Boston Bombing — 11 May 2013
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Invaluable New HD Images of the Boston Hoax

Regarding the Boston Hoax commentary to follow later, but note that in those early seconds there is little to no tempera paint or red dye corn syrup on the pavement yet, except one big blotch, which seems to have exploded and is not related to any arterial bleed. It does appear, though, that the lady in red is painting herself up. Also note that the bombings created a goodly amount of fear and panic in the audience, especially after the second Hollywood blast. It will be heard that some thugs are intimidating the spectators to leave immediately, saying gruffly, “Get out, Get out,” especially focusing on those with cameras.

See if you can find more and other curious discoveries:


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  1. Where is little Martin in the photos near the mailbox???

  2. At what point in this video are you referring to?

  3. Instead of a Zionist conspiracy, one can just as well call this deceit a Globalist conspiracy against the American people and their Bill of Rights, in that Zionism is Globalism, anti-nationalism. Thanks for more detail about their actions in Boston, drkresearch.

  4. Wow – That mailbox was built like a tank. By the way, don’t you love the new media phony story about the Chechen brothers killing three people are dumping marijuana on their bodies? The Feds never let an opportunity go to waste. Some nerdy goof in the FBI is angling for a promotion now, because he thought up a way to demonize the 420-friendly. I am thinking of going everywhere with catsup packets, just on principle, to let people know how easy it all is to find gore everywhere.

  5. another good video – questions the validity of the flickr images.

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