Boston Bombing — 09 May 2013
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Was Compressed Air (or microexplosives) Used To Burst Clothes in the Boston Hoax?

Clearly visible is the left side of this woman’s jacket. Other than a small corner of white at this point on the far left corner this is nothing obviously abnormal with this jacket. There is some grey-colored debris on the bricks below her. Let this not hinder seeing what happens. By the time this image was captured she had already reached into her pocket.:


Boston Bombing Amputee Pile 5

All is blue, no ruffles, not real pattern, except for one small area; there is a change happening, apparently quite rapidly. Is she grabbing something, or is it already in her hand? She is either detonating something or using some other means, compressed air. Watch what happens.


She does something. In a fraction of a second, as seen here, the conformation of her jacket changes, right at the corner. She is holding something dark in color. Is it fake blood, a detonator? It can’t be a coincidence that she is doing something, hidden, not exposing that part of the jacket to anything sharp and, yet, it explodes.


It appears to be exploding from at this time the lower edge upward. It even appears that she was pushing on something. Now, she is on the move, hand comes out of the pocket more clearly. Yet, look: her jacket begins to explode.  A white element on the edge of the jacket is visible in both frames above.


The self-initiated mini-explosion of the jacket proceeds, noticeably so. The internal white component is blown out more greatly. Note: it is the belief, here, that this woman already detonated the jacket explosion device by the time the first image was captured. It is clearly a Hollywood-style mini-explosion with tiny detonating charges, having nothing to do with her movements. No evidence of blood, injury, or bleeding anywhere on her body, especially visible on the one lightened up with Photoshop.

ladyinblueexplodedLady in blue jacket lightened #1


The individual is now in final position, with fully exploded down (likely synthetic) jacket. That’s the inside of the jacket blown out through the outside: not from the bomb, but, rather, Hollywood mini-explosives. Primary DHS mole in front of her with distinctive yellow-green cap. No evidence of blood on her face in this frame.


A shot of the fake damage to the tufted coat as well as fake paint on the upper lip, lower lip, chin, and part of the face.

DHS moles all about; no one is attending in an emergency fashion to the people on the ground. Silicon, fake gore, fake blood, fake bomb dust, micro-explosions of clothes, and more: that’s where all the attention is.

Man in blue seems to be thrilled with the process. Man in white about to drink water. No emergency medicine needed, here.


The true nature of the woman in blue revealed, a crisis actress with pre-set micro-explosive devices placed or sewn into her jacket. Blood painted on her wrist. No one attending to her. Just laying there.


It is all a theater, including this glaringly fake blood application to the chin. Facial expression for maximum emotional reaction.

Here she is in the hospital. No evidence of emotional or physical trauma of any kind.

Once, again, it can be clearly seen that this is paint, not blood, and that this is for effect, for emotional solicitation of the American public and more. The woman is not injured in any way and fabricated both such injuries and the damage to her clothes.

Therefore, where micro-explosive charges used extensively in addition to fabric shears to create the false effect of bomb-blasts? This might explain some of the clothes ripping patterns seen in some of the crisis actors. Regardless, this adds significantly to the evidence pool that the Boston Marathon event was a staged act achieved through the use of Hollywood-style antics, where the deaths, amputations, and serious injuries were all faked.

UPDATE: Two New Photos Confirm the Findings
Note first in the bustle the hair line. It could be compression issues, but that has the appearance of a wig that is coming off.  With this kind of fraud, nothing can be ruled out.

See how she has fully exploded the inside of the coat to through the outside, demonstrating the degree of the fraud, that is, once again, creating the impression to the world of her being a bomb-blast victim. Note the white pouch in the front of her body, stuffed down into her waist. Is that another compressed air canister? That would make the most sense and it would be far safer (and quieter) than explosives. There appear to be the outline of two such cannister disguised under her pant-line.


Hard to say; it’s likely units of compressed air and, surely, the bronze-colored one is suspicious. That seems to be confirmed by the consequences: she has greatly blown out the right side with that device.


She has stuffed something deceptively underneath the coat area and blown it up even more massively, MAJOR evidence of fraud.

Since any blood on this corrupt one? Not yet, but it’s on it’s way:


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  1. looking at bottom photo, not jumping to a conclusion: is that a wig coming off?

  2. Good investigative article. No blood for one minute after the blast? The Boston Marathon was a fake event to take some more of the American rights away and place fear into the heart of the people!

  3. These are excellent observations and the photos prove it. The woman in blue was a walking theatrical time-bomb. She obviously began to ‘explode’ after the initial flash bang effect was detonated. Notice that the people around her are not in the least affected. She’s a little piece of theatrical fakery all by herself.

  4. I wish that the people that still believe in this false flag will open their eyes before they do more harm to that kid Jahar.Let’s help him now we can do it.Yes together we can.We need to make the media hear us live not the by fake video.We need to spread out all the evidence that we have.We all know that there is no true investigation by anyone.We are the investigators,by doing what we are doing .Let’s FREE JAHAR before is to late.The Government will only hear us if we all get together and speak out laud .God be with us on this matter.The poor kid is suffering and alone.God be with him.

    • Thank your for your words. We’ll do everything possible her to help all who are oppressed, including Jahar. Can any of his friends or loved ones post here all that they know. The more detail we have the better. He’s a nice young man. Everybody that knew him loved him.

  5. This article is poorly researched and should probably be withdrawn. The closeup pictures are from the 27 picture series taken by Ben Thorndike a few seconds after the first explosion which are named IMG_8720 through IMG_8746 which I will refer to as thorndike_8720 etc. An examination of the exif data of the photos shows the numbering and exif creation dates are consistent. The first large photo in the article showing the woman in the blue puffy jacket is from thorndike_8734. However, an examination of the entire series from thordike_8721 (thorndike_8720 is out of focus) shows this woman has cuts on the right side of her jacket and she is turning to her right so by thorndike_8734 she is showing the undamaged left side of her jacket. The damage to the right side of her jacket is visible in thorndike_8721 after a bit of filtering to better see through the smoke. This damage is very clearly visible in thorndike_8726 after the smoke clears when she is more or less facing the camera. Two viable hypotheses could be either that the woman’s jacket was damaged by blown out glass from the Lenscrafters store or that she was wearing the jacket in its current state at 14:49:44, the moment of the explosion. In any event, the premise in the article does not hold up on a sequential examination of the Thorndike series.

    • Ok, it will be looked at carefully for evaluation. But the blown out glass, it would seem, would be easy to confirm by some residue, there.

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