Kennedy Assassination — 25 November 2013
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Hard Proof of Rothschild Ties to JFK Hit

Part One in a Series. This is additive information to the article by AFP/Michael Collins Piper, Rothschild-Israeli Ties to JFK.

Regarding the hit against JFK low-level moles are continuously described and revealed, including LBJ, John Connally, the Bush clique, Clay Shaw, William Harvey, the “three tramps,” the ‘Badgeman,’ David Ferrie, Cuban assassins, Marina Oswald, and more, understandably so, as their criminality, as well as culpability, should be revealed.

Yet, why not go after the kingpin, the head of the beast, the real and ultimate mafioso, arch-Zionist Rothschild himself?

The low-level agents are essentially distractions. Upon more extensive research the hand of the Rothschild criminal regime is discovered categorically.

Evidence is seemingly categorical that the entity which was used to coordinate the assassination, Permindex, was a Rothschild entity, a kind of precursor to the Mossad. In the 1960s era and prior an entity known as Permindex was a key one for achieving the  nefarious plots of the of the great Zionist cabals, notably – and most crucially – the Rothschild clique as well as the Rockefeller clique. Permindex and its agents amount to a front entity for achieving global control over the world’s governments and their people for purposes of the greedy, licentious aims of these cabals.

One great impediment to these aims was the Kennedy family. Theoretically, the Kennedy family could have represented a kind of global competition for the Rothschilds. They would have none of it.

Though a clandestine force Permindex had been instituted as an agency within the FBI, largely under the tutelage of controlling and deviant mole, J. Edgar Hoover.

The source of the funding of Permindex is the tell-tale evidence of just who is ultimate prepetrator(s).

LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover, though, by themselves could not carry out this assassination, even if it was their greatest desire. Far more nefarious, rather, diabolical forces were at hand, which are readily proven responsible.

As demonstrated by Canadian investigator Maurice Phillips these forces are assuredly the source of the hit. Through litigation Phillips received full access to key archives of the primary Permindex mole, arch-Zionist Louis M. Bloomfield. Notes Phillips:

At a first level Hunt’s confession pointed a finger at President Johnson and Cord Meyer, but what may be the more interesting…is his description of the operational aspect of the JFK conspiracy, in which he implicated William Harvey, who in 1963 was Chief of CIA station in Rome, the city where Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC) were located.

Centro (Center); Mondiale (Global-World-wide); Comerciale (Commercial): in other words, World Trade Center, international. Yet, this World Trade Center (the European one) came about before the WTC complex had been constructed on behalf of the Rockefellers and their Rothschild handlers. WTC was fully conceived until the early 1960s, well after the establishment of Centrol Mondiale Comerciale.

This existence of Permindex as assassination cover entity, one established through its moles, ties the Rothschild cabal directly to the crime and to a lesser degree as well, the Rockefeller crime syndicate. In other words, the main force behind calling and completing the hit was the House of Rothschild.

Here is the evidence from CIA files proving the connection:



Even so, Centro Mondiale Commerciale (CMC) appears to be exclusively a Rothschild entity. Direct association is seen with this European Zionist cabal from its inception. The primary directors of Permindex were in direct communication with various individuals of the cabal, notably Edmund Rothschild.

Under the auspices of Mantello big money was changing hands? Was it laundered through Rothschild’s illicit gains?

Permindex was the precursor to the ultimately US-based World Trade Center:

kennedypermindex-2This merely demonstrates that heavy-hitting European Zionists were behind Permindex, all of whom are directly tied to the Rothschild cabal.

In the archives of Bloomfield a number of what would appear to be Rothschild agents or subordinates are named, as follows:

  • Georges Mantello, who was apparently the Rothschild-appointed head of the entity, reporting directly to Rothschild
  • Louis M. Bloomfield of Montreal’s Phillips, Bloomfield, Vineberg, and Goodman
  • Stanley Vineberg of Montreal’s Phillips, Bloomfield, Vineberg, and Goodman
  • Francios Pereire of the Rothschild bank, Compagnie Financiere
  • Ferenc Nagy, former Hungarian Prime Minister, Permindex chief agent
  • Enrico Mantello/Henry Mandel), brother of Georges Mantello

All such individuals acted as moles coordinating the murder of President Kennedy and, in all likelihood, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Thus, virtually any direct association of Rothschild with such individuals fully implicates him, especially those individuals to which he is tied who are involved in the direct operations of the assassination front, Permindex. In this article the connection between the Mantello/Mandl Zionist agents will be uncovered, which is merely the revelation of a clique of additional Rothschild agents.


Note the document reviewed by Maurice Phillips, the left edge off-screen, “Tri Contenital Pipe Lines”, an Israeli entity under the exclusive domain of the Rothschild cabal. The underlined name, too, of Francois Pereire is crucial. This man was one of Edmond de Rothschild’s main bankers, not only this, an actual founding partner with de Rothschild in a major French banking entity:

The Cross and the Pear Tree: A Sephardic Journey
Victor Perera – 1996 – ‎Biography & Autobiography

Early in the present century, Francois Pereire, a great/grandson of Isaac’s by way of with Edmond de Rothschild, a second cousin of Francois (through Isaac’s  


Found on this google page:

All such individuals mentioned in this archived article are Zionist Jews.

This document, which demonstrates the tight relationship, even as actual cousins, between Permindex money source agent, Francois Pereire, a cohort to Rothschild Montreal-based attorney, Louis M. Bloomfield,: clearly and categorically, this ties the Rothschild Zionistic regime directly to the Kennedy assassination, demonstrating that it is the primary power behind the run-up to that assassination.


Israeli Zionists are clearly, therefore, tied to this murder, since, essentially, the chief Zionist, the command of all Zionists, Rothschild, is the commander of the Israelis. Let’s investigate the aforementioned Rothschild moles in order to further cement the connection, not just to the Rothschilds but also to rabid, murderous Zionism.

Here is even a greater element of evidence giving great condemnation against Mantello for his involvement in the run-up for the assassination (posted by Phillips):

Zionist mole Mantello is specifically named by his new Latinized/Spanish surname, direct communication with known agent, attorney, and fellow investor with Edmund de Rothschild, Louis Bloomfield.

George(s) Mantello

Georges or George Mantello, aka George Mandl/Mandel, was a Zionist spy originally operating out of what is now known as Romania, then Transalvania:


Is there need to say more? Mantello is an arch-Zionist as well as a terminal hoaxer:

The story is make-believe, as was his entire claim to fame of being a Holocaust hero, since there was no Holocaust, while also there was no extermination of Jews by the Germans at Auschwitz. The Jews were not, in fact, targeted and brutalized as a race in WWII:

This Dec. 7, 1944 photo released by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shows the Satmar rebbe, third from left, with George Mantello, second from left, in white coat, arguing for the entry of the rebbe into Switzerland with Swiss border guards. Mantello, a Jew born in Romania, was one of a handful of diplomats who during World War II saved thousands of Jews by giving them visas or citizenships, often without their governments' knowledge. (AP Photo)

Caption: This Dec. 7, 1944, photo released by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shows the Satmar rebbe, third from left, with George Mantello, second from left, in white coat, arguing for the entry of the rebbe into Switzerland with Swiss border guards. Mantello, a Jew born in Romania, was one of a handful of diplomats who during World War II saved thousands of Jews by giving them visas or citizenships, often without their governments’ knowledge. (AP Photo)

When in this universe can a man in a white coat cause people to be released from a real militarized concentration camp? Yet, the point is Mantello was a hard-core, rabid Zionist mole, who was at the center of the project to murder a sitting U.S. President. Those pictured were likely the diaspora, the poorer Jews, who were merely being processed for emigration to the Zionist entity. In contrast, the official story-line is that he did all these heroics to prevent the “deportation of Hungarian Jews (gypsies?) to Auschwitz. Yet, since there is no death camp known as Auschwitz, then, it proves him to be a terminal liar.

Regardless, then, a savior and yet also a vicious murderer? The only element saved by Mantello is the scheme for Eretz Israel, through mass movement of European Jewry. The man’s claims to fame are a hoax.

Proof for the fake nature of his so-called Holocaust rescue is found, here:

…Nagy’s partner in the leadership of PERMINDEX was Giorgio Mantello, aka George Mandel, aka George Mantello who during World War II had traded in Jewish refugees, profiting handsomely from their misery from his perch at the consulate of El Salvador in Bern. It was Mandel who had been the official founder of PERMINDEX. CIA kept silent, but the State Department learned that, as ‘Georges Mandel,’ Mantello had been engaged in the ‘wartime Jewish refugee racket’ until he was expelled from Switzerland (that is they were refugees, not potential concentration camp attendees).


In the spring of 1958 Enrico Mantello, the vice president of PERMINDEX and brother of Giorgio, visited New Orleans. Touring the Trade Mart, he invited Clay Shaw to join the board of directors as a means of defusing the criticism of PERMINDEX. Its critics by now included the State Department itself. Nagy appeared at the American Embassy in Rome to announce that he intended ‘to strengthen US control in PERMINDEX by adding to its Board of Directors a Mr. Shaw, who is in charge of the New Orleans, Louisiana permanent exhibit.

Shaw is directly implicated in the plot to assassinate Mr. Kennedy. This means that both George and Enrico Mantello are tied to the murderous crime, which back-ties through their involvement the Rothschild cabal.

The Board of Directors demonstrates the categorical Zionist nature of the plot:


Note the reference to bisexual and murder coordinator, Clay Bertrand-Shaw as well as Montreal mafia boss, Joseph “the Jew” Bonanno.

 Enrico A. Mantello, alias Henry Mandel

Enrico Mantello is a bit more difficult to find information on. Yet, he is equally involved as an espionage mole tied to the assassination and, ultimately, to the Rothschild elements:


Enrico Mantello, son of Georges Mantello, has surfaced as the lead agent to perpetuate the fraud:

Salvadoran passport issued to Enrico (originally Imre) Mandel-Mantello.

Caption: Salvadoran passport issued to Enrico (originally Imre) Mandel-Mantello.

Now: an ardent Holocaust hoaxer:

His son, Enrico Mantello, a well-establish Salvadorian Zionist, makes the following ludicrous claim on behalf of the lies of world Zionism in yet another ludicrous attempt to lionize his father:

Enrico Mantello, now 80 and living in Geneva and Rome, said he remembers his father issuing one certificate after the other.

”He was a very driving, energetic person. He needed very little sleep,” he said. ”He was passionate, he did not take no for an answer.”

But after the war and until his death in 1992, Mantello was a haunted man.

Among those to whom he sent citizenship papers were his parents in what then was Hungary, but they arrived one or two days too late, and his mother and father, along with the rest of the Jews in their town, were sent to Auschwitz and murdered.

As a further confirmation of the involvement of the entire family entity in lies, deception, and fraud there is this unabashed promotion of the supposed desperation of world Jewry, more filthy lies:

George Mandel-Mantello (1903-1992), born Gyorgy Mandl, served as First Secretary of the El Salvadoran consulate in Geneva and used his position to issue thousands of Salvadoran citizenship papers to Jewish refugees in Nazi occupied Europe between 1942 and 1944 and initiate a publicity campaign to inform the world about the deportation of Hungarian Jews and the mass murder taking place at Auschwitz. He was the son of a well-to-do orthodox Jewish family from the town of Bistrita in Transylvania.

After World War I, when Transylvania was annexed by Romania, he moved to Cluj and later to Budapest. Mandel was a successful manufacturer and financier, and in the 1930s met the Salvadoran diplomat, Col. Jose Arturo Castellanos. Castellanos provided him with a Salvadoran passport and appointed him in 1939 as honorary consul of the El Salvadoran Republic for Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Despite his diplomatic immunity, Mandel-Mantello was arrested by the Nazis in Belgrade in 1942. Soon afterwards, Castellanos, who had moved to Switzerland to become the Salvadoran Consul, created the post of First Secretary expressly for Mantello.

On August 25, 1942, with the support and acquiesence of Col. Castellanos, Mandel-Mantello began issuing Salvadoran citizenship papers to Jewish refugees. Despite their questionable legality, the Nazis felt compelled to recognize these citizenship papers for fear of endangering German nationals living in Latin America. In response to the deluge of requests Mandel-Mantello received from desperate Jews throughout Europe, he expanded his operation, opening a separate office with his assistant, Mathieu Muller of the Agudat Israel, and a team of Swiss students.

He worked with several Jewish organizations, which provided photos and personal information for the citizenship papers. Each certificate was copied and notarized. The notarized Photostats were then delivered to the occupied countries by Jewish couriers, Swiss mail and diplomats from neutral states. (The original certificates remained in Switzerland, and in 2009 Mantello’s son Enrico donated over 1000 certificates to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.)

Mandel-Mantello financed the operation himself and did not charge any processing fees. The certificates were sent to Jews in almost every country under Nazi occupation, and their efficacy varied country by country. Some Dutch Jews were sent to a special section of Bergen-Belsen rather than to Auschwitz or Sobibor by virtue of their certificates, and one Belgium Jew testified after the war that holders of these certificates were shielded from deportation. In other countries the certificates had little to no benefit, and frequently they arrived too late to be of use.

The Salvadoran papers had their greatest impact in Hungary. On October 30, 1944, when the fascist Szalasi government recognized the Swiss legation as the official representative of the interests of El Salvador in Hungary, Mandel-Mantello sent hundreds of his blank citizenship papers to Swiss Consul Charles Lutz in Budapest, who, in turn, distributed them to Budapest Jews who were threatened with deportation (threatened with deportation; that’s it? What happened to the mass murders?). These papers were among the most prized of the protective documents being distributed by the neutral legations.

In December 1943, Mandel-Mantello succeeded in bringing his son Enrico (originally Imre) to Switzerland. His wife Iren survived the war in Budapest under the protection of Carl Lutz. In May 1944 the anti-Fascist Romanian diplomat Florian Manoliu traveled to Bistrita to hand-deliver Salvadoran certificates to Mantello’s own parents and extended family. Tragicall,y Manoliu arrived only a few days after the town’s Jewish population and most of Mantello’s extended family had been deported to Auschwitz (lies; hoax).

In addition to issuing citizenship papers, Mandel-Mantello went to great lengths to publicize reports about the mass murder of European Jewry after receiving a copy of the “Auschwitz Protocols” from the head of the Palestine Office in Budapest in early June 1944 — these were detailed reports about mass killings at Auschwitz that were based on information provided by escapees from the camp in the spring of 1944, and reports about the deportation of Hungarian Jewry.

Though copies of the Protocols had been previously leaked to individuals in the West to little effect, Mandel-Mantello immediately hired students to translate and recopy the reports and then distributed copies to church leaders, diplomats, journalists and government officials. With the backing of prominent Protestant theologians like Karl Barth, Emil Brunner and Paul Vogt, he launched a press campaign which for the first time broke through Swiss censorship regulations that prohibited the dissemination of reports of Nazi atrocities unless they were first published in another neutral country. During the early summer of 1944, more than 400 articles appeared in the Swiss press condemning German atrocities and Hungarian complicity. The press campaign generated protests by the Pope, President Roosevelt, British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden, the King of Sweden and the International Red Cross, all of whom demanded that the Hungarian regent, Admiral Horthy, stop the deportations of Hungarian Jews.

In May 2010, Yad Vashem honored Col. Castellanos as Righteous Among the Nations.

[Sources: interviews with Enrico Mandel-Manteelo; Saul, Eric, “Visas for Life” exhibition, February 2000; Schneider, Alan, “B’nai B’rith World Center Marks Holocaust Memorial Day with Lecture on Little-known Rescue Effort,”]; Kranzler, David, The Man Who Stopped the Trains to Auschwitz, Syracuse University Press:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Copyright: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Provenance: Enrico Mandel-Mantello

Note: this is all a hoax. Hitler cooperated with the Jews who sought translocation, especially to Palestine. There is of of mass killings specifically aimed at Jews and, in particular, no proof of the existence of gas chambers where Jews were targeted for being slaughtered in large numbers and, then, gassed to death.

The Holohoax confirmed in pictures:



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  1. British history Professor ,David Irving, who was jailed in Austria for being a holocaust denier, analysed the walls of the gas chambers of Auschwitz and failed to find a high enough reading of the gas Zyklon B used to kill the inmates.
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    Below is a link to a comparison of gas chambers and what it would / should really look like.

  2. The Witnesses: Mrs. Acquilla Clemons

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