DC Shipyard — 18 September 2013
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Images of wounded people in Navy shipyard shooting are fake

Does anyone believe commentary such as the following by Navy Commander, so dry and unemotional? People are being slaughtered all over the world, where it can be proven that they are murdered, actual pictures of corpses, even pictures of people being butchered to death alive, all by agents operating on behalf of the US government. Then, now, the world is supposed to believe that the poor American Navy just suffered a massacre, mostly middle-aged and elderly people, even though there is no evidence of either fatality or injury?

In Syria and Egypt the corpses are clearly visible, as are those who are wounded, bleeding, spurting blood, killed instantly, shot to death, and even those who are roasted alive.

Not in the United States. We see none of that. Without such evidence it can be presumed to be a hoax, and it is not because the networks are so conscious of the public sentiment that they refuse to show gore.

Again, who believes such inanity? The Commander himself is a part of the scam:

As CBS 2′s Dick Brennan reported, Navy Commander Tim Jirus was helping evacuate people when a victim was gunned down right in front of him.

“He actually worked in the maintenance building behind me,” Jirus said. “He simply walked up to try to say, ‘Hey, there’s a shooter in your building. Do you know what’s going on?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ Fire alarm went off. We’re trying to evacuate everybody. That’s when he got shot.”

Not believable. He is lying. Let anyone dispute it.

In fact, the pictures themselves dispute any evidence of actual gunshot wounds. There are arteries in those body parts. A gunshot to the leg or knee, for instance, will cause the spurting or splattering of blood.




Not a drop of blood anywhere. Really? From a gunshot to the leg, either, as is the latest claim, a handgun or a shotgun?  It will be believed when it is shown on the expected type of evidentiary source, that is the embedded security cameras. That’s right, the CCTV images. Where are they? Where are the really wounded with actual gunshots? Moreover, where are the corpses? Without these there is only one way to call this which is that it its a wretched, diabolical hoax.

There is, after all, no hesitancy to show corpses. In Syria the Zionist controlled media shows all manner of gore and corpses. In this case they show the corpses of Syrian soldiers or security officers thrown into a well:


Therefore, there is no shyness to show horrific pictures: real blood, real butchery, real gunshot wounds, and more. This will never be shown in the fake Navy Shipyard shooting. Let anyone prove otherwise.

Then, there is this on-the-curb phony, the photo aimed at creating the public impression that there really was a shooting and people truly were hurt:

Navy shooting-3

This is a phony, just like the Boston hoax. The man is simply lying on the ground without the slightest degree of injury. Moreover, surely he was never struck by a shotgun blast. All those pellets: there would be some evidence of such a strike. Moreover, what are all these people doing? Count them: there are five of them. Where are the EMTs? Don’t say that it is too dangerous for the EMTs. Look at all the people loitering around.

Where is the fire department? Why is the cop so worried about the flow of traffic? What are the two men in white doing standing about so casually? Why don’t any of these people come forward? Why aren’t they being interviewed? How many ways do you spell, HOAX?


He is directing traffic; come on, spectators, move on; the less cell phone images the better.


Add these two fraudsters to the list.

A woman is reunited with husband, one of hundreds of Navy Yard workers evacuated to makeshift Red Cross shelter after a shooting, in Washington

A woman is reunited with husband, one of hundreds of Navy Yard workers evacuated to makeshift Red Cross shelter after a shooting, in Washington

Crisis actors all, including the man in the inane Red Cross blanket, all for public consumption, all perpetrated  by the Zionist-controlled DHS, all to the detriment of the American people and their nation. That blanket serves no purpose and is merely for visual impact. Those two fraudsters, man and woman, can be seen in several scenes doing this act. No tears: same hand-over-the-eyes tactic used at Sandy Hook, the Boston hoax, and more. Same situation: cell phone plastered against the face.

The US espionage-industrial-military complex does not want the world to know that it is a vicious war criminal behind the senseless murders in Syria, including the use of poison gas. This is a grand distraction to take the attention away from great US-Israeli crimes.

With assets of such a massive degree that it is beyond comprehension the espionage agencies of the world, including the CIA and surely including the Mossad, could easily pull this off. Never doubt it. It is of no major issue to make a list of well-crafted victims; there are tens of thousands of CIA moles available to take on such roles and establish a new, fabricated identity.

This is a fake event. Therefore, the victims are also fake, as is the shooter. None of this was done for free. Anyone who is participating in this is a paid agent, that is a DHS-Mossad asset.


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  1. Interesting analysis.

  2. I agree with everything you have written. This is nothing but hoax.

  3. Navy Commander, Tim Jirus, said “then he got shot”. Shot him right in the head or something like that. Well, what about hearing the gunshot? Did he forget about that important part of his script? If there is a gunman with a handgun or a shotgun, they need to be fairly close in order to shoot someone in the head. What Jirus was doing is setting up a scenario to blame an AR-15. He completely failed .

  4. Considering you have 12 ”dead” people in building 157 Navy Yard, DC cops say that the bodies were removed by helicopter from the roof. Look at the roof. There is no place for a helo to land on that roof. Can you imagine the effort to get 12 heavy dead bodies up onto the roof? This is preposterous. We see no photos of the helos removing bodies….none. Where are the crime scene photos? The Law demands a coroner be called and a complete investigation started. We see no evidence of a coroner anywhere on that day.

    There was supposed to be a lock-down of that local area….but the next door bus station never was closed. Business as usual.

  5. OT.

    Anyone know what happened to havf8 and Rooster’s house on Youtube?

  6. How many more things do people in America have to face because of this tragedy that has engulfed America namely the Zionist Jewish occupation of the land which was once free?

    How many more wars America’s military will have to fight and die for or get seriously injured because of the warmongering Israel and Jews who live in America?

    How many more false flags like 9/11 and hoaxes like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Santa Monica shooting, Navy shipyard shooting will be staged to keep us all locked up in fear in order to continue the “war on terror” which has also become a big business for Michael Chertoff and other Jews?

    And how can we best explain the Jewish conspiracy to take away guns from Americans?

    “It is an espionage operation by Zionist Jews who seek to revive their bizarre, yet diabolical, plot to conquer America from within, in this case by stripping the American people of their weapons or at least by imposing new regulations. Most importantly, the House of Rothschild – or shall it be said House of Satan – seeks to impose a kind of devious legislation based upon mental health criteria in order to mark patriotic Americans so they can be hunted down, attacked, and destroyed.”

    Couldn’t say it better!

    Here is the full article by Dr Kaasem Khaleel:


    James B Phillips who reviewed Hugh Akin’s book “Synagogue Rising” wrote the following;

    A few Jewish psychopaths—those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror—are clearly not the Jewish people as a whole. As Hugh Akins argues in his outstanding 750-page tome, Synagogue Rising, these revolutionary Jews must be exposed, resisted and defeated, lest Organized Evil emerges triumphant.

    Read the full article here edited by the British poet and writer Lasha Darkmoon:


  7. It is quite clear that Navy shipyard shooting was a hoax staged by Mossad and Jewish CIA at aiming gun control

    “Zionist Criminals Obama And Feinstein Support Guns For Al-Qaeda And Endless Wars For Israel But Want Americans Disarmed”

    “U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein not surprisingly is calling for more gun control measures following yesterday’s alleged mass shooting incident at Washington’s Navy Yard. Once again we see Feinstein attempting to exploit a highly publicized media driven event for political gain. Even though it is a bit early to determine exactly what may or may not have happened, gun control will not eliminate murders or rampage killings.”

    Read more:


  8. Actually, the woman crying was overcome with emotion that her husband was safe, it was a scary thought that he could have been gunned down while at work a few hours earlier. The man with the blanker was cold, and there for emotional support for his daughter. This is the funniest thing I’ve read. You are insane.

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