Boston Bombing — 07 May 2013
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Dr. Martin Levine’s Bizarre Interviews About the Bombing Site

Hailed a hero, much like Carlos Arrendondo, this is the man, apparently a New Jersey Osteopathic physician, is the one who has appeared in numerous photos and has been confused with other individuals (Mr. Spielberg for one). While similarities exist the likeness is not high when viewed in this photo and the video. Statements otherwise  on this site have now been removed.

Levine is deeply involved with this false flag attack. Can his statements about the event be trust in light of the  fact that he is a prominent DHS coordinator?

The interview completely contradicts the findings, here, of fakery, fraud, and deception. What a shame for this physician to spread nothing but lies about this event. Nothing he says is believable. One issue appears certain: with his red badge he holds a high position in the Department of Homeland Security, which he alludes to by stating in an interview that he meets with the CIA.

Does this look like the kind of man who just had to deal with 40 virtually mortally wounded people, including as the proclaims dozens who had their limbs severed? This places him, that is this wild claim for multiple amputations, in the same category of the now discredited liar in chief, Carlos Arrendondo.


What are he and his cohort cheering about; who are the cheering to up there?

The confusion it would appear has now been clarified. The man in action in the white sports jacket is apparently Dr. Levine.

His FoxNews interview, here, where he mentions having meetings with not merely the DHS and FBI but also (perhaps a slip of the tongue) CIA.

His interview with Richard French, here:


A partial transcription:

“I looked up, uh, obviously I heard the explosion (a bit of protesting going on); I felt the concussive force, and then I saw the white plume go up. When I say the white plume go up, I realized that it was a lot more than the smoke of a cannon or something like that (as others had thought). There are no cannon, there. There wouldn’t be a cannon over there. There are only spectators.

There were approximately 4 or 5 people deep there. Maybe about 8 people wide; for the size of the plume and I assume there would be about 40 or so casualties.

Editor’s note: narrator then talks about the placement of IEDs, alluding to this being an act by Islamic people, when virtually immediately, Levine says: “The explosion ripped the legs from the buttocks down. When we got there, we saw that one of the initial individuals had lost both his legs (doesn’t the doctor know a real explosion with real blood, shock, and trauma from a fake one?) Uh, I saw multiple people with only the upper part of their leg left. And I saw, uh, a foot on the ground between two people that I had no idea whose it had been. I would say that the explosive nature of the way that their muscle, their hamstrings and calf muscles were destroyed may well only be done by an explosion.”

Now, here is the astounding part of his statements:

“There were no lacerations or cuts. There were only explosions within their bodies, and in some places where the flesh was gone, the bone was gone, too.

Editor’s note: there is no evidence of splintering  of bone tissue of real trauma victims anywhere at either of the sites: no bone, subcutaneous tissue, or actual limbs were recovered from either of  the purported bombing sites. Even in the case of the double amputee there no tissue was either seen or recovered.

He then strikes out in the manner of the Mossad in the standard war-soliciting jargon:

“And absolutely there is no way these people had any body armor on anything like that on. These people were, uh, right there getting the full brunt of that explosion.

Richard French: “I have a feeling the American public, when they realize just of those 170-plus people, and still so many in either critical or dismembered, um, you’ve seen a list. These faces, here, and you know what it is ahead for them. Will the American public with all that they know be a little shocked at the severity  and gravity of these injuries, children to seniors?

Levine: Absolutely, these were devastating, horrific injuries. You know, if we were to think about it people lost their legs for different reasons. Typically, it’s a surgical amputation…these people could get an orthotic put on it, and still be able to learn how to walk with an orthotic. I saw such horrendous things that I don’t know how they could have saved any of the limbs–and I didn’t know how many people had anything…left to ever be able to use an artificial leg on, so I really can’t fathom the kind of…and I don’t want to even say rehabilitation–it’s way beyond rehabilitation, plus it is many other things for these people to get this in the long run.

Here is another interview as quoted by NBC:

“We heard the explosion. We saw the plume of white smoke begin to rise,” Martin told NBC 4 New York while in Boston Monday.. “I turned into the tent reflexively and said, ‘Make room. Get rid of everyone that can leave. We’re going to have casualties.’”

The injuries Levine described are the kind soldiers sustain in a war zone.

“There was blood everywhere,” Levine said. “And the most striking thing was that either their feet, their legs, or parts of their legs were missing or extremely gouged. There were huge open wounds in the backs of people’s legs.”

Martin told the news station he saw more than 20 casualties near the first explosion site, all with wounds below the waist. He wasn’t sure if they were caused by shrapnel, but to him, it seemed like something was packed in the explosives.

“The muscle mass in the backs of everyone’s legs was literally cut as deep as it could go, or the leg was severed at that spot,” he told NBC 4 New York.

Levine and other volunteers had to use the lanyards from their credentials as tourniquets. They witnessed both explosions but ran toward the wounded anyway.

“There was a thought that, ‘There is a second bomb. Was there going to be a third?’” he said. “But you don’t stop. You can’t stop.”

Can anyone imagine it? A well-placed physician who is fabricating the facts at the crime scene? Attributed heroic status, what he claims about the events is impossible to confirm, even by merely studying the thousands of available photographs.  More commentary on this, later. Please post any assessment.


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  1. Time to bombard the doc

  2. Dr.s being involved in this fake event are violating their medical oath. All of them need to be sanctioned and disciplined by the Medical Licencing State Board of Medical Examiners. They’ve also possibly committed Federal Treason laws.

    • Here is the problem..When there is a MASS CASUALTY DRILL the hospital are notified in advance and are participants. This is the case for Danbury Hospital and the Boston Area as well.

    • He’s an osteopath, ie a chiropractor who does a little more. He is not a Registered Medical Quacko.

    • Actually as far as I know, the Hippocratic Oath is no longer obligatory and in fact taken by fewer and fewer as time goes. Some Mecial Schools have a revised version which students take and that’s often considered by them to amoun to the same thing. I can guess how similar in spirit they are likely to be. Not.

      • oops. “Medical Schools”

      • I don’t think the oath was ever mandatory (though I may be wrong). Anyway, the original Hippocratic Oath involves one swearing to a panoply of ancient Greek gods and goddesses, to do no harm. A monotheist (like just about EVERY modern physician who might take the oath) doesn’t believe in the existence of these entities anyway….so how binding can it be? I mean, will Apollo and Panacea send the doctor to Hades for breaking his word!? Besides, if a person NEEDED to take this oath, to keep him from injuring a patient…would he really have dedicated his life to the healing arts? The Hippocratic Oath is just one of those quaint traditions of antiquity, and irrelevant.

  3. May I presume that this Martin Levine is Jewish? There is buzz on the internet, discussed yesterday on Spingola Speaks, that even the Tsarnaevs are Jewish, with that name being transposed into the name, Sarnoff. So conquered are we!

    • Sarnoff would be a Jewish descendency. Keep posting.

  4. Bigotry has no place in this discussion. Please stick to the facts.

    Speaking of facts, and mighty strange interviews, here’s a neat little experiment to try.

    1. Watch and listen to this interview with a man referred to as Gabe – elsewhere reported to be CNN reporter Gabe Ramirez:

    Now, look at this photo of Gabriel Ramirez:

    Is this the same Gabe you saw in the video?

    2. Watch this goofy segment with Tom Hanks:

    Now, ask yourself: Is Gabe actually Tom Hanks, wearing heavy makeup?

    • Oh boy, was I ever wrong! (Kind of a relief, actually. I was having a lot of trouble understanding this if it was true.) The guy is Gabe Ramirez and the fifth profile picture here ( is a photo that looks like the Gabe in the video, and does NOT look like Tom Hanks. Amazing how similar their voices are, but these things happen. I guess I should take my own advice and stick to the facts. ;)

    • Yes, truth is what matters, because, as Christians were taught, that will set you free.

  5. 1. This Dr seems very keen to push the pro-military message at the end.
    2. Why the reference to body armour when that is not mentioned before by anyone. Perhaps this is a deliberate distraction from what was actually going on.
    3. Dr says that there were no cuts or lacerations only explosions within their bodies. How would that happen even if a bomb was outside victims bodies? Does that even make any sense to experts on the effects of explosions from the kinds of bombs available to terrorists?

  6. Martin Levine, DO, is an associate dean and professor of family medicine at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (TouroCOM). The website for TouroCom has an article dated April 16, 2013 titled “Treating Injured in Aftermath of Boston Explosions.” Dr. Levine is quoted as saying: “Skin and clothes were still smoking when we got there.” The article further stated: “Now back at TouroCOM, after his experience in Boston he plans to teach an anti-terrorism class at the medical school. ‘It will be about terrorism — trying to stop it and being prepared and doing something about it.’” Another article on the TouroCOM website is titled “Touro College Osteopathic Medicine Dean Martin Levine, DO, Installed as 115th President of American Osteopathic Association.” At the end of the article, it is stated: “Touro College was chartered in 1970 primarily to enrich the Jewish heritage, and to serve the larger American and global community.” It was noted that Touro College has branch campuses and programs in several cities including Jerusalem.

  7. Where are all the interviews with the victims who lost limbs or their families? What are there names? I keep hearing of all these people who lost limbs but I see very little evidence that they exist.

    • This is a very excellent point; Levine claims limbs exploded. Arrendondo said 30 people were dismembered. It’s like on 911 when the media went to the airport to greet the families of those purportedly lost in the planes: no one showed up.

  8. He can’t be trusted as a DHS coordinator, but moreover, he is a piece of jewish pig shit, and for that reason alone cannot be trusted. I hope this criminal piece of jewish dog sh!t is brought to vigilante justice soon.

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