a bit younger, thinner. Skin color is easily altered by the sun or tanning.

      • Yes, we need to do a careful overlay and assessment of the Jamie; the likeness is significant. Need more pictures and will revive the post info, if appropriate.

  9. I miss Gene,

    Gene Rosen is an actor known to play out skits about children. Rosen was caught practicing his lines well before the time of the claim for a shooting. He was the man who said he took six children into protection in his house in the midst of the crisis. This is not true. He can be seen practicing these very lines via overhead camera (via helicopter) in the morning of Dec. 14 sometime before 10:00 a.m. He can also be seen interacting with a TV producer at this time. Also, as has been confirmed by a direct communication, Rosen is a producer on local community TV, CTV. Furthermore, while Rosen was being interviewed by CBS a solar-powered sign could be seen behind him, ordering all actors to “sign in” before entering the secure area

    She is way to happy loosing a leg. Gene, did give us tears.

  10. Maybe, the Boston Cowboy would auction off the blood soaked American flag. We could do some test on the flag. I will start the auction at $100.00, or is this taboo. I

  11. drkresearch. I am getting bored with this craziest with all the photos. Please show one foot, arm, toe, or even a finger that belong to all these amputees. Thanks

  12. Richard, I miss all your post. You seem to be more intelligent that the average “goy”. I am like you, I see a lot of fussy pictures; however, from all the amputees I do not a arm, leg, toe , or finger laying beside the victims. Please give me a minimum 10 paragraph explanation, thanks.

    • “average goy” ??? What would YOU like to be called? Would you want to be accused of believing that you belong to some superior race? Would you like to be accused of practicing your own brand of racism? For editors of this site, “average goy” deserves to be called a racist remark…should have been deleted

      • Sounds like the two Mossad agents are signaling each other.

  13. Where is Richard when I need him. Richard, the photos are fussy, but with all the photos presented by Drkresarch, I have yet to see a leg, arm. toe. or even a finger beside any of the victims of the pressure cooker blast. Richard, I want no less that 10 paragraphs to dispute why I see no residual from the blast. I am only a average Goy, so this should be easy for you to explain,

    • Ken a word of warning. There are actually 2 different Richards now. The original one and a second one that appeared using the same name.

  14. @Kenneth here is a picture (bottom left corner) of someones dismembered foot, does that satisfy your craving? Or will you still only accept 10 paragraphs? How about you write 10 paragraphs of solid evidence you have? I doubt you could write once sentence that could be used as evidence in a court of law.

    • Hi nj
      Please carefully review my post What is Proof. We LEGALLY NEED TO PROVE NOTHING. The legal burden is on anyone supporting this absurd event. How many criminal prosecutions have you taken to trial? What is your conviction rate?

      • If tamerlain were not conveniently dead. There is enough reasonable doubt on this forum alone to secure an aquittal. Just think how much more evidence of fraud is still waiting to be uncovered. The shills should be nervous.

      • The shills are here to frustrate and confuse. They are trying to re-direct the focus. WE DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE THIS EVENT WAS 100% FALSE. THE PROPONENTS OF THE OFFICIAL VERSION HAVE THE LEGAL OBLIGATION TO DEMONSTRATE THAT EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT OF THIS OFFENCE IS TRUE TO THE EXTENT THAT NO REASONABLE PERSON COULD DISAGREE. They can never do that so they will try to confuse, distract, mislead an ultimately just say…..”your’e unreasonable”…..

        • These events are being done to distract from the previous one, and also to step up martial law. They couldn’t prove James Holmes was guilty in Aurora, they couldn’t prove Sandy Hook was true, and now they can’t prove the Boston bombings were real. That’s why they are coming at us fast and furious with these false flags. After each of these events, just when we were getting to the point where our research was going to reach too many people…. another one was perpetrated. and each one has been worse than the previous one. If we don’t get this out there, and get it known, then the next one will be even worse.

          • You Sir…are correct!

    • Yeah, that fake foot is in the bottom right corner of the pic of Bauman. there is not that much tissue in a foot. I have also seen pics without the foot in that area of the picture. Just like they are now adding blood onto Krystle’s white stomach, that foot was added to the pics after they read blogs such as this one. This is the same picture where we also the plastic tube sticking out of Bauman’s clothing to drench his thigh, and also the same pic where the blood puddle is bright red Tempura paint, as noted by medical persons and hunters.

      • Broken record here……that is why we need to find, preserve and share as much original evidence in these cases. They will keep changing the story. If we have the originals we can spotlight their coverup.

    • NJ, let’s play nice, no name calling. I will ask drkresearch to put you in a corner if you attack me again!

      Back to the pics, to blurry to identify what is on the ground. If pics were clear, still no proof, just like the moon landing.

      • Hi ken
        Don’t be too hard on nj he is just getting a little nervous. The more arguments (actually now more like justifications & excuses) we face here the better our case will eventually become. “like the grain of sand that creates a beautiful pearl through constant irritation”

  15. Are you people all retarded? You make these assumptions through Internet searches and pictures? How about knowing her with two legs before the marathon and now with only one leg.

    Really puts an end to your pointless “research”. They sure painted that sidewalk red quickly after the bomb went off huh? Americans voluntarily losing limbs for what reason? Just go meet one of these people and stop wasting your time.

    Oh also oxygen is necessary for anyone who has had a wound with massive blood loss, seizures and cardiac arrest are always possibilities.

    • You say “Just go meet one of these people and stop wasting your time.” We would very much like to do that. We do not have access. But apparently you do. so by all means go to the hospital and take pictures with you and your injured friends, and also your friend the surgeon. Please do put your pictures on this website. None of us are interested in disrespecting anyone who may have been injured. We are documenting the fraud that is plain to see.

      But if you can share with us your pictures of friends who were truly injured, we welcome that. So far, of all the people who claim to know someone there, not a single one has come forward with such proof. You can be the first. You would play an important role in world history in stopping what you believe to be unfounded theories. Please… bring your proof.

      • That sounds like what my friends would want, their pictures posted on a site to disprove idiot conspiracy theorists. There are plenty of pictures already online. Jeff Bauman will be going back to work at Costco soon. Take a trip to his work, see for yourselves.

        What a brilliant “plot” also. Lets set up or take a bombing at a place with hundreds of cameras, hundreds of police and thousands of witnesses. I’m sure you have an explanation for that also though.

        This hasn’t started an overseas war or anything major. What is the motivation? If it was a conspiracy wouldn’t the US have blamed a country or group? Not some 20 year old kid. Great logic.

        • Worked for Hitler. Google The Big Lie

    • Hi bh83
      Haven’t noticed your name before. New player?…or….old shill…new name? We are actually doing this for free because we care about the truth. What’s the current shill rate?

  16. Oh I also have a good friend who is a surgeon at Mass General who helped operate on victims. She’s definitely in on the conspiracy. You people are pathetic.

    • Yea…..yea….and I have a friend that works for the C.I.A and he told me this is all a scam. Talk is cheap Shill-off

  17. @LEO But you’re not here disputing the two brothers conviction are you? You’re here trying to prove the government did this and it was a staged event.

    So assuming that innocent until proven guilty stands for the government too. You now need to prove this case was 100% false if you putting them on trial?

    Lets here it?

    • Hi nj
      Nice attempt at rhetorically reversing the argument. But your premise is logically invalid. The government and the people play by different legal rules. Those rules are established to protect people from a tyrannical government. You are comparing apples to cinder blocks. I don’t have the time or energy to educate you on the origins and history of western law from the Magna Carta forward. Go back to college then law school be a police officer and criminal prosecutor, do some criminal defense for a while then come back an we can debate.

      • Hi nj
        I have something special I wrote just for you about who has “some s’planin to do”, but I don’t want it buried here in a long thread. I am saving it for a first post so every future visitor will have a better chance of seeing it.

  18. @Kenneth, sorry if i offended you but did you see the correct pic? it is very high resolution and clearly shows a foot dismembered.

  19. @ceruleanlake The pics you have seen without the foot in that area, where they at the same angle?

    • Same exact picture, everyone in same position, even the hair blowing exactly the same. Same picture, no foot there. As with Krystle Campbell, same exact picture. First ones had not a speck of blood on her stomach. Then in later versions blood spatter was added. We also have pictures of the cops running toward the fallen old man runner. They used the same exact image of the cops in mid-step, but the surrounding people change. It’s Hollywood Photoshop. In one picture the female cop’s shadow goes the wrong way! Opposite of the other cops! In case you don’t know, that is impossible. It’s a Photoshop mistake that was released. Then they released corrected versions with her shadow matching the others.

      • C-lake
        That is exactly the type of evidence we need to collect save and share. MAKE SURE YOU DATE STAMP EVERYTHING because the will clam that YOU were the fabricator. It’s not the crime that will catch them it will be the cover up. Mark my words (and date stamp them too). I’m not so good with all the computer stuff but I know a lot about evidence.

        • Like I said the shills will actually ultimately help us.

  20. I have a simple question…comment. Several military amputee vets visited “Jeff Bauman” in the hospital. Why wasn’t famous Army man amputee Nick Vogt one of the visitors???

    • Simple, he is in the wheelchair.

      The posting today are great! We are playing the “all star team” today. That was my plan last night and it worked.

      I have done research on the “all star team” They anxious, neurotic and compulsive: so therefore I understand what we are up against.

    • That’s your simple question? What a critical thinker you are! Color me impressed!!!

      • Compulsive, I got you both! Posting within 2 in minutes from my research report. I going to the gym now, please see if you “all stars” can keep you neurosis under check until I return. I bet you can’t restrain for that period of time.

  21. @ceruleanlake – can you provide me with the links to the pics? Incase you don’t know i am a photoshop expert so can give you a professional opinion. Would really like to see the shadow pic too… thanks.

    • Well you say you’re a photoshop expert so it must be true. I believe you. You want visual and documented proof that this bombing was real. Lets see your degree and documentation that you are a photoshop expert.

      Oh, home schooled? Self-taught??

      • Uhhh… NJ is on your side and you attacking him, too. Why? And if we are as you said “idiot conspiracy theorists” and your friends who are injured would not see the importance of providing their pictures with you…. then why are you on this site? Why are you on here spending so much time with “idiots” whom you say have no effect on things? Shouldn’t you be bringing your injured friends a cup of soup instead? I mean, we are just idiots here with a conspiracy theory, right?

        You and your friends including the doctor who you say worked on people have a unique opportunity on this forum to deny our claims. If I were injured I would have nothing to hide, and could see the merits of providing further information. Just as not a single person stepped forward to defend Gene Rosen and confirm his story, no one but the chosen actors are stepping forward with this story either.

        • Nice

  22. @bh83 I’m with you, i don’t buy into these conspiracy theories. I believe the bombings happened. I have provided photoshop analysis to back this up. Have a look at images i have posted direct to the author here to dispute these articles.

    My credentials anyway – work as a graphic designer for 10+ years, design on the apple mac course (1998) diploma in design (1999), degree in graphics (2000), numerous adobe qualifications, including tutoring photoshop. Headhunted by a company and offered the position of adobe photoshop professional tutor.

    Prob my main credential being working with photoshop everyday for the past 13 years.

    • Hi nj
      Me again. I’m crap at photoshop, However I am really good at legal analysis. Legally, the official version of these events fails miserably on multiple levels that have nothing to do with photoshop.

      • I’m still waiting for this evidence? You say it fails but not due to photoshop – take a quick scroll through this site and every page references photoshopped pics to back up this staged event idea.

        Also correct me if i’m wrong but the people you are calling out as actors are also deserved the right to be innocent until proven guilty, in a court of law? You’re the legal genius though?

        So again surely its up to you to prove their guilt… with pixelated photographs?

        • Hi nj
          No legal genius my I.Q. is only 147. The evidence will be in my best selling book or the criminal indictment whichever comes first. Regarding the “rights” of the VIC-SIMS they are entitled to a presumption of innocence at their criminal trials but in the civil lawsuits they will face for fraud there is no presumption of innocence and a civil judgment only requires a Preponderance of the Evidence Standard (51%) for their false illegal fundraising.
          Oh by the way when you become a “public figure” by appearing on television or at Boston music and sports events you lose a significant amount of the legal protection afforded to private citizens subjected to slander and defamation.

          • So does that stand for Martin Richards or Krystle Campbell? Still no evidence then.

    • Explain this away:

      In first two, cops do change position, but her shadow is wrong in the first one. In the second two pictures, cops stay in same position in mid-step, but the things around them change. Pay attention to the the far right of the frame. There is a man in yellow stepping on a blue fence part that is still attached in the other pic.

      Also notice the white lines in the street have changed position in the last two pics. And there is a crease running across the street that is there in the second pic and gone in the lastpicture. Yet, the cops are pasted there, Photoshopped in their superhero pose.

      • Can anyone on Nodisinfo put these pictures side by side and post them that way? How about you, nj?

      • In any case there is some photographic evidence now accumulating that those individuals and Arrendondo were given orders to quickly pose for dramatic photo-shooting. This can be seen on highly fast-paced clicking on the mouse; those photos were simply staged for the dramatics. This is coming from the HD video recently posted. The drawing out of the gun, was part of the staged drama. The photos for public consumption were likely manipulated for extra effect.

        • Yes, their positions were staged for drama. And in the cop pictures the same couple of images were used repeatedly and Photoshopped in, as evidenced by the surroundings changing while they remain frozen.

  23. Hi Ceruleanlake.

    The first pic the shadow is correct the police woman to the far left has drifted across the light of the sun so her shadow falls direct in front rather than slightly to the right of the other cops (i can illustrate the position of the sun to show you?

    Second pic is taken seconds before and the cops are not in the same position.

    Third pic where the man in yellow is stamping on the fence, please refer to the first pic and you can see him over the left shoulder of the cop on the far right of the pic. Obv you can’t see the fence because the cop is in the way. These two shots are taken at different angles.

    The white lines haven’t changed in the pics, compare the white lines position to the runner on the floors position and you will see the distance is still the same. It will look different in other pics because the cops move, the runner on the floor is the only static person whom you can take a approx measurement from. Everyone else is moving.

    Lastly the crease is still there on all pics – take a look at where the man in the yellow top is standing (centre left) -He is practically on the crease. Apart from the last photo where you can clearly see the crease but it looks closer because the photo is taken higher up.

    I can illustrate these all for you if it would help?



    • Hey nj
      Instead of attacking us honest truth seekers, why don’t you take out your frustrations out on the real bad guys the Rothchild dynasty et al.

  24. I’m not attacking anyone, i’m an honest truth seeker myself!

    • hi nj
      If you are a truth seeker I welcome and respect you. To me you have appeared hostile to our quest. Good luck in your quest.

      • Hostile in the respect that i question what you say? You are the one calling me a ‘shill’ are you not?

  25. Leo and Ceruleanlake, want to thank you guys today. NJ and bs83 have done nothing but attack and call me names all day. Leo, the legal expert and Ceruleanlake, the photo expert, have showed class with no name calling. This, in itself shows you guys are very confident in you analysis.

    Example, I was suppose to agree I saw a foot. I did not agree, so I get beat up. I can’t produce 1 single sentence in court. Why do these guys continue to attack, I do not have to agree with anyone.

    The one thing I think would settle this , would be to take Boston Cowboy’s flag away from him, and do some DNA test on it.

  26. Again Leo and Ceruleanlake, great job today. We took down the “All Star Team” today. I appreciate you coming to my defense with your expertise. We now know 2 agents of deception, that were taken down today. Again thanks for having my back

  27. Kenneth please read my posts again i haven’t attacked you. I simply have a different point of view to you.

  28. She said she was with a group of friends waiting in line to get into a bar. She was the last in line with two friends still in front of her waiting to get in and the others already inside when the bomb went off and blew her off her feet into the bar. She said she was there with six friends and she was the only one injured. So she was close enough to the bomb to be lifted off her feet and blown into the bar and lose a leg, but not a piece of shrapnel hit either of the two friends that were still standing in line with her? Not only that, she was with six friends, none of whom were injured, yet it was strangers who helped her to the ambulance? Nice friends you have there Heather.

  29. its heather mills , maccas ex mrs.

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