Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 31 July 2013
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UPDATED: Zionist Plot Confirmed: Israelis Call al-Sisi a National Hero for All Jews

“Sisi” is a Hebrew word. So is “Adly.” So is “Mansour.” Just as in Iran Zionist brutes have installed actual Jews, murderous ones, to rule over the people of Islaam. There is no freedom for such people. They have no option but to protest: to resist. There will be no peace, no opportunity, until such violent ones who despise Islaam and its people, are driven from power.

Is Sisi or “Sissi,” with all this due praise, therefore a Crypto-Jew?



Sisi apparently dervives from Sisyi and Susyi.


Here is the Shrine of the rabbinical scholar Sisi, apparently in the Zionist strip:

No wonder he is the hero: Zionist moles can now slither freely, running rough-shod over the people of Egypt, sabotaging whatever they deem, destroying whatever they may, corrupting all that they can corrupt, while murdering senselessly where ever they appear.

Moles such as this:


And this:


…whose purpose in Egypt was to sow strife and spread corruption as well as to target and blow up infrastructure as well as people.

The people of Egypt are doing the right thing, their only option, which is to stand up and resist not merely military dictatorship, not merely US interventionism, but against the Great Satan itself: the Zionist cabal.

It has been said, here, repeatedly that both al-Sisi and Mansour are Zionist agents, as is Mubarak and his former spymaster, El-Adly, himself a Western-trained Zionist Jew. The upper echelon of the Zionist strip has now confirmed it.

The Islamic people of Egypt are fighting the high fight: the fight against the brutality of world Jewry as it imposes its murderous agenda upon all people, the murderers of 911, the London Tube bombings, the Madrid train bombings, the Bali disco massacre, the slaughter of Egyptians on the streets during protests (yes, the masked men are Zionist agents: actual Israelis on the ground have been confirmed and cannot be ruled out), and far more.

Al-Sisi is not merely a traitor. Rather, he is an enemy of the people in disguise, a Zionist agent and an operative for the Israeli entity, the enemy of Islaam.

Once again, rule has been imposed upon the people, all for the purposes of Zionist machinations. The Egyptian people of the streets, the real people, the poor and oppressed masses, did not demand nor install a military dictatorship. This was done exclusively by their enemy, the Zionists, at the behest of American and European powers.

Al-Sisi is a hero? For what? For doing this?

The blood-lust of Zionist criminals, where this Israeli agent gloats in glee at the slaughter of dozens of people: human beings who have no weapons other than the weapon of their beliefs, slaughtered in cold-blood. Islamofascists: the only fascist, the only truly repressive, dictatorial ones, are the Zionists and their propped-up assets, including al-Sisi and the various Mubarak elements who reimposed themselves, stealing yet more lives, torturing more, raping, and wounding thousands. Note the use of the symbol for the evil eye for the Jewish Network in yellow. The evil arises from the Zionist entity, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and more. Morsi/Islamic brotherhood committed no such acts anywhere in Egypt.
This is posted on that wretched Israeli Website, BareNakedIslam. Zionist Jews have once again proven their position. Their love for the dictators imposed upon the people is based upon the degree of bloodshed they commit and the degree of repression, toture, rapine, and brutality they enforce.

Zionist Jews “love” al-Sisi because of the vast blood he has drawn and because of the fact that he is a brute and tyrannical one, just like the previously imposed Israeli agents, Mubarak and his Jewish spy-master, El-Adly.

Chabad Lubovich Jews’ definition of love:

He appears to have been slaughtered: another martyr in God’s paradise.
Another youth, apparently, martyred by the plots of Mahyudi monsters, send back from where he came, the loving hands of the Great One, the only One to administer justice.

This is why the Zionists have such a love-fest for fellow Zionist mole al-Sisi:

Note: there is no nation called the name which they give it; I hesitate to even name it as a ‘nation.’ It is, rather, a bastion of wickedness, a mere entity, a fabrication. The Zionist strip is the source of great wickedness in the land. Every effort, every kind of resistance, must be imposed against it, including the rising up of Islaam as the defender of the rights of the people and as the means to purge all such Zionist-imposed rulers from power.

Israeli ambassador calls Al-Sisi a “national hero for all Jews”

Published on Sunday, 28 July 2013 01:25 | Written by middleeastmonitor.com

Editorial Note: The new ‘Mubarak’ regime has so far managed to shoot and kill more than 200 civilians up to date. They blamed Iran for counter protests, raided Al-Alam news desk ( Iran’s Arabic channel) and detained the editor for no apparent reason. They have been praised by Netanyahu, other Israeli leaders and Western powers and now are going all out in the Sinai and in their own words going after Hamas in the Gaza strip to stop ARMS SMUGGLING. These are pro-Israeli policies that even the blind can see. If the army manages to stop the arms smuggling to Gaza then they will stop the only transit of shipment Iran has into delivering defensive weapons to the resistance and in turn will make Israel safer.

Sad to see how Egypt has fallen from being run by a vicious dictator to the Muslim Brotherhood and now to an ex-Mubarak army. All three rulers of Egypt has the same thing in common: They all are tools of Israel and the West used to foster Israeli dominance in the region and suppression of the Egyptians. It is time for the people of Egypt to take the power and become their own rulers and throw off these monsters.

Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi a "national hero".

The Israeli ambassador in Cairo has told a minister in the interim government that the people of Israel look upon General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi as a “national hero.” According to Israel Radio the ambassador rang Agriculture Minister Ayman Abu-Hadid to congratulate him on his new post and said, “Al-Sisi is not a national hero for Egypt, but for all Jews in Israel and around the globe.”

Israel is looking forward to the launch of new relationships with Egypt, said Yaakov Amitai, as well as joint efforts in the war on terror. His mention of “terror” is understood to be an oblique reference to President Mohammed Morsi’s supporters protesting against the coup which removed him from office.

The two men agreed on the resumption of the work of the Supreme Egyptian-Israeli Agricultural Committee. Meetings of the committee are held alternately in Cairo and Tel Aviv every six months. They also agreed to reactivate the Egyptian branch of the Future Leaders Network, which includes Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli youths.



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  1. “Gentiles are created to serve Jews” says a Jewish rabbi which explains why Zionist Communist Jews are robbing and murdering the non Jewish people on a global scale while also deceiving and lying to them. And how do they get away committing these atrocities?

    How do they get away after robbing the Palestinian land and murdering them before our very eyes and before the “UN” unless there are so many timid people in the world and UN is a fraudulent institution that is there to serve the Zionist Communist Jews?

    Dr David Duke talks about how Jews see the rest of the people in the world and Zionist crime



  2. Mike Malloy is a self-syndicated American radio broadcaster from Atlanta, Georgia,

    A Zionist zealot calls Mike Malloy about “Israel’s right to defend itself”

    Mike Explodes With Caller Defending Israel



  3. Another Zionist zealot calling Mike Malloy on behalf of Israel

    Mike Explodes AGAIN!!! With Another Caller Defending Israel



  4. Mike Malloy is fair and balanced about the Palestinian issue but he is hopeless about the James Foley incident. He has swallowed the lies. He also insults God. Can these people understand once and for all that God is not responsible for the greed of man and his carnal mind?

  5. Deception and lies and hoaxes!


  6. After a certain age in the case of certain individuals (which can vary between different individuals) personal interests that do not include the well-being of the planet and/or the concerns that can affect humanity as a whole begin to not matter much especially to those who have relinquished the world by giving up worldly belongings (as well as giving up ongoing desire to posses people and things) – even things most people commonly cherish such as a spacious and beautiful home, an expensive automobile, valuable jewellery, a collection of gold or silver coins etc (which is by no means wrong to do). And in fact to own these things for personal comfort (and that of family) and/or future security is a wise thing for many people.

    But when you realize one of the deepest spiritual truths that the physical body and the physical life are a mere illusion (Maya as Buddha explained) despite our ability to experience these through our senses which can make them feel real. And this knowledge that the physical body and physical world are an illusion can make giving up worldly things easy. But if everyone did that the physical world will cease to exist and we beings who are caught up in a never ending cycle of birth and death will not have a place to come and learn the appropriate life lessons for our soul advancement and ultimate salvation thereby ending this cycle once and for all.

    Jesus Christ provided the spiritual way/formula to achieve salvation from grace alone instead of from hard work. He (according to my understanding) being an enlightened soul who had already (mastered) and experienced the spiritual truths first hand knew that all humans are created equal in the likeness of the creator (with the potential to think and materialize the same results: divine substance) which may not happen in any given individual in any given life time or simultaneously in all beings – hence the uniqueness of each being which is our individuality (which needs to be preserved at any cost). We are all created equal but we are not the same and we each need to navigate life in the unique way according to the divine design in each case with divine help and guidance. Jesus Christ knew that each being thus created in the likeness of God deserved God’s grace if there be nothing to separate man from God except man’s own carnal mind caused by lack of discipline and the never ending desires – desires to own people and things in the physical world which is only a world of illusion.

    Gautama Buddha philosophically understood this truth and was able to to achieve (attain) the ‘Buddha’ State of Mind step by step and subsequently taught His disciples and others whom He came across how to achieve the Buddha Mind State themselves in a slow but sure way (Theravada Buddhism).

    Both Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha faced many obstacles due to the resistance and other tactics coming from many arrogant men of their day (just like the modern day Zionist Jewish professors, Jewish and Christian religious leaders like Billy and Franklin Graham, Pastor Hagee and other arrogant and corrupt Zionists like them. And these enemies of Christ and Buddha wanted them to leave their spiritual path to join rest of the crowd and continue to live sinful lives.

    And because they stayed on their path they were able to shine the light on everyone in the world giving all beings the eternal spiritual gift of what it means to love the spirit of life through compassion and understanding while also shining the light on the darkness of sin due to corruption, deception, lies and crime of man (reaching thousands of miles) instead of the endless desire to possess people and things for mere personal gratification stemming from lack of discipline (of the carnal mind) and lack of proper understanding of what universal love can mean in the healing of all man created ills – love of spirit being the ultimate love for planetary healing as well as for purification of the carnal mind.


  7. And it is my wish that finally each individual (regardless of whatever religious practices he engages in) will be able to see the Light at the end of the Tunnel and rest his soul in the eternal place without having to come back in another human body to pay his dues (if that be his determination).

    Jesus Christ centered His teachings on “Faith in His Father” and said ‘to seek Father and all will be added on to you’ and Lord’s Prayer is one of the many gifts Christ has left behind that enables one to understand and learn (and put into practice) what He actually meant and Lord’s Prayer is a beautiful summery of a special kind that has deep spiritual meaning – which can be useful to people of all faiths at all times.

    Gautama Buddha’s main focus was His teachings about “Detachment” which was about overcoming attachment to (people, things, power, fame, wealth, circumstances, places, past experiences good or bad that gave sorrow or pleasure and all other types of things that constitute the physical world.

    Other religions (Islam, Hindu, Sikh etc) also have spiritual and other teachings to bring about desired change (spiritual and other) that can help the human mind to take the human experience to a higher level as well as to save ones soul at the end of the journey on earth depending on the level of understanding and level of religious practice each individual of any particular faith undertakes. The people who practice these various faiths are the ones who know the details of these practices and how they can achieve the end goal.

    Despite Christianity and Theravada Buddhism how many Christians and Buddhists have fallen into the hands of Zionist Jews who have corrupted their mind and corrupted their countries by corrupting the minds of their politicians?

    And how many individuals of various religions (not only Christians and Buddhists) have fallen prey to the Zionist scheme by leaving their higher path (and by being true to the Spiritual Truth) after accepting their Zionist friendship which comes with the bribe and mind control and (mind manipulation) and all sorts of other corruption in their Zionist books: which we can call (Zionist soft tyranny) – to be used by the Zionists as per protocols of Elders of Zion: the Blueprint for Zionist World Domination.

    And how many in the so called “Truth Movement” in America have become already compromised or (will get compromised) because of their own excessive desires to own other people and too many worldly things?

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