Boston Bombing — 30 May 2013
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Editor’s note: this is merely a repost. This event requires further investigation to confirm precisely what happened that fateful morning, including eyewitness accounts. It is seemingly confirmed that this man was being hounded by some kind of agents and that he was frightened for his life. Again, the violence was hurled at him: he attempted to evade it. That’s why he agreed, once more, to meet with the ‘agents.’

In all likelihood they may well have sought to frame him for the murder of the two Jewish drug dealers. Did they simply execute him when he refused?

Ibragim Todashev was unarmed when shot in violent encounter (Editor’s addition: the man was frightened for his life; the violence was against him; he likely did nothing and had no means to even defend himself against these armed thugs). With FBI, an Orlando, Fla., associate of one of the Boston bombing suspects, was not armed when he was involved an alleged violent confrontation with an FBI agent that resulted in Todashev being shot to death in his apartment, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The FBI, along with two members of the Massachusetts State Police, was interviewing Todashev during the early morning hours of May 22 when the alleged confrontation took place.

Officials initially told ABC News and other news outlets that a knife was involved in the confrontation.

Editor’s note: this was no mistake. That was seeded by the Zionist-controlled media for purposes of demonization and as a cover-up for the murder. It was likely an Israeli mole who acted as the hit-man. They do have a history of murdering as many Islaamic people as possible.


However, by the day after the shooting, officials noted there was confusion about whether a weapon was involved.

The investigation so far is showing there was an abrupt change in Todashev’s demeanor and a physical confrontation ensued, sources said.

A samurai sword was in the room, which may have accounted for some of the initial confusion over whether a weapon was involved, sources added.

Todashev was a trained mixed martial arts fighter. The FBI agent sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the incident.

Just before the deadly confrontation took place, Todashev, law enforcement source said, allegedly was preparing to sign a statement confessing his involvement in a 2011 triple murder in Massachusetts.

Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is also a suspect in that cases, sources said.

The FBI tonight issued the following statement regarding its internal review of the use of deadly force in this incident:

“The FBI is conducting a review of the May 22, 2013 shooting of Ibragim Todashev, 27, which occurred at Todashev’s residence, at 6022 Peregrine Avenue, Orlando, Fla. The FBI’s shooting incident review team interviews witnesses and gathers information regarding the shooting incident for presentation to a Shooting Incident Review Group (SIRG), which consists of members from the FBI and the Department of Justice. The SIRG examines all of the information and determines the reasonableness of the application of deadly force in accordance with the Department of Justice’s Deadly Force Policy and the law. While this internal review process is occurring, we cannot comment regarding investigative details.

“The FBI takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents and as such we have an effective, time-tested process for addressing them internally. The review process is thorough and objective and conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.”

Moreover, from one our posters is this, confirming that Todashev was martyred by Zionist moles:

Islamic group: Slain man was unarmed, shot by FBI agent 7 times May 29, 2013

An Islamic group Wednesday called for a federal civil-rights investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of an Orlando man by an FBI agent investigating his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

And the Tampa director of that group said not only was 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev unarmed when he was shot by the agent May 22, he was hit seven times, including once in the head.

Wicked Jewry is at it again, murdering the people of Islaam as a cover for its vicious crimes.

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  1. Anyone who believes this story is even remotely true, say I do…

    FGS, Everything is most likely made up! The victims, the bomb, the perps, EVERYTHING!

    Why should TPTB suddenly change their modus operandi in Boston Marathon? Why suddenly have real people being set up as perps? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Please DrK, consider what I am saying here. I tried to tell you that the bomb was fake early on, but Nodisinfo quite stubbornly continued claiming it was a real bomb, real victims, real blood, etc, “perpetrated by the evil zionists”.

    I bet you to reconsider your idea of the poor muslim brothers being set up by the zionists. Look at the photos and video of all the lookalikes found in the same group of people that took part in Sandy Hook.

    I beg you in the name of everthing that is good and holy.

    • I agree with you completely Shak, but it is hard for people to let go of their emotions. It is easier for people to believe that someone died than to believe that there could be a lie this massive, well organized and impossible to gain legal retribution against. It makes them feel helpless, because they are. All we can really do is hope to document the truth and move on with our lives, being prepared for the day of reckoning and knowing the truth of its coming.

      The reality is that Jews have no reason to kill Chechens. What have Turkic people ever done to Jews? Many Jews are in fact, racially Turkic like the Chechens. The nation of Turkey is a NATO member state that collaborates openly with Israel. The Jews do not hate Christians and Muslims in general… they hate anyone who refuses to play their Zionist games. They hate people who won’t let the true spirit of their faith and culture be co-opted by the rotten money power that lives off international usury. The Jews know most people, nowadays, will eagerly watch their faith and culture rot from the inside out in the name of progress.

      Tamerlane and Dzhokhar were two extremely assimilated individuals. A golden gloves boxer and an ivy league student (that alone is a huge red flag)… brand name, designer clothes… nice cars, lots of friends, physically fit… these guys were spoiled assholes, not alienated anarchists. If the government was “targeting” these guys as patsies… why would they choose two all American immigrant kids, one of them a student at Dartmouth? It makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

      This Todashev individual was allegedly a friend of Tamerlane’s. Tamerlane was the older brother with the high level of physical fitness, I think this guy was a fighter too. What use would the government have for a bunch of bi-lingual, Turkic, trained fighters… who like money and nice things? Oh wait… That’s right, there is a terrible war going on in the middle east right now that involves many Turkic young men fighting first in Libya and now Syria. They are doing it for the CIA. I cannot prove it, but the most reasonable assumption given the facts is that the Tsarnaev brothers and their associates are involved with America’s CIA trained pseudo-Islamist militants. Watch Brzezinski’s old speech to the Muj and maybe you will feel where I am coming from if you don’t already:

      • Just a small correction to my post… Dzhokhar went to UMass at Dartmouth… not Ivy League Dartmouth College. oops.

      • I agree with you totally.

        I have tried to get a comment from DrK about the pictures and videos I have posted a couple of times showing eerie similarities between the younger brother, his mother and father to some people around the Harmons-Greenbergs and arch zionist and muslim shapeshifter Rita Katz.

        You can find the links in my comment here (last one today):

        What are the odds of this? Four people almost exactly identical, three of them close friends and family, the fourth one a known infiltrator who has a history of pretending to be a muslim woman.

        Someone must run some objective technical analysis on these faces, voices, etc. I am 100 percent sure this is four positive matches.

        • You were already shown that Steve Levine is not Dzhokhar. Here is his FB page. No one has agreed with you that these people are the same. the boy has dark hair and eyes like a lot of Jewish kids. He is not Dzhokhar. And the other matches are not the same people either.

          Dr. K. and several of us commenters are no strangers to making Greenberg matches. Have you looked at the Sandy Hook posts? A great many of them are about the Greenbergs in Sandy Hook. I think we have a pretty good eye when it comes to spotting these people. The ones you have pointed out as Boston matches simply are not the same. It is plain to see that Steve Levine is not Dzhokhar. And his bald father is not Dzhokhar’s father.

          • The photo of him hugging an older man is old. He is much younger in that photo than in the one in Harmon’s album.

            I tell you, they are the same people. And the father. Take away 30 pounds, same wrinkles, same ears, same eyes, same hair.

        • Here is Steve Levine, a Jewish kid with dark hair and eyes.

  2. SHOT 7 times . Once in the back of the head. How can they even begin to defend this disgusting abuse of power?!
    I’m ready to go to war with these thugs!

  3. The plot sickens. Here’s another relevant article:

    Officials: Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot – The Washington Post


    An agent sustained non-life-threatening injuries, later described by one law enforcement official as “some cuts and abrasions.” [Like I previously said, he was treated at a local hospital for a hang nail.]

    All law enforcement present should be charged with murder, obstruction of justice, interstate flight to avoid prosecution, and jailed and held until they have had a fair trial with a decision rendered by a jury. Time to start flipping some small fry into a hot pan. When they squeal due to the hot grease, they’re more likely to rat out the bigger fishes.

  4. Islamic group: Slain man was unarmed, shot by FBI agent 7 times
    May 29, 2013

    An Islamic group Wednesday called for a federal civil-rights investigation of last week’s fatal shooting of an Orlando man by an FBI agent investigating his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

    And the Tampa director of that group said not only was 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev unarmed when he was shot by the agent May 22, he was hit seven times, including once in the head.

  5. Islamic group: Slain man was unarmed, shot by FBI agent 7 times
    May 29, 2013

    “Though early accounts from unnamed federal law-enforcement sources claimed Todashev might have been armed with a knife, the latest version, released by a Fox affiliate in Boston, reported that Todashev lunged with a sword at the agent.

    [CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Hassan] Shibly said there was a sword at the apartment, but it was mounted on the wall, ornamental and had a dull blade and a broken handle.”

    Todashev’s widow said Wednesday that she has records proving her husband was with her in Atlanta on Sept. 11, 2011, so he could not have been in Massachusetts on the day of the triple killing. Manukyan was married to Todashev for about three years, she said. reported Wednesday that Todashev was asked to write a confession about his role in the triple homicide, and after he began writing, he flipped a table over, knocking the FBI agent into a wall. Then Todashev began waving a “Banzai ceremonial sword,” the Fox station said.

    Late Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that two law-enforcement officials speaking on condition of anonymity said Todashev lunged at the agent and overturned a table, but that he was unarmed.”

    • Yes, a homicide is when a human life is taken short by the hand of another. So justifiable homicide would be correct.

  6. Father of Ibragim Todashev killed by FBI reveals gruesome photos of his son’s corpse showing he was shot SEVEN times including once in the back of the head


    Mysterious deaths surrounding boston bombing
    Expect the death count to grow. So far we have two FBI agents who supposedly died rappelling from a helicopter, and a dead student who knew the Tsnarav brothers.

    “Two FBI special agents, Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, lost their lives during a training exercise in Virginia Beach, May 20, 2013. The two men were trying to rope down from a helicopter onto a ship. But due to weather difficulties, they fell into the water and died as a result of the impact.” link

    My comment – FIRST of all, if the weather is bad they won´t be out training. Second of all, ONE falling would be believable, but BOTH falling? Come on now, put your thinking cap on

    It is a well known tactic of communist regimes and banana republics to kill people who know too much. Keep in mind that the FBI world headquarters were in building 7, and that once the FBI got back on track after that, their own investigation concluded that the phone calls from the airplanes, the ONLY THING that validated the entire 911 arab hijacking story, NEVER HAPPENED. The FBI reported 1 call of zero minutes and zero seconds. That means NO CALL, and they are saying it as gently as possible. So the FBI still has a few good people and I have no doubt that these two accident victims left the FBI short two good men.

    And we also now have Sunil Tripathi, a young student who knew the Tsnarev brothers and was wrongfully arrested, who has already died in unexplained circumstances.

    So I have a little advice to some of the better agents out there – If you are not a totally corrupted suck up to the elite establishment, and the Israelis are coming to help with an investigation that you are in any way involved with, I strongly suggest you request an expedited fake passport and go to Ecuador with whatever you have and hide out for, let´s just guess 10 years.

    Also, a key find on 911 on Jim Stone’s site,2933,41576,00.html

    Forum member Kjtruthnews found a gold nugget of info
    We have all heard about the report that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, but few of us have ever seen it. Kjtruthnews found it. I saw this but did not pay attention to it at the time (back in 2001) because none of us knew where this OBL conspiracy saga would go, and we just treated it like everyday news. Well, here is impeachment scandal 6. Lying about the capture of OBL who really died 10 years earlier, and somehow coming up with dead marines as a result of a fake raid set up for your own personal gain is in my opinion a fully impeachable offense. Make sure you look at the date on this article.

  8. Don’t miss this one! The Atlantic has an article with a timeline on the ever changing “official narrative” regarding the execution of Ibragim Todashev. There are numerous embeded links so, I’ll leave reposting the entire article as it’s own blog post up to Dr. K.

    Why Did the FBI Kill an Unarmed Man and Clam Up?
    Law enforcement can’t get its story straight in the worrisome case of Ibragim Todashev.
    May 30 2013

    What led an FBI agent, or some other law enforcement official, to shoot and kill an unarmed man in Orlando, Florida? The man, Ibragim Todashev, was being questioned about the Boston bombing, as well as an unsolved 2011 triple murder that he may or may not have confessed to committing. Does that sound sketchy? Don’t blame me. Once he died, law enforcement started releasing anonymous, conflicting explanations so dubious that they warrant an inquiry all by themselves.

    Did the dead man have a knife? A gun? A sword? None of those? Let’s run through a timeline of what we’ve been told, and then assess all the information that the FBI hasn’t released about the killing.

    Read More:

  9. Well duh! It’s more dangerous to shoot a killer when he’s armed. I would have shot him in the knees first. Then poked out his eyes with his own dick. But the FBI did good too, I suppose.

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